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Sometimes, experience is BEST
God Yes, Gum It!
Part 1

My wife, the gambling addict, had left for the casino an hour before. I knew full well, she wouldn’t be back until 2 or 3 am. Most of the time, I welcomed her being gone, rather than listening to her whine because, she wasn’t playing the slots, or listening to the reasons she played up her money, on this machine or that one.
Her brother was out of town, a fairly regular occurrence, since his hot ass wife finally got fed up with his shit, and left him. He’d found a slut at the local American Legion, and stayed with her, when her husband was on the road. With any luck, maybe he’d come home early some day, catch them fucking, and kill them both. As you can tell, I don’t think much of my brother-in-law.

As it happened, my wife’s brother lived with, or rather ‘sponged off of’, my mother-in-law, who is 85 years old, but still quite lively. She’s not able to stay by herself, though, so here I sit, writing about what happened last night, while I was babysitting the old bird.

After her nap, I fixed the old lady a grilled cheese sandwich. I’m going to just call her ‘J’, it’s much easier than spelling out Josephinia each time.
J pulled her teeth out, to eat, folded them up in a napkin, smiled at me and said, “I just have to gum everything these days.” My 58 year-old cock got hard as I watched her eat that damn sandwich. All the smacking, licking, and slurping made me start thinking about slipping my dick into J’s face.

I recalled, forty years ago, when I was dating my wife, her mom was still pretty good looking. She had divorced my father-in-law when my wife was only six, so she had been thru many men since that time. She never had much of a real job, and everyone knew her major income was…selling pussy.
Some of her ‘clients’ were county commissioners, chinchilla ranchers, two attorneys, and a Methodist preacher.

As I thought about all the dicks that had been in that woman, the one smacking her lips on the grilled cheese sandwich, I wondered what it would feel like… her gums on my dick, lips sucking the cum out.
“Just how long have you had to ’gum’ everything?” I asked, curious to hear the answer.

She took a long, slow, lick across her old, wrinkled lips, looked at me, straight in the eyes, and said, “I’ve been gummin’ it since I was twenty-six. One of my ‘friends’ was a dentist, and he fixed me up with false teeth, when my others went bad. Most of my friends didn’t know it for many years.”

When I got up from the table, she looked directly at the lump in my ‘AC/DC’ flannel lounge pants. “Hey,” she said, “There was a time when I could take care of one of those, in just a few minutes.”

Her old, pale eyes rolled toward the ceiling, as if remembering something in her past. “I’ve got as high as three hundred dollars for ‘gummin’ one of my old boyfriends. Goddddd, that was some good money, back then. Wonder if I could still do the deed? Maybe sometime I could find someone who’d like to try.”
Damn if she didn’t wink at me, and rub her tongue over her toothless gums, and said, “My dumbass daughter won’t be home for hours, you want me to blow your mind, as well as your balls?”

Shit! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We’d been in this same situation many times. Needless to say, J had never given me a hard-on, nor had mentioned having sex, of any manner.
She finished her sandwich, took a couple of sips of water, swished it around in her mouth, and swallowed. I helped her up from her chair, and reminded her that her teeth were still on the table.

The frail, wrinkled, grey haired woman grabbed the front of my pants, wrapping thin, but strong fingers around my stiffy. “C’mon, Don, let me give a good man one last blow job. Hell, I’d like to feel this one inside my old pussy, it feels like a good fat one. Long cocks never did impress me, I like to feel one push the sides out. Tell you what, son, let’s go to my bed, you fuck me, just one time, and I’ll suck your dick, better than you’ve ever had it before.”
As I was trying to decide what time dimension I was in, J was dragging me, by my cock, to her bed. She had been a fine looking woman, in her time, but watching her strip her clothes off, I couldn’t believe all the wrinkles.
She undressed in seconds, crawled onto the bed, flashing her scrawny butt, which was shaped like a frog’s ass. As soon as she was centered, she flopped onto her back and spread her bony legs.

My dick seemed to appear in my hand, as if by magic, and the flannels fell off my ass and legs. I must have been in some kind of a trance, because I never even knew when I mounted her.
The first time I realized where I was, I was fucking her hard, pounding an 85 year-old cunt, that was much tighter than I ever would have imagined.

“Oh, fuck!” she yelled in my ear, “Fuck, fuck, fuck! Godddddd! That’s sooooo good! Oh, Shit!”

I almost screamed, myself, when the cum started churning from my nuts, to empty into the warm confines of the old woman’s womb. Amazed that my mother-in-law, at 85, had just given me the best fuck of my life, I slowly rolled off her frail frame.
As I raised from the bed, I noticed she had shit the bed, too. My cum was rolling out of her, mixing with the brown mess on the sheet. Considering the location of the mess, I knew my balls had been slapping back and forth in it.

