Chapter 19

Again, the years pass on. Misty and her crew moved out of my basement. In fact, it had been so long, that I moved out of the house as well, to the county. The house was sitting, vacant, as I tried to sell it. Since we were now living in the county, we didn’t get to see Sandy or Danny anymore, except at family gatherings. The fact that Lisa had fucked Danny, and I had fucked Sandy, seemed like a distant memory. At that time, Misty and Charles had been out of our life. However, as one group is out, another comes back in.

Misty and Charles were living in an apartment complex in Towson. I did not give them long before I believed they would be in financial trouble and need some help from someone. I did not, however, foresee the U.S. government helping to bail them out a few times with some convenient tax refunds.

Regardless, they still ended up having some financial problems. Neither Misty nor Charles ever paid off any of their overdue credit cards, and I routinely received calls from collectors. They also went through a few different phone numbers, as they went through carriers when they couldn’t pay their bills. I kinda laughed this off, as the months passed, knowing they were doomed.

To make matters worse for them, Misty’s husband lost his job at the apartment complex, where they were living. They were now in the same boat they were in a few years ago when they needed my help. However, this time I was a bit wiser, and made her sign a lease to rent my house.

I had been messing around with her a bit, since I moved to the county. She worked about a quarter mile away from where I lived, and I would often go see her at her job, usually in the morning, before she started working. She’d get in my truck, and we’d mess around a bit, but nothing serious. She gave me a small hand job once, and I played with her titties and pussy once. But she was always nervous and it never went too far.

Before she moved into my house, I asked her to take a ride with me. We drove to a secluded place I found, and she got into the back seat of my truck. My intention was to get her to realize how much I was giving up for her, so that she wouldn’t be homeless. I was taking my house off the market, leaving myself in debt, giving her a really discounted rent, all so she could have a place to live. I wanted her to show me some appreciation for what I have done for her.

So, I pulled out my rock hard cock and asked her to show me some appreciation. At first, she just squeezed it, and kept saying that this was too much pressure on her conscience. I told her that was a bunch of bullshit, and right as I was about to give up, she bent down and started to suck my cock. Much like the time she sucked it years ago, it felt really nice. Warm, deep, and with no teeth.

But she ended the blowjob prematurely, saying, 'That’s enough for you'. She clearly wasn’t ready to move further.

She and her family eventually do move in. Two months pass, and she deals with issues, such as getting her son in a new school, and such. But eventually things settle down. Now that I’m her landlord, I call her occasionally. But, of course, I’m still infatuated with her, and still, after all these years, trying to get to fuck her.

But, of course, with Misty, it’s always an issue of time. She lives such a scheduled life. I call her one day to speak with her.

'You know, your rent is due this Saturday' I say.

'Yea, I know' she replies.

'Of course, just to let you know, I’m perfectly happy with trading rent for pussy' I say. 'But, it has to be totally bare! Cuz you know that’s the way I like it baby'

'Yea, I know' she replies, again.

We talk for a while longer, and we decide to meet up at 8:30, before she gets to work, this Saturday. This is unusual for her, because I had been trying to get her to meet me in the mornings for a while, but it would never work out. But for some reason I can’t figure out, this time she agrees with no arguments.

Saturday comes, and I’m waiting outside of her job. The store is closed, as it does not open for a few hours. 8:30 comes, and so does Misty. I’m a bit surprised, because I expected her to back out. But here she is. I have her follow my truck up the road to a parking spot.

Misty gets out of her car, and as she does, I say to her, 'Don’t forget your rent. I need the cash for now'.

She reaches back in her car, gets the money then turns around.

'Good, now lock your car and get in the truck, we’re going a bit further up the road' I say to her. 'Hand me the rent. I’ll hold onto it. If you’re a good girl, you’ll get it all back. But if you pull any of those ‘That’s enough for you’ shenanigans, like you did before, you get less back'. I actually had told her this earlier in the week, but just wanted to remind her.

She gets in the truck, and I drive up the road, which turns into a wooded area. As the road bends to the left, there is a small, old path, which leads up into the woods. It’s just barely wide enough for 1 vehicle, and it looks as if it hasn’t been driven on in years. There are woods on each side of the path. I drive up the path until it’s not visible from the original road, and stop at a fallen tree that blocks the path.

