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My employer is an unscrupulous man. He is very rich and very well connected. However, most of those connections are all coerced. He has an extensive collection of information on numerous people around the country and he does not flinch when it comes time to threaten release of that information in order to force the individual into giving him what he wants, which is usually controlling interest in a business venture. Sometimes the individuals need a little convincing, or additional information needs to be gathered regarding them. That is where I come in………
My employer is an unscrupulous man. He is very rich and very well connected. However, most of those connections are all coerced. He has an extensive collection of information on numerous people around the country and he does not flinch when it comes time to threaten release of that information in order to force the individual into giving him what he wants, which is usually controlling interest in a business venture. Sometimes the individuals need a little convincing, or additional information needs to be gathered regarding them. That is where I come in………
I have some very unique talents and am very discrete which is why he hired me. He pays very, very well per assignment; six figures, never starting at less than $150,000. Sometimes the assignments can be distasteful, but not enough to make me give up the money.

The beginning of my employment:
“Come in, have a seat” the Boss said as I followed him into a plush, richly appointed office. I sat in an antique straight back chair across from his massive mahogany desk as he settled into his overstuffed executive desk chair. “I understand you do jobs, of all nature, no questions as long as the money is right?” the Boss queried.

“Yes I do.”

“Well then, welcome aboard. Let me tell you though, no matter what the assignment, I expect you to complete it. I never take no for an answer, or let me say, there is no one living that has said no to me. Understand what I am saying?”

“Yes, I understand quite well. I also assume that the compensation will be discussed on a case by case basis.” I replied.

“Yes. Now, let’s get onto your first assignment.”

The boss is usually very specific on what he wants done in so much that there are some very specific things he wants accomplished, in specific manners. We discussed the first assignment and the compensation, which I will say was quite generous. Although there were some details I was not totally comfortable with, I put my personal feelings and likes/dislikes aside as soon as he put half the cash in my hand.

I am not going to explain the details of the assignment before I describe how I carried out the assignment. I think the gist of the initial assignment will become apparent as I relate the details

Assignment #1

My boss needed a “yes” vote from the head of the city council for his multi-million dollar project to move forward. Unfortunately, for the councilman, he was not likely to get that vote at next week’s meeting. That is where I enter the picture. “You understand I need this in two days” he asked as he slid the large manila envelope across his large mahogany desk to me.


“This is quite different from any of your other work. Review it and if you choose not to carry it out, let me know by 6:00 pm this evening”.

I picked up the envelope and he indicated the meeting was over by standing and walking to the office door. I followed and exited as he opened, then closed the door behind me.

As I read the detailed instructions I realized I needed an assistant. I knew the perfect man – Ratcliff. He is very discrete and presents an imposing visage at 6’-4” and 274 muscular pounds. I am not small, 6’-1” and 210 pounds, but Ratcliff seem like a dwarf next to Ratcliff. The details of this assignment will become apparent as the following story unfolds. Inside the manila envelope was a movie of sorts; specific scenes to be filmed and specific phrases to be uttered.

Ratcliff and I strode into the councilman’s outer office.

“The councilman never sees anyone without an appointment” the secretary curtly stated as we approached her desk.

“We represent Hardwick Industries” I flatly stated. She picked up the phone, spoke to the councilman, then hung up as she stated “Follow me” and led us down a lengthy hallway. The thick carpeting and dark wood walls seemed to absorb all light and sound. She opened his office door, ushered us in and closed the door behind us. It was a large office with a big, dark cherry desk, matching coffee table, two dark red leather chairs in front of the desk and a matching leather couch by the coffee table. There was a black executive chair behind the desk and plush carpeting on the floor.

“I have repeatedly told Hardwick my position” the councilman began as I removed the revolver from my suit jacket, silencing him.

“We are not here to discuss anything with you councilman. We are here to make a short film, with you as the star. Any discussions will be between you and Hardwick. You will do exactly as told if you want to live and want your secretary to live. Do you understand?”

I stood there a few seconds, with the pistol aimed at his forehead, waiting for him to absorb this and reply. His face suddenly flushed beet red contrasting sharply with his 58 year old head of white hair. “You can not get away with this! Others in the building will hear the shots.”

