a young school girl is raped by the bullies.
School bullies are sometimes a part of life that is unavoidable. They can make school life a living hell, make after school life a living hell, and even drive kids to suicide! They were truly a thing to be feared. Jane Smith thanked god that she was a girl!

The local bully was the meanest kid she had ever met; his name was Billy Reig. He was 2 years older than her with broad, strong shoulders, sinewy forearms, and a body built like a tank. He was all muscle and had black eyes, black hair, and a cruel, crooked grin. He had terrorized them as they made their way to and from school- beating her brother badly several times- since she could remember! She was only thankful that he refused to hit a girl.

Jane Smith was 12 years old and had been going to school a grade under Billy since pre school. Her brother- Johnny- was in his class and was but a year younger. Jane had thick, wavy, chocolate brown hair down to her shoulder blades and huge, sage green eyes. She was barely 5' tall, and weighed less than 100 pounds. She was a size 34 A bra, and her figure was slender, her curves still developing.

She dressed in her school clothes, namely a comfortable skirt and a cute top. Her brother wore his flannel shirt and blue jeans, combing his fingers through his thick brown hair as they prepared to leave the house.

"You ready?" He asked her, his green eyes showing his fear.

Johnny was only a little smaller than Billy, and only because of the one year gap between them. If he fought hard he could probably beat the shit out of the jerk, but he wasn't a violent person. He had been raised in a home where he was taught sternly to turn the other cheek or receive a whipping when he got home.

"Yeah," She said quietly, "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

"Come on, it's not that bad," He said as he looked down at her.

"Yes it is!" She cried, then asked, "How many beatings will you take before you fight back?"

"I can't fight back, you know that dad would kill me if I fought somebody!"

"You're a fool, Johnny," She grumbled as she grabbed her book bag and stepped out onto the porch.

Luckily their walk to school was uneventful. They did not happen to see Billy, or his mangy little sidekick, Luke. He was a scraggly looking little kid who kind of looked like one of those lolly-pop kids off of the Wizards of Oz. Oh how she hated them . . .

In school, Jane excelled at everything. She was wickedly smart, and her teachers were all fond of her because of her fiery spirit. If Jane thought something, it flew out of her mouth in sparks. She wasn't the type who just stood by silently and obediently.

As Jane sat in math class looking over a problem, a folded up note landed on her desk. She looked around to see who it was from, but the entire group seemed innocent. She unfolded the note to see written in clumsy writing;

I think you're real pretty and want you to be my girlfriend. Yes or no? (circle which)


Jane snorted loudly and received a curious look from the teacher. She giggled under her breath; did that jerk honestly think she would ever date him? She'd become a lesbian before she'd be his girlfriend!

The bell rang, and she scooped her books off her desk to leave class. Once in the hallway, Billy walked next to her and said, "Well? What do you think?"

"I think you're crazy!" She said with a brazen laugh, "What on earth makes you think I would date the boy who beats up my brother on a daily basis? You couldn't honestly have thought I'd say yes!"

Billy's face turned bright red with anger and humiliation, and he felt his jaw clench as Jane wadded up his note and let it drop to the ground at his feet.


On the way home from school, Jane told Johnny all about Billy's note and the way his face turned red when she told him how it was going to be. She thought he would die laughing!

"Good for you," He finally nodded, then added, "I can't believe he was stupid enough to do that . . . what did he expect you to say?"

"Yes, apparently!" She shrugged, "I guess he's dumber than we thought, huh?"

Jane stopped short as Billy and Luke moved out from behind some trees to block their path. Johnny stepped in front of his sister protectively, and she tugged on his shirt to try and get him to run.

"Hey, worms," Billy hissed.

Jane stepped out from behind Johnny and chuckled, "Wow, that's funny. You sure didn't think I was a worm earlier when you asked me to be your girlfriend!"

Billy's face turned red again, and he loomed over Jane with his dark fury. Then, he suddenly reached out and grabbed Johnny and held him tight. Johnny's face contorted in pain, and Jane stood frozen in fear for her brother.

"You said it," Billy grunted, "Now he's gonna pay for it."

"Billy, stop!" Jane cried as she launched herself at him and tried to get her brother free. He shrugged her off, and she hit the ground with a thud.

As she tried to get her breath back, she heard a blood curdling "SNAP" and Johnny's cry. Then Billy dropped him to the ground, twisting and writhing in pain.

Billy strode to where Jane now stood, and she cried, "Johnny!"

