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Meeting for music,fun and sex.
Melody was starting to ask inane questions to random people passing bye “Where has Lydon got to; he said he would only be a moment? Will my plane be waiting for me; I should be there now”?

She was still sitting alone on a bench inside the covered walkway where Lydon had left her four hours earlier. Her bemused thoughts could no longer grasp the situation; and this particular town centre had become a very lonely place. So how had this situation arisen? What was this girl with a strong American accent doing alone in an English town; and why was she acting so strangely? Perhaps Lydon should explain; after all it was he who had instigated this episode.

Let me say from the outset I take care of number one and that’s me; Lydon. My selfishness always includes other people; usually women who are more or less given a good time. The last two weeks was business as usual; meaning money, sex, alcohol and drugs. Of course such pleasurable activities always, but always carry a bill. I just find the whole idea of paying them absolutely dreadful. That is why the assistance of dumb chicks like Melody is greatly appreciated by yours truly. I feel so lucky to be gifted with such wonderful fools on a regular basis by the internet Gods.

Certainly I did take advantage of the naive girl; not that I want to tarnish my name completely. She certainly had some good times along the way; in fact I gave Melody an experience she will remember for the rest of her life. There is no way she would have ever indulged in a trip to England without my encouragement. I met her on a website under the user name of L.I.E.; sure enough Melody soon asked why I had such a name. When I told her it meant Loyalty Is Everything; she was putty in my hands. Before you could say “Sucker in the Sack” she had booked a flight to England.

I made it clear she was to buy a single way ticket only as I wanted to redeem her money and pay for the return ticket. She was really excited at the prospects of the itinerary I had arranged. It consisted of a three day stay at a top five star hotel; before going on to a famous pop festival; where we would share our body and minds in the intimacy of our tent. Yes she really experienced those things so perhaps I am not as bad as you think. Anyway let’s have some of that flashback music; and I will tell you as it was from the moment I picked her up in my clapped out Renault van.

After our smiles and introductions at the local airport we were soon on the seventy five mile journey to the hotel; which was twenty or so mile from the pop festival site.

“Hope you don’t mind the old van Melody; I want to recreate the old hippy love in atmosphere of the festivals of old; my two saloons are in the garage for their warranty service”.

“Not at all; I think it is so quaint; I just love it”.

I had hoped she was not too bright for obvious reasons; but Melody surpassed all my expectations. I had struck gold with this one; in only a short time it was crystal clear she could take lessons from a dumb waiter. That was not the only good news she also had a delicious shapely body and the most kissable lips.

“Wow what a beautiful building” she said as we drove up the path of the hotel.

“I wanted you to have some luxury before living on the land at the festival; and believe me here you have five star luxuries”.

“Lydon what have I done to deserve this; but more importantly what have I done to deserve you? She asked giving me the hug and kiss my actions clearly deserved; in her eyes.

What she did not know there was a catch; Oh yes; I could not even afford a bag of chips in a place like this”.

Fortunately the manager is an old acquaintance of mine: I shared a trustee prison cell with him a while back. My crime was only a slight misdemeanour; but Captain was somewhat of a celebrity; a finer con artist you will never meet. He tells everyone that he was a Captain in the secretive and special departments of her majesty’s government. That way he is not asked too many questions; which allows his charm to do all the talking. He is happy with his present situation; and has changed from his old ways in order to remain here for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully for my benefit he does have a wonderful weakness; something that he can’t change. Captain could bed a different woman every night if he so wished, but he does not want that; he is a voyeur. His predicament seems crazy when you think about it; women would gladly let him fuck the ass of them all night. However if he asked if he could watch them take a bath or finger themselves; the answer would be a definite no.

Our cases were taken to the room which had chilled champagne and a bunch of flowers for Melody. It was the fourth girl I had taken to the hotel and was always given this room for a good reason.

“What a beautiful room” she gasped as her eyes took it all in.

“It is now you are here; enjoy it, treat it as your home. Let me show you the bathroom; I will leave you alone to freshen up”.

“Lydon honey you can come in the bathroom with me; we will be sharing a bed”.