“I thought of that” I replied as I nodded to Rat. He removed a silenced pistol from the shoulder holster under his suit jacket and fired a round into the arm of massive couch. An astonished look replaced the angry one on the councilman’s face as the color drained from it. “Well, it does not look like anyone noticed” I said after waiting about 45 seconds. “The sooner we get started, the sooner we will be out of here.”

“You will be totally compliant, totally cooperative. Any hesitation or refusal will get you shot. Do you understand, agree, and believe this?”

“Yes” was his feeble reply.

“Strip” I ordered.

“W-W-wwwWHAT? I thought this would be…..”

“I never told you what the theme of the video would be. Nor did I give you permission to question me. That was your one and only chance to question me.” I stated. “Now STRIP!” I ordered again Rat pointed the silenced pistol at the councilman’s face. As he began to remove his clothes I nodded to Rat. Rat then removed a high end hand held camera from his briefcase. The councilman now stood naked beside his desk. His 58 year old body was in average condition; could use a little tan but otherwise not bad. He was about 5’-7” tall, weighed about 150 pounds. His flaccid cock was surrounded by a thick mat of reddish-brown pubic hair. This is not something he was going to enjoy at all, especially since he is a rabid homophobe. Besides that, he knows that if this ever gets out he will be totally, utterly ruined; abandoned by friends, family, associates, etc. Rat moved around the room filming the naked councilman from all angles and ending up behind him. Rat was careful to not get anything on film that could identify me or him.

“Get over here and suck my cock”

The councilman hesitated so Rat pressed the cold steel of the silencer against the base of his skull. He flinched then began to slowly move toward me as I stood near the coffee table. I nodded to Rat upon which, from behind the councilman, he fired another round into the arm of the couch. The sound startled the councilman into action. He quickly moved over in front of me and dropped to his knees. His shaky hands began to claw at my zipper. We would have no more resistance from the councilman.

Rat filmed as the councilman hauled my 9” cock out of my suit pants. “You better make me like this” I stated. He hesitantly took the head of my flaccid cock between his lips. “I have never got off on gay sex so you better get my dick hard so I can fuck you” I stated as I grasped his ears and pulled his face into my crotch until his nose rubbed against my zipper. The suddenness of this action did not allow him time to prevent my soft cock from slipping fully into his mouth. I held his face firmly against my crotch as I felt his tongue frantically moving around to try to avoid contact with my now thickening cock. The more he tried to avoid my cock, the more he stimulated it. In spite of my initial distaste for this I was starting to really get into it. As my cock fully hardened it started to gag him. I grasped a handful of his hair and pulled his head away from me releasing my cock from his mouth. I reached into my pants and pulled the entire length of my cock, along with my nut sack, through my fly in order to provide him total access to my dick and balls.

“Lick my balls” I ordered. He dutifully complied. I felt the tip of his tongue drag along the bottom of my nut sack. “Get after it man. Suck a nut into your mouth”.

He sucked up my left nut and began to roll it around with his tongue. It felt pretty damn good. He was pretty good for a homophobe. “Back to the cock” I stated. As soon as his parted lips contacted my crown I grabbed the back of his head with both my hands and shoved hard, impaling his face on my cock. He struggled and gagged trying to dislodge my cock from his mouth but I held firm. I intertwined my fingers in his hair then began to piston his head up and down taking his lips from the knob of my cock down the shaft until my crown slammed firmly into the back of his mouth. He needed to be taught a lesson. “If you do not get into this, or at least act like you do, if you remain tentative, then I will continue to force the3 action just like I am now” I panted out as I kept sliding his face up and down my big cock. I looked down and saw tears running down his reddened cheeks. Snot was beginning to drip from his nose. On the next upward stroke I released his hair. He pulled his mouth off my cock and gasped taking in ragged breaths of air. Rat continued filming and ensured that he was getting the proper angles in accordance with Hardwick’s instructions. I knew Hardwick would have to be edit the video to provide the desired effect so I wanted to make sure he got as much conversation free footage as possible.

“Lay on the coffee table face up” I ordered. As he scampered to the table I removed my shoes and pants. “Slide up a little so that your head hangs over the edge of the table.”

