This is a fictional story, and the first that I am putting on here.
This is the first story I am posting on here. This is just a fictional story. Please feel free to comment any suggestions. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: Surprises

"So what do you want to do tonight?" She asked as she sat down next to him on the couch.

"Oh, I don't know Aubrey," he started as a sly smile reached his mouth, "maybe have a little fun." He ended the sentence with a wink and smile.

She knew what was on his mind. She knew how much he wanted her, to fuck her. She could tell by the way he stared at her with his brown eyes focusing on her blue, his fingers wrapping around her soft dark hair, his other hand trying to carress her body, the way he said her name "Aubrey". In the years they, Aubrey and Mike, have been married, they have always been the most romantic couple she knew.
She decided to lead him on a bit. She stood in front of him, parter his legs with her own and stood between them. She started to dance a bit. First unbuttoned her top, button by button, exposing the white lace bra that held her recently tanned c-cup breasts. She slowly slid her shirt down her arms and let it fall to the floor. She then turned away from him wiggled out of her skirt she had wore to work while grinding against him. She was left in her matching thong and bra.

“This is what I’m talking about,” he said excitedly, “I’m glad you’re ready to play”

About this time he took handfuls of her ass in his hands and pulled her to him. He loved when she became this way, loved her slutty side. He started kissing on her neck and down to her chest. He flipped her over and laid her down on the couch and continued to kiss on her. She could feel his phone vibrating in his pocket, but he was ignoring it.

About the third time it went off he groaned and her to hold on a minute. She lay there, rubbing on herself tryin not to lose the mood, while he went into the other room to answer the phone. She admitted to herself that she was pretty good looking. She loved the feel of her skin, how soft it was. She was in mid thought when he returned. She was going to ask who was on the phone but before she had a chance he was back on top of her.

He started kissing her passionatly, running his hands all over her body. He whispered in her ear, "I want you to be mine", she, looking a bit confused, smiled at him and said, "always". He grinned and grabbed her hands, before she knew it he tied her hands together with some rope he must had grabbed before he came back.

Now she was concerned a bit, they had role played before, but never anything involving bondage, and never anything they hadn't talked about before hand. She started asking him what was going on but when she opened her mouth he forced a ball gag into it. Now she was mad. She tried to fight him and scream, but it wasn't any help, she fought as hard as she could and now had tears going down her face.

"Now listen to me and listen close, " he started, "tonight we are going to do something that I have played over and over in my mind. Tonight is about me and you are going to act right and do everything I tell you, do you understand?"

She just started crying more. He slapped her across the face and said "Aubrey, do you understand me?"
He brought his hand up to slap her again and she finally nodded yes. "Great, now shut the fuck up with the crying, as the first of our guests will be here in a minute"

With those words her eyes flew open and she started trying to fight him again. He picked her up and turned her over. She could see the anger in face, but he didn't say anything. He just bit his lip and turned her over, put her across his lap and started spanking her as hard as he could. The first one slap left a red mark and caused her to try to scream, as best she could with the gag in her mouth, the second started to welp, she tried to wiggle away. The the third hit her leg and caused another huge muffled scream from her.

He asked her "Do you want to play by my rules now?" She didn't answer through the sobs. He brouht his hand back and slapped her aain across the ass. She jerked and wiggled trying to get free. He asked her again with more anger in his voice, "Do you want to play by my rules?"

She nodded yes this time.

"Good," he replied, "Now walk upstairs to our room, and sit in the desk chair."

She got up and headed for the stairs wondering what happened, why he was doing this, and is she would be able to get away. He followed her texting on his phone at first. He grabbed the camera sitting on a the table by the stairway. He followed her up the stairs taking pictures of her red, welped ass.

When they got to the bedroom she sat in the chair as directed. He handcuffed her to the chair and tied her feet together. He took pictures of her sitting there like that until a text came through on his phone. Then he set up the video camera but had it focused at the bed.

"I'll be right back," he said with a smile as he left the room.

She could hear him open the doors and could hear talking, but it was all muffled. She tried to figure out a way to get loose, but it was no hope. Soon she could hear him coming back up the stairs. He entered the room alone and walked over to her.

"I want to introduce you to someone," he started and motioned blonde haired woman entered the room.

Aubrey looked at her for a minute. She had light blonde hair, tanned skin, probably DD breasts and was dressed like a slut. She looked like someone you'd see on some porn, not in her bedroom. That's all she had time to analyze before she had to start focusing on Mike's words again.

"This is my.....mistress for the night I guess you'd say. Her name is Nikki."

