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I always knew I had a big dick for my age....
I knew I had a big dick for my age. And so did some of my friends. Most which are bisexual because I go to a big school. I was one of the cool kids, well, most of my friends were the cool kids anyway.

I was getting ready to take a shower after PE. The class hadnt been that hard so I didnt sweat alot. I took off my shorts, shirt and boxers, grabbed a towel, and walked over to the shower completely naked. Some of the boys noticed as I walked between some of the lockers. I found an empty shower and turned on the water, gently rubbing my self around my abs, chest, and slowly moving down to my dick. After I was completely wet, I grabbed some soap and started to lather up. I reached around my whole body; soaping my 'nice ass' as some of my bi friends would say. They knew I was bi-sexual too. As I was soaping around my dick I had a sudden urge to masturbate. I slowly moved my hand down under my 6-inch-soft dick and slowly started to do a rythmatic motion up and down. My dick grew steadily harder until someone opened my shower curtain and looked in. It was Andrew, one of my bi-friends. He immediatly saw what I was doing and looked around as if someone were watching, then to my surprise, he climbed into the shower with me. Taking off his towel, I noticed his member, growing erect, was about 5 and a half inches long. He came over to me and grabbed my hand, using the soap which was in it to lather his body. My dick grew steadily harder as I felt his sexy body slide under my hand. Then he took my hand down to his cock and started to soap around his hard member. My dick had now grown to its full length, and Andrew stared at it in awe.

With PE being the last class either of us had, and we both lived in town, the locker room grew steadily empty. Until it was just us. The teachers dont give a damn how long your showers are. I was thinking to myself if there was anyone in the locker room, just incase something happened. But beofre I could react, I felt something soft and velvety smooth tickle the head of my huge dick. I looked down and saw the top of Andrews head going back and forth on my dick. I felt his tonge tease the head as I started to produce a low moan. I could feel that I would cum in no time. Andrew heard my moan and looked up at me to see that I had thrown my head back. He pulled my dick out of his mouth and started to rub it. I soon cummed after that. I had masturbated before but that was in my bathroom, not with someone else. But having someone's hand massage your hard dick was the best feeling in the world. I cummed all over Andrew's face as he opened his mouth to catch some.

Then it was my turn. I grabbed his hard member with my hand and slowly teased the spot underneath with my tounge. He threw his head back and began to moan, I could tell he hadnt masturbated in a while because of how fast it took him to cum. I let it splatter all over my dick and body before I started to kiss nice firm chest. He put his arms around me as he grabbed my tight ass and our dicks touched. Mine quivered with excitement.

As we kissed he whispered in my ear, "Fuck" How could I say no? After what he did for me? I moved around behind him and guided my 8 and a half inch cock into his ass. I popped the head in and I felt him tense up as I slowly pushed all my dick in. Unfortunantly he couldnt take it all. He told me to pull out so I brought it out a little bit, then pushed it back in and listened to him moan gently. After hearing no noise or telling me to stop, i brought it out and started to thurst it in and out, building momentum and listening to him moan.

We continued like this for at least 7 minuetes. When I pulled out for the final time we both masturbated until we couldnt, then we slowly climbed out of the shower, our dicks slowly growing soft, put on our clothes, and walked out of the room.

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2013-09-10 00:06:18
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2011-12-10 19:22:12
That's way the bestest asenwr so far!

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2010-04-30 18:21:38
i just love sucking and fucking big or small cocks i have a tight asshole that just needs to be filled i have had sex in the shower and it is fucking amazing i love being fucked in the ass and then swallowing cum i need a cock now please help


2009-06-25 00:43:59
It was too easy. Lol. 90% of the allure of gay sex stories is "omg iz he gay too? it's so risque to have homosexual relations with a guy! we must keep it a secret!!" Having all the school's guys be bi (highly improbably in this day and age) and also having Andrew just casually crash the main character's public-shower-masturbation party made the story slightly absurd.

However, for a little while there you did have this cool alternate-reality homoerotic-type situation going on, like your main character was this really hot casanova type who all the guys lusted after. Maybe you should explore that.

And needless to say, the actual sex was a tad bit rushed. Coulda stopped after Andrew gave the mc head.

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2008-05-27 09:12:40
Good to begin with, but when they start fucking it's sort of like you lost interest and just wrote it off, too quick, not enough deions in the very last bit.

Keep writing though! I really liked it! :D

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