Chapter 15

I wake up the next morning, next to my wife. We both wake up around the same time, but don’t get out of bed. All I can think about is the sex we all had last night.

“Good morning wife. I love you”, I say to her.

“Love you”, she sleepily whispers back to me.

“Did you like last night. I know Danny fucked you. He told me”, I say.

Lisa did not reply.

“C’mon, tell me what he did. I wanna know”, I ask. I know Lisa’s not going to say, so I prod a bit further.

“Did you give him head”, I ask, even though I knew the answer since I saw her doing it. As I ask, I reach around her and grab her tit and start rubbing it.

“Yes”, she replies.

“Oooo, good. You suck his balls”, I ask?

“Yes”, she replies.

“He suck your pussy”, I ask? As I do, I reach down and start rubbing her pussy, since she’s naked and laying on her back.

“Yes”, she replies.

“Sandy always said he isn’t that good at that. Was it good”, I ask?

“You’re better at it”, she says.

“Oh really! Nice. Glad I’m good at something”, I say, and start rubbing her pussy faster, and pinching the pussy lips. “He fuck your ass or pussy”, I ask?

“Both”, she says.

“Oh my god, you slut”, I joke with her. “Did you cum”?

“Yes”, she replies.

“Oh my god Lisa, this makes me so horny. I’ve wanted you to get fucked for so long. I’m glad you finally did it. I love you so much”, I say to her.

I then climb on top of her, and lift her leg up. I start fucking my wife, and her pussy feels so good.

“Danny says he came in your mouth”, I say to her as I fuck her pussy.

“Mmmm hmmm”, Lisa replies.

“Did you swallow”, I ask, thinking she spit it out.

“I couldn’t help it, he shoved his dick in my mouth”, she says.

“Oh my god, that sounds so hot”, I say as I start fucking her harder. “Ummm, I have something to tell you”

“What”, Lisa asks with a small moan.

“Uhhhh, Sandy kinda sucked my dick last night”, I say.

“Good”, Lisa replies.

“She deep throated my dick, for about ten minutes. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop”, I tell her.

“mmmmmm”, is her only reply. I take that as approval, and lift her leg up on to my shoulder and push my dick deeper into her pussy. Her eyes are closed as I pump her pussy.

“Did he fuck you like this”, I ask.

“Yes”, she replies.

“What about doggie style in the dark, like you wanted”, I ask.

“Yes”, she replies.

“In the ass? Is that when you came”, I ask?

“Yes”, she replies.

“mmmmmm”, I reply. “I have more to tell you”, I say as I move to another position to fuck her. I pull my dick out and rub it around her pussy lips, then stick it back in and start pumping.

“Sandy pulled her pants down and sat on my dick, Lisa”, I tell her. “She started fucking me. I guess the fact that she knew her husband was getting fucked turned her on. She let me fuck her ass”.

“Oh really, I have to ask her about that”, she says to me. I continue to fuck her pussy. She apparently isn’t mad.

“There’s more”, I say.

“Huh”, she asks. She stops rocking her pussy to my pumping, and I stop too for a second. “How can there be more”.

I lean down on Lisa and push my dick in to her pussy real deep. “Danny came down and saw us. He joined in. We double teamed Sandy. He fucked her ass. He came in her mouth”.

“Again”, Lisa asks in her Sandy-esque voice.

“Yea. And so did I, in her mouth again. She likes cum apparently”, I tell her.

“Oh my, I can’t wait to talk to her today”, she says.

Lisa and I continue to fuck for about thirty more minutes until I collapse, tired. I fall back asleep and get up a few hours later.

I come downstairs around 9am. Lisa had made me breakfast, which means she enjoyed this morning sex. I’m so happy that she’s not upset in any way. She doesn’t look like she feels any guilt for fucking Danny, or mad at me for fucking Sandy. When Sandy came over later that day to pick up her daughter, we talked about the sex a bit, and joked and giggled, but nothing much more. It was as if things had gone back to normal, except for the fact that we were all intimately aware of each others sexual organs and desires.

Chapter 16

A month goes by with not much difference. Sandy and Danny had come over a few times, and we had joked around, but due to kids being awake and around the house, nothing could be done.