I then put on a nice metal CD, and make sure the heat is on warm enough in the truck, because it is a bit cold outside. I then get out of the truck and get into the back seat. Misty stays in the front and watches me. I sit in the middle of the back seat, and say to her, 'Well, are you going to come back here'?

Misty shrugs a little. I reach between the seats of the truck, and tell her to crawl through the middle. As she starts to get up, I flip off one of my slippers, and pull my pants down and off one leg. My already hard cock is pointing up at her, as she crawls through.

She grabs my shoulders as she climbs over the middle console of the front seat, and I help her through. But instead of letting her go to the side and sit next to me, I guide her to straddle over me. Normally, with Misty, I’m passive and let her decide what she wants to do. But I had grown tired of this, and decided to take control.

After she’s on top of me, I help her take her jacket off, and I place it in the edge of the seat, next to the pillow I brought with me. I then reach behind Misty’s neck, and pull her closer to me, and then start to kiss her. She returns the kiss slowly, at first, but then gives in more as I kiss. With my other hand, I reach behind her and squeeze her ass. I move my hand up her back, inside her shirt, and feel her nice, smooth skin. Of course, there is no bra strap.

About a month ago, Misty and I had messed around, and I had kissed all around her neck while squeezing her left breast. This was on my birthday, and she was giving me a hand job while letting me explore her body, as a present, I guess. At that time, while kissing her neck, her nipples got hard.

So, I knew she liked that, and I returned to doing the same thing. As I kissed her neck, I reached my other had down to her side, under her shirt. I then lifted her shirt up and helped her take it off. Her perky little A-Cup titties look very nice, and they are starting to get hard a bit. I go back to kissing he neck and make my way down to her right breast. I start to lick her nipple while caressing her back. With my other hand, I squeeze the left breast.

The entire time I am doing this, my dick is poking up between her legs. As I switch to her other tit, I reach both hands down to her hips and pull her closer to me, so that she can feel my cock press against her pussy. She still has her cotton stretch pants on, but I can feel the warmth of her pussy through them.

I suck her titties for a few more moments, and then move Misty to the left, so that she can lie down in the back seat, with her head on the pillow I brought with me. I admire her topless body as I move closer to her head. I grab my cock and move it to her mouth.

That short blowjob I got from her a month earlier, was still fresh in my mind. I so much wanted her to suck my cock again, and I wanted to bust my nut in her mouth. I had held out from having cumming for over 2 weeks, knowing that this day was going to come. So, I’m full of sexual energy, and wanted Misty to feel and taste it.

Misty opens her mouth as I put the head of my cock in it. She then grabs my cock and starts to go up and down the body of the dick. Much like before, and unlike my wife, she uses only lips and makes the cock wet. It feels every warm, and soft, almost like a hot wet pussy, but a bit tighter.

As Misty sucks my cock, I watch her and realize that she is enjoying giving the blowjob as much as I am enjoying receiving it. This is a far cry from a month ago when she 'reluctantly' gave me a blow job. I reach down, and play with her titties, and then rub down her flat sexy tummy to the top of her pants.

So far, Misty has done everything I asked her. On the phone earlier that week, I told her not to wear any pants that had a buckle, such as jeans, because I wanted quick, easy access. She was wearing soft cotton stretch pants. I also told her that if her pussy wasn’t totally bare, meaning, a fresh shave, that I’d penalize her.

I reach into her pants, and into her panties. Again, she’s a good girl, as I feel no hair, or even stubble, as I reach down to her pussy. I feel her small lips and pinch them gently. I never get tired of rubbing Misty’s pussy. By my count, this is the fourth or maybe fifth time I’ve rubbed it. However, this is the first time I’m rubbing while she is sucking my dick, and when no one is 'coming home'. We’re alone, in my truck, in the woods.

'Misty, I love how good it feels you sucking it, but I’ve wanted to suck your pussy for years', I say, as I start to pull her pants and panties down. As I get them past her knees, I reach down to her feat and untie her shoe. I take it off, letting it fall to the floor, and then remove her pants from the closest leg. I pull her leg back towards me, as Misty continues to give me head. I watch her run her tongue over my dick head, then reach back down with my right hand and massage her pussy.