Rat positioned himself behind me as I lowered my balls to the councilman’s lips. “Lick’em!” This time I felt his tongue rapidly working my nut sack, bathing it, like a dog drinking water, making my balls swing to and fro. He seemed to have learned how to act, if he was acting. I moved forward until my balls were hanging in front of his chin. “Lick my shitter!” Rim it good. Eat it! Shove your tongue up it.” I stated as I lowered my asshole to his lips. It was an electrifying sensation as he began to eat my asshole. He repeatedly ran his tongue around the rim of my hole then pursed his lips and sucked hard on my ass while shoving the tip of his tongue as far up my ass as he could. Then he released the suction and rapidly repeated the process. “That’s it” I mumbled. “Jack your cock” I directed. He reached down and began to tug at his semi-rigid cock as Rat continued to record him hungrily eating my asshole. I let him continue eating my ass until his 5 ½” cock was fully hardened then I nodded my head back toward Rat. He moved around to my side panning the camera from the councilman’s fist working his cock up to my balls resting against his chin. As he paused the camera in that position I raised up, grasped my 9” cock and aimed it at the councilman’s mouth. He obediently opened up. I pushed down on his forehead to better align his mouth and throat. I slid my cock in about halfway a couple times to allow him the lube it with his saliva. He seemed to know what was coming because he liberally coated my cock with spit.

I shoved my cock to the back of his mouth and held it there allowing him to get accustomed to it. I began to pump my hips tapping the back of his mouth with each forward thrust of my cock. Surprisingly he was handling it quite well. Also, his hand started moving faster up and down his cock.

With my next forward thrust I not only tapped the back of his mouth I slipped the crown of my cock and about 1” of the shaft into his throat! His hands immediately shot up to my hips and pushed against me trying to dislodge my cock from his throat. His body tensed and his face flushed red again just as I backed off a little. “Don’t!” I hissed at him. His hands then dropped from my hips. I slid my hips forward again, felt my knob hit the back of his mouth, stop for a split second, then “pop” into his throat again along with about 2” of my shaft. I pulled back but kept the tip of my cock just inside his throat. I then firmly thrust forward and did not stop until my balls were resting against his nose. I saw his throat expand to accept my sizable girth and length. I held in that position. I felt his throat muscles tighten and release in an effort to expel the invading cock. The feeling was exquisite! It made my cock involuntarily twitch deep in his throat. I remained paused in that position a little longer allowing Rat to film it and enjoying the sensations he was providing to me as his body tensed up and struggled around my cock. His face was now a very dark red so I pulled back, allowed him to gasp in a lung full of air then began to earnestly skull fuck him. Rat moved around filming from all angles. “Jack Off!” I ordered. As difficult as it was the councilman resumed jacking off while my cock pummeled his throat. He was choking and gagging each time my cock filled his throat but he was getting more accommodating as time passed.

“Put your other hand on my ass and pump my hips” I directed. His left hand then moved up to my ass cheek and pulled me toward him every time I thrust forward. I needed Rat to quickly get the required footage because I could feel the familiar tingle in my balls that is a prelude to my ejaculation. I looked inquiringly toward Rat. He affirmatively nodded his head and lowered the camera. I stopped thrusting and took a step back, my cock twitching in the air before me. The councilman took in several deep breaths of air as his saliva dripped from my cock onto his splotchy red face. His cheeks were wet with a mixture of tears and spit.

“Get on your hands and knees, ass toward me!” I commanded. “Now you really need to make this convincing. Look over your shoulder and beg me to fuck your ass. Then, when you feel the tip of my cock against your asshole you say “give me all that big cock now”. Do you understand?”


“OK. Let’s do this” I said. Rat raised the camera and began recording again. The councilman looked over his shoulder. “Fuck my ass” he convincingly asked. I spit into my hand and added it to the remnants of his saliva on my cock. I stepped toward him, peeled open his ass with my left hand and aimed my big cock at his pinkish-brown asshole with my right hand and leaned in. As soon as the tip of my cock touched his ring he passionately cried out “Give me that big cock NOW! All of it!”. I was surprised by the enthusiasm in his voice as I slammed my hips forward. My knob just started to penetrate his hole when it popped out and my cock slid up his ass crack. I quickly grasped it again and realigned it with his hole and plunged forward again. Once again I was denied entry by his tiny ring and my cock slid down his crack and struck his balls. I re-gripped my shaft, aimed it at his hole and slowly pressed forward. I watched as his little ring began to expand around my knob. God it was tight. I pressed harder sliding a little more of my cock into him. He began to whimper. I kept pushing and watching until my knob popped into his tunnel and his little ring clamped fiercely around my shaft just below the lip of my crown.

