Adam works at a Pokemon daycare, but he's doing more than tending to the Pokemon.
Chapter 3

To say going to work Monday was going to be strange was an understatement. Saturday was spent watching Pokemon and humans doing the deed, and Sunday only made it worse. I started exploring, joining forums, meeting people who, it seemed, were a lot like me. And all this time, I didn't even know it. I talked at great length to one girl in particular named Tabitha, a Pokemon Ranger with an Infernape. She said she and a few of her fellow Rangers had pretty much turned the job into "meet random wild Pokemon and fuck them", which made me feel so much better; I wasn't the only one seriously in violation of job rules. We talked for hours about pokephilia, and having befriended someone normal who shared my fetish-as opposed to Ted "Theodore" Logan-went great ways in helping me accept it. Well, accepting it when there wasn't porn in front of me, since the porn shut my brain off altogether.

I woke up groggier than normal that day, since I had stayed up longer than I should have, talking to Tabitha. By the time I reached work, I wanted very much to go back to bed, moreso than I had Friday, amazingly.

Bayleef wasn't waiting at the gate for me, probably sleeping. I locked the gate and turned around to see Umbreon and Espeon playing again, like they had on Friday. Problem was, it was different now. As Umbreon chased after her sister, all I could see was the mental image of the two siblings, paws on my legs, licking my dick together while I reached around them and fingerfucked their dripping slits. Their adorable eyes just focued hungrily on my cock as it twitched, spurting my cum all over their adorable-


My pants grew tighter as I averted my gaze and continued down the path, shoving the lovely little fantasy out of my head, at least for the time being. I continued on down the path, keeping my eyes planted firmly on the path, counting the stones as I passed, trying very hard to keep my mind focused. It was going to be a very difficult day if I was already perving out. When I arrived at the food storage, Heather was sitting around, stirring her half-empty cup of coffee idly.

"Hey," I said, dropping my bag in the corner and pulling up the other chair. "You work the weekend night shifts, too?"

"Yeah," she grumbled, looking worse than I did in the morning. She did the same work I did, but without the exposure to sunlight. "At least until Grandpa finds someone else to work nights. I can't do this much, I need to have a life."

I chuckled a little as we continued to make some more small talk before she went on her way. I took a quick glance at her as she walked by-usually an ass like that, contained so tightly in jeans, would have me drooling, but it didn't do as much for me that time as it had previously. I guess if human ass no longer held as much interest for me, I was a full-blown pokephiliac. Farewell, Heather's ass, I hardly knew ye.

"Calm down, guys," I said, cutting open the bag of Pokemon food beside me while a a bunch of Pokemon, including a Pidgey, a Sentret, and a Cubone, hounded me to go faster. I grabbed the bag from the base, tipping it into the almost comically oversized food bowl. The contents spilled out slowly at first, but by the time I had it upside-down, the food rushed out of the bag, and within a minute, I had it empty. Of course, fifty seconds before then, they were fighting over the food already, shoving each other out of the way playfully. The younger Pokemon were fed first just because of their impatience; the older Pokemon were experienced and could go a few minutes longer without food. Soon, the other bowls were full and everyone was happy.

There were about fifteen to twenty-five Pokemon at any given time entrusted to the daycare. Sometimes trainers just had them there a couple hours, sometimes a day or two. In addition to seven Pokemon who had hatched from eggs their trainers didn't want and became permanent residents until they were adopted, Bayleef included, there were currently twenty-seven Pokemon I was tasked with taking care of. And for the most part, I was handling it quite well. A Machoke who had been there for a few weeks was willing to help me out with carrying the food, which gave me some time to sit around and do relative nothing.

I found that around male Pokemon, or a mixed batch, I was much more able to control my brain. When I was relatively alone with a female or two, however... Let's just say Machoke's presence was a blessing. Through the course of the day I had, in my head, fucked a Pidgeot, a Sneasel, and an Ampharos, in addition to more time with the Umbreon and Espeon twins, and they were all glorious. I avoided Bayleef like the fucking plague, as much as I knew it would make her sad, just because I didn't want to start imagining myself doing anything to her. Tabitha told me that the pussies of grass types tended to taste-

2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17...

And we're good. I had taken to counting off prime numbers in my head when I had to get the stuff out of my head, just because math and memories of learning math were the least sexy things I could think of on the fly. Which was good, because the last thing I wanted to think about as licking Bayleef's minty-sweet cunt and-

19, 23, 29, 31...

Back again.