As many times as I have messed with Misty, and as many times as I have rubbed her pussy, this is the first time I’ve seen her pussy this way. Most of the time when I’ve rubbed her pussy, she was sitting down, or under covers. This time, its fully exposed and beautiful. Her lips are thin, and the pussy is small and smooth. Nothing about it is fat, at all, yet it is soft, and warm and inviting. As I insert a finger in her pussy, I feel how tight it is, and I look at her pussy, see how small and tight it is, it seems like my finger won’t go all the way in, but it does.

I grab my cock with my right hand, and move my balls to Misty’s mouth, and she obliges by licking my balls and jerking my cock.

'We’ll get back to this', I say to Misty, indicating the blow job. As I say that, I pull away from her and lean down behind her bare leg, and put my mouth on her nice, warm, shaven pussy. I did get to lick her pussy a few years ago, but not the way I wanted to, or even in a way that would please her. But now, she is laying down, almost naked, with her bare pussy fully exposed to me.

I slowly start licking her pussy, gently caressing the lips and licking down to her asshole. I do this for a minute or so, just to get a feel for it. However, I know my body, and sucking her pussy and making her cum first is not my plan. So, I get back up, and then help Misty get up.

'What are you doing', she asks?

'I want you to go first, and then I’ll suck you and make you cum', I say. I then switch positions with her, sitting where her head was, and she gets down on the truck floor, in between my legs. 'I want you to make me cum', I tell her.

For the next few minutes, I get a blow job like I’ve never had. Although Misty is skinny, and probably 50 pounds lighter than Lisa, she seems to have a larger mouth, and can easily take all of my cock in. I do remember her deep throating my cock for a few seconds, back when she lived in my basement, but this time seemed much better. She didn’t have to be quiet, or worry about moving too much. I’d only slightly feel teeth as she got real deep on my dick.

Up and down her head went on my cock, as smooth and warm as a nice pussy. It didn’t take me long, because I had been holding back for a few weeks, before I felt myself starting to cum. However, I did not let on that I was cumming. I wanted to surprise her, because a few times I had joked with her about blowjobs, and even though she admitted to swallowing, she would say it was disgusting. However, I got the impression she was just saying that, but really did whatever her lover wanted her to.

So, as she sucked my dick, I rested my head and enjoyed it. As I felt myself starting to come I closed my eyes and felt it shoot into her mouth. I watched her reaction, which did take her by surprise, but she didn’t stop sucking. As she went down my cock again, I watched some cum dribble out the side of her mouth onto my cock.

'Suck that baby! Oh it feels good', I say, out of breath.

Misty continues to suck my cock, for a few moments more, then looks up at me and smiles, with the head still in her mouth.

'Ok, back to what we were doing earlier', I say, as I help her up to the back seat of the truck. 'Lay down again, like you were'.

Misty does just that, and lifts her legs up. I get behind her and admire the beautiful pussy. It looks so nice, and I just want to devour it.

I then get on the floor of the truck and move in. I lift her right leg and put it on the top of the back seat, and put her right leg on my shoulder. I take Misty’s lips into my mouth and suck on the top of her pussy. Oh it tastes so sweet, I think. I rub her vagina with two fingers, feeling that her cunt is already wet. There’s no need for me to wet my fingers, because she’s really into this. I push two fingers deep into her cunt. Her pussy is kinda tight compared to Lisa’s, and feels so good. The skin is so smooth now that it’s shaved, and that makes me suck harder. I run my tongue down her clit and run it around in circles around the inside edge of her pussy. I then go further down and lick her asshole, getting it nice and wet. While licking her asshole, I rub the top of her pussy with one hand, and finger her pussy with two fingers from the other hand.

When she had lived with me, I often had told her how I would suck her pussy, and I could tell she liked the thought of it. Now she’s finally getting her pussy sucked by me, and apparently liking it. Misty rocks her hips a bit to the rhythm of my sucking. I tongue fuck her asshole a bit, and then move back up to her clit. I shove my tongue in her pussy and remove the two fingers. I take my wet middle finger, and slowly insert it into Misty’s asshole. I expect Misty to reach down and remove my finger, because she always denied ever having anal sex, and talked as if she would never do it. But she wasn’t stopping me. So if she’s not, I’m going to keep going.

