I stood outside the door watching him stroke his cock, before I knew it my hand was sliding between my lips.
I have reddish/blonde hair, 38 C Boobs, I am very shapely, and I am in shape and I am not quiet 18 yet.. My dad (step-dad) is in his mid 30's, beautiful baby blue eyes, workouts out (so he has this killer body), his cock is 9.5" long and 3"-3.5" wide (very fucking huge to me). My mom is a looker as well, 36 C boobs, brownish/blondish hair, and in shape. We are a somewhat tight knit family. Here is where it is different.

A few years back I noticed that my dad had been getting more restless than usual. He works at home and we do well enough that I will not have to worry about anything,even college has been paid for. Anyway I know that I used to sneak outside my parents bedroom door and hear mom screaming. I guess dad really knew how to fuck her. Well lately I have not heard that, but I have seen my dad jerking off. I caught him about 4 years ago stroking his cock in his office. I would sneak around and wait for him to pull it out and cum for me (or so I this was my fantasy). They started fight more and more and dad was sleeping in the guest room or on the sofa. No mom is not cheating on him with another man. She has just become a real bitch lately, even toward me.

This went on for a while and finally I had to do something, so I started coming up with a plan to fuck my dad. I would do little things, like sat on his lap (no panties) and wiggle my butt around until he got hard and told me I needed to get up. I stopped wearing panties all together and I would bend over and let him look at my pussy and ass. I started wearing lower cut shirts to let him see my boobs. I would even leave the bathroom door or my room door open for him to see me. One day I mom and left for work and I decided I was not going to wear clothes that day. SO I came to the kitchen naked and my dad's jaw dropped. I told him that I did not want to wear any clothes today. After he finally caught his breathe he managed to say okay, that's fine with him. After eating breakfast I sat on his lap, feeling his hard cock press into my wet pussy. He begin to move and stir hoping I would not feel his hardness. I knew I had made him hard, so it was too late.

I put my hand down between my legs and began to lightly rub my pussy and touch his hard cock. He let out a few moans of pleasure, before saying this is wrong baby. We can' it ......feels so....good....Baby we neeeeed to stopppp... Daddy I said in my most innocent little girl voice, I want you, all of you. I want to taste your cum, I want your mouth on my pussy, and I want you in me. Baby we can't it is so wrong....and this feels....sooooooo....good. I then got off his lap and turned toward him, I opened his pj's and took out his rock hard cock. I stroked it, slowly, then I got down on my knees and took it in my mouth. It was not long before my dad was fucking my little mouth...and soon he unloaded all of his cum in my mouth.. I swallowed most, but some came out of my mouth and fell onto my hard nipples. I took my finger and put it back in my mouth.

Dad you looked more relaxed now, I said. I am thank you princess, I needed that so badly...Now it is your turn to feel the pleasure. He lifted me up, placed my on the counter and began to munch down on my soaking wet pussy. I felt his finger slide inside me and I bucked my hips,fucking his face and his finger. I soon had an orgasm that I have never had before, it lasted forever and I covered my dad's face in my cum. After I came he took me in his arms and carried me to his bedroom, he laid me down. We laid there for a couple of hours and then I started stroking his cock again. He got very hard and I told him to "FUCK ME NOW". He did not argue, but got between my legs and and said, You are a virgin and this my take a little while to get it all in you. I told him to try, what he did not know, was that I had been using mom's dildo.

Her dildo is about 7" long and 2" wide, so not as big a my dad, but I have opened my pussy up. I grabbed the head of his cock and placed it inside my juicy, wet pussy. It was uncomfortable at first, but after about 5 mins. we were moving together. He was fucking me, not too hard (afraid he would hurt me, I guess). I turned over so that he could fuck me from behind and go deeper inside of me. I began to pound me, he grabbed my tits, pulled on my nipples. I started screaming..."Yes Daddy, FUCK you Princess", Fuck my pussy". Fuck....oh fuck.....OOOOOOOOOO.........FUCK, I am going to fucking cummmmmmmmmmmm, I yelled. He picked up the pace and said he was going to cum too. I told him do not fucking pull your cock out of me..cum in me daddy...cum in your princess.. With that I felt a hot gush of cum and his balls pumping that liquid inside me. We laid there out of breathe, him still in me and just holding me. I am 15 now, that was 4 years ago, and we still are doing this, we have added a few more things, my friends or just one. Stay tuned for more....

This is the first part of how we got together, let me know what you think...
More to cum soon, a lot more..
This is a true story and to this day we still do many things.

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2012-02-12 00:14:36
btC1AJ The topic is pretty complicated for a beginner!...

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2011-09-08 07:57:32
loved the story lets have some more john

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2011-08-04 01:29:30
I loved this story-------------------Dancer

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2011-03-18 09:00:10
i love the story. just stay true. truth is always better than fiction.

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2011-02-24 14:38:43
Somehow, I don't believe the story. Gave it a negative rating. I should think that it would take more time for a daughter of 11 to "trick" or coax her father to fuck her.
I would accept her playing with his cock and perhaps giving him a blowjob--But 11 is quite young for any of what took place in this story.

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