Mad scientist comes across cheer squad stranded on roadside.
Heather woke up in a state of confusion, not aware of her surroundings her thoughts muddled and incoherent. She tried to focus – it was like she was drowning in mud, trying to swim to the surface but making very little progress. There was no way she could know that she had been drugged and yet her subconscious was aware enough that she was flooded with panic. Input from her various senses came to her and nothing made sense as each bit of information sank back into the mire just as she was able to grasp its meaning.

The first sensation to capture her notice was the ache in her jaw and she realized that her mouth was wide open due to the fact that she was biting on something hard and plastic. Even as that troubling thought faded, she realized that she wasn’t lying down but rather was draped over a short table on her stomach. Desperately her mind tried to think about which table it was, but nothing came to mind. Then she remembered, for a fleeting second, that her last memories were of the van ride. Could she be in the van? No, that didn’t seem right, but then her train of thought danced away from her and instead she dealt with the fact that she was not able to move. Her arms were pulled out away from her and attempts to draw them in resulted in sharp pain in her wrists. She wasn’t able to stand up or roll over either. Was she paralyzed? There was an accident! She remembered the van veering from the road and all of her friends screaming as it hit a tree. Even this revelation did not pull her out of her haze though, and she went unconscious again, her last thoughts the most disturbing of all: she could feel that her breasts were swinging freely as she struggled, they were hanging down.

She slept for a while longer, troubling dreams causing her to pull against her restraints, until she finally awoke completely, this time the twilight confusion subsiding in mere moments and the horror of her situation taking hold immediately. Heather felt everything again, realized she was immobile, and then tried to take stock of her situation. It was obvious that her ankles and wrists were tied and that she was bent over a short table and gagged with something. Her thighs burned because she was standing spread legged and when she moved her feet she realized she was wearing heels – tall ones. Looking down she could just barely see that her breasts were completely exposed and hanging beneath her. There was no way to be certain, but from the chill she suspected she might be completely naked, and if so she was entirely on display for anyone who might happen along.

Could this be a hospital? Had she been injured in the accident? But then she clearly remembered that everyone had been okay after the crash, they were all outside watching Mrs. Henderson try to change a tire, and then that nice man happened along and was so helpful.

Groaning noises reached her ears and she turned her head to the side, her eyes growing wide as the scene came into focus. Next to her was Elizabeth, her best friend. Liz was bent over a wooden stool of some kind that pressed into her abdomen. Her legs were straight and shackled to the stool at the ankle so that she was spread wide open. Leather straps around her thighs kept her pressed tightly against the stool. She wore no shirt, her small breasts hanging down beneath her, jiggling as Heather watched her be raped by the man who had helped them on the roadside.

Heather had never seen a penis before but the cock that was currently being rammed harshly into her best friend’s pussy was bigger than she had ever imagined they could be. Elizabeth had a big red ball fastened into her mouth with a leather strap and so all she could manage was muffled groans as her rapist stuffed her over and over. Her long straight blonde hair fell around her chin and neck as she turned her head to look at Heather. Looking into her friend’s sapphire eyes she saw only terror and pain as tears flowed down her friends face and dripped onto the floor, pooling with the drool from her gag. Each time he slammed himself all the way into her, she would wince in pain, shutting her eyes tight but then re-opening them – perhaps finding comfort in the face of her friend.

The man noticed that Heather was awake and sneered at her. “Your friend here was the only one of you who wasn’t a virgin so I’ve decided to start with her. But don’t worry your turn is coming.” Elizabeth wasn’t a virgin? That couldn’t be! He had to be lying, but she could see from her position that there was no blood between her legs. Elizabeth shook her head slightly, but didn’t turn away. “She’s nice and tight though, I don’t think she’s ever had a cock as big as mine. But I can tell that she likes it – her pussy is clenching around me like a fist!”

Elizabeth was shaking her head, but the man didn’t seem to notice. Instead he sped up his pace and reached around cupping her small breasts in his hands and pinching her nipples hard. She said something but only managed to mumble into her gag – he took it at encouragement and told her that she was a good little slut. He was muscular, but not like a body builder. Heather had never seen a naked man before and although she was completely repulsed by this whole situation, she could appreciate his physique. Where did all that cock go when it disappeared inside Liz? It had to be way up into her stomach!

She continued to watch, knowing she should turn away, but afraid to because Elizabeth kept staring into her eyes and she didn’t want to deny her any solace she could provide. But it was hard to watch the agony on her friend’s face as she was brutally raped and called a slut. Suddenly, Elizabeth’s eyes got even wider and she began to pull hard against her restraints. Her whole body tensed up, her back bending. She turned her head away and screamed into her gag.