Aubrey started crying again, her eyes so filled with tears she could barely make out him walking over to Nikki and wrapping his arms around her.

Mike passionatly kissed Nikki and started taking off her clothes. She sat on the bed and started removing his clothes. Once they were both nude, Nikki took Mike's cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. He moaned to her that she was great at sucking cock and hoped his wife was takin notes. Then he told her he wanted it doggy style, and she got down on her hands and knees.

"You see how good she listens Aubrey? That's because she is a real woman, a good woman."

Mike moved the chair aubrey was in closer to where Nikki was bent over. He wanted her to watch this. Mike then started to rub Nikki’s pussy with his cock. You could see how wet she was. Nikki moaned loudly as he finally stuck his cock into her. She continued moaning loudly about how big his cock was. This seemed to make Mike even more horny. He started pumping away at her.

"Oh my God!" he finally said, "Nikki you have the best pussy I’ve ever fucked, it's so tight and wet. I haven't had anyhting this good since..well, since before I got with Aubrey, that's for sure."

Aubrey felt so embarrassed, so humiliated, she didn't know what his plan was, but if it was to make her feel worthless, it was working. She never had so many emotions. She was so angry, hurt, humilated, she didn't know what to do, not that she could do anything right now.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Mike moaning loudly as he came.
Nikki stated moaning, "Oh yea baby, fill my pussy with your nice hot cum.....oh yea..I love it!" After his final thrusts Mike pulled out of her, and told her to lay down.

He walked over to Aubrey and told her, "Remember what I told you earlier, now I'm going to uncuff you from the chair, but you will remain tied up. I will remove the gag, if you yell or try to bite me, I WILL knock your teeth down your throat."

Aubrey just nodded while tears rolled down her face. He unhooked her from the chair and removed her gag. He grabbed her by the hair and drug her over to the bed.

"Now get on your knees and eat my cum from Nikki's tight pussy. I want you to taste how good she is. I want you to know how much better she is than you.”

Aubrey wanted to refuse. Mike pushed her head into Nikki's pussy. He grabbed her hair and told her to start licking. She moved her tongue up and down nikki's shaven slit and Mike pushed her head down further into it. She was sobbing. Mike slapped her across the ass and told her to get on her knees.

Nikki took ahold of her hair and would yank on it or slap her in the face if she didn't do what she wanted. Mike went around the two with the video camera, talking about how hot it was.

Then Mike got behind Aubrey, "There's something else I've always wanted to try," he said witha little laugh. He thrust his cock into her pussy. She yelped and he slapped her. He thrust in and out of her a few times until she got his cock wet from the rhythm.

He then positioned his cock with her asshole. He spit on her ass and then started trying to shove his cock in it. Aubrey screamed loud and tried to get him to quit. He pulled her back to him, slapped her ass, and then tried again. She reacted the same way. He was getting really irritated with her now and slapped her harder. He went and got a bit of lube and rubbed it on his cock and repositioned it with her asshole.

He leaned back and thrust with his all might and got his cock into her ass. She screamed and tried to get away. He grabbed her by the hair and so did Nikki. She felt like she was being tore apart. He started thrusting in and out of her ass. She couldn’t stand the pain. Then felt her hair tryin to ripped off because she stopped sucking Nikki’s clit.

Soon Nikki was moaning "I want to cum! Keep licking my clit you dirty bitch. Yeah you hoe, tongue fuck my pussy. Make me cum!" Aubrey kept licking Nikki's pussy until Nikki squirted cum over her face.
Mike was still fucking her in the ass. He would pull all but the head out and thrust in long and hard. “Your ass is so fucking tight. I can’t wait to fill it with my cum.”

A few more thrusts and that’s what he did. The he grabbed her by her hair and turned her around and shoved his cock down her throat, "Clean your fucking ass of my cock," he demanded.

She sat up and he shoved it so far down her throat she was gagging. He used her hair to guide her mouth back and forth on his cock. "Yeah suck that ass off my cock, you love the taste don't you? DON"T YOU?!"

When she didn't respond he took his cock out of her mouth and slapped it against her face. He turned her over on the bed and told her, "Don't want to answer you fucking whore?! Then fucking stick your fingers in your ass and pull them out and suck my cum off them! Show me you love the taste and when you get done, lick everything off the bed" and then slapped her.

He watched her grimace in pain as she shoved a finger up her ass and the faces she made as she lick the cum off. He smiled to himself. Nikki came over and sucked his cock clean. They both laughed a little at Aubrey.

He then got a text on his phone and told Nikki to record what Aubrey was doing and he'd be back in a minute.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2 may come depending on what people think.

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