J apologized for the mess, but told me she’d fuck me again, anytime, anywhere. We agreed that we couldn’t wait for the next time her son took off with his whore.
We stayed naked, groping, and pinching each other, while we changed her sheet. It would be simple to explain…she had an accident. She slipped on one of her Depends, but nothing else, “Wash your nuts, Don, now it’s time for that blow job.”

Now, if you readers remember, I’m 58 years old. I just blew the biggest load, I could ever remember, into this old woman. Just how in the fuck was I going to even get hard again, much less work up another load of cum?

J laid down on the couch, on her stomach, with her flabby tits and chest on the padded arm. “C’mon, sonny, put ’er here.” She pointed at her smooth mouth.
I stood at the end of the couch, with my flaccid dick in her face. She never touched it with her fingers, just sucked it into her mouth, swirled her tongue around it, and began.

The tongue, the suction, and the soft chewing, with her gums, brought me back to fully erect, immediately.
Even though I’d just cum minutes ago, all I could do was want to blast, again. It only took about four or five minutes of ecstasy, before fireworks went off in my head, and in my shaft. I nearly passed out when she said, “Shit, boy, that didn’t take long. We’ll do it again in a few minutes. First, I gotta go pee.”

God Yes, Gum It!
Part Two

My wife stayed home last night, but was heading back to the casino tonight. My old mother-in-law had been pretty quiet, since the wild ass session we had, night before last. The old bird was smart enough to not make any grins, winks, or any other body language, which might make my wife think something was going on.
She knew, full well, of her mother’s prostitution days but, at the age of 85, had no idea the woman could still suck a boiled egg through a drinking straw.
I waved to her, and told her good luck, as she headed out the door. By the time the car was out in the street, J had her clothes off, and her teeth out.

“Didn’t think she’d ever get out the Goddamn door, Don,” she said, “I’ve been so fucking horny, I thought about crawling under the table, and giving you a blow job during supper. I always did like to wash my iced tea down with hot cum. Now, where do you want to start?”
I told J that I didn’t care where we started, but at some point, I’d like to ass-fuck her, if it was alright.

It was.

I undressed, and she wanted me to suck her tits. Well, she still had nipples, but the tits weren’t there, anymore. Just ¾ inch thick slabs of skin, hanging down to her navel, with light brown nipples. I sucked, she groaned and moaned.

“You ever eat any pussy?” she asked. I told her I had eaten her daughter, many times, “but I had a girlfriend, a few years ago, who would go crazy when I ate her. Her husband got suspicious, so we called it off. It sure was some sweet cunt, too. I miss her.”
J told me that I should try to get in touch with Mattie again, maybe her old man has cooled with the situation, and we could start up, again.

“Damn,” she said as I sucked both nipples, at the same time, “I wish we’d started this shit thirty years ago. There ain’t nothing I like better than all out sex. You asked about anal, awhile ago. It’s been thirty-five years or more since anyone even asked me about it, but ..yes, I’d love to be butt fucked one more time.
“If you’ll quit my tits, I’ll go take an enema. Clean my old ass out good. I want to give you another blow, first, then it’ll take longer to fill my ass with cum.”
She asked if I wanted to help with the enema, but I declined. The thought made my cock go down. I’d been in the bathroom before, right after she had taken a shit. It was bad.

From the living room I could hear the explosion. Shit, gas, and water would be all over the toilet. I’d have to clean it up, later, but then…I could act ignorant of the happening, and let my wife do it, when she got home. Yeah, that’s what I’d do.
I told J not to clean it up, either.

The toothless blow job was even better than two nights before. J told me she had remembered some things, she used to do, to her boyfriends. Since I had two days to recuperate, I dropped a full load between the withered old lips, and down her throat.

As soon as her experienced, bony fingers brought ol’ fat boy back to life, she was on her hands and knees, talking back, over her shoulder.
“Hand me some Kleenex, so’s I can wipe my ass one more time. There may still be a little water back there. Don’t you worry about slickin’ it up, either. I can loosen up, take it in, and clamp it back down. You’re gonna like this, son.”

The couple of times I had my cock in my wife’s asshole, she had insisted on lots of lube, and going in slow. Not with J.
When the head hit the pucker, she relaxed, and in I went, to the hilt. It amazed me how her sphincter began to pull and squeeze my shaft, as I worked back and forth.

We went through about ten minutes of pumping, with her saying, “Oh, yes, that feels good. Oh, yes, that feels good,” with nearly every stroke.
Just as I was about to cum, J started whining, a little. I could sense she was about to have an orgasm, herself.
As my balls sent spasms up, and out, dumping a massive load into her shit tube, she groaned, “Oh, God, Don! It hurts! Fuck, it hurts!”

When I was completely spent, she collapsed on the bed, with me on top of her. I asked if she were alright, and she just said, “It hurts”.

My sex-starved, 85 year-old, toothless, mother-in-law, just had her last orgasm. And her last breath.

I got my laptop, and googled Mattie’s phone number. I just wonder….

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