Adam has the Best Job Ever
"A Gardevoir?!"

The words showed up on the instant message window. My first thought when I came home was to run to my computer and boot it up. Sure thing, Tabitha was online, and she reacted about as well as I expected she would.

"Yeah," I typed in response. "She put a mental block on my orgasms until she was ready for us to finish."

"How many times?"

"Two blowjobs, two in her pussy, two in her ass, and one titjob. And that was just lunch."


"How about you?"

"My girlfriend Nicole got into some trouble with a few Nidokings, and we sort of had to calm them down."

She then went into incredible detail about her first experience with double-penetration, such intense description about her sexual experience that I could see it quite vividly in my head. And it was pretty damn hot, I had to say.

When finally the story was over, I had a bulge in my pants, and my only response was a resounding "yeah".

"Oh, sorry. I got a little write-y and it sort of went too far."

"No, it's okay. I think next time, I'll give it a try, too."

"Is Gardevoir still there?"

"She will be, but her trainer says she'll be gone before lunch. We can get one quickie in during the morning, apparently, but that's it."

"Damn. What are you going to do after that?"

"Wait for the next contrived series of events that brings a Pokemon to me. It's been really good so far, that way."

"Well, good luck. I've got late-night patrol, so I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye."


I closed the conversation window, assumedly seconds before she logged off, and sighed. I sat for a moment, wondering what to do now; I could just lie around, get some early sleep, or, the most likely course of action, see what new stuff went online in 'that' regard. There seemed to be a handful of new videos every day, both from new amateur stuff of varying quality, and professional stuff someone put on illegally. I was sort of amazed to see the professional stuff, especially the gym leaders; they were risking their jobs even more than I was, especially being public figures making DVDs, but there they were. There were entire sets for most of the female gym leaders across all the regions, and the things Roxanne would do with her Aerodactyl and Kabutops at the same time never ceased to blow my mind.

Just as I prepared to unzip and pull up the site, a knock hit my door. "Adam, you need to take out the garbage and feed Delcatty!"

My little sister, Amy, her voice the same generic teenage girl whine we've all heard a thousand times. Thirteen years of doing all the typical little sister things to irritate me as much as she could muster. She opened the door without asking, and I was rather glad I was still clothed and decent. I turned around on the chair to face her, standing in the door in a pink t-shirt and jeans, her long brown hair in a ponytail.

"Why did mom send you to tell me? Isn't it bedtime for you?"

"It's seven, idiot!"


She rolled her eyes and went back on down the hall. I put the computer into sleep mode and set on down the stairs to take out the trash.
"Right there, yes!"

"I couldn't have said it better myself, Roxanne," I muttered, staring intently her illuminated form on the screen, her body covered in sweat and cum, still wearing her pantyhose, and strange panties that parted down the middle, decorating the flesh around her labia with lace. It was hot, and I would have loved to see a girl in those panties. Kabutops held her up and spread her legs open, bouncing her ass up and down on his cock while Nosepass probed her dripping canal with his mouth-nose...thing. I don't know what to call things sometimes, and I sure as hell wasn't going to figure out what to call Nosepass's nose while an adorable Hoenn gym leader was getting double-teamed in front of me.

Yeah, it was later that I should have been up, but fuck it. This was hot. And with my sister asleep and my parents...somewhere--I never really bothered keeping track of them most of the time--it was the perfect time to rub off a few and watch something hot. I left my door open, just because the room got a bit stuffy, but there was no reason for any of my family to catch me. And I hate to break it to you, but as huge a hentai cliché as it would be for my little sister to come and things to go places, none of my family walked in.

It was great, seemingly all the time in the world to watch debaucherous gangbang porn featuring rock Pokemon. Every trainer seemed to fill a few niches and fetishes, and their videos acted accordingly. Roxanne's tended to be group stuff--though all of the leaders seemed to have that one--involving upwards of sometimes eight Pokemon, like the opposite of that Lopunny video. And she looked damn hot doing that; my idea of great fap fodder.

The scene sort of faded out, replaced by another; this time Roxanne was on all fours, being drilled by a Rampardos, while slobbering all over Kabutops' cock. I wondered if this was the same take with a bit of time skip, given the implications of where Kabutops was previously. But since it was likely the heat of the moment, it was forgivable, and I shoved it out of my mind and went right back to the hot scene before me.

As much as I loved sex with Lopunny, Ampharos, and Gardevoir so far, I had to say, an actual girlfriend would have been nice. I mean, if she was into this kind of stuff, it'd be a godsend, but it'd probably be a much healthier relationship with, say, Heather, than with Gardevoir. All these flings were temporary, until their trainers came back for them, there was never anything permanent. Even the long-termers would be gone eventually--I made a note to myself that I had to get Umbreon and Espeon at the same time before they left. The only permanent female resident was Bayleef, and I wasn't going to risk our friendship on letting that cat out of the bag.

My eyes remained on the screen, where a Geodude had straddled her back and rammed his surprisingly long dick into her ass. She let out a moan at that point as Kabutops pulled away and blasted her face. She thanked him, moaning all the while, and then proceeded to lick his shaft clean before a Sudowoodo took his place.

What I wouldn't have given to blow my load over some adorable Pokemon's face.

Sometimes, you get your wish.

"Del," came the same princess-ey voice I had come to recognize on instinct. I had been around a few Delcatty at work, and found that none of them had the nearly the same arrogant tone that my mom's had. It was quasi-admirable, in fact. Except for how high-maintenance she was, always demanding attention and food--

I forgot to feed her. Crap.