I tell Danny to come over the house so he can work on the wall in our dining room. There is a wall that separates the kitchen and dining room, and I’d like it opened to show more light. He comes over and shows up around 9:30 am or so. I took the day off as well, so I could both supervise the progress and maybe double fuck Lisa like we did to Sandy. Sandy did not come over because she needed to pick up her daughter at noon.

Danny comes into the dining room to look at the wall. He sits down on the couch, on the left corner end. I sit down on the opposite end of the couch.

“C’mere Lisa, have a seat”, I say to my wife. I had sucked her pussy earlier today, to work her up a bit. I did not let her cum. Lisa sits in between the two of us. We chat for a few minutes about bullshit, then the conversation dies down.

I lean over to Lisa and whisper in her ear, “I want you to give him head, while I suck your pussy”. Lisa hesitates a little. “Danny, don’t you think these knockers are huge”, I say as I reach into her Vneck shirt which is showing lots of cleavage and pull out her boob. I squeeze her tit and play with the nipple, then reach in her shirt to pull out her other boob.

“Yeah, they’re huge”, he says, as he reaches over and plays with Lisa’s tit. I’m squeezing Lisa’s right boob while Danny plays with her left one.

“Reach your hand down”, I whisper to her. She reaches down and grabs my bulge feeling my dick get hard. “No, not me”, I whisper.

After a moment of playing with her boobs and her rubbing my bulge, she does reach down and grab Danny’s bulge. I lean back and enjoy the outer hand job, and then pull my cock out of my pants. Lisa starts rubbing my cock. As she does, I see her start to unbuckle Danny’s belt with her right hand. She gets his pants undone and reaches under. He helps her and pulls open his pants and his cock pops up.

Lisa starts to jerk both cocks. She plays around and giggles a bit as she jerks them both in synchronized motion. I scoot over a bit to my left to give her more room, then I part her legs. I reach down inside her pajama pants, inside her panties to her pussy and start playing with her pussy. I look over at Danny, and see him leaning over sucking Lisa’s tit. After he’s done sucking her tit, I get up from the couch. I decide I want to take some pictures of this. So I walk over to the computer desk and get the digital camera. I turn around and go back to the couch, I take notice that Lisa is now laying on Danny’s tummy, with his dick in her mouth. She’s giving him head and playing with his balls. I zoom in and take a picture of Danny’s cock in Lisa’s mouth. She then starts licking down the base of his cock, and I snap a picture of that.

I then walk over to Lisa and put my dick in her face. She reaches up and starts jerking it while sucking Danny’s. I take another picture. She then switches and sucks my cock for a while. Another picture taken. She goes back and forth between the two of us for a few minutes. While she’s giving the double blowjob, I reach down and pull her pants down, exposing her thong. She parts her legs, so I reach in and start rubbing her clit. Her pussy is already wet, so I use its moistness to wet my fingers and stick them in.

Lisa switches from my cock and starts to suck Danny’s cock. When she does, I move to between her legs and start sucking her pussy. I stick a wet finger in her asshole and suck her pussy as if I’m giving her lips a deep kiss. I insert another finger in her ass and one finger in her pussy. This is the same way I’ve sucked Lisa’s pussy a thousand times, and I know if I keep it up, she’ll cum. Of course, I don’t want that. I keep it up for a few minutes. As I do, I notice Danny playing with Lisa’s tit while getting a blowjob from her.

I then realize that Danny is sitting in the spot as I was when I was fucking his wife. I get up from sucking her pussy and take another picture. I walk over to Lisa and put my dick in her face. She has one dick in her mouth and another one right in her face. Lisa stops sucking Danny’s dick, but keeps jerking it. She moves over and starts sucking my cock, while grabbing the base of my cock. I can see her massaging Danny’s cock. She then switches back to his dick, giving him head. Back and forth she goes, giving us both blowjobs. When she’s not sucking one cock, she’s jerking the other. It really looks like she’s enjoying it, so we do this for a few minutes.

