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It was a rare morning that I actually felt like waking up and looked forward to it. Even rarer now that "waking up" usually accompanied a total lack of sunlight or signs of life. But I felt strangely refreshed that morning when I woke up, Delcatty curled up at my side on the bed. I didn't bother waking her, going about my normal morning routine like I hadn't been up late doing unspeakable things with my mom's Pokemon.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a different picture than I did the Friday prior. Dishevelled brown hair notwithstanding, I looked pretty good; there was a smile on my face, sleep hadn't marred my expression with disgruntled irritation, and beneath my eyes, there weren't giant black spots, almost as if I had gotten a good night's sleep. With my shower handled the night before, I was clean also, so all in all, it was a vast improvement, though it's hard not to improve on the "Halloween zombie" look I adopted most mornings.

Still, I felt some coffee was in order before I started my long day, so I drank a healthy three cups--y'know, just enough to perk me right up--with my breakfast of frozen waffles and a banana. I was sure to leave Delcatty extra food, since as much as she enjoyed the sex, she still hadn't had her evening meal. I had warmed up to the idea of her as princess, so for the first time in many months, I filled her bowl without rolling my eyes or muttering something sarcastic.

With everything finally taken care of, I set out down the path, making a triumphant morning walk. A night with Delcatty, and first thing in the morning, I was off to get some from Gardevoir. Luckiest bastard in the world, I was, and I hoped to keep that luck up. Gardevoir said she'd give me a rundown of willing females in my care before she left, pruning each of their minds to see if they desired sex with humans, but she told me that most likely would; it wasn't as taboo for them as it was for humans, and the humans needed only ask most of the time. Delcatty proved that one.

Upon my arrival at the gate, I found Heather waiting for me on the other side, her breathing heavy and her face flustered--at least from what I could tell in the scattered rays of sunlight that had begun peeking through. "Are you alright?" I asked as I opened it.

"Yeah," she panted. "Sorry, I was doing some laps, just trying to get some cardio training, and I sort of got ahead of myself. I should slow it down." Each couple words were punctuated by a breath, and she was sort of nervous in her words. I wondered if maybe she had been spooked by a Pokemon or something.

"It's fine, I'm here. Go home, relax, and pace yourself better tomorrow."

"Yeah," she gasped, rushing away as quickly as I came. I took the opportunity again to check her out, and she never failed to disappoint. Her jeans, amazingly, seemed to be even tighter than they were the previous few days, and I was grateful for it. Heather was far from willowy, with sweet curves all over the place, always contained in jeans and a t-shirt. Damn, I had hit some oversexed peak, hadn't I? What was next, checking out Amy?

I closed the gate with a laugh. The day I check out Amy is the day I try to fuck Bayleef.
Morning breakfast came and went for the Pokemon. It went a bit faster with several Pokemon, most of them the youngsters, asleep and out of my way. The mornings were calm, with everyone either asleep or too sleepy to do anything drastically annoying. The sunlight was still fresh and the warmth was greatly appreciated. I passed an Arcanine who lazily sort of rolled around, trying to soak as much sun as he could into his skin after a chilly night. We'd had a chill lately, fresh off a heat wave, and while it wasn't cold enough to worry about the Pokemon, it was a drastic change that nobody had quite yet accustomed to.

Unlike Arcanine, I didn't have the luxury to laze about, and even if I did, I don't think I would have taken it. Around the back of the food storage, I found Gardevoir waiting for me, sitting against the wall with her legs spread, her index and ring fingers holding her slit open as her middle finger slid in and out ever-so-slightly. Soft moans escaped her quivering lips as I grew nearer, my pants around my ankles when I reached her.

I dropped to my knees as she looked up at me. I grasped her chin, my fingers feeling the soft green flesh as I came down into a deep kiss. Her hands found their way to my hips and helped me into her, my penis slowly feeling her wet inner walls and letting out a satisfied sigh as it got exactly what it wanted. It seemed to be my one great weakness; so long as it fed my libido, I could be swayed and overpowered and convinced of just about anything.

The dirty talk started instantly, which did nothing to help matters. She could have been ranting about white supremacy, and as long as she did it in that voice, I'd melt in her grasp. The psychic speech, custom-made to sound just as perfect as she could gather from reading my mind, adapting the voice to my most desired sound. And it was so unbearably sexy.

