Hello everyone, this is my first story on here and I hope you all enjoy it. All feedback is welcome but please don?t be too harsh!
“Bored, bored, bored” was all I could think as I traipsed around the department store. I would much rather be at home dozing off in front of the telly with a cup of tea but I thought I may as well get this suit purchased for my daughters wedding or God help I’ll never get it done, the big day’s just two weeks away! Life had certainly just about passed me by, I thought to myself.

I hovered over this thought in my mind and began to think about my current position in the big wide world. I was living a reasonably well off lifestyle in the suburbs of South London, a nice, middle class area. I had been divorced for the past five years after me and my wife decided we wanted different things in life and I had two daughters, one of which was 25 and was about to be married, the other was 21.

“Yep, things aren’t too bad” I thought to myself, but boy did I miss my youth! Oh how I envied the younger generation, especially the teenagers! Those were such exciting times, I can remember, young and carefree, no taxes or bills and your whole future sprawled out in front of you, your dreams intact! Such energetic and ambitious days, I couldn’t help but think how my life from now on was confined to my armchair, cups of tea and frequent trips to the toilet!

Just then I came to the end of one of those maze-like isles, only surrounded by clothes instead of bushes, and rounded a bend. What I saw made my jaw drop! A sales girl was tittering on tiptoe trying to reach of top shelf of men’s toiletries to put what I was guessing new stock out of the box next to her, but my was the view good! As her hands were stretched above her, her small black top had risen so the small of her back was visible and this allowed me an unblocked view of her perfect little bum in those tight black trousers, I could easily make out her lovely, squeezable cheeks and I could also see the waistband of her pink, lacy knickers, a fine sight I can assure you.

My gaze was drawn away from that magnificent rear end by a squeak of despair from the girl as her arms fell limply beside her send, one hand clutching the Armani after-shave she was trying to put up. I genuinely felt sorry for her at this point so I decided that the decent thing to do would be too offer her my assistance and perhaps get some close up’s of this wonderful creature.

I strode casually over to her and inquired “sorry miss but I couldn’t help noticing that you were having some trouble there and I was wondering if you could do with some help?” She turned to me and quite literally took my breath away. The girl must have been seventeen or eighteen and had a soft, sweat face with wonderful, deep blue eyes. Her hair was blonde and went down just past her shoulders. It was slightly curly and although I could tell she had done very little to it, it still looked perfect. She was a slim girl, must’ve been around 5”4 and had gorgeous, medium sized boobs which her small work top emphasised perfectly. I read her name badge, perched on her left breast. ‘Sandy’, it read.

“Oh no that’s fine, you don’t have to do that” was the sweat reply, which pulled me from dream world back into reality. “Nonsense”, I replied. “It’s no trouble and I’m not in a rush or anything anyway”. I hoped she’d say yes, just so in could spend some more time drinking this Sandy in and smelling her sweet teenage goddess smell, a mixture of shampoo, soap and perfume.

“Oh well, if you’re sure you don’t mind then that would be very kind of you” she replied with a cute little smile displaying perfect white teeth that would have melted any man’s heart.

“It’s the least I could do, now you pass me up those bottles and I’ll put them up on the shelf for you” I said smiling. “Thank you for this, I do really appreciate it,” she said whilst passing me up a bottle. My hand touched hers very briefly during this exchange but it was enough for me to experience her softness and wonder what the rest of her body would feel like…

“My supervisor would kill me if I didn’t get this done, he’s really strict and never takes any crap”. She was talking to me! This could only be a good sign I thought to myself. “You must give him a lot of crap to know that then”? I teased her, smiling. “No”! She exclaimed, jokingly. “He always gives me really silly jobs like this to do when he knows I’m only short and he expects me to be able to do things that I haven’t even been trained for yet”! She pouted in that very sexy way young girls do.

I however, was falling more in love with this girl by the minute. She was sexy, sweat, nice and cute as hell! She made me want to cuddle her from dawn till dusk and as for what I wanted to do to her in the night, well I’ll let you all use your imagination there…

We talked for the next few minutes, mostly her telling me about all the hardships of her work (we all know teenagers love to moan!) but also saying how she liked it over all and how the money was good. Although I was still ogling her every time her head turned, I was actually beginning to quite enjoy spending time with her, so much so that my heart sank a little when the box was empty.