“Melody it’s been a long journey for you; what sort of English gentleman would I be if I never allowed you a little privacy. I will be right here if you need anything”.

Believing I was so very thoughtful she went into the bathroom alone; giving me the chance to go and see Captain. He would be expecting me; and when I entered his private room Melody was already down to her panties and bra. The monitor was working perfectly; it was just like looking through an open window at her.

“Top marks Lydon she is the prettiest one you have brought here; well done indeed” he said as we watched her remove her panties.

“Captain don’t I always deliver as promised”? I said blowing my own trumpet.

“Yes I must admit your form has been splendid this is wonderful viewing; I need to get to grips with something now hope you do not mind”; he said opening his trousers.

“Not at all you enjoy her; I will be soon” I replied as he squeezed his cock without actually jerking it.

This was my payment for staying at the hotel which included ala carte meals, use of all the hotel facilities and a free bar bill. On top of that I was given two free tickets for a weeks stay at the pop festival; which would have cost me an arm and a leg. It was far too risky for Captain to spy on most guests; but with me working for him inside the room it was a piece of cake. He had shown me exactly where to place the tiny cameras for the best view in all the rooms. He would then make tapes to watch at his own leisure. The girls I had brought here previously were all in his collection; who else he had recorded I don’t know; I never ask questions.

“I am looking forward to fucking that” I said as she lathered her self with shower gel. Then she really pleased Captain by slightly opening her legs and peeing in the shower.

“Bullseye; what a tremendous sight; I will be replaying that a few times”; his number one love was watching them have a golden shower.

After drying she began examining herself in the full length mirror; even pulling her pussy lips apart. Still nude she began applying the scents and sprays before checking her clean underwear.

“Captain your cock is harder than mine; are you sure you don’t want to screw her while I sit here? I joked.

With a very serious face he gave me my instructions; “Make sure you have the main light on when ever she is undressing or naked; and no blankets over you. I will be extremely pleased if you can finger her ass when you are fucking; with plenty of open leg shots. Try to have her

on top as much as you can so you don’t obscure her. Put a towel over the camera when you go to the toilet; but do not forget to take it back off when she goes; if I miss just one of her pisses I will send you the bill”.

“Don’t worry Captain; as well as the piss you will see my cum dripping out of that lovely cunt”.

“It goes without saying I want to see lots of escaping sperm scenes; she does do anal I hope. Now hurry back to the room before she notices you missing; she is putting her underwear on”.

I was happy with my lot; I had three days of eating, drinking and not least of all fucking the lovely Melody to look forward to. I had returned just soon enough to have a glass of champagne waiting as she came out of the bathroom. Wow she was really fuckable; her bra and panties clearly visible in a short see through nighty; and smelling delightful.

Needles to say in no time at all her body needed another shower to clean away the juices of fuck smeared across her face, tits and dripping down her thighs. Not that she had another one right then; I soon discovered Melody became randier with each drink. She would literally do anything; so we sucked, licked and fucked continuously until exhaustion set in.

We had almost all our meals delivered to the room; we had to we were never wearing enough clothes to go in the restaurant. Room service filled our mini bar up daily; I even phoned them up on the last night for replacements as we had emptied it. Well to be honest I stuffed a few bottles of the good stuff into my suitcase for the pop festival. We would go to sit in the hotel bar for a drink while the room was being cleaned; and our beds made.

Our respective cock and cunt did receive a bit of respite from attack when she visited the hotel beauty salon. She was given the full treatment and adored it; but adored me even more because she thought that I had paid for it. It also gave me a chance to see Captain; he

was on cloud nine with Melody. I had not noticed probably through being drunk; but due to her huge intake of alcohol she had been going to the toilet with immense regularity.

“Great job Lydon; she has hardly ever has any clothes on; I have two tapes filled with her already” he beamed.

As we were sprawling on the bed during one of our short rest periods Melody said; “I hope this will not be the only time we will see each other; I definitely want to see you again”.

I laughed to myself and thought; if everything goes to plan you will definitely want to see me again; to wring my fucking neck. To her face of course; I agreed with everything she said.

