Adam works at a Pokemon daycare, but he's doing more than tending to the Pokemon.
Chapter 4

For those who didn't get the reference, the Tabitha referenced is from my and Goombario Jr's "My Life as a Pokemon Ranger" fic. If you're on a site other than AFF, it's under his profile and you should go read it because it's awesome and full of lesbians and pokephilia. Actually, I wrote this pretty much on the premise of being a gender-flipped version of Ranger with only one lead character, and obviously no accompanying yaoi.
Anon and fireheart15: It's not a request-based fic, at least at the moment, as I have plot lined out and with it several more chapters planned, but I can say that out of Bayleef and Arcanine, one of the two is getting some loving soon.

The next day, I was down in food storage, preparing for lunch. The Machoke who helped me out yesterday was picked up by his trainer, so it was all down to me again. As a result, I didn't have the extra twenty minutes I saved from hauling bags back and forth, which meant twenty minutes I couldn't spend with Ampharos, who had indeed come during my supper break for more and more hot, intense sex, and seemed rather intent on coming back during my lunch break again. My finger had seemed to work wonders, since she seemed very much to want anal the night before, but we couldn't quite accommodate the time, given her electric blowjobs making me come back for seconds.

Tabby confirmed the whole by-species and -type traits thing, and that electric Pokemon tended to do that. Then came stories of her friend's Pikachu and all the insane things she had done with him. Including some stuff with her Infernape at the same time. Dammit, I had to find and marry this girl someday. And then we'd only have sex with our Pokemon. Or would, but for the fact she had two girlfriends already.

Strangely, actually, fucking Ampharos and giving in to it all actually sort of pulled me back to my old preferences a little; Heather's ass once again held some appeal to me. I could gladly work out something where I handled attractions to both varieties of girl; maybe at the same time, if I meet the right girl.


I turned around, rather surprised, to see Bayleef standing there, a scowl on her face. She wanted something, it was painfully obvious what, and I didn't seem to have a choice but to give it to her. She was so sweet, and I was the only human she was all that close to, so throwing some kindness her way wouldn't hurt, would it?

"I'll give it to you on one condition," I said, kneeling in front of her, scratching the back of her neck like I always did, a little something I learned from mom's Delcatty. When she wasn't being an uppity princess, I mean. It worked just as well on Bayleef, her head nuzzling against my chest. As I pulled my hand away, she looked back at my face, hoping with every damn fibre of her being I'd say yes. She needed this, and to be honest, I wanted to give it to her. "If you promise not to tell any of the other Pokemon about this."

"Bay," she said, nodding her head in agreement.

"Alright, here you go." I reached my hand back a little, grabbing a handful of food from an open bag nearby, and putting it in front of her.

Eagerly she ate the food out of my mouth, hungry enough to just scarf it right down.

"Okay girl, you got the food. Now go play around."

"Bayleef," she smiled, giving my face an appreciative lick before running off. On her way out, I caught a glimpse of her slit and--

No. I may have accepted my fetish and even begun indulging it rather enthusiastically, already scouting out possible partners for when Ampharos was picked up, but there's no way in hell I'd go with Bayleef. I'd grown attached to her, but had no intention, even in my fantasies of that kind of attachment.
Just as I finished filling all the food bowls, a voice came over the speaker system we had set up. "Adam, the Ampharos's trainer is here to pick her up." Elaine's voice rang through the entire yard.

Dammit. With Ampharos gone, I'd lose my lunchtime fling, and I doubted I'd have the luck required to find another girl in heat hanging out in the back. And I didn't have to take desk duty because Robert was out of town and Elaine said she'd just eat lunch at the desk, so no contrived situation like with Lopunny. I had a double-length lunch break, but what's the use in having such a long break if I don't have a girl to fuck while I take it?

