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Two guys, boyfriends, decide to try a threeway/
“Hey Ra, take a look.”

Noel was walking in the downtown square, glancing into the windows of the various stores; “Carl’s Crafts”, “Silver City Candy”… The gazelle was getting close to the alleyway where Quadre, and his friend Ra were waiting.
“She’s the one?” Ra asked nervously, giving the gazelle a good look; she was wearing a simple red tank top that covered her light tan fur, and a frilly green skirt lifted slightly by her short perky tail with slight black marks on its tip. Her eyes were a bright green, and her ears had the same black tips as her tail.
“That’s the one Ra; Noel. She always dresses to her name.” Quadre replied, giving Ra a confident smile.
“Dude, are you sure about this?”
“You wanted to try this right? And I know how she is; she L. O. V. E. LOVES a good fuck. I used meet her here EVERY Thursday before we started dating, and we’d do it right here in the alleyway.”
“I didn’t need to hear that.”
“I’m sure she won’t say no. You wanted a three-way with me, and I provided. Don’t wimp out on me now.”
Ra looked down at his black cat foot-paws and said, “I won’t then.”
Quadre gave his love kitty a kiss, finally cutting him some slack.
“Don’t worry, everything will work…”
“Hey! It’s my favourite Fox AND a kitty friend!” Noel exclaimed as she walked past the alleyway, spotting the two men. “I’m guessing this kitty is the reason we don’t visit anymore?”
“Yes Noel it is; this is my partner Ra.” Quadre said, pointing him out.
“Well hello there.” she said, shaking Ra’s hand, bending over just enough to show off the light white fur of her breasts pushing against the tank top.
“N… Nice to meet you.” He stammered in reply.
“Is he always this good with strangers?” Noel joked.
“Not usually, it just seems he’s nervous near strangers we have a question for.”
“Oh? This wouldn’t have something to do with today being Thursday is it? I’ve been walking by here every week just in case.”
“It absolutely is.” Quadre replied. “I have a proposition for you; a three-way.”
“That sounds wonderful…” she said in a low soft voice, hips wiggling slightly. “You and the kitty I take it?”
“Y…yes.” Ra stammered finally, wanting to be part of the action.
“Well, it sounds great to me, but there isn’t room for three in this alleyway, can you guys get us somewhere better?”
“I already have the hotel room booked.” Quadre replied.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the Koala at the front desk winked at the trio while handing them the keys and said, “Enjoy your stay.”, they headed toward room 24. After Ra fumbled with the card key before finally Quadre swiped it away.
“Calm down Ra.” He said, opening the door on his first try.
“Give the kid a break, he’s probably nervous.” Noel said with a kind smile and a wink directed at Ra, wiggling her tail for him.
Ra let out a barely visible blush, but gave her an encouraged smile as they all finally got into the room, Ra placing the “Do Not Disturb” sign over the door nadle before letting it close behind him with a small click.
By the time Ra got a good look at the room, Quadre already had his shirt off and was stripping off his pant; revealing more of the winter fur he still had, purest white except for the black tips of his tail and ears.
“I do love your winter fur…” Ra murmured and followed his lead, slowly stripping and blushing as he realized both Noel and Quadre were watching him remove his clothes, revealing his pure black fur; Ra’s tail twitched.
“I guess it’s my turn isn’t it?”
Noel started pulling her shirt up; Ra watcher her, and Quadre watching Ra, loving the mix of nervous excitement, embarrassment, and lust as Ra stared at Noel as she revealed her perky breasts, her white fur leading down past her belly button and presumably further, a slight tuft of fur right about them. She turned and looked straight at Ra, realizing he was watching and let a smile spread across her face as she wiggled her hips and slid the skirt down to her ankles before standing back up straight; the white fur pattern DID continue, down over her pussy and through her inner thighs.
“Ready boys? Maybe I should warm up the nervous kitty first…”
Ra, blushed, Quadre laughed.
“Absolutely. I’ll join in when I’m ready.”
Noel waved a single finger of her paw, beckoning Ra over. He quickly complied, walking towards her before she grabbed his hand-paw gently and lead him over to the bed, sitting him down and getting down on here knees.
“Are you ready for this?” she asked.
Another blush and a nod. “It’s my first time…”
“For a blowjob?”
“For a blowjob AND with a girl.” Quadre commented.
“Let’s give this a try then.” Noel said, and pushed Ra’s thighs apart slight before she got her start.
She licked on his sheath slowly, looking up at him with those bright green eyes before she started flicking her tongue right over his opening, causing him to moan deeply. She then pressed her tongue into his sheath, startling Ra and causing him to jump pleasurably.
She giggled. “You like that sexy kitty?”
He nodded, unable to reply from nervousness, his dick starting to press out of its sheath.
“I’ve always wanted to try a barbed tip…” she murmured, engulfing Ra’s dick in her mouth, forcing his sheath down so she could take the six inches all the way in, letting the throbbing member sink into her throat slightly.