Then the night before we left I put my plan into operation; “Melody one of my banks has a branch near the pop festival; they will book your return flight for you. I will pay for it of course and I am going to reimburse the money you paid for your flight here”.

“Oh you are such a darling Lydon; but I can’t let you do that; I have not spent a penny since I arrived here”; she said with such sweetness towards me.

“It is not even up for question I insist. If you can let me have your bank details; I will transfer the money in; and it will also act as I/D for your return flight ticket”.

“Lydon if you are insisting I am insisting too; I must pay for something”.

“Alright have it your way if you must Melody; I will allow you to part of the bar bill; but that is all”.

“Sure I will pay; we must have spent a small fortune”.

“I will accept fifty pounds and not a farthing more: or nothing at all”; I said firmly.

“You are simply too generous; but here is the fifty; and I want to buy you something special before I leave” she said before kissing me full on the lips.

It was going better than I could have expected; I now had some extra readies that I could do a bit of dealing with. I could have taken more from her; but her money was going to be mine soon anyway; so why rush? Besides it fitted into the grand scheme of things; she must have thought I was loaded and more importantly I had her trust.

The other girls I had taken there had all insisted on paying something just like Melody. I always took as much as I could from them. Then I would promise to meet and refund them the following weekend; I would never turn up again though. It is not a bad little scheme; fucking a girl who then pays you anything up to a hundred pounds for the privilege. Of course I can see them again anytime I want; all I have to do is borrow Captains tapes and there they are; ---you have to laugh.

First thing was a trip to the supermarket where we stocked up with food and drinks aplenty. We arrived at the festival which was already swarming with people; and was a sea of tents, multi coloured vans and buses. Melody’s excitement was a joy to see; I felt really good knowing it was me making her feel so happy. My old van no longer looked out of place as we set up our camp love nest; everything was brand new from the tent down to the paper plates. She must have been impressed; a further indication of my wealth perhaps?

Of course I had not paid for any of it; mail order it’s a wonderful thing. Order and pay promptly for a small item; let them think you are a good customer then wallop; hit them with a major order. I ordered all the gear at my previous lodgings; it arrived ever so promptly just in time to take to my new address. Very good firm I feel compelled to use them again with my new identity; recommended to me by my old one.

“Lydon this is so cool; just a canvas between us and all these people”.

“Come here while I carry you over the threshold this is our land; I will be in the claims office at first light. In the meantime I already own a claim on your ass and the rest of your lovely body; so I demand to check it out”. We were stripped and fucking within minutes; without a care in the world.

We cuddled together after our randy sex session and whispered sweet nothings. I also told her I could not take her to see my (mythical) village house; as me being here afforded my builder a great opportunity to do some major revamps. Though she was pleased when I told her I could not wait for the day when she sees it with the work completely finished.

The first acts were not due to appear until later that night so it was a good time to set the ball rolling. “Melody now is a great time for me to go to the bank and sort your flight details out. It’s best that I go on my own because the manager always wants to see me in private about one thing or another”.

“I don’t mind waiting outside”.

“I have a better idea; you can be the first person to use the stove. Rustle up something to eat; I will be back in no time.

I had opened an account a week earlier as soon as I knew Melody was coming. Armed with her American bank details, passport and a letter she had signed thinking it was about her plane tickets; I asked for all her funds to be transferred to my account.

“Melody has just arrived and hates official meetings so I am looking after things for her“

“It will probably take three or four day’s sir”.

“That will be fine she is staying with me so I can call back later in the week”.

So that was it I had nothing to do now for the rest of the week except listen to bands, exotic drugs, booze and finally, but not least fuck the waiting and wanting to be fucked Melody. Sometimes I wish I had a job to escape this depravity filled life; did I blush there?

“Melody I will always remember this wonderful meal; the first one you ever cooked me”.

“How sweet of you Lydon; I hope you don’t mind the fried eggs being a bit scrambled they stuck to the pan”.

“Darling this meal is perfect; so good in fact that I want you to consider all the cooking equipment your own personal kitchen all the time we are here”.

“I have never met anyone as romantic as you before Lydon; you sweep me off my feet with almost every statement you make”.