Two hours would have made for a lot of sex. I could have had had a few rounds in each hole, at the very least. Instead, I reluctantly made my way over to Ampharos, grabbing the Pokeball from my belt that had a little "Am" on it, and without even letting myself look at her as she bent over to try and convince me to grab a quickie before I sent her off, returned her to her ball.

I made my way quickly over to the front, making my way through the open door and handing the girl who stood in front her Pokeball. She smiled, handed Elaine the money, and left. I didn't bother staying around beyond that, making my way back outside. I had nothing to do, but had paced my meals out rather well, so I didn't want to go and eat an hour earlier and throw everything off schedule. I decided to just sit.

And fantasize.

Bayleef, lucky for me, was gone, probably having gone for a nap after feeding. It meant I could fantasize without risking her falling into my field of vision. Eleven females under my care, and rather quickly my mind found its target.

Since becoming active on a couple forums dedicated to the fetish, I found that one of the most popular female Pokemon was Gardevoir. Every male and lesbian trainer seemed to count catching a female Ralts or Kirlia as a godsend because of the final result--Gardevoir's earlier forms also had a fairly dedicated following, though not quite as big. Videos with Gardevoir tended to rake in much more views and adulation, and a fair number of trainers first got involved in pokephilia because of their Gardevoir; she made a great bridge since she was so close to a human. One such trainer I read about got involved with his Gardevoir, then moved on to Lopunny and the like, and before long was in a loving relationship with his Eevee.

The mental images were easy to come up, given the prevalence of Gardevoir porn; I could imagine her easily as I did unspeakable things to her voluptuous body. She seemed particularly endowed by the standards of Gardevoir, and I longed to see her wrap those soft, luscious breasts around my dick, to feel her hot breath against me, her lithe legs wrapped around my waist, the taste of her pussy on my lips, her beautiful form bent over a table while I...

"Hey boy, do you wanna score?"

I was thrown violently out of my daydreams as a voice seemed to come...from absolutely nowhere. It's not that the words were said, spoken from one direction or another and received by my ears. No, instead the words just sort of happened in my mind. One moment, I was imagining myself fucking Gardevoir over the break room table, the next a soft, sweet voice had appeared in my head. I looked around, trying to figure out what was going on.

I was met with some light laughter. "Calm down. I'm communicating psychically with you. We Gardevoir can do that."

Oh, crap. "Were you reading my thoughts?" I asked in my thoughts, real worried about what was to come here. If she had seen all those images and was disgusted by them, she could easily blab to Elaine, and next thing I know, out of a job and possibly looking at legal trouble.

"Yes. And calm down, I'm not running to Elaine and Robert with this. Actually, I must say, you have me rather intrigued. You've got some pretty vivid images in your head, and I'm flattered you'd think of me in that way. What do you say we go indulge some of those fantasies?"

I didn't even answer. I don't think I really had to. I was about to make a mad dash for the break room, have all my fantasies come true, but before I could, I found myself already there.

"Teleported," she smiled as I smiled around confused. I was sitting in the chair, the Gardevoir on her knees in front of me, smiling. "See, my trainer's a girl. And we have fun, but it's not the same. You, on the other hand..." she opened my pants, pulling out my dick and licking her lips, "Are most certainly not. How to start things off, though..."

Her finger circled my dick for the longest time, unbearably tracing around it, the soft green skin brushing against the head at all times as she smiled, her mental voice laughing playfully the whole time. My dick ached for release, and she damn well knew it, but she kept me unsatisfied, playing around. Her soft red eyes stared up at me with mocking derision tinged with lust. Her tongue ran along her lips again, her face so close that her tongue just missed my dick, her hot breath sending a shiver up my spine.

I wanted to blow my load right there, get some petty revenge on her for playing with me like this by covering her face in my jizz. It'd certainly make that teasing smile, for all its allure, a whole lot hotter. Oh, how satisfying that'd be. But I couldn't. Even as her hand wrapped around my shaft and began to pump, I couldn't.

"Did you put..."