Her arms wrapped around me tighter, pulling me in closer, deepening our kiss. A moan broke over the rapid-fire dirty talk in my head as I plunged deeply into her again and again. One thrust in particular, pushing my entire length hard into her, sent her body into a fit. Her legs latched around my hips, pulling me close. I shortened my thrusts, putting more force to them as I limited it to only pulling out by a few inches, but slamming into her so hard she began to lose her focus a little.

Our intense fucking sent me quickly soaring into the stars. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth as I could feel her breasts and chest spike thing pressed against me. Her body radiated warmth, relieving the chills of the early morning and making me want to pull her even closer to me. I stood up, with our grasps on each other rather sturdy, and pressed her against the wall. The effects were twofold; first, we were fucking even harder now, and pushing her against the wall provided resistance that brought us closer together.

Her pussy began to drip a little bit, soaked from such an intense high, a couple drops hitting the ground beneath us as I just savaged her. We were riding high on this wave, and I didn't want it to end.

Seemed my great luck with getting partners had to be made up for with something bad happening.


Cue the bad.

I turned around to see Bayleef standing there, an expression somewhere between shocked, angry, and horrified. And I could sort of see why; I was on the ground, my arms firmly planted on the hips of a Gardevoir that I was rather fiercely fucking against the food storage building, her legs locked around my hips and her hands running through my hair. And the kiss. There is no way the kiss helped matters. All in all, yeah, not a good sight.

She just stared for a moment, Gardevoir totally silent in my head. Our fucking had stopped dead in its tracks as we both just sort of stared back at Bayleef, both unsure of what exactly to do. We had been taken by surprise and pulled out of our passionate moment, and there really wasn't a good way to handle this.

I really should have seen this coming. Having sex out in public, being loud...I had brought this on myself. But of all the Pokemon to catch me, it had to be Bayleef, of course. I was the only friend she had, and now she found out I was fucking Pokemon on the side. There really wasn't any way out of this, as her expression said it all. She was shocked. And probably disgusted.

"Bayleef," she growled, her eyes narrowing just a bit before she made a run for it. And boy, could she run. By the time I had my pants back up and had made my way around the front, she was nowhere to be found. The other Pokemon looked confused, unsure of what had just happened, and as my eyes scanned the area; I saw something standing out.

I shouted out something obscene as I found the gate wide open. Robert came rushing out in response, but by that point, I was already at the gate.

"Bayleef somehow got out. I'm taking this Gardevoir to go find her, take care of things while I'm gone!" By the time I had finished, I was halfway down the street, and I doubt Robert got all of it, but I think the point was quite clear.

Gardevoir kept up pace beside me, mentally giving me directions that quickly led me right out of town and onto Route 210. I swung a hard right on her advice, but found she had stopped where she was.

"What are you doing?"

"She's this way," Gardevoir said, "Just go straight. I can't go with you, though."

"Why not?"

"Because now that she's stopped moving, I took the time to read her thoughts. I can't go there with you, Adam, this is something for you to handle."

And with that, she set off back down the path, presumably back toward the daycare center, leaving me to tend to her myself. I shrugged it off and pressed forward, knowing Gardevoir could take care of herself. It didn't take long before I came to some trees and a path laid in an opening between them. Rushing through the opening, I found a clearing, the quick death of the path, and Bayleef.

Her head was hung low, the occasional tear dripping down her face as she quite clearly cried. She sat on the ground, rocking back and forth.

I remained silent as I walked slowly over to her, wondering precisely how much I had hurt her with that. I didn't mean to, and in fact I had avoided any such thoughts entirely because I valued her as a friend so much, but it had killed her nonetheless. With a sigh I knelt down beside her, scratching the back of her neck like I always did, but not nearly as playfully, much slower.

"I'm sorry, Bayleef. I...I know, you probably...ugh." I could barely get out any words to actually say what I wanted to say. "I know you're probably disgusted with me right now, and I don't blame you. What I did was wrong and terrible. But I want you to know that I never wanted to risk our friendship on something like that. I always cut away my thoughts before they could drift to you, because I see you as too--"

"Bay," was all she said, looking up at me, confused. She shook her head. "Bay Bayleef. Bay."

"What are you saying?" The kind of kinship between trainer and their Pokemon that allowed them to understand the rather incomprehensible language of Pokemon wasn't quite formed yet, and though I had a good grasp on what Bayleef meant most of the time, I was stumped.

