Adam works at a Pokemon daycare, but he's doing more than tending to the Pokemon.
Chapter 2

My weekend felt rather dull, almost as if now that it was here, I had a reason for it not to be.

I had sex with Lopunny twice more that day when supper rolled around. Then came the wonderful challenge of removing the smell of sex that hung so heavily in the air before Heather showed up. Aside from Lopunny, my day was pretty run of the mill, though I had to break up a fight between a new Mankey and a long-termer Primeape.

Even though I didn't have work until Monday, I dropped by anyway to see Bayleef, since I had ignored her the day before. Naturally I wouldn't tell her it was because I was tapping some sweet Lopunny ass; that would be in poor taste, and not the kind of thing I should be announcing where my bosses could be in earshot. When I reached the front of the daycare, however, I was greeted by the trainer from the day before--Lopunny's trainer.

"Oh, hey," he said, flagging me down and sprinting over to me several meters away.

"Hi," I said back, having a fair bit of difficulty looking him in the eye. What do I say to him? "How are you doing? I blew three loads into your Lopunny's cunt last night and she was great, I hope you bring her back sometime because I'd love to try anal"? It would have been terrible, but as my mind focused on the fact this meant no more fun with Lopunny, it was all that my brain wanted to come up with.

"I just wanted to say thanks. I talked to Lopunny before we left, and she told me how you helped her out last night."

He was... thanking me? For fucking his Pokemon. "I'm sorry, what?"

"You don't need to play coy with me, it's alright. I'm cool, man. Honestly, I would have kept her myself, but when she's in heat she wants attention all the time, and I needed a break before my dick started bleeding. She said you were a great lay though, so I think maybe I'll bring one of my other Pokemon by some time for you, just as a thank-you."

Had I woken up someplace radically different from the world I knew? Where was I, in this strange version of reality where Pokemon fucking is a topic of casual conversation and you thank someone for keeping your in-heat Lopunny from--

I was dreaming, wasn't I?

"You okay?" he asked, leaning forward a little and waving his hand in front of me.

"I'm sorry, I just--look, I didn't mean for anything to happen. I didn't know she was in heat, I accidentally brought her Pokeball into the break room when I was having lunch, she forced herself on me, and I sort of lost control. I have no idea what happened, and frankly I'm still sort of groggy and feeling a bit dirty over the whole thing, so please, don't thank me."

He looked at me funny for a moment, and I took the time to actually get a good look at him. He looked to be wearing clothes 20 years past their existence, some hybrid of surfer and Bill S. Preston Esq. with blond hair almost to his neck, and not all that bright.

"Oh, I get it. You're new to the whole thing. Well it's alright, you're not alone, dude, and you're not in the wrong. Tell you what, if you're curious, just go home and search 'pokephilia' on the internet, and you can decide for yourself how you want things to be. And if you ever want to hit me up or anything, talk to a fellow lover of fine lady Pokemon ass, give me a call. You got my number yesterday when I brought my babe in to the daycare. See you later, dude."

And again, the words took about four times their length to get through my head. I was still shocked and had difficulty believing anything he was saying was actually said. And naturally, by the time I processed the words and had about a hundred questions for him, he was gone. And took Lopunny with him. Great, I was now confused and probably going to stay that way.

I decided to push the entire matter out of my head as I walked in through the front door.

Elaine greeted me quizzically. "It's Saturday, Adam."

"I know. I wanted to drop by and see Bayleef and apologize for not seeing her yesterday, make sure she's not upset."

"The girl took to you for some reason. Heather and the weekend guys didn't get so nearly a warm welcome from her, so while you're there, can you tell her to be a bit more cooperative? Or else we'll lose our weekend workers and you'll have to go seven days a week."

"I'll see what I can do," I said, lifting the part of the shelf-desk-thing that lifted for people to pass--I had never figured out what it was called--and went out to see her.
It took a bit of convincing--and by 'bit', I mean lots--but eventually I got the stubborn Bayleef to cooperate. Turned out she was a staring session away from chasing Jamie right out of his job. I had no idea why she was so cold to him. She followed me all the way to the gate, and I gave her one last scratch on the back of the neck before leaving to start my actual weekend.

Somewhere after supper, I was upstairs, lounging around, when all of a sudden images hit me. Images of the day before, of Lopunny bent over the table softly mewling, her body heaving as I thrust into her again and again. Images of her huddled against the wall while I lay on the floor between her legs, my tongue exploring her inner core and licking up all the sweet juices she had to offer. One minute I was relaxing, sort of mindlessly watching TV, the next I'm inexplicably replaying sex with Lopunny in my head.

Then I remembered Lopunny's trainer, who told me to look up...what was it, pokephilia? Incredible; they even had a damn name for it. That might help me answer of my questions and be done with this whole thing.

I rolled off my bed and went over to the computer and hit the internet. I stared at the word in the little search engine box before hitting "enter" for several minutes, just trying to understand it and come to terms with the fact I had just typed such an absurd word. With a roll of the eyes I hit the key and brought up the search results. I figured the first result would explain things, so I clicked it.

What followed almost floored me. Pictures of various combinations of humans and Pokemon caught in carnal acts plastered the screen. It was what I had done with Lopunny, but multiplied, both guys and girls, and with Pokemon that weren't all as humanoid. One of the biggest eye-catchers was a slender girl on all fours, mounted by a Luxray. In the picture beside her, another much curvier girl tribbed with her Gardevoir, their legs and lips locked.