'Baby, I’m not gonna stop until you cum', I tell Misty, as I go back to sucking on her pussy lips. I have the middle finger of my left hand in Misty’s asshole, and put two fingers from my right hand in her pussy. I push my fingers from both hands in and out of her holes. She starts to rock her hips more. I look up and she’s biting her lip and playing with her left tit. I get up from the floor, but leave my fingers in her pussy and asshole, and move up to her right tit. I take her tit in my mouth and suck her entire breast. I suck her nipple, playing with it with my tongue.

While sucking her tit, I stick my two fingers deep into her pussy and leave them in deep, while I finger fuck her asshole. I move over to her other tit, and as I do, I switch fingers. I stick the one finger into her pussy, and the two from her pussy into her asshole. I hear Misty moan as I finger fuck her asshole and cunt. I move back down and put the top of her pussy lips in my mouth and vigorously suck it.

She’s rocking her hips hard now, and moaning more, and breathing heavier. She then reaches down and grabs my head, forcing me onto her cunt, just like Lisa does. I had joked with her about this a few times, and she said she never does that. I replied, 'That’s cuz you never had me sucking that pussy, baby'. She’d just laugh or wave it off.

Well, here I am, sucking and finger fucking her pussy and asshole. She’s loving it, rocking her hips and holding my head, like she said she wouldn’t do. I smile to my self a bit and start sucking her pussy harder and faster.

'Oooohhhhhhh', Misty moans. She clenches her teeth and takes in a deep breath. 'Suck it! Suck that pussy'!

I keep it up, sticking my fingers as far into her asshole as I can. I feel her ass muscles and pussy muscles tighten around my fingers inside her body, as she holds my head down tighter. I keep sucking. 'Oh my god. Ohhh… Ohhhhh Oh my god', Misty exclaims! She squeezes my head with both legs as she cums, while having a handful of my hair in her clenched fist.

She then relaxes her entire body. I remove my fingers and slide up between her legs, lean down and start sucking on her titties. As I do, I say to her, 'Oh honey, we aren’t done yet. I’m only just getting started'.

Misty’s right leg is still propped up on the backseat of the truck, and her left foot is on the floor. My cock is still hard, so I move it to Misty’s shaved pussy. I put the head between her lips, then reach down and massage both her tits. In goes my cock into her tight pussy.

When she lived with me earlier, I did put my dick in her pussy, and was about to start fucking her, but we got interrupted by her husband. I never got to fuck her. There would be no such interruption this time.

I start pumping Misty’s pussy, one leg on the back seat, and one foot on the floor. Now this isn’t that comfortable to my poor knees. So, while still fucking her, I get up on my feet and lean closer towards her. This makes my dick go in further, and I hear small grunts from her. I then lean forward and put both arms behind Misty, and pull her toward me. She is a pretty light girl, maybe 110 pounds.

With my dick still in her pussy, I pick her up, and turn around, so that I am sitting on the seat, and Misty cradling my cock. Once she is down on the seat, she adjusts herself and starts to ride my cock.

I have dreamt about this moment for many years. Misty is riding my cock, with my dick deep inside her pussy. Misty rocks her hips back and forth as she rides my cock. She makes the strangest facial expressions as she fucks me, but I can still tell she is loving it.

So, here she is, riding my cock, and I’m in heaven. I grab Misty, and twist to my right and lay down on the seat. Misty moves with me, getting all the way up on the seat. This allows her to really ride my cock as deep as possible. It also allows me to watch her fuck my dick. It really really looks good seeing her flat abdomen ride my cock. I mean, there’s not an ounce of fat on Misty, and it’s so fucking sexy, it’s incredible. And the fact that it’s now a shaved pussy, riding on my cock, its extra sexy.

Misty leans forward while riding my cock and puts her hands on my chest. This pushes her titties together, causing a bit of nice cleavage. 'Fuck my baby, fuck me hard', I exclaim! I grab her hips with my free hand and make her rock harder as I match her rhythm. Misty does start rocking hard, making some of the strangest faces, as if she’s in pain. But I had heard about this from Danny and Joey, so I wasn’t concerned. She then leans back, puts her hands on my ankles and rocks her hips really deep and hard. It looks very nice. She fucks me this way for a minute or two, then leans forward, laying her chest against mine as she fucks me. I reach around, and grab her ass, and start pumping her pussy.

Misty starts kissing me while slowly, rocking her pussy as I pump it. I then lean up, propping myself up with my arm, and Misty follows the position. We’re both sitting up, with my dick still in her pussy.