I was facing my door in a rolling chair, a hungry Delcatty in the doorway, my pants around my ankles, jacking off. A saner, more normal man free of sexual deviance would have pulled up his pants, fed the Pokemon, and tried to forget the whole situation ever happened. But if you still think I am such a man by this point, then congratulations, for you are just about the most accepting person ever.

"If you want some food, girl, come here. I'll give you some food." There was a smile on my face almost a mile wide as the idea of getting a bit of satisfaction and revenge at Delcatty's expense interested me greatly. I'd feed her, alright.

She moved across the floor toward me eagerly, clearly hungry, and I wasn't sure, but if I had to guess, I'd say she had no clue what was going on. "Delcatty." She lifted her body, front paws pressing against the chair between my legs, which told me that, yeah, she knew exactly what she was doing. She caught me greatly off guard as her rough, sandpaper-ey tongue dragged against my tip.

I shuddered. It's like all the Pokemon I had come across wanted to fuck humans and knew damn well how to do it, and we just had to pay attention and be willing. I never thought Delcatty would be licking the tip of my cock while I jacked off in her face, but there she was. If I had been less careful with my masturbation, could I have been doing this much longer than just the past week?

After so long masturbating to the video, going hand in hand with the surprise from Delcatty licking me, I didn't have much longer. As her tongue slipped down and back up, my body wanted to go limp in the chair, my legs almost growing useless as my dick twitched.

Instinctively, she pulled away, purring adorably as I loosed my cum all over her face. Her purring kept up as her tongue began to drag along what little of her face it could reach, licking up my seed and smiling thankfully at me. It was strange seeing her polite and grateful, but dammit, I wasn't about to stop now.

Apparently, neither did she. Her body twisted a little, her tail forming a nice little circle around her pussy, before kicking off her feet and jumping onto my bed. Not one to decline a lady's invitation, I followed, kicking my pants off. I looked at the size difference, and even though I would have loved to take her with her face down and her rear raised, comfort was a big thing for me. So I picked her up, lying down on the bed and setting her down on top of me.

Before anything, I explored, since she was a bit smaller than my previous partners, and I wanted to be safe. My finger explored her tight, hot canal, and while it would be a tight fit, it would be the good kind of tightness; the kind without tearing and bleeding. Another finger slipped in, slowly working her pussy for a moment, a thank-you for getting me off before. She still had a fair but of my semen on her face, and I had to admit, with her lust-struck smile, she looked positively sexy.

Softly she mewled as my fingers slid in and out of her a little longer before slipping out. Always a curious mind, I took a lick of my finger and found her pussy tasting a bit milk-like. I had to say, it was actually a bit tasty; I'd have to eat her out some time. The idea of a permanent arrangement on the side with her was an idea I was certainly open to.

As I licked my fingers, she got into position, stretching her front paws out along my chest as she sank slowly onto my penis. I moaned as, just as expected, her pussy was a hot, slick vice that met my dick instantly with pure tightness. She worked me in steadily and rhythmically, each extra bit of cock that I stuffed in her making her constant mewling just a little louder, a little higher-pitched, and all the sexier. My hands found their way to her sides, helping her along as I just lay back and loved every goddamn second of it.

Her tail ticked back and forth like a metronome, keeping time for her as slowly she fucked me faster and harder, the more of me that was inside her, the more courageous she got to get more in. Accordingly, the swaying picked up pace. It was almost hypnotic, watching it move in such perfect time with her fucking.

"Del, Delcatty," she moaned when finally I was buried balls-deep into the sweet pussy's pussy. We never had a male Delcatty, or male anything for that matter, so I had to imagine she was riding cloud nine. Of course, with a vagina so constricting, I couldn't have been that far away.

She waited a moment, basking in the sensations of having me all the way inside her, before moving up and down, not wasting any time in building up speed. In the blink of an eye, she was bouncing in my lap frantically. Her tongue hang loose outside of her mouth just a little as she stretched out atop me.

I'd been assaulted by a Lopunny, come onto by an Ampharos, and psychically compelled by a Gardevoir, but now I could add "gave my mom's Delcatty a facial" to my rapidly growing list of terrible, wonderful acts I had committed--or had committed on me--with female Pokemon. I had stopped caring about taboo and such, which made it real easy now to just lie back and let my mom's Delcatty fuck me raw, wasting away the time enjoying her soft noises.

It wasn't meant to be, though. It was too tight, and I was way too horny. It'd take a few rounds before I was able to be in a hole so divinely tight and not lose my shit immediately, but training could come. She seemed to be building up to something just as powerful just as quickly, so I didn't care much about that. She fucked me just a little bit harder as her orgasm hit.

I was thankful nobody was in the house to hear it--well, Amy was, but she could sleep through anything--because Delcatty screamed out her name so loud I almost grabbed my ears and rolled onto the floor in pain. Her pussy clenched down so hard I was literally stuck in her as my cum just poured directly into her. It felt so good, just verging on the edge of painful, but still very bearable. The pleasure was all we knew, and it was a wonderful thing to know as she shook against me while spurts of pleasure tore through her, causing her to shake every time.

When finally we had calmed down, my dick half-hard inside her, much to my amazement, she began to start fucking me again. This girl wouldn't give, and as my penis hardened against inside her amidst her frantic bucking, I knew she'd give me plenty of time to get used to things.

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