“Your presence makes me say all these wonderful things Melody; now how about a nice blow job it will wash that great meal down?

“There you go again with your charm; my pussy is dripping now”.

“Good; something to wash my meal down” I winked as I led her by the hand back in the tent.

We really enjoyed ourselves the next few days; Melody said it was the happiest time of her life. The weather was perfect; continuous bright sunshine, outstanding music, she loved all the strange people who frequented the festival every year. She even mastered the art of cooking with the camping equipment. I think we would have remained on a permanent high even without all the alcohol and drugs. Seeing Melody so happy took away any feelings of guilt I had about what I had in store for her.

Like all good things they seem to come to an end very quickly; it was the final day of the festival and I had a few loose ends to tie up. The music ended with an afternoon finale, but a few people including us stayed on until the following morning to party and generally go wild.

There were a few strange and weird people I had not introduced Melody to. Chang and Eng as everyone called them were two such people; a couple of Chinese guys not related despite their nicknames. They were not my favourite people, but definitely a necessity for my needs. Although Melody had not seen them; they had seen her on day one and very much liked what they saw; which brings us back to that dreadful subject of bills again.

Chang and Eng are my suppliers of drugs whenever I am in the area; they can supply you with anything under the sun. Like Captain at the hotel they also have a fetish; sometimes I think I am the only normal person in this world. Back to the fetish; theirs is doubling up on semi unconscious females. Fortunately Melody had the talent to tend to their needs; just like she had for Captain. I had made a deal with them that I would slip her something like a date rape pill that would put her in the condition required for their needs. I did of course stipulate it had to be the last day; so not too much harm done?

We had continued partying amongst the crowd until we could dance no longer before returning to our tent. Being so high we fucked naked without even noticing the front of the tent was still open; though I doubt anyone would have been shocked. Melody adored all aspects of sex; and she was really good at it. If I had to choose a woman to come home to every night it would be her; she is far better in bed than my wife.

My wife incidentally thought I had found myself a few days work; so I need money to take back for that scam. Luckily work is difficult to find where I live; so I regularly do this sort of job. We are separated due to finances; we are paid more money by living apart; is that crazy or not? She has the three kids to keep her happy at home; while I am always moving from lodgings to lodgings trying to keep one step ahead of the debt collectors. Still we might be all together again one day when her parents die; and that big house becomes ours; well hers; but I expect her to share it with me.

“Melody my cock has gone on strike; you have stripped it of its erection and all cum loads. So relax for a few minutes while I go and shower; when I return it will be in a standing position ready to do battle with your undefeated pussy once again”.

“Don’t be long Lydon; I don’t like it on my own” she mumbled as her eyes wandered aimlessly.

I had slipped her the pill ten minutes earlier and it was working exactly like Chang and Eng said it would. I went to a tent opposite were Hippy Hannah was set up; she was a regular who had been going there a very long time. She was well over fifty; but looked after her body and always looked sexy. How she managed to stay that way was a mystery; because she was always higher than a kite. She made her money from hand and blow jobs, but would never let anyone fuck her. Hannah had given me my first job there; it was easy talking drunks into paying a few pounds for a blow job. I always ensured there was a queue of mainly straying married men outside her tent.

“High Lydon; (she always meant literally high) how’s the week been honey; mine has been okay, but I could do with you working for me again”.

She had said the same thing to me for the last three or four years now; but it was good to know she was still out of it.

“Great to see you Hannah; I am here as a customer how could I leave without having the best blow job in town”.

I had told her the truth she really was an expert at her art; but I had really come to keep an eye on my tent; oh and to pick up a little money.

“I thought I was finished for the week, but for you Lydon I will reopen the shop; or should I say mouth”.

She always took her hippy dress off in front of the customers to reveal panties and bra; they never came off. You could choose to be in any position you wished; I chose to stand with Hannah on her knees. I let her pull my cock out as it was her trademark; she was a little disappointed to find it not totally erect; but Melody had used all of its daily energy up.

“No worries; I have never had a cock in my mouth yet that never went hard under my guidance”.