Needless to say, I clicked onward, my pants tightening considerably as I went through more of the website. It was pretty standard stuff for a website, explaining the fetish and attraction and tons of preachy stuff about social issues I didn't feel like reading--prattling on about changing society's attitudes did nothing for me when I could feel my pants tightening. There was a message board that'd probably answer all of my questions, but all these images assaulting my brain left me disoriented. Like with Lopunny, I left shame and decency at the door, opening my pants and clicking on the "Videos" tab. What followed was one of the strangest points of my life up to that point.

The first video was tame enough; probably for the best, too; nothing too hardcore just yet. It was rather simple; a girl spread out on a bed, a Ratticate lying atop her and just fucking her senseless, his body moving rapidly. Her breasts heaved and bounced each time he thrust into her, moving as rapidly as he was. She didn't have much in the way of words, just making an assortment of sounds, and her voice was actually rather grating. Next video.

The camera focused on a female Vulpix getting pounded mercilessly, making insanely adorable and arousing sounds as some lucky bastard pounded her tight hole. Her face seemed frozen in total ecstasy as cock filled her up so totally. I knew, watching the video, that I would never be able to look at any Vulpix the same way again; I'd always see the lust-struck face trapped in rapture, and most likely would want to fill her up and induce the rapture myself.

It got hardcore fast as the next random video almost sent me falling out of my chair in surprise. A pale girl in a black quasi-gothic lolita dress sat in the lap of an Arcanine, his cock presumably filling her tight hole, though I couldn't see anything to tell. What really shook me, though, was that about six Arcanine hung around, and she jacked off two of them by her sides. Third video, and I had already come across gangbang porn involving a girl and Arcanine. I was amazed this stuff existed, that people not only had group sex with Pokemon, but recorded it. And it looked professionally done, like there was a market for this stuff out there. A watermark near the bottom told me that it was, indeed, a sample for something I could buy at the company's website.

As a fourth Arcanine walked over to her, standing up on his hind legs and presenting her his cock, which she gladly began to suck on, I found that I had worked my pants off and was jacking off furiously to the sights before me. Yet again I lost the voice of reason in my head telling me it was wrong and all that jazz. All I knew was that there was a cute girl getting objectified by Pokemon, and it was hot. As soon as the new Arcanine had come, he, er... 'came'. All over her face. Pulling out just in time, he plastered her face, and she could do nothing but moan and smile.

Being a sample, the video faded out there and advertised the website, so I went on to the next one. A girl lay on her stomach, eating out her female Bulbasaur, a Pokemon I had never even thought of having any sex appeal at all. And yet, there she was, looking pretty damn hot as a blush broke through her green skin. She had two vines out, both helping out her trainer. Vine Whip. Used for sex.

What had I gotten into? What was I watching? Why did it turn me on and have me masturbating to it, and what did that say about me? I stopped asking the questions as I watched the Bulbasaur moan and slip the vines into her trainer's pussy, fucking her hard with them, making the girl lick her harder, causing louder moans, my hand going the entire time in response to the erotic sight.

I just kept watching the videos, going on for longer than I could imagine, wanking all the while. No time for shame or right and wrong, I just knew that there was a carnival of sex and debauchery on my screen and I loved every second of it.

A girl kneeling in front of her Rhyperior and wrapped her massive breasts--or at least attempted to--around his even more cock while her tongue lashed at its tip. The adorable, lusty sounds of a Mareep as her trainer held her hips, bouncing her up and down in his lap. A girl so young I wondered if I could get arrested for even watching straddled the face of a Charmander while two Charmeleons manhandled her above the waist, enough of their seed on her face to tell me I was catching the middle of something.

The endless parade of Pokephilia porn had seemingly robbed me of every reservation I had, even the ones I regained in the past twenty-four hours. My head had cleared, but now it was even more muddled as I saw the depths of depravity these people sunk to, and my only thought was "I want in".

What finally did it for me was a Lopunny video. Really, it was the inverse of the Charmeleon and Arcanine videos. It was a female Lopunny--a damn fine one, with a nicer ass and rack than the one I had--being practically stuffed with cock. The video description said it was a strange secret 'club' they belonged to; each week, one of the trainers would bring one of their female Pokemon, and they would just ravage her, fill all of her holes at once for hours on end and leave her totally spent. There must have been eight guys, each taking turns with her. Semen was caked on to her fur.

And she loved every second of it. She complained during the brief second when one left and another filled her back up. Flying on cloud nine while her trainer and his friends just fucked her every which way. At one point, a trainer pulled out of her mouth, shot his load on her face, and she smiled for the camera.

The sight of a Lopunny so thoroughly fucked and drenched with cum. smiling that twisted smile dripping with lust, sent me over the edge. I was totally unprepared, gasping as my cum spilled out onto the floor. I kept stroking through, wanking as the stream came and even a little after. It felt so good, as though it was the admittance of something my penis had been saying for years, that some secret level of pleasure had been waiting for me to come around. I stared at the screen a while longer, watching the rest of the video, before getting something to clean up my cum. And once that was done, I hit the "Next" button and started all over again.

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