With everyone fed, I went off to handle my hour-long desk shift. Elaine greeted me as I came, passing me her newspaper as I sat down and did virtually nothing for a solid hour. No slacker-ery types came by with Pokemon in heat for me to watch, and by extension nobody came. It was an hour of silence as I just sat by and read the paper. Elite four challenge in a few weeks, reports of muggers in Veilstone, public outrage over ferry costs to Canalave... it was all totally inconsequential to everything my brain had running through it. On the bright side, no stories about arrests being made over Pokephilia rings or anything. Which was good; it meant the insanely terrible but rather funny timing was still just a literary device, not real. If life were a movie, there'd probably be someone arrested for having sex with Pokemon in some other daycare.

When my hour was up, I handed Elaine the newspaper back and went on my way to have my lunch. In peace. Far removed from any Pokemon who could give me impure thoughts. And, much to my luck, I did. I closed the door, sat down, and ate lunch. Exciting, ain't it? I focused on the food, kept my mind off Pokemon, and when I was done, I got up, threw out my garbage, and noticed the garbage bag was pretty well full. I picked it out of the bin, wrapped up the top in a knot, and brought it around back.

And that's where the boring parts ended. Behind the food storage/break room, Ampharos lay huddled against the wall. I was trying to swear off the impure thoughts, but the problem here was that she wasn't being all wholesome anyway. She her her legs spread and her tail pumped in and out of her pussy while she made soft, adorable sounds.


"Are you okay?" I asked, approaching her, trying hard to cover up the fact I had a very pronounced bulge and with it the fact I wanted nothing more than to drop down in front of her and help her out with that.

"Amph! Ampharos!" she looked very happy to see me, pulling her tail out of her vagina as I neared her.

"Do you need any help with something? Food? Water?" I had dug my own grave by acknowledging her and grabbing her attention. I had no idea what I was saying, only hope that I could avoid problems, albeit really great problems that made me feel on top of the world.

"Pharos," she said, pointing to her pussy. I was afraid of that.

Then, the mental image of the Lopunny video from the weekend came rushing back. Manhandled by eight humans at once and loving every second of it. It was just as much a pleasure trip for her as it was for them. I think I realized at that point something that, frankly, should have been apparent all along. The Pokemon enjoyed it, too. The Pokemon wanted it just as much as we did. Every video I so eagerly masturbated to showed a trainer and their Pokemon in a relationship that just went beyond the normal relationship most have. It was bonding and mutual satisfaction. Even in talking to Tabitha, I think, I missed that part. I mean, for the second time if a week, a Pokemon was coming onto me. Was it really me taking advantage of them and all that jazz if they were the ones demanding it from me?

So I decided then and there that yes, I was a Pokephiliac, and I was going to act on that. No more shoving the thoughts out of my head, loving the stuff when it's right in front of me and being ashamed of it when the porn isn't there. And my first act as an out-and-proud Pokephiliac? Go down on this Ampharos.

I dropped down in front of her, just as I had wanted to, and took a long lick up her pussy. She shook a little, cooing as my tongue came back down again. Her pussy tasted sweet, nothing spectacular, but nothing particularly foul. Back up again, my tongue staying at the top this time to pay some attention to her clitoris, making her back arch and her chest push forward a little. One of her small hands found its way to my head, keeping it in place. Not that I had any intention of leaving her pussy unattended to. My tongue continued to lash at her clitoris as my hand crept over. I slid one finger into her and hooked it, pumping it in and out like her tail previously was.

She responded even better to that, gasping bits of her name again and again while I tried to make sense of exactly what she wanted. I seemed to be doing a good job as her breath grew more ragged and she started bucking her hips just slightly against my face. I began to suck on her clitoris as I slipped a second and third finger in as she fucked my face a bit more emphatically each time I brought something new to the table.

The scent of Ampharos's pussy was all I needed to keep myself going; so sweet and fragrant. The sounds she made only served to make it all the more arousing. Had I not been lying on my stomach, I probably would have masturbated, since my penis was certainly screaming to be released from the cramped space. Still, I persevered, my free hand running along her white stomach, my fingertips tickled by the fur.

One of the videos from the weekend came to mind, the Mareep one. Fitting, considering the evolution tree. If anything, I found, Ampharos was the more attractive of the two, and I couldn't wait to get her in my lap and re-enact the video. Except this time, it'd be a whole universe better than just jerking off.