'Baby, I wanna make you come. Here, let me get behind you', I say to her as I start to move her around to my right.

Misty kisses me deep on the lips, sticks her tongue in kisses me more. She pulls away and says 'I already did'.

'Yea, I know you came when I sucked your pussy', I say.

'No, I just came again', she says.

'Twice', I ask?

'Umm hmmm' she says as she kisses me again.

'Well, I’m not done with you, honey', I say. 'Get up on your knees, I’m gonna see if I can make you cum a third time'

So, she does get up on the doggie position. I reach down and rub her pussy some. Misty expects me to start fucking her, but instead I kneel down behind her, and grab both ass cheeks. I then stick my tongue into her asshole, which is very moist from her riding my cock. I lick around her asshole and stick it inside. I tongue fuck her for a while, getting her ass nice and ready.

'You ready, baby', I ask.

'Not really', she says.

I then get behind her, wet my dick, and slowly insert it into her asshole.

Her ass feels really really soft, and warm. I slowly pump her ass, putting my dick only a quarter way in, maybe a bit more. But as I pump, I can feel her relax, getting used to it.

I lift my leg up on the seat and next to her leg. This let me get my dick deeper into her ass. I pump long strokes, letting my dick stay deep on the pushes. Every now and then, I stop my pumping, to see if Misty is pumping as well, which she is. This tells me she is enjoying me fucking her ass.

'Rub that pussy baby, I want you to cum again', I say, as I pull my dick out of her ass and put it in her pussy. I start fucking her pussy like an animal, pumping like mad. She starts moaning, pretty loudly, as I rock her cunt. I can feel her rubbing it as I fuck it. I pull my dick out and stick it back in her ass and fuck her ass hard. A few more pumps, then I reach around her abdomen and roll her on to her back.

I grab her ankle and start pumping her ass really fast. The faster I pump, the faster she rubs her pussy. I put my leg up on the seat again and pump her ass deep. Misty reaches around my shoulder and pulls me closer to her as I pump her ass. She stars moaning and growling and rocking her hips.

'Ohhhhhh, Ohh, Uhhhhhhhh', she moans. Then she slows down her rocking of her hips, but I continue to pump her ass.

'Did you cum', I ask?

'Yessssssssss', she moans.

'Nice', I say.

I start rocking her ass like I’ve never fucked before. I then pull out and put it back in her cunt. I fuck her cunt, and watch her body as I fuck it. I looks beautiful, and I’m loving every minute of this. Her ass is so nice, her tummy is so nice, and her little perky titties are perfect. This all gets me excited, and I feel myself starting to cum.

At the last moment, I pull out of her pussy. I move up to her face. Misty recognizes what I’m doing and scoots off the seat, as I put my dick in her face. I jerk my cock a few times as Misty opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. She reaches up and grabs my cock, and puts the head into her mouth. She squeezes the rest of the cum out of my cock and into her mouth. She looks up at me and spits the cum out the side of her mouth, then deep throats my cock. Misty jerks my cock a few more times and smiles at me again.

We both get on the back seat and relax a bit. Misty starts to put her clothes on, as do I. What stinks for her is that she has to now go to work, smelling like sex, and I get to go home, and sleep. I drive her to her car, give her a deep passionate kiss, and put the cash she gave me into her panties. I give her one more hug, squeeze her soft ass under her pants, and then she gets in her car.

I make a rolling motion with my hands, and Misty lowers her window.

'Same time next month', I ask?

'Of course', she says.

I tell her not to fuck her husband for a few weeks, and she promises that she won’t. She says she’s had more sex today then she has in years, so she has no desire to fuck Charles. That makes me happy. With that, she backs out and goes to work.

Chapter 20

A few weeks go by, and I never tell Lisa that I fucked Misty. I’m not sure if she would approve or not. Misty did come over the apartment once, when I wasn’t home, but Lisa never told me why she was there.

It’s a Wednesday in May, and I had taken the day off. It’s a little after ten, and I’m just relaxing on the couch, watching TV, when there is a knock at the door.

I get my lazy ass up and go to see who’s there. It’s Misty.

'Hey baby', I say to her, as I give her a hug. 'What’s up'?

'Nothin’', she says. 'I just wanted to come by'

'You need money again', I ask? 'I haven’t gone to the ATM lately'

'No', she says, as she takes her coat off and hangs it on the door hanger. 'I just can’t stop thinking of sex'

'Oh really', I ask?