As she took it first to her lips I looked across through an opening and watched as the Chinese entered our tent closing the front behind them. I could do nothing except wait and help myself to some free cash. Hannah was soon into the cock sucking trance that made her so good. I was enjoying it immensely even though I could not physically go hard after all the fucking with Melody.

I pretended to gasp out in ecstasy and fell on top of her pulling the back of her head; I was now on her camp bed inches from where she kept the money. As I gasped louder her mouth moved faster. I reached across over the side of the bed and could feel a huge amount of money all notes. When I started shouting out she really attacked my cock this gave me the chance to grab a handful. I stuffed them in my shirt pocket; a shirt I had worn especially for the occasion. I then laid back to enjoy the rest of my blow job.

I had known where Hannah kept her money ever since I first worked for her; and helped myself to a handful every year. Due to being permanently high she was very untidy; and would just fling it towards the box. She had plenty to go home with so I did not feel guilty for taking my small slice of it.

“You took your time there Lydon” I had managed to cum even though my load was less than minimal.

“Hannah I have had trouble in the erection department; and been unable to cum for months until just then. I knew if anyone could sort me out it would be you; thanks”.

“You never produced much cum and you were not very hard, but its a start for you” she sympathised.

“I brought my girlfriend with me and I have never managed an erection all week”; I lied as I handed her my twenty pound fee.

“Lydon you know I never charge you; do I”?

“Thanks Hannah I am a little short of money right now; my new girlfriend has taken nearly all mine; I have had to scrimp and save this week” I told her putting the fee back in my pocket.

“Will she mind you being here with me having a blow job Lydon”

“Hannah being with you is not being unfaithful; its therapy. Hopefully I will now be able to give her the fucking she has been waiting for all week.”

“You should try to make it a little harder before pushing it up her; but best of luck” she said with honest sincerity.

We chatted and smoked her happy stuff for a while; until I seen the front of my tent opening. That was my cue for action; so I kissed Hannah goodbye and returned to become a hero. Part of our deal was that I would return to find them in our tent and bravely put my life on the line to protect Melody.

“What’s happening; Melody are you okay? I asked in my best concerned voice.

A scuffle followed in which I wrestled a knife from them; before they managed to make their escape. Melody was moaning incoherently; I just hoped she had seen me fight them off.

“Lydon what’s happening to me”?

“Are you alright; oh why did I leave when I did? I could never forgive myself if anything happened to you”.

She was lying on top of her sleeping bag completely naked. Wet patches were forming from the dripping falling from between her legs; clear evidence that Chang and Eng had achieved their objective. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close and stroking her hair.

“I don’t feel good; Lydon was someone here? Tell me what’s wrong with me”.

Luckily she was still under the influence of the drug; and did not know all the facts of the incident. I knew it would be easy to explain things; and still come out of it smelling of roses. I continued holding her for half an hour or more; gently talking until she drifted off in to a confused sleep.

The first thing I did was warm a little water up in the kettle; and using a cloth cleaned up the leaking cum the best I could without waking her. I covered her with a blanket before removing the money from her purse. Perfect; it looks like a robbery now I thought; a successful outcome from a difficult operation.

It was about midnight when she awoke so the first thing I did was usher her to the women’s showers. They were empty as most people had gone home; so I helped her bathe as she slowly began to gather her senses. Back in the tent over a cup of coffee I could see that Melody was trying to remember what had happened. I had told her about finding her purse empty; and my attempt to thwart their plans; showing her the knife I had retrieved from them. My conclusion to her was that it had been random robbery; and we would never see them again.

“Lydon now I know that there were two of them it is starting to make sense to me; I remember feeling breath on my face and neck at the same time”.

“Melody love; that is only your mind playing tricks on you. On top of all the alcohol; we have been smoking shit and taking pills all week; it probably all caught up with you”.

“But you said the pills we took were only mild”.

“They were Honey; but it’s possible we were accidently given a rogue one”.

“Lydon I keep having this notion that someone had sex with me”.

“Don’t be silly love; like I said it’s just your imagination”.

