A girl gets herself into a bad situation with a bad boyfriend and his friends
I just want to start out by saying that parts of this story came from a conversation with a friend of mine, they really turned me on so I figured I would share. Thank you friend of mine.

I started dating a guy about 4 months ago. Everything was going very quickly and two months in he was living with me. He was fun and we did seem to get along well until he moved in. We would have little arguments mostly every day. Before he moved in we were having sex almost everyday. Afterwords however it really slowed down. He tried to get me into bed a couple times a day, but between me getting some things added on my plate at work and all the fights I just lost interest in sex.

I would come home from work and just want to be able to wind down for a little while before I would go to sleep. But whenever I moved around the house his hands would be touching me and he would telling me things like "don't you miss it baby?" and "I want to fill you up." I just did not have any interest in it and would turn him down sometimes, starting a fight.

He began to invite his friends over a lot, and they would spend hours drinking while I would be trying to sleep. One night when I got home from work I went straight to a nice long shower then to bed. Shortly after I heard Matt coming into the house. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to the sounds of voices downstairs. Great Matt must have his drinking friends over again. I decided that there was no point in trying to get back to sleep on my own so got up, put on the nearest clothing I could find (a pair of jeans and an old T-shit) and went downstairs with the intention of just getting something to drink and a sleeping medication I sometimes use.

Once I got down stairs I found Matt and three of his guy friends they were drinking and watching porn. It's funny because I thought that boys would normally stop watching porn together when there were teenagers, not at 30. I went into the kitchen and shortly after Matt was in there with me.

I was at the sink and he came up behind me and reached his hand around me and under my shirt grabbing my breasts. I pushed him away from me and told him to go watch his porn with his friends. He called me a bitch but he did walk back out to his laughing friends.

I finished up in the kitchen and went back upstairs to our bedroom. It took about an hour but I did get back to sleep. Sometime later I woke up to Matt getting on my bed. It was quiet so I assumed his drunk ass was finally going to bed and his friends went home.

He reached over to me and grabbed my ass, telling me that he was ready for me. Again I pushed him away and told him to go to sleep. Instead of bitching a little and going to sleep like he normally did; this time he rolled over on top of me.

"your going to take it tonight bitch" he said rather calmly.

I could smell the booze on his breath and I told him that he needed to get off me and stop screwing around. He kept his weight and me and stated grabbing my breasts and legs. laughing whenever he believed he caused me pain from his grasp.

He yelled out "okay, she's ready!"

A moment later his three friends walk in. I begin to yell and tell them to get out and ask Matt what's wrong with him. Matt did not get off of me, and his three friends continue to walk in. I really began to struggle now and I do start to get myself free. As soon as I get one leg out of the bed one of his friends grabbed it and held it still.

Before I really even could understand what was going on him and his friends were holding me completely restrained and had already started taking off my tank top and panties. As they were doing this Matt started talking. He told me that I was going to satisfy him and his friends.

I really began to yell now, telling him that he can't do this and that he needs to let me go right now. Again the only response I got was laughter. I was now completly naked and Matt got off the bed and came back a second later with a handful of rope. Shortly after his friends were holding my hands in front of me and Matt was tying them up. I still had a lot of movement but it did seem to make it a whole lot easier for them to keep me held down.

Then they were able to use more of their hands to fondle my body. They grabbed my breasts and started to pinch me. Not just my nipples but also my tummy and thighs and face. They soon got lower when their fingers were roughly forced into my pussy without any type of warning.

I was still screaming and fighting but it did not seem to bother any of them. They just kept violating me and laughing as I tried to fight them off. I had 3 fingers shoved in my pussy while another hand found my ass and shoved two inside. I had a new scream, this time not from being pissed, but from the intense discomfort.

One of the friends said "wow feel this ass, it's going to feel great around my cock."

As they were taking turns pinching, slapping and shoving their fingers inside of me they started to take off their pants. Soon they were all standing there with their hard cocks all around me. One of the friends got back on the bed and stradled my chest.

"I wonder how her mouth feels, don't you dare bite." As he began to try to get his cock inside of my mouth.

I turned my head and told him that there was no way I would suck any of their cocks. As I said this the friend on top of me slapped me hard across the face. Matt laughed and told the guys not to worry about it, and that he would be back in a min. For a couple mins the guys continued to force hands all over any part of my body, some of them rubbing their own cocks.

Matt came back with a big trash bag. Everyone looked confused when he started to explain himself "she said that she does not want to suck cock, if he does not want to suck then she wont. The bitch better hope her other holes are amazing though. I am going to put this garbage bag over her head and it's not coming off till we all cum."

I figured that there was not way he would really do that, but as he came closer I realized he also had a rubber band. He put it over my head and around my neck, it was tight but did not choke me or anything. He filled up the bag with a lot of air then covered my head with it. The rubber band was lifted back up and the bag put under it. I could still breath but I was not sure how long with the bag over my head.

As soon as the bag was over my head I felt a man crawl on top of me and ram into my pussy. He started jack rabbiting inside of me. When he pushed down I could feel some of the air forced out of the bag under the rubber band. I kept trying to move my hands to take it off but they kept grabbing them and holding them back down.

As the man inside my pussy began to go fast and faster the others untied my hands. About this time the guy inside of me pulled out and came all over my belly. they turned me over and forced me over on my hands and knees. They then tied my hands behind my back instead. One of the others guys got behind me, he forced a finger inside of my ass and forced it around for a second before he pulled it out and replaced it with his cock.

At this point I really started to get scared and begged to let me give them oral. Matt told me that it was too late. I was afraid and started to beg for a man to get under me and fuck my pussy. The all seemed to like my "change of attitude and they lifted me up enough that someone slip under me.

With the man still fucking my ass I started to slid my pussy on top of the guy underneath. I grunted with the effort and feeling myself not only become full but stretched to the point of cramping.

The man under me grabbed my hips and started to thrust himself as deep into me as he could. The man inside of my ass just keep himself inside of me grunting. Soon the man in my ass pulled out and came over my back.

He was quickly replaced with Matt. Matt was taking slow pumps into me while the man in my ass said that he was getting ready to come.

"Cum in this whore's cunt, she will love it" Matt yelled at the man under me.

The man under me held on to my hips and almost growled as he filled me with his sperm.

I could feel the air in the bad getting thin and hot. I was even starting to get dizzy. I was going to pass out soon if the bag was not removed.

I started to beg and cry to take off the bag. Matt laughed and started totally still inside of my ass.

"I still need to come before this bag is removed slut"

He continued to stay still inside of me. I started to panic now. I needed the bag off soon. I started to go back on his cock. Forcing it ball deep inside of my already sore ass then going foward to pull some of it out.

I continued to do this as hard as I could for about 45 seconds more before he pulled out and covered my back with more cum.

A moment later one of the other guys took the bag off of my head. I took long deep breaths just happy to have the fresh air.

Matt took more rope and his friends helped him tie my legs together and then used the rope to hold my legs and hands together.

"look how dirty you are, all covered in cum. I will clean you up you dirty whore" Then Matt walked beside me and started to pee all over me. His friends quickly followed in his example. I felt piss covering my body hitting every part of me.

Once I was totally drenched in urine and left over cum dripping from my pussy they walked out.


2012-01-23 06:16:22
I loved your story... made my pussy all wet!


2011-03-15 17:21:17
You are a good writer !

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