“Aw thank you so much” she said, delighted with the full shelf of aftershave. “Is there anything I can do in return”? She asked smiling up at me. My mind played around with a few suggestions of how she could return the favour, a lot of them involving those hot little lips and my eagerly awaiting manhood inside my trousers. However, I thought better of mentioning this and instead said “Well I am here to try and pick a suit for my daughters wedding so you could help me pick if you like”? I asked, trying to sound casual and not overly eager for her to spend more time with me. Here I was, a man old enough to be her father and I felt like a kid trying to get a girls number, complete with the stomach tingling that came with her response of “Yeah of course I can, I’d love to”. “My name’s John by the way” I told her, realising I had not yet introduced myself as she lead me down to the wedding department as I watched her tight little bottom wriggle within her trousers.

I spent what must have been the next half an hour with her and my did I enjoy myself! I tried on a few suits as she gave me her honest and helpful opinions on what she believed would look good and what she didn’t like as we chatted about her things such as her school life (I found out that she was at a nearby sixth form, school for 17 and 18 year olds to our American friends) and that she was 17 years old and working this for a weekend job to earn some money. We spoke about me briefly also, as I gave her a quick summary of my life.

Eventually however I had to leave. I bought a reasonably priced suit that Sandy really liked and I must say I was very happy with it. I was sad to have to wave goodbye to this little sparkle of beauty as I left the store, for as much as I enjoyed her feminine charms, she was a genuinely fun and nice person that anyone who’s not a social recluse would enjoy being with.

I went to my daughter’s for Sunday dinner that evening. She served up a proper English roast dinner and I chatted to her fiancé about football and the like whilst she sighed and talked away to her fiancés mum, a very nice lady that was sure I would get along with in the future. I left around half six after a great evening. It was snowing hard; seven inches had fallen during the day. I waved goodbye and pulled out of the drive and set off on the twenty-minute drive home. The snow was falling hard now, sprinkling the surroundings and turning the landscape into a winter wonderland.

Just then I caught side of a figure struggling down snow-clogged path by the road. She had nothing on but a hooded jumper and trousers and she must’ve been absolutely freezing and wet.. Then, as I drove nearer, I recognised her, it was Sandy! In the few seconds between my car and her my heart beat fast as I considered my options.

I decided to act boldly. I pulled over a few feat in front of her and rolled the window down. “You look like you could do with a lift,” I said to her as she walked by. She spun and saw me. She smiled. “Oh that’s okay, the station’s not far off anyway”, she replied.

“Nonsense, I can’t see the trains running in this, you know what their like! “Come on, hop in before you catch your death”! I told her. She hesitated for a second but then decided she trusted me and hopped in the passenger seat. My she was a sorry state! She was shivering and her clothes were wet, she must have been frozen. “I can’t let you go home like this, let me take you to mine so you can warm up quickly and then you can go back out, I’ll make you a nice cup of tea”. She protested out of politeness but I knew that I had tempted her. We were on the way to mine in no time.

At this point my motives were entirely non-sexual, I assure you! I had a shivering girl sitting next to me who was wearing completely inadequate clothing and I couldn’t let someone who I knew to be so kind to be left to walk home in such foul conditions. But as I drove I realised that I did in fact have a sexy little seventeen year old in my car that was coming back to my place. I can’t lie; as the thought dawned on me I did feel rather good.

“What made you think to go out wearing only that”!? I asked her. “It seemed okay this morning”! She replied, with adorable innocence. “I didn’t know it was going to snow this hard and I didn’t think I’d get so cold and wet just walking to the station”. She was so blissfully naïve that my heart simply melted for her. She went on to tell me how she actually lived quite far away, she told me how she used to live closer but had moved to larger house although she refused to change schools and got the train every day. She had also had her job before she moved and refused to give it up when her parents moved. She sent a quick text to her mum and said that she was going to one of her girlfriend’s places for a bit until the snow stopped, thinking it better than to say how she was going a man’s house who she barely knew.

As I pulled into my driveway and switched the engine off, I turned and gazed at her properly for the first time since she’s climbed into that car. She still took my breath away. She was shaking, her hair was wet but there is something beautiful about a girl with wet hair. Her skin was sleek with water, as though she had been sweating, her cheeks were red, and the bottom of her neck where the polo shirt buttons of her worktop were left loose was glazing. I could only imagine the delights of her chest a few inches down. God she was sexy.

We quickly ran inside my house. My house was 3 bedroom, semi-detached family house which we had once all lived in but my daughters had now moved out and my ex-wife lived in a plush apartment in central London, so I was left with the house to myself, and I must say, I did enjoy the free space.

I told her to go upstairs and gave her full access to my clothes and bathroom. She was gone for quite some time, and this led me to consider my options. As I made tea for the both of us I thought about what to do. I had a beautiful teenage goddess upstairs, naked in my shower. Should I try and seduce her? Flirt outrageously and see where that gets me? Do nothing? No, I should fight these urges! I had taken her in to care for her, not to betray and trust to try to fuck her! Ooh but how I wanted to fuck her! My mind whizzed, thinking of her, that tight little arse, those perfect handfuls of teenage dreams, I could only imagine thrusting in and out of her, my hands caressing her soft flesh and…-just then I heard the shower turn off. “Calm down old man”! I thought to myself, although the hard on I had worked up would not calm down so easily!

