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Will and his mom move to Brownsville, Nevada for his mom's new job. Will, a horny young teen, will soon learn that in Brownsville isn't as welcoming a community as he thought.
Will was an average thirteen year-old boy. Every other second, he thought about girls. Every time he saw an attractive girl, no matter where he was, Will would automatically envision them undressing, while he himself would receive a throbbing erection. As time had progressed, he had also noticed that he was beginning to grow pubes, which now were mainly around his dic and led to a slight happy trail to his belly button. He had recently grown slight amounts of arm and leg hair, and even the slight stubble of underarm hair as well. Will’s raging hormones also led to a new habit, masturbation, a habit that he enjoyed three times a day, at most. The sensation of ejaculation also delighted Will, as he now felt grown up whenever he produced the white goo. Now, with the summer coming in, Will knew very well, that he was about to start doing it even more. Nevertheless, Will and his mother, a single, middle aged woman, were to move to a new town for his mother’s knew job as a school teacher. And with today being Will’s last day, he said good-bye to his many friends at his school, and good-bye to San Diego in general, as he and his mother began their journey to Brownsville, Nevada.

The Mother and son arrived in Brownsville at around ten at night, and both were excessively tired. The moving company had already come through and brought all their furniture and all that was left to do was to unpack clothing. But Will and his mother both went to bed, exhausted. The next day Will woke up at about ten, and went down stairs, dressed in a t-shirt and elastic gym shorts, he noticed three incredibly attractive girls in his kitchen talking to his mom. The girls warmly greeted Will and began talking to him about California. Will, who, nervously, introduced himself and gladly talked to the three beautiful girls in his new home. Brook, Lisa, and Anna, they had to have been the three most attractive girls Will had ever seen. Straining to fight his erection, Will tried his hardest not to look at the three girl’s breasts, and attempted to make eye contact the whole time. Eventually the three girls went up stairs with Will to talk about San Diego, as Will’s mother went out for groceries and to visit the superintendent of the area.
At first the conversation was light, mainly about the beach, the sun, the skyscrapers of the California coast, but suddenly the conversation switched into a serious tone.
“So, Will”, Brook said, “We need to warn you”
“Warn me? About Wha-What?” Will said, his voice cracking, this of course led to slight giggling form the girls much to his dismay.
“About the town, your not safe here”
“What? Are you kidding?” Will was confused, Brownsville ranked as the safest town in Nevada. Certainly these Girls don’t know what their talking about.
“Will, you are the only boy in town. Rev. Greene is the only other man here.” Brook said.
“Yah, that’s weird” Will said, his head filled with excitement being the only boy Will almost immediately assumed he was going to get sex in this town for sure.
“Look Will, last boy that came here, was arrested, never heard from him again. Its been the same for so long, I can’t remember a boy staying for over a month.”
“Why’s that?” Will said with concern.
“I don’t know for sure”, Anna spoke up, “But whatever it is, its because they masturbate”
“What?” Will said with in a surprised voice.
“Yes, if they do the masturbate, they get arrested. It all happens after Rev. Greene’s members instal a security system, it can watches boys, and informs the authorities that they are doing the masturbate.”
“Nice grammar, Anna” Will said with sarcasm, “Do you even know what that means?” The three girls gave each other looks, and finally Brook said, “Well, not we don’t”
“Really?” Will said in a confused manner, he then laughed at the girls.
“Did anyone instal a security system?” Lisa asked.
“No, not until next week, why?”
“You can show us what a masturbation is”
“OKay, uh, first off, you masturbate. Its a verb, and secondly, I’m not going to do that in front of three girls!”
“Wait, do you masturbate?” Lisa asked, as the three girls leaned in awaiting an answer.
“Well, I, uh, I do, masturbate, I guess” Will said, uneasy about the conversation.
“Then do it for us”
“Do it!” Brook demanded, crossing her arms, “Or I’ll tell my grandpa that you do!”
“What!” Lisa said, “Brook we are trying to help-”
“I’m sorry guys,” Brook continued “But I want to see what masturbating is and I want to know why it’s bad”
“So you’ll threaten me with the police?”
“Please, Will?” Anna said, now rubbing up against his right arm.
“Ya, please?” Lisa chimed in, rubbing up against Will’s back and wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Well...uh... let me explain it to you first, okay”
“Okay, shoot. What is it, Will” Brook responded.
“Well, I guess masturbating is really just playing with your penis until you cum”
“What’s cum?” Brook said, “And you play with your penis? Does it hurt? Does it feel good?”
“Um...Good, I guess. And cum, Brook, is jizz, you know, sperm, semen?”
“OH! Like what makes babies!” Lisa said.
“Yep, good job Lisa, now then.Will, Masturbate, now.” Brook said, “I will tell my grandpa Rev. Greene.” Brook now leaned forward towards Will, putting her hand inches away from his erect dic, which he guessed that she saw threw his loose shorts.
“I-I-I-I...I.....okay, I ....I will” Will said shamefully, as he finally caved in.
“Good, now stand up and show us” Brook said. Will stood up off the carpet and put his thumbs into his elastic waist band. He hesitated, then quickly yelped in desperation, “Someone get a towel! Trust me, we'll need something to clean up with.” After moments of looking, Anna and Lisa couldn’t find a towel.
“Just use your shirt, don’t worry, whatever happens I’ll clean it up” Brook said. Will groaned, he put his thumbs back into his waist band and pulled them down, exposing his erect dic tenting under his boxers. With his pride around his ankles, Will next lifted up his white t-shirt. All three girls looked on in awe, as they got their first glimpse of a male body. Will, who was very skinny and athletic, had a slight six pack and pectorals, and truthfully got the girls' interest in their subject. He next put his thumbs in his boxer’s waist band and pulled them down, sighing, he looked as his semi-erect dic dangled over his plump boy balls and under his newly ground pubes, whose brown completion mirrored his own hair.
“Wow” Brook said in astonishment. The other girls looked on in awe as well, “So, masturbate”
“Will closed his eyes and tried to imagine that he was the one making the three girls undress and play with themselves. He especially thought of Brook, who definatly had the biggest tits of the three. But as he thought about her, he received a special feeling. Will thought about her telling him to masturbate for her, and to undress, this made his dic twitch as he slowly rubbed his uncircumcised penis. Fully naked, Will reached with his other hand and cupped his balls, rubbing them gently and tickling them. He next began to pick up the pace on jacking off. His hand moved faster and faster up and over the gland, as his dic’s head began to glow red. Pre cum leaked out of his dic whole and over his hand, as he felt the early feeling of an orgasm coming on. Will moaned, and suddenly picked up the pace. His breathing intensified, he felt the big moment coming.
“Oh-OH, Ahh Ahhhh Ahhhhh!” Will moaned as he ejaculated, the cum shooting out of his dic and landing on his t-shirt, before running over his hand which slowly keep jerking on his erect dic, attempting to get the most out of his first orgasm in Brownsville. He opened his eyes to see the three girls in a panic, running up and down the stair, Lisa grabbed Will’s arm and pulled him down the stairs and to the kitchen.

