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She heard the cell phone ring and pulled the blindfold to the side to read the text....."i'm 2 mins away, be ready". Quickly she replaced the lacy black cloth over her eyes. She trembled in anticipation...she could feel the juices from her pussy drip down her lips to her thighs. Tonite he was gonna make her His bytch. The hotel room was dark with only the light filtering in from outside. She stood in the middle of the room, back to the door. She was naked....her dark cocoa brown skin was soft, smooth and fragrant with a light scent of jasmine. His orders had been followed to perfection. The note she received instructed her to be in a certain hotel room, to shower and clean every inch of her body, to be blindfolded standing with her head bowed turned away from the door and wait for his arrival.

She heard the click of the lock opening and felt his presence in the space around her. She could smell the masculine, yet subtle scent of his cologne. Suddenly she felt large, strong warm hands on her shoulders. She felt herself being turned around...then felt smoldering moist lips on her neck....passionate kisses rained on her shoulders, neck and nipples. Her pussy immediately flooded with desire. She heard herself moan low in her throat....shhhhhhhhh....he said to her....don't say a word he commanded as he lowered her to the bed. He pushed her legs apart and she felt his hot breathe on her pussy lips...felt a thick finger pushing inside her hot slick tunnel....felt the flick of his tongue on her swollen clit. He gently laved his tongue up and down the outside of her pussy then sucked her clit in between his lips while he moved one finger, two fingers slowly in and out. Her pussy instinctively tightened up on his fingers. His repeat actions were driving her past the point of no return. She tried so hard not to make any noise...she could feel the groans and screams rising up in her...her body was begging for release....he kept bringing her to the brink only to slow down the action and then escalate it again....she could hear the wet sound of his hand in her dripping pussy.....he told her don't cum yet....its not time.....Don't cum? She had to control it but she had no control left...she could feel it cumming....he kept sucking her clit and finger fucking her hot pussy....she was about to took everything in her to hold back...she had to do what he said.....finally she heard the words she needed to hear so badly.....cum baby....cum for me.....ooooohhhhhhhh at was so strong it brought her to tears....her pussy and clit were throbbing and spasming around his tongue, mouth and fingers. Her pussy exploded in his mouth as he licked and sucked it all up. Ohhh its sooooo good she thought as lay there trying to recover....but whats this?

She was still blindfolded....her pussy was still being licked but she felt another pair of lips sucking her big black nipples.....somebody else was there? She heard his voice say its time for u to show me how bad u can be....she felt him moving up over her body.....felt the head of his dick pushing against her still spasming pussy.....then she felt something rub across her lips......bytch....suck his dick now and make sure u do a good job....simultaneously a dick pushed deep into her pussy and mouth.....she was forced to swallow and gagged a little as she tried to take in both dicks at the same time. As soon as his dick stroked the inside of her pussy she started to cum....with every inch in her mouth and pussy she felt like she was on fire!! Thats right bytch he said to her suck that dick like a good slut while i fuck this pussy....u better not stop till i tell u.....he put his hands under her ass to meet his thrusts...she could feel the walls of her pussy squeezing and pulling him into her....she felt the other dick fucking deep in her mouth...down her throat and she ran her tongue up and down and around the head of the dick.....both the one in her mouth and the one in her pussy started to swell....she wrapped her legs around his waist and wrapped her arms around the waist of the man who's dick she was now deepthroating.....her pussy and throat contracted and both men exploded.....shooting cum deep in her pussy and down her throat....she started cumming on his dick....everytime he pushed into her...her pussy squirted cum all over him....make sure u suck all the cum and don't spill a drop he said to her.....she obeyed perfectly....not one bit escaped past her lips......

As the other man pulled his dick from her mouth...she could still feel him deep inside her....he whispered in her ear....ur a good slut....for now we will keep u blindfolded.....there so much more to come......she felt her arms being stretched over her head.....her hands were being bound.....he pulled out of her and also bound her feet.........she was still feeling the effects of the orgasm and felt slightly was the blindfold.....during this entire time she had seen nothing...only felt everything.

Listen to the sound of my voice he said......u need to know that u will do what i say.....u will fuck who i say....u will suck who i say...u are mine to do with as I wish. I control u understand? Yes she told him. U will be my bytch, my slut...I will show u off when I want to and u have no say so in it....yes she said again...she wanted it so badly...she had been waiting so long for him to take control of her. Get up and stand before me.....he had to assist her because her hands and feet were tied and she was still shaky from getting fucked so well. She felt her bound hands being pulled up into the air....she felt her body rising until she was almost on her toes....she stood before him and whoever else was in the she felt the sharp feel of his palm on her ass! Oh it hurt soooo good.....again he slapped her ass cheek....again and again...alternating from side to side until she was sure her whole ass was red....his handprint was tattooed on her body....she could feel herself about to cum again from the painful pleasure he inflicted on her body.....she felt someone kneel in front of her...felt tongue part her pussylips and lick her throbbing swollen clit.......the combination of the spanking and the licking was too much....she threw her head back and let loose with a feral howl of pleasure....ohh she was cumming again....she didn't think she could take it....she begged him to stop....he spanked her harder and faster while that tongue continued to drive her pussy crazy...she quirted her juice right in the face of the man eating her pussy while her man beat her ass raw.........she felt him wrap his arms around her from behind...his dick rubbing against her tender far u been a good bytch.....lets see how u handle this...........

to be continued with part 2

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