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My wife and I are playing in New Mexico
Our Trip to Alburqurque

Janet and I checked into a classy hotel in Albuquerque; it was our spring fling in early February. I watched television while she took a leisurely bath and began to apply her make up for her evening out. She had shaved her pussy while in the bathtub and she looked adorable in her black thong. I wanted to take her as she sat in front of the mirror curling her shoulder length blonde hair. I loved her mascara that way it was so hot and then she applied the dark red lipstick that she loved. She slipped into her black cocktail dress without bothering with a bra and she slipped into her heels without panty hose. Her tanned legs looked so hot.

We had planned our spring fling in Dallas the previous December during one of our heated lovemaking sessions. I had been licking her sweet pussy and fucking her with a huge black dildo and her pussy looked so fine as it clung to the cyber skinned penis. Her eyes were shut as her hips bucked upwards trying to capture more of her imaginary lover’s cock. The plan was for Janet to totally come on to a stranger, flirt and dance with him, and bring him back to our room for a drink and have uncontrollable sex with him. I would be hidden in the closet watching them. We both were horny; it had been a long time since INIQUITY. Janet put the finishing touches on her make up and looking at me she asked if there were any limitations.

I told her. “Just give me a clear view of you fucking and let me fuck you after he leaves.”

The slight twinkle in her eyes gave her excitement away. It had been a while since she had been with another man but it had always made our lovemaking better. We went to the club that we’d heard about together to check out the dancing. It didn’t take my wife long to find what she wanted. She began by asking different guys to dance with her and I felt my cock throb and my excitement began when I lost sight of her. Janet had told me she would insist on dancing with her guy for at least two dances. That was my cue to go back to our room and hide in the closet. So, I hurried back to our room and slipped into my hiding place.

My wife walked her guy into our room. I was surprised that she had picked an older man. Janet sat on the edge of the bed with him for about five minutes and she address him as George.

When I peeked through the door, I saw that he had already removed his pants and Janet’s cocktail dress was already off. George had pulled the covers off of the bed; which gave me a clear view. They sat next to each other with Janet wearing only her black thong. I watched them kissing each other deeply as George squeezed her breasts. He sucked each of her erect nipples in his mouth and then they kissed once more before he sucked her nipples once more and I heard my wife moan softly. She was rubbing his thick cock through his jockey shorts.

George moved his hand down to Janet’s thong and he slipped it down to her knees. She lifted her hips and he slipped it the rest of the way off. He glanced at her smoothly shaved pussy and said, “Nice!”

George didn’t take long massaging her pussy lips, but he continued to suck and then gently bite her nipples. My wife began to moan as her hips began to rock. This newfound lover was turning my wife on and I could see her glistening juices on his middle finger as he eased Janet to lie back on the bed while he removed his jockey shorts. His long, thick cock pointed hungrily towards my wife and he lay down beside her. She quickly took his cock in her hand and shook her hair away from her face as she guided it into her mouth and began sucking on it. She paid close attention to his large cock head; sucking it into her mouth, teasing it with her teeth and then letting it pop out, before sucking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She smiled at him as she looked into his eyes while she sucked his dick and when she pulled off his dick; some of his pre-cum ran off her lips onto her chin. She lay back onto the bed.

Her stranger couldn’t take any more as he spread her legs and positioned his huge cock at the entrance to her pussy. He wetted one of his fingers and slipped it into her tight asshole but Janet didn’t want any of that.

Janet said, “Just fuck me.”

Her hand reached up and guided his huge organ inside her. My own cock was so hard as I watched him slide into her pussy. He only gave her a few quick thrusts before he pulled out and began licking her pussy lips, up and down. He was soon driving Janet crazy and her right hand grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face deeper into her pussy. She had moved her hips wider apart and she was bucking them up into his face. She does this when she’s about to climax. She had one foot off the bed and it was shaking uncontrollably, and her eyes were closed as she held his mouth tightly on her pussy when she came. She continued to arch her bucking hips upwards against his face as she began working on her second orgasm; which came quickly while she moaned continuously.