"Yes," she cut me off. "I have a mental block on you that will prevent you from cumming until I have say so. I want it to be the right time." As she put the words into my mind, she wrapped her hot, moist lips around my head, her tongue working the same gentle circles her finger did as she jacked me off. Not the rapid stroking meant to make me cum as soon as possible so we could move on to the good stuff, but the slow-burning, sensual variety of masturbation meant to arouse and satisfy me over time. She could make me cum at any time it seemed.

She winked in acknowledgement at me as the thought crossed my mind, indicating that yeah, she was reading my thoughts the whole time. Great, I didn't have to vocalize anything. I tried to reach forward to put my hand through her hair and shove her head down, just because all the build-up was making me impatient, but I found my arms locked in place.

Her free hand rose up, her index finger raised and chastisingly moving back and forth. Bitch. She was in my head, cutting off my orgasm and paralyzing me, all for the sake of taking advantage of me. The mental laughing, a pseudo-mocking laughter, kept ringing in my head as her head moved a little further down, her lips pressed a little tighter and her tongue finding a bit more space to work with.

"I do this with my trainer all the time, don't worry, I'm just more comfortable in charge at the beginning, then it tends to slowly pass over to her. I'll do the same with you. I think I can make it up to you for taking you off guard like that, though."

"How?" I asked out loud, escaped in tandem with a gasp. For all the orgasms I wasn't having, she really was making me feel great. She worked my dick like an expert, especially since she said her trainer was female. Her hand worked in tandem with the gentle back-and-forth of her head, her tongue dragging sensually to the rhythm she made. That wasn't how she made it up for it all, though, that was just the level of pleasure she granted me throughout.

Words flooded my head. Words that probably wouldn't have meant anything out of context, but within their presented sequence, were some of the filthiest, vile, and erotic things I had ever heard. She flooded my mind with dirty talk in her sweet little voice, tinged with the kinds of orgasmic moans I heard in the videos that sort of annoyed me. But here, implanted directly into my brain and accompanied by incredible lip service, they were some of the sweetest things I'd ever heard, albeit downright dirty and almost embarrassing in any other context.

She went on about my cum slithering down her throat and how her aching pussy was hungry for cock and she wanted me to make her my pokeslut and that she'd worship my penis forever. The words weren't said, instead just hitting me like a brick to the face. They occurred at once, words that if whispered into my ear would have made me require a change of pants all on their own. But with Gardevoir keeping me from orgasming, I could just sit there, frozen, while she kept up the verbal assault on my mind and the physical assault on my manhood.

Her pussy was quivering and dripping, she said. She was in heat and the only solution was for me to shoot my cum deep in her slutty pussy and make her scream for me. She wouldn't be satisfied until she had my cum in all three holes and plastered on her face.

The words kept flooding in, and they just slew me. I wanted to cum so badly now, my balls throbbing and aching as they screamed at the rest of me to stop whatever the hell I was doing and let them empty. And I wanted to, all over her smug face. The dirty talk was just the cherry on a sundae of great foreplay that I knew would bring about an explosive finale.

Then, just when I had given up hope, something slipped away. I got lightheaded and almost lost vision for a second as my loins ached. I thrust forward, but by that point Gardevoir had pulled away. With physical contact broken, so too was her mental block. I screamed out so loud Elaine and Robert likely heard me as my cock erupted, my seed shooting forward and plastering Gardevoir's smiling face with pure white. She moaned, accepting it gratefully. Problem was, she left me no time to sit and enjoy, to bask in the glorious afterglow of an orgasm that left me weaker than any previous ones had. The chair was pulled out enough from the table to leave a lot of room, and she bent over the table, her hand pulling at her dress-type thing and revealing her round, luscious rump and her slit that dripped with delicious pussy juice. She psychically compelled me forward, still holding the reigns even as she presented.

Almost against my will, I slid my rapidly hardening dick into her slick hole. I was being used as a fuck toy by a Gardevoir.

And I lived every second of it.

to be continued...
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