She threw herself forward to kneel at his side, but Billy stuck a strong arm out and blocked her. She pushed hard against his chest and tried to move him, but he caught her wrists, pulled her close, and looked down into her eyes. She trembled slightly in fear as he whispered huskily, "I guess you should have answered differently, huh?"

Then he let her go, walking away as if nothing had happened.

Jane rushed to Johnny's side and rolled him over. He was cradling his right arm, his face twisted in pain.

"I'm so sorry," She repeated over and over, "I'm sorry."


Johnny's arm was broken. When their mom and dad asked him how it happened, he told him that it was the school bully. The two parentals promised to look into it . . . like they always did . . .

Jane felt responsible for Johnny's pain. If she hadn't ran her mouth nothing would have happened! It didn't matter now, though. Maybe Billy would actually get in trouble this time! You just never knew.

Her worst fear was going to and from school alone now. Would they still pick on her? Surely not. No boy would think to pick on a girl walking home from school alone! That would be unthinkable.

The first few days without Johnny were heaven. Nobody bothered her, everyone was sorry about what had happened, and- most importantly- there was no sign of Billy or Luke.

It was a Friday, and Jane had been going to school without Johnny the whole week. She left the school and planned to stop a few places before she went home, so her parents didn't expect her soon. She knew that she needed to go to the grocery store for a few things, so she turned to go through the lot that served as a short cut. She turned her head to put her books in her book bag, when she heard a loud thud.

Billy landed on the ground after leaping off his perch, and he stared at Jane coldly. She heard something behind her, and turned to see Luke closing in also. Billy's eyes were dark and angry looking, and she clutched her books tighter against her chest.

"Billy," She said, trying to control the trembling in her voice, "What are you going to do? You can't beat me up; I'm a girl. You would get whipped senseless by your pa if you hurt me!"

"No, I can't beat you up," He said. He came within inches of her and looked down into her eyes, a crooked grin spreading across his face, "But there's other things we can do to you."

Her eyes grew wide and she turned to run, but it was too late. Billy snatched one of her wrists and yanked her back. She dropped her books and squealed before colliding against his body. She squirmed and tried to move, but he had his arms around her, pressing her to him harder and harder.

"Billy, stop!" She cried.

"Stop screaming," Billy order her as he kissed her to shut her up.

That was Jane's first kiss. He bit her lips and drove his tongue inside her mouth, dominating it with his own. While he kept her lips busy, he slipped his large hands under the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up hastily. When she tried to struggle, Luke would hit her or prevent her from harming Billy while he worked.

Once her shirt was off, she wrapped her arms around her chest and tried in vain to cover her bra. Billy grabbed it by the front strap, gave a firm yank, and tore it off of her. She squealed and covered herself again, but Billy forced her against a wall and pinned her wrists to the stone. Now that she was exposed, he lowered his gaze to her chest and drank in the sight of her bare tits.

Her breasts hadn't really come in yet, but god they were gorgeous! Her skin was soft and pale, her nipples firm from the shock of the air. They looked like pink petals, and Billy longed to kiss them. He knew that he had to get the rest of her clothes off first, though.

He snaked a hand down to the front of her skirt, unfastening the button easily. Luke held her hands in place as Billy pulled it off, her panties sliding down with it. It was the first pussy Billy and Luke had ever seen.

She covered her face with her hands and just tried to make it all go away. Maybe this was just a bad dream! She crumbled onto the ground and tucked her knees against her chest, wishing that someone would save her.

Billy hauled her off the ground by the arm so he could see her pussy once more. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen! She didn't have much hair down there yet, but the hair she did have was chocolate brown and soft. It covered the top of her pussy like a gentle fuzz, and he knelt in front of her to see better. He could hear her start crying, and stood up once more.

He pried her hands off her face, and she turned it away from him. He placed a finger under her chin and turned her face to him. He lowered his mouth and kissed her gently, even sweetly. She didn't care how sweet he was, though; he was molesting her!

She jerked away from him and bolted for the exit, but he wrapped his arm around her tiny waist and pulled her back towards him.

"You're still refusing me?" He asked her through gritted teeth as he held her shoulders and shook her.

"Why wouldn't I run?" She cried angrily, "I'm being molested by two assholes! I hate you, Billy! I wish you'd die! And nothing you can do will change that! You're a slimy, inbred, good-for-nothing jackass!"

He struck her hard across the face, and it sent her flying. She landed on the ground and held her hand where he had struck her. It felt like it was on fire!

Billy tore his own clothes off hurriedly and Luke made sure Jane stayed right where she was.