I managed to steady myself and bought two cups of tea into the living room. I heard her coming down stairs but when she walked into the room she yet again made my jaw drop (she was making a habit of it by this time!) She was wearing one of my old T-shirts which came down to the top of her thighs and a pair of my old football socks which I used to use for my Sunday team, she must have really been digging in my draws! My did she look sexy though. I had not seen her legs before now but they were long and slim but nowhere near skinny, with juicy thighs, which are made for wrapping round waists and faces. Her skin was glowing from her shower, shimmering in the light.

I composed myself as she daintily made her way to the sofa, sitting next to me. “Thanks again for everything, you really have been too kind to me,” she said gratefully. “You’re more than welcome” I replied. We sat and chatted for a while, I lit the fire and the room was soon warm and cosy as the snow continued to fall outside, showing no signs of stopping. There wasn’t much on the TV so we chatted for what must’ve been an hour and once again she talked and talked about her school and how her friends have been annoying and all the other usual things teenage girls love to go on about. I couldn’t believe that despite the age gap and the fact that we barely new each other, we were talking like she was my own daughter.

All the while she entranced me. I loved her giggle; it was so girlish, the essence of teenage innocence. I loved the way her hair cascaded down over her shoulders as it slowly dried off, that beautiful blonde hair which had the slightest curls in it. I loved watching her lips as she spoke; they were full, pink and kissable. And I loved those long legs, she sat on the end of the sofa talking to me with her legs curled so her feet where by her bum, meaning that the hem of the top rested practically where arse met leg, tantalisingly close to having her entire bottom revealed, but not quite. Still, those legs were more than enough of a treat for the eyes!

Eventually she bought the conversation round to me. “So have you been with anybody since your wife”? She asked, inquisitively. “Well I’ve tried to get back on the dating scene but to be honest I think I’m a bit too old for all that now, I mean, who’s going to want an old fart like me”? I responded, negatively. She immediately retorted “You’re not that old! And I bet there are plenty of women out there who would love to be with you, you’re funny, kind, thoughtful, good looking”, she stopped abruptly as she said this and quickly starred at the floor. I however, looked up at her quickly. “Well erm, thank you” I responded in the end, not exactly knowing how to take this flurry of complements, especially the last one. “You’re a very pretty girl yourself,” I said, wondering how far I could push this.

She looked up into my eyes. I suddenly became aware that the room was very quiet. All I could hear was the crackling of the flames and her slow breathing. I looked into her deeply, and she did the same. I suddenly became aware that she was getting closer, closer. We were both just inches apart now. I looked down at her soft lips. Our mouths parted slightly and then my lips were pressed against hers.

It was a wonderful moment. Her lips were the softest lips I had ever kissed. I bought my hands up to her necks and held her head, stroking her hair. She did the same to me. Gently and slowly, I eased my tongue into her mouth. I met no resistance, and quickly began exploring her mouth. She sighed into me, and moaned slightly. Jesus she was a good kisser. Our tongues danced against one another, and I slowly pushed her onto her back on the sofa.

We stopped kissing for a moment. I looked down into her eyes and simply said “Your are so beautiful, Sandy”. She smiled that sweet, amazing smile. “I want you to make love to me” she said. My cock throbbed on these words. As much as I wanted to take her there and then a big part of me appreciated how knew these experiences must be to her and, apart from anything else, I really did care for her and wanted this to be special for her. “I’ve done it before” she said quickly, “But only twice, and I was drunk for one of those” she said, sounding ashamed.

“Well if you’re sure you want to do it Sandy then I promise to be as gentle as I can and make this as special for you as possible” I said, quietly before leaning into kiss her. She moaned in to my ear as I nuzzled her neck.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs,” I said and with that I scooped her up, my hands holding her up by the backside so she was facing me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and in this fashion I carried her upstairs, looking into her eyes and kissing her all the way. My hands were also enjoying themselves, squeezing her tight little buns.

I got into my bedroom, a simple room with a bed and, telly and wardrobe, not the biggest bedroom, but I preferred comfort to space. The bed however, was very big and comfy I can assure you. I laid her down on it and continued kissing her for a little longer. As I did this, my hands slowly crept under her top and I began stroking her soft, warm belly. I had to get her naked. I gently pulled the top up over her head. She lifted her arms in assistance and then I tossed it aside.

