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this is part 2
Sheyla Discovery of Sex
Part II : Annie

It has been a day since Sheyla saw her dad fuck her sister. She couldn’t believe it, her dad fucking her 14 years old sister, it was unbelievable. She was wondering if the opportunity arrised, would he fuck her too. She was the only virgin of her class. Most of the girls at school were little sluts who fucked older men. There was a friend of hers, her name was Annie who fucks almost every girl’s dad. She was a 5’4 brunette with a tight little ass and C cup breasts. She acted all nice and innocent, but truly, she was evil. Sheyla thought Annie would never get her dad, but boy was she wrong. Once again Sheyla entered her house and the minute she opened the front door, she saw Annie, naked, her breasts going up and down and getting fucked doggy style by Jason, Sheyla’s dad.

This os how it began

“Ding Dong” The doorbell rang and Jason was the only one home so he had to open it. When he did., he saw a cute girl, a very hot girl wearing a tight top that showeb a lot of skin, a black mni mini skirt and her brunette hair in a ponytail.

- Hi Mr. Clark
- Hi, who are you?
- My name is Annie, I’m a friend of Shey;la, is she here?
- No Annie, she’s at the library, but I think she’ll be here soon.
- Oh ok, would you mind if I come in and use the phone please sir? I would need to call my parents.
- Yeah sure, the phone is on the kitchen.

So she went to the kitchen, while Jason went to the couch and continued to watch TV. A few moments later, Annie came in.

- So, my parents are going to come get me in a while, may I stay here to wait for them?
- No, no problem at all, do you want to watch anything in particular?
- Whatever you are watching sir.
- Call me Jason, sir seems too old.
- Ok, Jason. I was wondeering, when’s your wife coming home?
- My wife doesn’t leave here, god, I don’t even know where she lives.
- Oh sorry.
- Don’t be. I’m happier with my two beautiful girls.
- They’re so lucky. I wish I had a dad like you.
- Why’s that?
- My dad left my mom and I when I was younger. Since then I’ve been craving for a dad’s love.
When she said that, she moved closer to Jason and he saw it. He got a little exited. Was she making moves on him? So he moved closer to her and little by little their hands began to touch. After a while, Annie stood up and kissed him hard. They began to make out heavily, Jason moved his hands from the back to her ass and slapped her ass. She liked it and told him to do it again. Minute by minute the make out session become more intense and soon, his shirt was off revealing his tan skin and six pack. Then his belt and his pants, showing he had no underwear and then Annie moved down and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked it like a lolipop and began to lick his ball and his dick and so on. He put his hands on her head and forced her to take his full meat inside of her.She loved sucking, she remembered her first blowjob. It was with her mother’s boyfriend. He was 45 years old and had a 12 inch dick. She couldn’t believe it when he saw it, but he took it all in. She loved it when he put her on her knees and fucked her doggy style. Anyway, she was hoping Jason would do the same for her.

Jason was in heaven, he loved the feeling of this hot young eighteen years old sucking of his thick meat. He then told her to bring her lovely face to his lips and then they kissed. Their tongues began to dance in their mouth and then Jason turned Annie around, licked her ass to lubrify it, like he did to Cassie, and then inserted his cock. She loved it so much, she began to moan: Oh daddy fuck me hard! Fuck ur baby girl! And that he did. He was fucking her so hard that for a moment, she thought that he was going to destroy her asshole with his monstrous cock. He was fucking her like no one else had fucked her before. He kissed her back while fucking her and she was loving every moment of it. It was at this moment that Sheyla entered and saw them. She was speechless and went to hide and watch. She went to a closet nearby that gave a little view to the sex act his friend and dad were commiting. She heard everything they were saying.

- Oh you love fucking my little tight ass don’t you daddy?
- Yes baby, I do. I wanna fuck it everyday.
- I can make that happen… ah yeah, harder daddy. Fuck me daddy!
- Oh baby, come, let’s go to my bedroom and let me fuck your pussy.
- Oh yeah daddy, let’s go.

With that, Jason took her into her arms, and took her to his bedroom, as a newly married man would have done to his newly bride in the day of their honeymoon. Sheyla stood there, touching herself, so exited about what she just saw. In Jason’s bedroom, they were heavily making out, while Jason was fucking her pussy. Then, he couldn’t take it anymore, he exploded all his cum inside her pussy. After that, he fell into his arms and they hold each other.

- I love you. Said Annie.
- Me too. Answered Jason.
- I'm happy you fucked me, i was wondering if you'll go take a drink one of this days.
- Of course.

The End . Part 3 coming up soon

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