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After the Show
Part 5.5 of ?

As Alexis stood there she was so beautiful. She was as tall as me and had medium color brown hair, the deepest blue eyes. Her breast were the perfect size just enough so when she ran they bounced and small enough they wouldn't distract you from seeing the real her. Her ass was perfectly rounded and dint need leggings to prove it. Her face was so beautiful you didn't need to look at anyone else. And her smell if it was intoxicating.

Alexis ran to me jumping into my arms. I knew the that i loved her more then anything. She kissed me, but that kiss was better then any of the experience of my life up till that point. The kiss was better then perfect it had the right amount of tongue, It was not messy, and was the perfect length. As we got into the car she drove to the Drive in theater about 5 minutes from school. It was some movie that has been in there for longer then it should. We laid out in the back of here jeep. She started running her hands over my chest.then through my shirt. She started kissing my neck.

"That was so romantic what you did on stage." she said

"well it was all for you" i said

If i said that yesterday i would have been lying but today it was true.

"why are you so nice to me" she asked

"because you are the girl that choose me" i replied

"i saw you watching me on the bench before i got into the game" i said

"so thats why you kissed me after the game."she said

"yeah i wanted you ever since" i said

"Im going to the dance Friday, Do you want to go with me". she asked

"well if i have to" i said jokingly

"Jerk" she said snuggling into me

"ill pick you up Friday." i said

"how you dont have a license?" she said

"youll see" i said

She got the blanket from the front of the jeep. She got on top of me and just rocked her legs back and forth. and leaned over and was kissing me. As soon as her lips touched mine i was already hard. she stood up and undid her pants and i slipped mine off.she got back on top of me. As she did she took all of my penis inside of her, after about five minutes on top we switched into missionary. God she is amazing. i slipped back in and just kept kissing her. Thrusting deeper and deeper. Just then i came deep inside her. I guess it was the love but i did not soften up i just kept going. I went on for another 30 minutes. Thrusting and kissing her. until i was spent. I laid next to her. She rester her head on my chest i wrapped my arms around her.

"lets go" i said

"where" she asked

"lets go hang out with your friends" i said

"i ll call them" she added

She got up and dressed and walked away from the movie. She came back 5 minutes later.

"okay lets go" she said.

"where are they" they are going to meet us at Denny's" she said

"Im hungry any way". i said

We drove to Denny's which was like 20 minutes away.

We pulled up but they were not there yet. We got a both that could easily hold 10 plus people.

" What can i get you" the waitress said

"ill have a large pepsi" I said

"ill have the same" Alexis said quickly

"ok 2 large pepsi's coming right up" the waitress said.

As the waitress left i leaned over and started kissing Alexis.

"i love you" i whispered

Just as i said that all the girls pulled up and joined us there was about 6 girls and one of them brought her boyfriend.

"So that was really romantic what you did" the girl with the boyfriend said

"yeah" every other girl said like there menstrual cycles were in sync

"yeah he is the best" Alexis said as she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"well it was only romantic because i can sing" i said
"it would have been weird if i couldnt sing" i added

they all giggled.

The waitress walked over. Well what can we get you.

"Ill have the T bone steak and shrimp." i said

All the girls ordered a chicken salad. And the guy did the same.

"well what can i get you guys to drink." All the girls ordered pepsi to copy off of Alexis.

"okay 8 chicken salads and 7 pepsis, and 1 Tbone and shrimp"

"well you seem hungry" Alexis said to me

"well i havent eaten since lunch" i said

"Im just messing with you i know your tired she said rubbing my leg

The girls giggled because i think they knew we had sex.

Surprisingly all our food came at the same time. We all started eating I let Alexis eat off my plate.

"i Guess your hungry to you did a lot of work today." i said suggestively

The girls giggled.

"hey you want to share a banana split with me" i asked Alexis

"yeah, any one else want some ice cream" she said.

Just as we were deciding the waitress came over.

"can i get you guys some dessert" she asked

"yeah can we get a banana split with two spoons" i said

"um yeah us to " the other guy said

"dont worry girls i am paying" i said

The rest of the girls ordered their favorite flavors. As our ice cream came. Me and I started to feed Alexis and she feed me most of the other girls were watching us wishing they had what we had. When every one finish the girls hugged it out like it was an intervention, and they just saved someone. I went to the register the bill was 140.94. I used the card i just one and walked over to our waitress and gave her 35 dollars. And Alexis and i walked off to her car. She toke me home and we went inside and sat on the couch. We started watching tv and about 10 minutes in. Kelly walked down after getting a shower and sat on the chair next to us.

"Where's your bathroom" Alexis asked

"Go down the hall to the left" i said

As she got up i laid down on the couch.

"I thought you were coming straight back" Kelly asked

"i will talk to you later" i said

"Okay" she got up and went up stairs.

Alexis came back into the room.

"lay next to me" i said

She laid in front of me i put my arm around her. I kissed her neck. and we Kept watching TV. We fell asleep.

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This is a good story, please do not turn this guy into a creep.

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