Chloe's fling in a hotel with her boyfriend was nice, but all good things must come to an end. Now it was time for her to take the punishment she knew was coming.
Chloe Leto slumped in the seat of her boyfriend's Bentley as he drove her home. The wind blew through the window and tousled her curly black hair. She braided it quickly, trying to contain it.

"You okay, babe?" Luke asked as he gave her knee a squeeze, "You haven't said a word since we left the hotel."

"Yeah," She sighed and sat up, faking a smile and trying to be relaxed, "I'm just tired and worried cause I'm getting home kind of late."

"Hun, it's only 9:30 at night," He laughed, "Just relax. I'm sure you're parents will be cool with it."

"Yeah," She massaged her temples, "You're right. I'm just getting worked up over nothing."

"Well," He pulled into her drive way and shut the car off, "We're here."

He got out and walked around to open her door, and she stepped out onto the gravel.

"Hey," She said as he shut the door, "Thanks for taking me to the hotel and everything. I really had fun! I think I had so much fun that you just might have to give me a tour of the house next time I come over . . ."

Her voice trailed off, and she kissed him goodbye playfully.

"I'll call you tomorrow, Chlo," He waved as he got back into his car.

"Kay!" She called, "Goodnight!"

She smiled till he was out of sight, then turned around with dread, expecting to see Billy behind her waiting. He wasn't.

Chloe exhaled. When her boyfriend had taken her to the 5 star hotel, he had picked her up at the house and met the man she was secretly dating, and the man who was blackmailing her and fucking her almost every night. Talk about awkward! Chloe was just worried, though. When she had left, they looked pissed, and she knew she was going to pay for it.

Chloe surveyed the area around her; clear so far. She stepped warily onto the porch and opened the screen door to the house.

"Mom?" She asked loudly.

"Actually," Billy said from the sofa, "Your parents had to leave. There was an emergency in town that was work related, so they told us that we're in charge till they get back, which will be late tomorrow night."

Chloe's eyes grew wide in horror, and she bolted towards the door. Cody had already blocked her path, and he held her by the throat in silent fury. She choked, gasping for the air that she was being denied. He pushed her backwards, and she landed with a thud on Billy's lap. She struggled and kicked to get up, but Billy wrapped one strong arm around her waist, and placed one tightly on her throat as Cody locked the door.

"We missed you while you were gone," Billy whispered masochistically in her ear, "What'd you do at the hotel?"

He allowed her to breath, and she gasped the air. He waited a few seconds, then squeezed her throat roughly.

"What'd you do??" He shouted.

"I had sex with him!" She cried.

"Tell us about it!"

"What?" She asked.

Billy squeezed her throat again, and she blurted, "We had sex in the hotel! He was on top and we both orgasmed what more do you want to know?"

Billy and Cody tried to sort out what she said, and she panted, squirming slightly.

"Did you enjoy it?" Cody asked in barely repressed anger.

Chloe remained silent, and Billy squeezed her throat.


"You little slut," Billy smiled, "I bet you're soaking wet right now."

Chloe felt his rock hard boner pressed into her ass, and she squirmed furiously.

"Let me go!" She cried.

Billy placed both hands on her shirt and ripped, revealing her lacy black bra.

Chloe stopped struggling to cover herself up, even though both the boys had seen her naked many times. Both the boys were 18 and Chloe was only 14, but they all seemed to have a lot of experience with rape!

Billy thrust his hands under her bra, and he teased her perky nipples roughly. Cody stood by eagerly, but couldn't stand it any more. He parted her smooth white legs, pushing her underwear to the side to rub her clit.

"Stop," Chloe whispered feebly. As much as her mind hated what was happening, her body was loving every minute of it.

Cody took a good long lick of her pussy, and Chloe screamed, squirming once more.

"Cody," She cried as she wriggled, "What are you doing?"

"I told you she liked it," Billy mumbled.

Cody nibbled on her clit, pumping two of his fingers in and out of her. Billy massaged her tits and kissed her neck; she was in a hell filled heaven.

She twisted in Billy's arms, getting close to her orgasm because of Cody's lashing tongue.

"Cody," She moaned.

Right before he stopped.

Right before they both stopped.

"What the hell??" She cried as they both stood to their feet, ignoring her.

"Why'd you stop?" She asked.

"Cause you told us to," Billy smirked, "Remember?"

"But," She stuttered, "But that was before you-"

"Made you feel good?" Cody asked.

"Yeah," She said with a pleading look in her eyes, "You suck. You both just suck."

Billy laughed, "You need to make up your mind. If you want us to make you feel good, we will. But you can't call it rape."