My strategy in getting her off was simple; whenever Ampharos reacted particularly well to something, I kept doing it. I worked my fingers where she reacted most, eventually settling on what I assumed to be her g-spot given the way she frantically humped by face when I started paying it exclusive attention. My other hand continued its roaming until it found itself in a different place than when I was with Lopunny.

She let out a surprised squeal as a finger slowly worked its way into her ass. Her frantic humping began to work even more in her favour as I moved the fingers in both holes with the same rhythm, accented by her motions. Her tail began to sway back and forth, burshing against my shoulder as it jerked back and forth, my middle finger pounding her tail hole.

Another moan, this one louder and higher-pitched than any of the others, told me she was near. Her body trembled a little before going totally stiff. I moved my fingers away and brought my mouth down to catch every last drop of her lovely juices as the came. I certainly got everything, and when I looked up at her at long laste, the taste of her still fresh on my lips, she looked satisfied, but the look in her eyes told me she wasn't done with me yet. Just the way I wanted it.

I sat down next to her and pulled her close as my hands pulled out my penis. Her pussy was soaking wet, so I just followed the wet spot, and with my arms wrapped around her, it slid into her hole. I moaned as the feeling hit me again, so much better than the whole masturbation thing I did all weekend. Just as wet as Lopunny's, her cunt gripped it just as hard, too.

"Ampha..." she whimpered, my dick buried inside her, as she began to move up and down. In the wake of her orgasm, her pussy was still drenched, and very quickly my crotch was wet with her juices, my penis slick as it disappeared again and again inside her folds.

She began to nuzzle against my neck as she moved, burying her face from my sight and kissing me softly. My hands found their way to her hips, helping her along her rhythm. "Yes, Ampharos," I moaned in response, "Faster."

"Aros,"she responded before responding again, this time with her hips. I moaned, my finger turning to its original spot inside of her ass. She cooed as it slid again into her rear, pulling her head from my neck and surprising me with a kiss.

I had never kissed a Pokemon before, and it was certainly quite the first. Our mouths weren't totally compatible, but enough for it not to be outright awkward. The shape made for a different experience, but pressed against the sea of passion neither of us cared how clumsy the kiss was, we just needed to do it. All that mattered was that her tongue was against mine, our lips pressed together with some degree of grace. We passed that test, so by my standards, it was a perfectly fine kiss.

The kiss, the tightness, the lingering taste of her pussy, and likely the fact it beat out masturbation, which had tided me over all weekend, all culminated into the irresistable feeling that I wouldn't have much longer left. I kept up the assault on her rear with my finger while our kiss continued. Her body pressed so tightly against mine, seemingly joined at the crotch and mouth like some mismatched hybrid, felt so warm. The soft sounds she made into my mouth as she bounced in my lap carried an allure I couldn't explain. Much easier to explain the throbbing vice that so tightly held my dick inside her. It grew a bit tigther and a bit wetter as the feeling crept up on me, warning me that she was close, too.

Maybe it was her first time with a human. Or, possibly, her first time, period; I didn't know her story. But so desperately in heat and with our very cores screaming for mutual release, she was quickly losing her bearings as well.

That's when it struck. I was sort of surprised, even long afterward, that it had even happened. I began to feel a slight electrical tinge to the sensations she granted me. Then 'slight' became a bit more. Ampharos was an electric type, and while I vaguely remembered Tabitha saying something about different types and species of Pokemon having different traits, I couldn't quite remember what she said. She most certainly did not mention an electric vagina, though.

The shocks ran through me again, growing more intense and frenetic as we climbed to the peak, bodies heaving in perfect unison. I came first, my cock twitching just a split second before she clenched down on me, a shock running through my body that accentuated the orgasm like I never thought possible. I shot my cum into her, another thick and plentiful load, like the one I had deposited into Lopunny. I didn't know where they came from or why they only happened during sex, not during my frantic weekend masturbation, but I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. The orgasm was incredible, and we rode it out going full force, slowing down once the feelings subsided.

She sat in my lap still, even as my penis began to soften inside her. We kissed a little more before I finally told her I had to work-and I did. The garbage bag was still nearby.

"Are you feeling better?" I asked.

"Ros!" she replied, smiling at me.

"Good. If you're horny in a few hours, maybe I can skip supper?"

She gave me another smile and nodded before setting off, back to where the other Pokemon were. She was satisfied and didn't have to scurry off to play with herself, so now she could play with the others.

I hoped she wouldn't tell them about what just happened, though. In hindsight, I probably should have told her not to.

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