“Lisa, get up and climb on top”, I say, as I step back to get a bigger picture of the scene. Lisa gets up and does climb on top of Danny’s cock. I get in close and get a picture of Danny’s cock sliding into Lisa’s pussy. I watch Lisa fuck Danny for a while, then I move over to the side of the couch. I move my dick over to Lisa and put it in her face. She reaches over and starts to suck my dick again. I let this go on for a few minutes, then I move over and get behind Lisa. I push down on Lisa’s back to raise her ass a bit. I then put my foot next her knee and move my dick to her asshole. Lisa adjusts herself so I can get in, and I slowly put my dick into Lisa’s asshole.

I hear Lisa moan as I start fucking her ass. Danny starts to pump and I can feel his dick pumping her pussy while my dick is in her ass. I had always talked to Lisa about her getting double teamed, but until now, it was just fantasy. But now, she’s finally getting double fucked.

Lisa doesn’t normally moan much when having sex. When she does, it usually means she’s about to cum. Getting double fucked really turned her on, and it didn’t take long for her to cum. I knew she came, but we continue to double fuck her. It takes her a minute or so, but she gets back into the groove after her orgasm and starts rocking her hips as I fuck her ass.

I then pull out and sit on the couch. “Climb on”, I say to her. Lisa climbs off Danny’s cock and climbs onto mine. I pull her down towards me and look over at Danny. He’s already getting up, and moves over to behind Lisa. He sticks his dick in her ass and starts to fuck her asshole. I kiss Lisa on her lips and squeeze her tits as I fuck her pussy. Danny is pounding her ass causing Lisa’s body to rock. She leans up and I suck on one of her tits. Danny pumps her ass and I fuck her pussy for a good ten minutes.

“Ohhhh mmmmmmm”, moans Lisa. Upon hearing her I start pumping her pussy as she gets pounded.

“I want you to cum again, baby”, I say to her. As I do, I stick my cock in as deep as I can in this position. Lisa makes a face showing she’s in deep pleasure, and starts breathing heavy and moaning. She squeezes my shoulder as she moans. “I’m cumming”, she says softly.

That’s amazing I think. She has cum twice in this session. She has cum twice before, but this is her first double fuck. Danny continues to fuck her, but after a minute or so, he pulls out suddenly. I hear him groaning slightly as he climbs up on the couch and points his dick at Lisa’s face. She looks over and before she can say anything, Danny puts his dick on her lips and squirts his load on her face and lips. She grabs his dick and jerks it back and forth as she rubs his dick head on her lips. I fuck her pussy as hard as I can as I watch this happen.

Seeing her get a facial gets me excited as well. I reach over and grab my shirt I had taken off, and hand it to Lisa. She wipes her face off and starts riding my cock. I feel like I may start to come, so I roll Lisa off of me and have her sitting on the couch. I straddle over her and put my dick in her mouth. She massages my balls as I start jerking my cock.

“I want you to swallow me baby, like you swallowed Danny on New Years”, I say to her as I jerk off. Lisa parts her lips and sticks her tongue out. About ten seconds later, I start to cum. I move closer and put the head of my cock on her tongue.

“Here I cum”, I say. I watch my cock as I squirt a load into her open mouth. I feel another streaming coming, so I grab the back of Lisa’s head and put my cock further in her mouth, forcing her to suck. I squirt two more streams into her mouth. “Swallow baby”

Lisa makes a face but does swallow. “Lemme see”, I say. She opens her mouth and I see nothing in there.

“Great”, I exclaim. “Been waiting 15 years for you to do that”.

All three of us collapse on the couch. Lisa and I later take a shower together, and I invite Danny to jump in, but he declines. I’m glad he did, actually, because I didn’t know how three of us would fit in a standard tub shower.

Chapter 17

Again, time passes, and many months go by without any incidents.

Since Lisa was working now, I started having extra money to fix our house. I was busy with my full time job, and my part time DJ work, so I didn’t have much time to do it myself. I asked Danny to come over and fix some stuff, since that’s what he does. Since I work during the day, I scheduled with him to come over when Lisa had off.

It had been about a year since Lisa had fucked Danny. It’s not like they didn’t come over any more. Since Lisa was working, and worked every other weekend, they didn’t get to come over much. Most times, she was just exhausted, and didn’t want company.