Chloe thought about her sexual frustration, then crossed the room to stand in front of Cody, who looked at her with restrained hunger. She took off her torn shirt, then removed her bra and panties, tossing them aside.

"Make me feel good," She said.

"Beg," Billy commanded.

"Please make me cum!" Chloe cried.

Billy smiled, but Chloe couldn't see it.

"We should do it on a bed," Billy explained, "It'd be more comfortable. Let's do it on your parents bed. Upstairs now, slut."

Chloe gritted her teeth; she hated that he could make her feel so good.

They went upstairs, the boys going first and Chloe following obediently. Once in the room, the boys took off their clothes, not saying a word, but both displaying erections.

Cody stepped towards Chloe, very intent. She stared up at him as he loomed over her, slightly scared, but attracted.

Billy waited for them, and Chloe felt a chill go down her spine. Cody was pressed against her chest, but he kept walking, pushing her towards the bed. She fell onto the bed and spread her legs for him, waiting for him to enter, but instead Billy flipped her over onto her belly.

"What are you doing?" She asked loudly.

"You didn't think that we were just going to forget about what you did last night, did you?" Billy whispered, "You belong to us, bitch. You slept with him, but you belong to us. Now you get your punishment."


Chloe squirmed once before Billy's strong hand planted a smack on her ass.

"Ow!" She cried, struggling to get out of his grip, "Stop it! Let me go!"


"Billy," She cried as she felt tears in her eyes, "Let me go!"


Chloe felt the sting on her ass, and she cried, clawing at the sheets to get away.

Cody pulled Billy off of her, glaring at him. Chloe turned to look at him, wondering if he was going to do the same. He didn't.

Cody pushed her shoulders down onto the bed, kissing her softly and parting her legs instantly. He felt her sex, which was wetter than it had ever been! She was so hot, and she whispered, "Please . . ."

Cody flipped over, and she straddled his hips. He aimed his dick at her hole, and she sat down hard, taking in his near 10 inches and nearly 4 inch girth instantly. She collapsed on him, and he massaged her shoulders. She tried to adjust to the feel of him, and she decided that she liked being totally stuffed.

Chloe bounced on his cock, moaning like crazy. Her breasts were pretty much right in Cody's face, and he pulled her down, sucking on a nipple and snaking a hand down to rub her clit. It drove her crazy!

Chloe felt something behind her, and she looked back to see Billy aiming his cock at her ass.

She tried to jump off the bed, but Cody wrapped his strong arms around her back and kissed her. She couldn't get out of his grasp, and she shook with fear as she felt Billy lubing up her ass.

He rubbed lube all over his cock. He really didn't want it to be TOO painful.

He pushed his head inside her ass, and she tried desperately to break the kiss with Cody. He finally let her, knowing that she couldn't get away with two guys holding her down.

Billy continued to push himself inside her, and Chloe went limp against Cody's chest. She then held onto him fiercely, trying to ignore the searing pain in her ass.

Billy was finally all the way in, and he and Cody pulled out of her in unison. They both slammed themselves back in at once, and Chloe gasped. It was amazing!

The guys synchronized their thrusts; Cody nibbled on her nipple softly, and Billy massaged her clit. Chloe threw her head back and rode Cody harder, feeling both of their trophy dicks sliding in and out of her in perfect harmony. It felt like heaven and hell all at the same time, and it was driving her crazy.

Cody ran his hands down her ass, thrusting himself into her harder and harder. Billy looked down, amazed by the sight of their intertwined bodies. It drove him to want he more, and he increased his speed as well.

"Oh." She moaned, "This feels sssooo good . . ."

She felt the familiar warmth building inside of her, and she said in a whimper, "Oh shit. Oh I'm gonna cum . . ."

She squealed and collapsed on Cody, hugging him tightly. He grunted hard and rammed himself inside her, and Billy did the same. As if on cue, both boys released their seed inside her small, but willing, body.

"Ah," She cried before going limp.

Billy's face was exasperated as he withdrew his cock from her ass, watching his spunk spill out and onto the bed. Cody did the same while running his hand down her back. All three panted like they had just run a marathon, and Billy broke out in a grin.

"We should do this more often," He said with a nod, "That was fucking amazing."

"Yeah," Cody said between breaths, "No shit. Chloe, Chloe."

He shook her gently, trying to wake her. Billy watched as he pulled his boxers on and prepared to leave.

"Wha?" She asked groggily as she blinked, "Oh."

Billy chuckled, and Cody stood to his feet as well. They both looked at her with serious stares, and Cody explained, "That was a start, but your parents are still gone. You broke the rules and cheated on us, sleeping with that pretty boy. But you forgot that we own you. That was only the beginning. Sleep a little and rest up, because we're not finished punishing you yet."

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