'Ever since we did it, all I can think about is doing it again', she says.

'Well, I have absolutely no problem with that', I say, as I come over to her and grab her hips. I pull her tight to me, and kiss her on her lips. Misty starts kissing me back as she reaches around me and rubs my back. I reach around and squeeze her ass cheeks, then pull her pants down. Misty’s wearing the other pink thong I bought her years ago.

Misty reaches down and grabs my bulge in my pants with her right hand. With her left hand, she starts puling down my jogging pants. I have no undies on, like usual. Misty starts nudging me towards the couch, so I take the clue and sit on the couch. However, it’s a new leather couch, not the old blue and white one that was fucked on so many times. I pull off my pants, as Misty gets on the couch next to me. She lays her head on my belly and starts giving me head.

I grab the remote control which is sitting on the couch, and change the station to the satellite metal channel. I switch the remote to one of the aux settings and turn on the stereo, so the music starts cranking through it. Misty is an ol’ metal chick, so she really gets into this.

I lay my head back, and close my eyes. I’m enjoying hearing the loud music and feeling the head of my cock in her mouth. Misty takes my cock deep into her mouth a few times, then starts rubbing my balls. She then goes back to giving me head.

I reach down and start playing with her soft ass, squeezing both cheeks and switching between the two.

Oh man, that feels so nice, I think to myself. Her mouth feels so nice on my dick head. And man, it feels so nice with her licking my balls.

I let her lick my balls for a few moments, with my eyes closed and relaxing then I realize that Misty can’t lick my balls and give me head at the same time.

I open my eyes and see my wife kneeling down in front of me, sucking my balls while Misty gives me head.

'What the heck! When did you come in', I say.

'Just a few minutes ago', she replies. She then goes back to licking my balls.

How did she get home, I think? Did she even go to work today? Did Misty pick her up? Did Lisa have this planned all along? What the heck is going on, I think? I then decide not to question it, and enjoy it.

I close my eyes and enjoy the double blowjob. It feels really nice as Misty jerks my cock and licks the head. Lisa switches to the other testicle.

'Wait, how come you aren’t mad Misty’s giving me a blowjob', I ask. Lisa never knew I fucked Misty. I never told her. I never thought Lisa would let me, and she had told me multiple times, ‘what I don’t know about I don’t care about’

She stops sucking my balls and says, 'Cuz I sucked Danny’s dick last week'. I hear Misty giggle with a mouthful of cock. I didn’t even know she had seen Danny. So, while I was out being naughty with Misty, Lisa was apparently doing the same with Danny.

'Great' I exclaim. I then grab Lisa’s head and put it back on my balls. Lisa moves up the base of my cock, and as she does, Misty pulls off, and goes down the opposite side. She then goes to my balls, and Lisa starts sucking the head.

Both sisters alternate back and forth between my dick head and my balls for a few minutes. When Misty is on the down stroke going towards my balls, I pull her up towards me. I had taken my shirt off by now, so she starts kissing up my chest until she gets to my neck. Since she’s now in an upright position, I pull her shirt off. Lisa is giving me head and rubbing my balls, as I lean over and start sucking Misty’s titties. Misty reaches down and jerks my dick while Lisa sucks the head.

Misty then gets up on the couch, and pulls her pants down past her knees. She kneels straight up, so that my head his at her chest level. I reach over and start playing with her pussy. It’s been almost a month since I fucked her, but her pussy is still shaved.

'You left this shaved the whole time', I whisper to her.

'I never stopped. You got me started doing it, now I can't let it grow back', she says.

'Nice', I say as I start rubbing it. I lean over and kiss her sexy washboard abs and tummy, while sticking two fingers into her pussy.

'Lisa, here, get up', I say to her as I pull her off my cock. 'Get up on the couch, doggy style. This is something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do. Misty, you do the same thing.

Lisa gets up, and gets on the couch. She apparently had already gotten naked before she started sucking my balls. Both sisters get on the couch and get in the doggy position, right next to each other. They are facing each other and giggling a bit. I get behind both of them and squeeze both asses with each hand.

Although I’m not worried about my wife being jealous, I still move to her pussy first, and start sucking the lips. While I do, I reach over and play with Misty’s pussy.