George climbed between my wife’s limp thighs and he lined up his massive hard-on with the mouth of her pussy. He lowered his hips as his huge cock began to enter her one-inch at a time. My wife pumped her hips upwards until his cock was finally all the way inside her and she was panting loudly. I had a great view of George’s cock sliding in and out of Janet’s pussy; which was stretched wider than I had ever seen it as her pussy lips clung hungrily to his large shaft.

George moaned and I knew he wasn’t going to last long as my wife lifted her hips upwards and his heavy, cum-filled balls slapped against her tiny, little asshole. He stiffened and gave a horse cry and in moments cum was running out of Janet’s pussy. Then, the muscles of her cunt tightened around his shaft as she cried loudly and pulled him down to her. I knew Janet was cumming, too.

They lay there like that for a few moments before George went to clean up and Janet rolled over onto her stomach where she was when he returned. He spread her legs slightly and entered her from behind. I thought that after that powerful orgasm he would fuck her more slowly and I was surprised when he pounded her pussy just as hard.

“Harder.” I heard my wife say.
“Come on Baby, fuck me hard.” She was begging him.

He continued punishing her pussy and my wife’s pussy was now making sounds I’d never heard. Both of them were breathing loudly as his hard cock pistoned in and out of her. George was on top of her now, straddling her ass, and he was giving her all of his huge cock. My wife moaned as he bottomed out inside her again and again. His cock was lodged deep in her pussy when she began to grunt and moan and her body started bucking wildly. Just before her stranger prepared to release his heavy load, my wife began cumming and she was totally overcome with pleasure as his juices filled her pussy and ran down the crack of her ass.

He pulled out of her and they kissed passionately before she took his cock into her mouth and she sucked on it and licked it until it was hard again. She mounted him as he lay on his back and this time she rode him hard. I didn’t think the guy would even get it up but he was giving her another good fucking. She lowered her mouth down to his and kissed him as his hands cupped her ass cheeks and he buried the middle fingers of his right hand deep in her ass. She turned her face on the bed until she was facing me and I glanced at her. Her eyes were glazed and her nostrils were flared with a heat that I had never seen before.

I had been stroking my own cock, fucking my fist and I couldn’t take it any more as I shot a thick glob of cum into the palm of my hand.

They continued on for a little longer and I was surprised how forcefully he thrust his big cock into Janet’s pussy. Finally he pulled her ass against him hard and hiss balls tighten as he slowed down and emptied his third load deep inside my wife. She leaned down and her open mouth met his as they kissed. She had cum at the same time; I had seen her toes curl. It was unbelievable; it was as if they were possessed. I watched Janet and George kissing and making out. I couldn’t get over his thick cum dripping out of my wife’s gaping pussy.

It took several minutes before they got up and kissed again as they sat on the edge of the bed. George asked Janet for her phone number and she gave him her cell number as she told him she lived in Dallas. Shortly afterwards she asked him politely to leave. Janet came to the closet where I was still holding my cock in my hand. I put my hand between her legs and fingered her dripping pussy.

I threw Janet on the bed and she said, “Now, it’s your turn to fuck your wife.” Janet lay on her back and spread her thighs apart so I could see her gaping pussy shiny with George’s semen. I felt the stranger’s cum as I slid inside my wife. Her pussy was hot and swollen and her clit looked like a miniature penis, it was so swollen. Janet cried, “Do me harder, I want you to fuck me like he did.” I felt his semen inside her hot pussy and I didn’t want to come so quickly but I couldn’t help it and my cock emptied me load deep inside her with George’s. I knew we would make love again soon because the memories of what I had seen were already making my dick hard.

I held my wife tightly and told her how much I loved her. I told her that she was incredible and I was sure that we’d be making more memories like this. She smiled up at me with lust in her eyes and said, “We better!”

I have reposted this story due to multiple punctuation errors that occurred when I posted it. These errors were not my fault.

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2015-04-08 22:32:33
Great story loved it . Me and my wife did that for it fucking awesome . Now Im trying to make a whore out of her can't wait til she starts

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2011-06-19 12:47:59
that's a turn on. hot hard. like to see my wife do that.

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WOW!!!! That was hottt I had a fantastic hard on I almost came without touching it.. But I did and came a huge load...THANKS KEEP IT UP...

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