When I told Lisa that Danny was coming over Thursday to work, she immediately remembered having sex with him. She wondered if she was going to be alone with him.

“Are you taking off that day”, she asked?

“No, I have to work”, I reply.

“OK, she says.

Thursday morning comes around, and I have to take Crystal to school. As I kiss Lisa goodbye for the morning, I whisper in her ear, “Don’t fuck him too hard, he needs to work”. With that, I give her a kiss and leave.

An hour later, Danny shows up. He’s wearing baggy jeans that have paint smears and blotches all over them, and a plaid shirt, with similar paint stains. Lisa lets him in the door, and closes and locks it behind him. They go into the living room.

Lisa passes Danny, then turns around to face him. He’s about to start talking about what he needs to do today, when Lisa kneels down in front of him, and grabs the sides of his jeans. She pulls down hard and exposes Danny’s cock. She grabs it and starts jerking it, then puts his dick head in her mouth.

Danny wasn’t really expecting to get a blow job, but he wasn’t going to turn it down.

Lisa pushes Danny towards the couch, and shoves him down on it, then gets between his legs. She’s kneeling on the floor while she takes his cock back in her mouth and starts sucking it as deep as she can. She bobs her head up and down on his cock many times. All she can think about is making him cum. She gets his dick really wet and sucks up and down the sides. She then licks his balls, which have some fuzz on them. She doesn’t care. She wants to make him cum. While licking his ball sack, she rubs his dick head in the cupped palm of her hand. She then plays with the underneath of his mushroom head. Back up his long shaft she licks and puts the head back in her mouth.

Lisa continues to give Danny head while jerking his cock. Danny has not had sex with Sandy in over two months, so he was pretty loaded. He lays his head back and enjoys the blowjob.

Danny grabs Lisa’s head, and pushes it down on his cock. Lisa takes about half of Danny’s cock in her mouth, and then comes back up.

She then goes back down to his balls and starts licking them again, while jerking his wet cock. She looks up at him while sucking his right nut. She jerks his cock really fast, with her wet hand. Danny starts pumping his hips to the motion.

He starts pumping harder and breathing heavier. Lisa hears this and puts the head in her mouth while jerking his cock. She then takes his dick about 3 inches into her mouth, as Danny busts his load. Although she knew he was about to come, this still surprised her. Since his dick head was in the back of her mouth, the cum went right to the back of her mouth. She swallows, and then bobs her head up and down his cock, while he squirts out a few more times.

Lisa spits the rest of the streams out of her mouth while his dick is still in it. Danny’s cock is starting to go limp as Lisa plays with the head, using her tongue.

She then gets up and goes in the kitchen to get a coke.

“Is that it”, Danny asks, half expecting to get some pussy or ass.

“Yup, that’s it”, Lisa says. “That’s all I wanted to do. Now you can get to work”. With that, she goes upstairs and leaves Danny to his work.

A few hours later, when he’s done working on the ceiling tiles in the living room, he comes upstairs. Lisa is lying on the bed, sleeping. Danny decides that he does want some of Lisa’s pussy anyway. She’s lying on her side, facing the window. He walks over to the edge of the bed. He pulls his pants down and grabs his hard dick. He climbs halfway onto the bed and puts it between Lisa’s legs. Now, she has cotton pants on, but they’re really thin. So he reaches over and pulls the pants and panties down below her ass.

Danny then wets his cock, and puts it into Lisa’s pussy. Without even asking her, he starts fucking her pussy. Lisa doesn’t resist, and lets Danny fuck her. After fucking this way for ten minutes, Lisa gets up in the doggie position. Danny pumps her pussy hard, while sticking a finger deep into her asshole. He pumps her pussy for a while, and then switches to her asshole. Danny fucks Lisa’s asshole for a while, and then switches back to her pussy. Back and forth he goes between both holes.

Eventually, Lisa cums when he’s fucking her asshole, and lets him fuck her pussy some more. Danny eventually crashes on the bed, from exhaustion, without cumming a second time. He’s really beat, both from cumming once, doing construction, and fucking Lisa.

When Lisa goes to pay him for the day, he only accepts about a tenth of it since he got a blow job, some pussy, and some ass.

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