She didn’t have a bra on and I starred down at her wonderful breasts.. I was guessing about a B-cup. They were so perky and were topped with two little pink nipples, surrounded by a pinkish-red areola. They looked so stunning as she lay there, her arms up above her head, and her boobs spilling out. They jiggled slightly as she and I moved so I could lower my head to them. I began sucking on her right nipple, nuzzling it, forcing those squirmy, teenage moans out of her. With my hands I caressed her body, squeezing and groping her other boob or working my way down her side. “You’re so beautiful” I whispered up at her in between kisses.

I could tell she was enjoying herself. I doubt anyone had ever touched her this way. Her eyes were closed, a look of pure ecstasy was written over her face. Her body tensed and relaxed, wriggling and writhing on the bed. She bit her lower lip, arching her head back.

I glided down her body, licking and kissing her tummy whilst my hands continued to manipulate her breasts, tugging and kneading her nipples whilst I thrust my tongue deep into her belly button and swirled it around, drawing intense arousal from her. However, I wanted to go further south still. I bypassed her hot pink knickers, the ones I saw in the store earlier. Best till last, I thought.

I licked and kissed my way down her thighs, caressing each soft surface and kissing her inner thighs. I could smell her musky scent. I wanted to have this little beauty properly naked however, so I began tugging off those football socks. I do not have a foot fetish as such, although I don’t mind feet at all but her feet were gorgeous. They must have been a size five or six and were so small and dainty, with her toenails painted a light shade of pink.

I began to kiss and suck her toes, drawing gasps from her. Certainly no one has done that to her, I thought to myself. Now I went in for the kill. I crawled back up her body and stopped by her knickers. Slowly, I hooked my index fingers inside the elastic and began to drag them down her legs. She raised her bottom for me as I slowly pealed them off, down her thighs and over her ankles. Finally, I had her naked.

I couldn’t believe my eyes; I simply drank in her beauty. It would not sink in that the hot little teenage sales assistant at the department store with the tight arse was now naked on my bed, ready to be fucked little old me.

Her womanhood was also exquisite. It had been trimmed to just a small patch of blonde hairs and her many folds looked at me, alluringly. I couldn’t wait. I quickly stripped myself and lay on top of her, once more starring into the girls eyes.

I smiled and began to kiss her as I Slowly entered her. She was tight! I didn’t want to hurt her I went very slowly and gently, one hand squeezing a firm young breast whilst the other stroked her face soothingly as we kissed so I could ensure her comfort.

She moaned into me and wrapped her legs around my waist. By this time I was getting some rhythm established. I began thrusting in and out of her whilst she yelped as I did so. She was enjoying herself but we never broke eye contact unless we were kissing, it was so intimate. I fucked this little beauty for all I was worth until I could tell by the tone of her breathing and her high pitched moans that she was nearing orgasm. We both finally came together. She began to scream into me as we kissed, her body wrapping around mine, her moist limbs sliding against mine. I looked down at her face. Watching a young girl having an orgasm has to be one of the world’s most pleasurable experiences. Sandy was exceptional. Her eyes were shut, her mouth half open, moans and gasps were escaping her, pure pleasure was written all over her face.

I collapsed in top of her. We were both spent. We lay next to each other and she whispered into my ear “thank you”. She was more than welcome. We lay together for a few minutes, recovering, until she slyly nuzzled into my year “will you let me return the favour”? She then drifted down my body, kissing me all the way, until she reached my cock. I hadn’t seen this assertive side of hair, taking charge of the situation, but I liked it!

I was hard again at this point, and she lightly began planting kisses on the end of my cock. It sent shockwaves through me and the pleasure increased as she slowly began to suck, steadily taking more and more of my manhood into her mouth. She gave a great blowjob. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock, her hot, wet mouth covering my entire shaft and as she did all this she used her hands to fondle and fiddle with my balls. I couldn’t wait any longer, I released burst after burst into her mouth as she gagged and flinched but didn’t move, taking it all. She glugged it down and crawled back up me, cuddling into my side. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked, sexily. “I most certainly did!” I replied, stroking her soft body.

We both slowly drifted off to sleep. I didn’t know what I was going to do in the morning and quite frankly, I didn’t care. I had Sandy sleeping soundly in my arms. My hands stroked her naked body the entire night, whilst listening to her breathing.

She sighed in her slumber and rolled on top of me. This was too good to miss. I slid my hands down her back and cupped her small, soft bottom. As I, a man entering old age, stroked, groped, squeezed and grabbed at the bottom of the sexy seventeen-year-old sales girl he had just slept with I couldn’t help but smile and think, “Who needs to be a teenager, I can have all the fun I want”. I drifted off to a blissful slumber, my hands never moving.

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