Jane struggled to get out of Luke's grip, but she froze in horror when she caught sight of Billy. He had a massive erection! His cock was probably 7 1/2 or 8 inches long, and maybe 2 1/2 inches in girth. She thought that maybe they would molest her and kiss her, but she had never imagine Billy as her rapist!

"Take her to the bed," He motioned to a small mattress near one of the walls. The lot had a habit of collecting garbage, and she couldn't begin to imagine laying on that dirty old mattress.

Luke scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. She squirmed desperately to get away, but his grip was firm. He threw her carelessly onto the dusty thing, and she scrambled to make a run for it. Billy snatched her by the ankle and dragged her to him.

"Please, Billy, don't!" She said, feeling tears begin to form, "Please, I'm a virgin! You can't do this!"

She squeezed her eyes shut, and a tear rolled down her cheek. He thought about all the times he had spent looking at her and yearning for her. Every day had been a torment; oh how he loved her so. He loved her fiery spirit, her passion. He also remembered how she had lashed out at him when all he did was love her! She had to be punished.

"Please don't," She begged him, "No man will ever want a tainted girl."

His heart softened, and he let go of her wrists. He said quietly, "I'm so sorry. Please don't tell anyone about this."

Her mouth was in a round O, and she stared at him in disbelief. He dressed himself, and left the lot.

Jane relaxed and stood to go get her clothes. Luke stood in the middle of the lot, shaking his head. "What a pussy," He mumbled. He turned to Jane with a grin and said, "But I'm not."

Her eyes went wide, and Luke walked quickly to the bed, tossing her onto it before she could get away. He unzipped his fly, pulling out his hard dick. It wasn't nearly as magnificent as Billy's, but it was plenty big enough for him to do his business.

She turned and tried to crawl away from him, but he grabbed her by the hips and thrust his entire cock into her dry pussy. She screamed out in pain as he tore through her hymen, lubricating her tight snatch with the blood. She balled her hands into fists and felt her nails bite into her palms. She felt like he was tearing her apart! Her pussy burned like hell, and she shut her eyes to see if that would make it go away. It didn't.

"Holy fucking shit . . ." Luke groaned as he began a steady fucking rhythm inside of her, "This is amazing!"

"Get out of me," She said as tears ran down her face, "Get out of me!"

"Not a chance," He grunted as he shoved himself back inside her once more, making her yelp, "Not until I'm done."

"You bastard," She said feebly as he pounded away at her insides, "Billy would kill you if he knew you were doing this-"

He pulled himself out of her all the way, then grabbed her hips and shoved himself back in as hard as he could. She gasped from the pain, and he chuckled sickly.

"Yeah, he would kill me," He said, "If he found out."

"Which he will," She hissed.

"Really?" He said, "Because you're in no position to be threatening me."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Well," He said, then paused to moan, "I'm really close to cumming, and I'm tempted just to leave myself in and make a baby inside of you-"

"No!" She shrieked.

"Then he's not going to find out?" Luke teased her.

"No, he won't find out," She said through her gritted teeth.

Luke pounded himself in and out of her a few more times, then ordered her, "Get on your knees."

She trembled, but did as she was told. She knelt in front of him, and watched as he grunted and ran his hand up and down on his cock. Then, in huge white spurts, he came. Right onto her face and tits.

As she screamed, she got some in her mouth and began gagging immediately. He laughed as he pulled his cock back in and began to walk away.

"See you Monday, you dirty little whore," Were his last words to her.

She sat on the musty old mattress and cried. After she was done, she cleaned herself off as best as she could, put her clothes on, and went home.

Note from the author- This is a true story. This happened to a friend of mine, and after knowing her for years she finally felt comfortable enough to tell me. Considering this, please be kind with comments.

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To 2013-03-17 and 2014-04-19: Because mostly all the so-called fictional stories about rape reflect what has happened to some-one somewhere in history, in parts, or as a whole, so they might as well have the 'true story'-label to wake us up a bit. The crueler the content, the less likely it will be told by a survivor, especially to the open public, so we never get to see the beast for what it is and tame the fucking thing. The remnants of victims make us sad, but that doesn't help the rapist or the victim. So rape is kept as a handy war-horse in more ways than we know and for us to see it, we have to first know what it is. And the people who want to know, also come to this site.

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OMG this was so sad i feel so SORRY fore your friend (i was raped in my park up the road from my house i was 13 i have a baby from him and she is 7 now) I AM SINGLE IM 20 YEARS OF AGE ALSO LOOKING FOR A BOYFRIEND!!!! PLEASE EMAIL ME ON
Thank You
Natasha xx

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why do people post true story here?
I dont get it.

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