“You’re slutty little friend is cumming all over my cock! I told you she loves it!” The noises coming from her friend’s snatch were definitely wetter, and Elizabeth was shuddering as she continued to get fucked. Her face was bright red with shame and humiliation, and now she turned her head away. Heather wanted to tell her that it was alright, that she knew that Elizabeth hadn’t wanted to enjoy it, but her own gag kept her from being able to do anything but continue to stare as her friend clearly went into her second orgasm.

Now he began to slow down, pulling his massive tool all the way out and sliding it back in slowly. This went on for a long time before he was finally able to make Elizabeth cum a third time. She was sobbing into her gag as he told her he was going to cum inside of her, to get her pregnant with his baby. Then Heather watched as he trust all the way into her friend’s womb and began to cum – his face contorting into a horrible grimace. When he finally pulled away, Heather could see the cum dripping from Elizabeth’s cunt.

The man disappeared from her view for a moment and then he returned, his cock still fairly engorged and dripping with a mixture of his and Elizabeth’s cum. He held the handle of a leash which was attached to a large black studded collar that was around the neck of Mrs. Henderson, Heather’s coach. Mrs. Henderson had clearly been crying, her mascara smeared down her face. She was completely naked but her nipples had been clamped and connected together with a chain. Across her chest in black marker it read “WHORE”. She crawled after this man, not saying a word, and as her backside came into view Heather saw the bright red welts of a fresh whipping on her lower back, ass, and thighs. Written across her ass was the word “SLUT”.

Astonishingly, Mrs. Henderson put up no resistance when the man pushed his cock into her mouth. She opened wide, and worked diligently to lick and suck all of Elizabeth’s juices from his cock. After a few minutes he began to get hard again and then grabbed her head and slowly pushed his entire length into her throat. Heather could not believe that it was possible to swallow all of that cock, but Mrs. Henderson was managing it – although her face was contorted in pain.

After a few minutes, he pulled away and grabbing the leash near the collar he guided Mrs. Henderson up so that her face was inches from Elizabeth’s sloppy pussy. “Go ahead and tend to your student, slut. You’re not done until she cums again.”

“Please,” Mrs. Henderson said, her voice raspy, but he simply snapped his fingers and pointed at Elizabeth’s cunt. Heather watched amazed as her teacher stuck out her tongue and began to lick her best friend’s pussy. Elizabeth couldn’t see what was happening, but her eyes flew open as her coach ate her out. Meanwhile, the rapist positioned himself behind Mrs. Henderson and slid his cock into her pussy. He fucked her slowly, but deeply, as he and Heather watched her gobble all of his cum from Elizabeth.

He told her to fuck him back, and then he stood still while Mrs. Henderson moved her ass back and forth, taking his cock inside of herself over and over again, her tongue never leaving Elizabeth’s crotch. It was horrifying, but just as Elizabeth’s had, Mrs. Henderson’s body betrayed her and she began to scream as her body shook with a powerful orgasm. Her screams were only partially muffled by Elizabeth’s blonde muff. Midway through her own orgasm, she managed to bring Elizabeth off. While the two girls came hard, the man began to cum deep inside of Mrs. Henderson.

“NO! You promised!”

“Fuck you, bitch! I’ll cum wherever I want, and if you don’t want another beating you’ll thank me for it!”

Mrs. Henderson collapsed on the floor, crying, her fingers desperately trying to get his cum out of her. Heather’s heart went out to her; everyone knew that Mrs. Henderson was on fertility medications. He stood over her and slapped her hard across the face. “I told you to thank me.”

Heather cringed as Mrs. Henderson tried to be defiant, but he hit her again and again until she was blubbering and screaming over and over, “Thank you for cumming inside of me!”
“That’s better. Now get back in your cage!”

Heather could not see any cage, but from behind her she heard a loud metal click and then nothing but Mrs. Henderson’s sobbing.

The rapist patted Elizabeth on the ass, “You were a much better fuck than your slutty teacher.” Then he turned and looked at Heather. “I hope you enjoyed the show, cunt, because you’re next.” He laughed and patted her on the head and then disappeared from view.

Over the next hour or so, Heather heard the sounds of her friends waking up. From the groaning and creaking and sobbing she could tell that all seven of them, the entire squad, were finding themselves in the same predicament. Mrs. Henderson said nothing, but just cried softly in her cage.

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