"Bay," her eyes narrowed a little before she leaned forward a little.

Then, she did something that floored literally floored me.

She kissed me.

I fell to the ground in surprise, but she came with me, kissing me all the way down. Her lips tasted soft and floral, the taste making me hungry for more. So I kissed deeper. And then a little deeper still, loving the taste of her lips as every supressed ounce of attraction toward her, every impure thought, hit me in the head at once. Every video I saw featured a Bayleef that I promptly hit "Next" to avoid--and there were several--all came back to me, and I made a note to go home and watch them all.

When she pulled away, I could see her eyes twinkling a little, the taste of her lips fresh on my tongue. "Bayleef, weren't mad at me because I was having sex, but because I was having it with someone else?"

She nodded, smiling as she saw I suddenly understood what was going on.

"I'm sorry. I figured you would have--no, I have a better idea. Turn around."

She listened, getting off me and turning around so her behind was raised, her tail following suit. For the first time, I looked at Bayleef 'in that way'. I got down on my knees in front of her, my fingertips tracing slowly up her legs. The smell of her minty pussy enticed me as I leaned forward.

"Bay!" she shouted as my tongue ran up her slit, licking up some of her juices and confirming Tabitha's explanation about grass-types and their taste. I liked it, so I went in for more, letting my mouth explore the taste as my tongue explored her inner core. There was the slightest bit of floral scent to her juices, just a bit thicker and more sap-like than Ampharos's had been. Eagerly my tongue slithered inside her to lick it up, loving the taste.

My hands found their way to her sides, holding her hips in place while I went in with more aggression, quickly adapting to my position and finding the best angle to in from. Her squeals of joy told me that she was greatly enjoying herself, and I couldn't wait to bring her to orgasm; likely her first, and she had wanted me to grant her such a feeling.

To be frank, I was honoured.

My penis was screaming for release--I had been blueballed by Bayleef catching me, after all, but I ignored it as best I could, not even bringing a hand down there to deal with it. This was about her, about bringing her to orgasm and making her feel good, and I wouldn't dare ruin that. I wasn't about to make it about me or about my own pleasure, all I wanted was to grant her what she had entrusted me to give her.

That's why she was so upset, I realized. Because she had those feelings for me, and probably dropped more signals than I had realized, but all that time, I had been off fucking random Pokemon in the back of the food storage. All because they had been more forward, while also caring far less about me. For them, I was a fling. For Bayleef, I was something more. And that was, in the end, all that mattered to me as I knelt down in that clearing and ate out her sweet, sweet pussy.

The sweet cooing she made as my tongue slipped as deep as it would go thrilled me. I smiled a little as my hands slowly gravitating toward her ass and pussy, telling her about the impending penetration, and all the wonders that would come with it.

I was just getting started.
Bayleef and I made our way back a considerable time later, stepping in through the front door of the daycare center. "I found her," I said as Elaine and Robert rushed to me, asking if she was alright.

"She's fine. But she's spent her whole life here, and never really had a trainer. It's always been here, and I think she got lonely and tired of it all. If you guys don't mind, I think I'd like to adopt her. I don't have any Pokemon to call my own, and we've grown really close."

"Of course," Elaine said, "You're so good with the Pokemon, we'd have to be foolish not to think you'd give her a good home. Come, we'll fill out the paperwork."

Bayleef smiled at me, not leaving my side as I filled it all out. She'd stay on until I left for my shift to say her goodbyes, and then she'd go home with me. In the field, Gardevoir passed me, giving me a wink and a kiss on the cheek as the speakers rang out, "Gardevoir's trainer was back."

"Thanks," I thought, knowing she'd hear me.

"No problem. You gave me a great time, one I won't soon forget."

I called her into the Pokeball and brought it to the front desk, where stood one hell of a girl. About as tall as I was, with long blond hair tied up in a ponytail. She was willowy and wore a flowing blue skirt to match her eyes and blue top.

"Hey, you're Gardevoir's trainer?" I asked, handing her the ball.

"Yeah," she said, taking it from me. She stopped, though, as we both held onto it, just for a second, before nodding. "Oh, I see," she muttered.

"Is everything alright?"

She clipped the pokeball to the belt she wore--more for utility than anything else, as all trainers do--and smiled at me. "Yeah, everything's fine. I'm Angie."


She gave me a smile and walked out, but somehow, I doubted I'd see the last of her.

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