Ra groaned, never having felt such an amazing experience before, the warm wet insides of her mouth exciting him enough to let a small bit of pre cum drip from his tip.
Noel pulled back, looking at the throbbing cock with wide mischievous eyes.
“Oh? That excited? But we haven’t even started yet…” She gave him a solid wink, getting a little lower and took Ra’s balls into her mouth, sucking and pulling on them gently, eyeing him with intense lust.
Ra groaned and shuddered harder, leaning back slightly, eyes clamped shut in ecstasy.
Noel pulled up, using a single hand-paw to push Ra all the way onto his back, crawling on top of him so her dripping excited pussy rested over his dick.
A single, wide eyed nod was all she needed; she lifted up his cock and slid on top of it with a low noise from her throat, an audible gasp from Ra’s.
“Shit… that barbed tip is fucking fantastic…” She started riding him hard, bouncing herself up and down on Ra’s dick, breasts bouncing tantalizingly. Noel was so small Ra’s dick pressed against her cervix, pushing her womb up visibly; Ra watched it press against her small belly as he enjoyed the ultra-tight, velvety warm pussy.
Ra heard the sharp yelp and saw Noel push her hand-paws down onto the bed; Quadre had joined in the fun. Noel dropped down to elbows, Ra’s muzzle buried into the small tuft of fur above her breasts; they smelled beautifully; (they reminded him of the almond extract he used at culinary school) as Quadre forced his thick slab into Noel’s ass.
“Damn…” Noel groaned, clenching hard around the two men, shuddering at the double invasion of her body. Quadre stated to pump and Ra followed his lead; Quadre forcing it in just up to his knot, but no further. Noel kept writhing and then started to cum; grabbing onto Ra’s chest fur and gushing wildly. This sent Ra over the edge; he pounded as hard as he could into the dripping wet cunt and blew his load hard; Noel gasping in pleasurable surprise at the force of it flying inside her.
“Oh…” she murmured. ”I’d like to try that again…”
Ra blushed as Quadre pulled out of Noel while saying, “I bet you I can make that happen, if you can manage to get off him for a moment.”
She blushed, pulling herself off of Ra slowly with many a moan, and rolled over to lay on her back, pleasurably exhausted.
“Roll over my little bitch kitty.”
Quadre forced Ra’s body over just enough so he could firmly smack a paw across his ass. Ra managed to shakily turn over.
“Now get on top of the pretty lady.” He commanded.
Ra secretly rolled his eyes but complied, Noel noticing the motion and trying not to giggle as Ra positioned himself on top of her, trying to get his now re-sheathed dick over her excited pussy.
“What do you plan to do?” she asked, rather curious.
“Don’t you worry; I’ll get my kitty going. Ready for a knot little kitty?”
“Yes…” he whispered.
“Was that a yes? I couldn’t hear you kitty!” Quadre barked, slapping his ass hard.
“Yes!” he yelled, almost sarcastically.
“Good kitty.” He growled, pressing his cock into Ra’s ass.
Noel looked up at Ra’s face, clenched in excitement as he grunted and groaned, then looked around to watch Quadre as he tried to force Ra to take his knot, Ra clenching to hard to let it in, making it slightly painful for Ra.
“Come on Ra, just relax honey.” Noel whispered into his ear, gently pulling is ass cheeks apart and massaging them gently. The encouragement helped him relax and with a quick pop Quadre sunk his knot in deep, Ra gasping loud as it happened.
Quadre started to pound into Ra with a primal fury, both of their balls slapping together hard enough to start stinging, Ra slowly getting hard again in excitement unsheathing slightly and groaning all away.
“Good job baby.” Noel said in low soft tones, flickering her tongue into his ear slight as she reached a paw down to rub his dick gently, getting him fully hard again and guiding him back to her pussy. Quadre gave an extra had thrust, forcing Ra to push all the way into Noel, the whole trio gasping and groaning.
Noel gave Ra deep look with those glittering green eyes and gave Ra a solid kiss, both of their tongues dancing in each others mouths; inspiring Ra to pound into Noel, jerking Quadre forward from his caught knot.
Noel started her orgasmic shivers again, pulling back from the kiss to scream, “Fuck me Ra! Fuck me good!”
The ecstasy was intoxicating and infectious; Quadre started spilling his load deep inside his tight little kitty as Ra gushed for a second time; Noel’s eyes rolling into the back of her head in pleasure.
Ra collapsed on top of Noel, the two of them shivering uncontrollably; dizzy and barely able to stay awake. Quadre quickly popped out Ra, the cat’s ass lifted slightly, Quadre briefly enjoying the gaped opening and his cum inside of it, before walking over to get his clothes back on.
“Those two can sleep all they want; I don’t need the fun to stop.” Quadre mumbled to himself, opening and closing the door quietly, leaving Ra and Noel to fall asleep together, Ra’s face buried in the almond extract tuft of fur he was truly starting to enjoy.


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