I straightened my back, grabbed his hips tightly and slammed forward while pulling back on his waist. The councilman slid across the coffee table a couple inches. My cock only went about another inch and a half up his ass. FUCK! That hurt my cock. The friction was causing a searing pain. The councilman ass tightened up and he groaned painfully. I pulled my cock completely out of his ass. “Rat, hand me that lube out of the briefcase.” I liberally coated my pulsing cock with the slimy substance. Then I dipped my index and middle fingers into the jar getting a large dollop which I wormed up into his asshole twisting and flexing my fingers at the same time to try and loosen him up a bit. I regained my position behind the councilman, peeled his ass open again and heard him grunt as I shoved the knob of my cock through his tiny asshole again. I made sure Rat was ready with the camera. I grasped the councilman’s hips, took a deep breath, then drove my hips forward while pulling mightily on his hips with all my strength! The lube worked! He screamed and I grunted as my big cock shot into his ass until my pelvis smashed into his as cheeks. I had instantaneously, excruciatingly stretched his tiny ring to the very maximum. It felt like his ass ring was going to cut my cock off! God it was tight. I tightly held his hips keeping my pelvis firmly planted against his ass cheeks feeling his ass ring constricting and releasing, spasming around the base of my cock. I loved it! I began to rotate my hips in small circular motions to open him up a little more. After a few rounds of this I felt the pressure on my cock ease up a little. I then withdrew my cock until just the tip was still inside him and slammed it back in again. He groaned very loudly and hunched his back up and dropped his head to the table. I slam pumped my cock a few more times. The councilman groaned a little less each time. I assumed a more normal fuck pace. His pained groaning died out and was replaced with tiny, quiet pleasure containing moans. He actually seemed to start to enjoy it? Rat was filming from all angles, trying to get all the typical “porno” point of views.

I increased my tempo and felt my heavy nut sack stickily smacking into his. That familiar tingling was starting in my balls again. As Rat moved around behind us and squatted down to aim the camera up between our legs he said “ God damn, Jake, the councilman is actually enjoying this because he is jacking off like crazy!”

This increased my level of excitement and I fucked his ass a little faster. I was getting as much stroke as I could; the lip of my crown bumped his anal ring on each outward stroke followed by my balls smacking into his as my pelvis slammed into his ass checks. I got more excited and tightened my grip on his waist as I increased my fuck tempo even more. He grunted each time my pelvis slammed into his ass. Suddenly he cried out, hunched up his back, then I felt his ass pulsing around my cock as he shot his sticky load onto the coffee table. This put me over the edge. Just as I felt the last spasm of his ass I jerked my slick, hot cock out of his hole. I felt the cum boiling in my balls. “On your kness!” I frantically ordered. I felt the cum start up my shaft as he nimbly complied. The councilman quickly dropped to his knees in front of me, grasped my ass cheeks, tilted his head back and opened his mouth wide. The moment his tongue began to extend from his mouth the first rope of cum exited my cock. It landed at an angle across his forehead and the bridge of his nose. As the second rope was about to spurt from my cock I aimed it at his open mouth and pumped two more big shots all the way to the back of his mouth followed by one last, small squirt onto the tip of his tongue. I continued jacking my cock, milking out every last drop of cum. As the last bit of cum was stringing down from the tip of my piss hole his tongue snaked up and generously bathed the sensitive head of my cock sending shivers throughout my body. He then swallowed my cum and reached up, grasped my cock, and proceeded to hungrily give me one of the best tongue baths I had ever experienced. “That’s it councilman, lick all your ass off my cock. Don’t forget the slime on my balls!”

My cock began to deflate. I stepped back as Rat started to put the camera away. I quickly put my pants and shoes on, bid the councilman farewell and left. I went by and gave the camera to Hardwick. Judging by the extra ten percent added to the electronic deposit to my account two days later I think Hardwick was extremely satisfied with my work.

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