“Do you think we should call the police; at least we could report the stolen money for the insurance; and I might be able to talk to a policewoman; ask her if she thinks it is possible they interfered with me”.

She had me worried for a moment; I was surprised she knew you had to report your money stolen before you could claim off the insurance. To phone the police would have been the same as me signing a confession.

“Melody we can’ do that; imagine what will happen when they test us for drugs which they certainly will. You would be banned from ever coming here again; and I most certainly would be banned from going to America; we would never see each other again”.

“I’m sorry Lydon; I can’t think straight; my head must be confused like you say”.

“Let me hold you love; now take all those bad thoughts out of your head and remember the good times we have had this week”.

“Yes Lydon it had been wonderful until that happened; so let’s not allow some lowdown’s ruin it for us”.

“That’s the spirit; and don’t worry about your money; I will fill your purse up before you leave”.

“Oh I can’t believe how lucky I was to meet someone like you; and I have not thanked you yet for risking your life for me”.

“Stop that silly talk Melody; I would not have a life worth living without you”.

We hugged each other tight for twenty minutes or so; I thought I would be unselfish and go without sex after the ordeal she had been through. However I had been completely wrong with that assumption.

“Lydon why aren’t you making love to me; do you think that someone really did touch me and now I don’t seem attractive anymore”?

I tried my best to look astounded before quickly kneeling between her legs and hauling her shorts off. I then placed my head between her legs and made sure my tongue went as far up her fuck hole as was possible.

“Imagine what I would do if I did find you attractive” I smiled before returning my head.

The sex we had that night seemed to erase all the bad memories from Melody’s thoughts; but soon it was morning and we were packing. Melody was not feeling too sad about having to leave; because I had promised she would be back in a couple of months when my house was finished with the renovations.

“We can talk online tomorrow” I also assured her.

Melody thought the plan was that we were driving to the bank where I would refund her fare, replace the stolen money and a bit extra. Then on to the airport where I would stay with her as long as was possible. It was half true; I was driving to the bank, but to fund my pockets not hers. I put everything in the back of the van; it would all be sold. Melody had brought practically a new wardrobe with her; most of it was brand new and had not been worn. She had shown me a long overcoat her grandmother had bought her for the trip; it had been very expensive. She wanted to wear it as we were leaving because the weather had turned cold for the very first time during her visit. I convinced her however that I wanted to see her in a short skirt and heels as I would not be seeing her for a couple of months.

“The bank is just around the corner Melody; I’m glad you never put that long coat on to hide those delicious legs”.

“It is cold; but I do feel sexy like this” she smiled.

“Melody as it’s a lot cooler you can wait in the warm walkway near the bank; it will save you going up to the cold car park; I will be back in five minutes or so”.

“Lydon try to be as quick as you can” were the last words I heard her say.

I withdrew her money without any problems; although I was slightly disappointed with the amount. She only had eight hundred and fifty pounds; which was about fourteen hundred American dollars. I shouldn’t complain though; she had four hundred in her purse; seventy off Hannah; not bad for a week or so. By the time I sell the camping gear and Melody’s clothes I will easily have enough for a couple of weeks in sunny Spain. I can even save my unemployment cheque until I come back.

So that is the true story of what happened you can take my word for it. So back in to town; scrap my van, visit the wife and kids; might even slip them a few pounds. Then finally go to bed on my own: I really am worn out.

Seven months later.

Okay I realise you want to know what happened; well I had a great time in Spain. I am even taking the wife away for a romantic weekend soon; if she can find someone to look after the kids. It will be a lovely break for her I hope she enjoys it; I know Captain will.

Oh I nearly forgot about Melody; she somehow finished up at the American embassy. They put her up in a hotel for a few days; then on a flight back to America. It was not cheap and they are making her pay every cent back with interest; in deductions from her monthly wages. She said it will take her three years or so to pay the money back.

How do I know all this? She told me; not directly to my face; it was on line. It did not take her long to tell everyone on the site how awful I had been; she never once mentioned the good times we had. So I joined under a different name to befriend her so she had a shoulder to cry on; she told me only yesterday “I wish all men could be kind and caring like you”.

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