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It was ten at night, as Pierce laid in his bed. His mom and dad had both just gone to bed and his little brother Paul was asleep too. Pierce waited till he was unable to hear any sound from the rest of the house. When he was sure that he was the only awake one in his home, he pulled off the covers of the bed and slipped out of his boxers and the loose white t-shirt he was wearing for bed. With one hand cupping his teenaged balls, he massaged his right nipple with the other. In a matter of minutes Pierce began to be aroused, as his limp boy dic began to grow and become fully erect.
“Oh...Haley..” He murmured, now feverishly rubbing his penis while still cupping his balls with his other hand. Pierce’s circumcised dic twitched under his tight grip, as he pulled the loose skin over his head, and pulled it back down quickly. Pierce moaned quietly, “Haley...Oh Haley” as he increased the speed of which he pulled on his dic. Pre-cum leaked from his dic as he imagined Haley and him having sex in his bed. He imagined her naked nipples, soft and subtle, pushed up against his face, her wavy brown hair draped over him and her as she moaned and muttered his name. He say his own dic entering her vagina. She moaned as he slowly and steadily humped her. Pierce’s dream was suddenly interrupted, as he felt his orgasm approaching, “Oh God! Oh Yes! Oh Haley, yes, Haley, please, oh yes! .....Aaaahhhhh!” He moaned as he squirted his load onto his chest and stomach. He reached over the side of the bed and picked up a towel, of which he wiped away the spilt seed now coating his dic, pubes, and balls. He wiped away the cum on his chest and threw the towel into the corner of his room. Pierce’s breathing began to slow and go back to normal as he laid back on his bed, tucked under the covers, fantasizing about his new girlfriend. He thought about her wavy brown hair, her blue-eyes, her slender feminine form, her blossoming breasts, and the on part of her body he wished to see the most, her twat. At this point in time, Pierce wanted nothing else but to see that pussy. Slowly and steadily, he drifted of to sleep, with images of him and Haley wrapped around each other.

“He’s perfect, Haley” Lynn said as she drank from her water bottle, “He is nice, funny, athletic, and he is SOOO hot!”
“Thank’s Lynn, that’s my boyfriend!” Haley yelled playfully as the two girls watched the beautiful teen boy shirtless by the school’s pool.
“Sorry, Haley. But look at him in that speedo! Not much left to the imagination.” Lynn said as the two girls leaned upon the fence to the pool, watching the boy’s swim team practice.
“You know who I think is sexy?”
“Who Lynn?”
“Luke’s hot. But he is to short, and those blond highlights annoy me, also, have you seen him?”
“No, why?”
“No reason, he’s just in my English, and he’s been gone for, like, a day”
“Nope, usually I keep tract of boys I stalk, but not in this case”
“Oh God” Haley sighed as she starred at Pierce’s almost naked body. He had wavy brown hair, much like her, that curled up slightly at the ends. He was broad shouldered, and had was thin with an athletic build. He had thin boyish legs, and had a faint six pack, and pectorals, obviously from swimming. She day dreamed momentarily about kissing Pierce, but was ruddily interrupted as Lynn dragged her into the pool area, to say hi to the boys who were now getting out of practice.

Veronica walked into her basement, were the panting and crying Luke fearfully looked up to see her face, sadistically watching him from the door way. Luke was chained to a Wall by his wrists, ankles, and neck, a gag secured in his mouth to prevent him from yelling for help. He was weeping, as tears fell from his eyes. His balls were red from being beaten, as were his nipples and ass cheeks. Luke tried to break free from his bonds, but he was unable to break free, as Veronica walked over to his hunched over body.
“Hello there little boy” Veronica said to her victim. “Let’s see if you’ll like this?” Veronica pulled from behind her back a large purple dildo which made Luke’s eyes widen with fear as he attempted to move from his kidnapper. Veronica loved to watch him squirm. He was short of a fourteen year old, he had a tan complexion and had slight blond highlights which complemented his Hazel colored hair. His thin body twitched as Veronica began to tighten the chains against the wall, making Luke’s mobility less and less. Luke mumbled something through the gag, but was only laughed at as Veronica spit on the dildo’s tip and veraciously shoved the rubber phallus into the you virgin whole. Luke screamed and cried, but over all remained silent, as the gag prevented him from doing anything about the pain he was enduring.
“You like it don’t you, Luke?” Veronica laughed. “Remember when you had lunch with George, Andrew, and Anna?” Luke nodded in response to her question, “Well, that was when I decided to take you. So later that night, guess what I did? I followed you into the bathroom at the school, you know, right before you were to walk home? Well anyway, I took this.” Veronica continued as she pulled out a used syringe from her pocket, “And with a little prick, I kidnapped you, and now you are MY toy.” Luke now looked on in horror as Veronica manically laughed and waved the syringe in front of her prisoner. He could, barley move, now. The dildo was secured by a leather strap that was tied off on the tight cock ring around his balls and dic. Almost any movement he made caused him pain in his asshole.
“Night night” Veronica shouted as she waved at the small teen while turning off the lights and walking up and out of the basement, leaving the naked and gagged, teen boy chained to a wall and in pain.

Veronica was very popular at school. Her supermodel appearance made her popular with the boys in her class and the rest of the school as well. Yet, with the ability to get any boy she wanted, she always seemed to be aroused by the young ones. Their innocence, their ignorance, she was aroused by all of it. This month Luke had been her target, but a new boy had recently caught her eye, Pierce. He was the “nice boy” of the freshman class. He was also the most attractive boy in the entire grade, at least according to Veronica. So the minute she say him, she began her diabolical plan to torture the innocent little teen boy. His crush on Haley, of which she was aware of, also gave her a spark of inspiration, slowly but steadily, her plan was made and finally that night, it was put into action.

Pierce and Haley sat in the row in-front of Veronica at the movie theater, the darkness was the perfect camouflage for Veronica’s plans. Pierce had his arm around Haley who had her hand on his knee. Though it was obvious to Veronica, Haley obviously had not seen Pierce’s erection beginning to rise under his shorts.
“Well I was right”, Veronica thought to herself, “He is a horny little fucker!” She smiled as she leaned forward and poured the contents of her syringe into the lover’s popcorn. She smiled as she saw them both eat from the poisoned popcorn. Within minutes the two were down, “Perfect” she thought to herself, “100% Perfect.......

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