“You Okay?” Anna asked as she placed a bandaid over Will’s dic’s head, so it covered his piss whole.
“Will, I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened, it must be the altitude our something, I don’t know!” Brook yelled, frightened, it was obvious to him that his cum was misinterpreted as a medical problem.
“Will, you okay?” Anna asked again as she noticed his smile.
“Don’t worr-worry” Will said, his voice cracking, “That happens each time I masturbate, its completely natural.”
“Thank god”, Brook said with a sigh of relief.
Will and the girls walked back upstairs, with Will still covering his genitals with his hands, His dic was still semi-hard, and the bandaid still covered his head.

As the four kids sat on the ground Will quickly grabbing for his boxers and shorts, of which he quickly pulled back on. Will suddenly felt the overwhelming embarrassment he had seemingly repressed for the past few minutes. His face blushed and he put his face into his hands and sighed, if only his friends from San Diego could see him now. Will’s embarrassment only increased as Brook kept his shirt from him, stating that she needed to wash it, leaving Will shirtless.
“Promise you guys won’t tell anyone?”
“Of course, but you probably already figured this out..” Brook went on, “...You are the only boy in town. Most likely every girl in town will be all over you, Will. Things like this might happen again.”
“I know, but its okay, I can get out of it, don’t worry.” Will suddenly felt better as he imagined himself as a player, being able to choose which girl he could date, and being able to have sex, sparked in his male teenaged mind......TO BE CONTINUED.........

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Are banks to blame for poverty and debt? We had a good mienetg at Northfield Library today. We think we've got local activities on correcting the banking system off to a good start. Crucial that commercial banks should no longer be our money supply. Thanks for the help of Brummie Appreciated. see #bankreform on twitter soon for brief video. Dick

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Learn how to spell before you write a story. The word is DICK not DIC.

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Your story was really informative, thkans!

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