It would be so much better if they weren’t sisters and would play with each other, I think. But that’s not going to happen, so I resign myself to knowing I have to do all the work.

I move over to Misty’s cunt, and stick my tongue in. I reverse my last action, and start rubbing Lisa’s pussy while sucking Misty’s. I go on like this for several minutes, enjoying the tastes of both pussies, and hearing each girl let out soft moans.

'We need to do down the hall', I say. I then get up and grab each girl’s hand, and proceed to go to the bedroom. They are giggling like little girls, and squeezing my butt as I go down the hall. We get into the bedroom, and I tell them to both get in doggie position again. As they do, I go over to Lisa’s sock drawer, and pull out her realistic penis shaped rubber dildo, which I’ve used on Lisa over a hundred times.

I get right in between both girls’ asses and verbally do an eeny meeny miney moe count. Misty wins. So I wet the dildo with Lisa’s pussy juices, and start to stick it in her pussy. I get behind Misty, and put my cock in her pussy.

'Hey', Lisa protests playfully.

'I sucked your pussy first', I respond, smiling.

This is great, I think. I’m fucking Misty, while my wife gets off on a dildo next to me. I’m in a state of total bliss. I start pumping Misty’s cunt really hard, and she lets out several grunts and moans as I do. After about a minute, I switch over and start fucking Lisa. I stick the dildo, which is longer than my cock, but softer and not as rigid, into Misty’s cunt. But she likes it nonetheless, and moans softly as I shove it in and out.

Again, I repeat this process for about ten minutes, but my arms are starting to grow tired, and I’m building up a good sweat.

'You know, I’m doing twice as much work here, and you girls are getting half the job. It might be easier if you two work half as much as you would normally, or a quarter of what I’m doing', I say, as I squeeze their asses.

I then climb up on the bed, and position myself in front of them, lying down. I do the eeny meeny miney moe again, this time Lisa wins.

'Lisa, you win, you get to be on top first', I say to her.

So Lisa gets out of the doggie position and climbs up on top of me. She inserts my cock into her pussy and begins to ride it. Misty gets up on her knees and scoots over to me. I look up at her sexy pussy and notice that the dildo is still in it. I find it a bit amusing that she was able to get up and scoot over and still have it in there. So I take advantage of it and shove it in and out. Misty reaches down to it, and pulls it out, then climbs over closer to me, and straddles my head, and putting her pussy down on my face. She’s facing away from Lisa as I suck her pussy. However, Lisa can see the whole thing from her vantage point on my cock.

I grab the dildo from Misty, and put it in her pussy, as I suck her pussy lips. I suck her pussy and fuck it with the toy, as Lisa leans back to get my dick really deep in her cunt. As I use the toy on Misty, I occasionally pull it out and tease her asshole with it.

Lisa then leans forward, and grabs the dildo from me. I’m thinking she’s gonna throw it off the bed, as she sometimes does. Instead, she shoves it in Misty’s pussy for a few seconds, and then pulls it back out. She moves it to Misty’s asshole, but is having problems getting it in. I grab both of Misty’s ass cheeks and spread them, which opens her asshole a bit. Lisa then gets it in, and slowly pushes the dildo into Misty’s ass. This spurs me on, and I start sucking her pussy harder. Misty’s audibly moaning, and letting out some 'oh my god’s', and 'Oh’s'.

Lisa has one hand on my chest, to balance herself as she fucks me, and uses the other hand to fuck Misty’s asshole.

Lisa then gets off my cock, and rolls over to her side of the bed.

'What are you doing', I say.

'It’s her turn', she says.

'You’re gonna let me fuck your sister', I ask?

'I know you’ve always wanted to, and already did before', she answers. Now things are starting to make sense to me.

'You heard the boss', I say, as I lift Misty off my face. She leans over on one knee, and spins around. She re-straddles me, above my chest and crawls down to my cock. She’s bending over in front of me, and I admire her nice shapely ass for a moment.

I then grab my cock and angle it to her pussy. Misty feels it and starts to lean back a bit. Before she can get started, Lisa reaches down and pulls my cock out of Misty’s cunt. She leans over, puts it in her mouth to get it really wet. Misty, watching, waits for Lisa to stop. When she does, Misty leans back so I can put my cock in her pussy. Lisa’s still holding it, and, instead, guides my cock to Misty’s asshole. I reach down and grab Misty’s hips, and pull her towards me, as my cock goes in her ass.

'I didn’t say you could fuck her pussy', Lisa says to me. She reaches over and kisses me as Misty rides my cock, taking it in and out of her asshole. Lisa climbs up closer to me and puts her tits in my face. I start sucking her tits, switching back and forth between the two. She then spins around and lays on her back, with her legs up in the air, so I can rub her cunt. I grab the dildo and use it on Lisa’s cunt.

As I play with Lisa’s pussy, Misty looks at her, notices her eyes closed, then reaches down between her legs and grabs my cock. She lifts her ass up and puts my cock in her pussy, and sits straight up and starts riding my cock. She reaches up and plays with her tits. All I can really see is her back and her nice ass on my crotch, but I can feel her nice pussy on my dick.

I am able, however, to twist my upper body over enough to reach over and suck Lisa’s pussy. So, I start sucking it like I’ve sucked it over a thousand times. I have the dildo in her ass, while I have two fingers in her cunt.

Misty continues to ride my cock, and I give Lisa harder oral sex. She grabs my head as I suck, and after about a minute, she relaxes. She reaches down and pulls the dildo out of her ass. I know, from experience, that this means she had an orgasm.

I grab the dildo, and then gently push Misty forward a little bit, so that she’s bending over again. Lisa spins around so that she’s lying next to me, watching me fuck her sister. She sees my dick in Misty’s pussy, and then looks at me. She then gives me a slightly angry look and pinches my nipple!

'I didn’t do it, she did', I say in protest.

Lisa reaches over and gives me a deep kiss while playing with my other nipple. After she’s done kissing me, I look down at Misty’s ass. I’m holding the dildo in my right hand as I hold her ass. I move it over to her asshole, and start teasing her asshole with the dildo, as I fuck her pussy.

I don’t know if Misty has ever fantasized about double penetration or not. I know she likes ass fucking now, I think. Well, I decide to find out, and slowly insert the dong into her asshole. But it’s not wet enough. So I pull it back out.

'It’s not wet enough', I tell Lisa, handing it to her. She gets out of bed, goes over to her dresser and then comes back with some of the gel we bought a while ago. She squirts that onto the dildo, and then hands it back to me. I then put the wet dildo into Misty’s asshole.

Misty starts rocking a bit harder, as she gets double penetrated. It doesn’t take long before Misty has an orgasm. I pull the toy out, and she pumps on my cock for a few more pumps, then climbs off.

As she exposes my cock, Lisa moves over to it, and squirts it full of strawberry gel. She starts massaging my cock like a mad woman, and then goes back down to my balls and starts sucking my balls. Misty joins in and starts giving me head. This is just like downstairs, with the girls switching back and forth, however, this time they keep loading it full of gel to keep it wet. This feels fucking great, and as Misty is giving me head, I bust my load into her mouth. She swallows all of it like a champ, as I stop pumping. Lisa can tell I was coming when she was sucking my balls, by the reaction I was having.

Lisa then scoots over to her side of the bed. I reach over to the fan and turn it on. Misty climbs in the bed, on my side, and lays down next to me. I’m in the middle. Lisa reaches over and holds me, as I reach over and hold Misty, with my and on her left tit. Its now a bit after noon, and we had been fucking for over two hours. We’re all exhausted. We stay like this for about an hour or so as we fall asleep.

When I wake back up, my dick is hard again, with Misty’s bare ass in front of it. I decide to take my chances, and move it to her pussy, and start fucking it again. This wakes her up, but she doesn’t protest. I’m fucking gently, and Lisa had rolled over to her other side and wasn’t hugging me anymore. Misty starts rocking her hips gently as I fuck her. I think to myself that this is exactly the opposite of what happened many many years ago when I fucked Lisa while Misty slept next to us. Back then, I didn’t know if Misty knew we were fucking, and I don’t know if Lisa’s really asleep, or faking. Either way, I continue to fuck Misty for another 20 minutes. I even got up enough nerve to quietly crawl out of bed and fuck Misty doggie style while Lisa slept. I switched holes several times before I busted a nut in her asshole.

With that, I climbed back into bed, exhausted again. I was truly happy, having to get to fuck both women that I love, both at the same time. Life couldn’t get any better.


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