After a bad break up, Inuyasha decides to give Sango a special night.
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It was the day before the senior prom. All the students were making their last minute perpetrations. Inuyasha had just gotten home from helping out at the school gym. The principal had just asked him if he could be the school DJ because the original DJ had to cancel. While he was loading up his equipment his little sister came out of the house. "Big brother.' she said. "Sango just called she wants you to go over to her house for a bit."

"OK, thanks Rin." he said.

Inuyasha walked across there street to Sango's house. Inuyasha and Sango were best friends; ever since he saved her from a crazy dog back in the first grade. Inuyasha walked up to her house and walked in. The first person he saw was Sango' mother. "Yo, where's Sango?" he asked.

"She's upstairs in her room." she answered. Inuyasha went upstairs and walked into her room without knocking. There he saw her in a pair of pink panties and a pink bra which could barely contain her large breasts. Normally Sango would scream at either her mother, father or little brother if either of them walked in on her like that but since this was Inuyasha she didn't.

"Wow, your breast have grown bigger since I last saw them." he teased. "What are they now, double D cup size huh?" Sango picked her pillow and threw it at Inuyasha both embarrass and giggling cause they were that big. "So what's up?" he asked. He closed the door, walked in, and sat on her bed.

"I need help looking good for the prom." she said. She picked up too dresses. A black one and a light pink one both were very beautiful and expensive thanks to Sango's father's credit card that her mother stole from him. "Now tell me what which one you'd think I should wear?" she said. Inuyasha looked at both of the dresses and thought for a moment. "Well I guess the pink one."he said.

"Really?" she asked.

"Sure." he answered.

"Thanks Inuyasha you've been a really big help." she said. As Sango turned to put the black dress away Inuyasha laid down on her bed. "He can I ask you something?" he asked.

"Sure" she said while putting on a pair of pants.

"Who are you going to the prom with?" he asked.

"Duh, Miroku of course." she said. Inuyasha shuddered at that name. Everyone knows that Miroku was the kind of guy that would touch other girls other than the one he's already got. Sango and Miroku have been going out ever since their senior year started. Inuyasha and his other friends have seen first hand what Miroku was like. At one point in time Inuyasha confronted Sango about it but she wouldn't listen to him. That argument nearly cost them their friendship so he decided not to bring it up anymore.

"Why do you ask?" she asked.

"Um, no reason." he said.

"Your still thinking that Miroku's cheating on me, aren't you?" she asked.

"No, I'm not." he said. Inuyasha was thinking about that to the you the truth. He just didn't want his friend to be heartbroken that's all. Sango grabbed a yellow shirt and sat the edge of the bed. "Miroku's not that kind of person, you'll see." she said. He wanted to believe her, oh God he wanted to believe her. He looked up at her face and saw that she was blushing bright red.

"Um why are you blushing?' he asked.

"Oh, umm...well?" she said. "I was just thinking how Miroku might look in his new suit." Inuyasha didn't wanna hear about Miroku anymore. He rose up from the bed and began walking to the door. "Well I gotta go and finish helping out at gym." he said. "Call me if you need me." he said.

[Later That Day]

Inuyasha had just made it back to the high school. He parked as close to the gym as possible so that it would be easier for him to get his equipment inside. As he got out of the car he ran into one of his friends. "Ayame, what's up." he said.

"You're late, Inuyasha." she said.

"Hey cut me some slack, it's not easy pulling all this stuff from out my basement and into my car you know ." he said. Ayame sighed and helped him bring all his stuff into the building. " So where do you want me to set all this up?" he asked.

Ayame looked around the gym. "Up there on the stage." she said. "I'll get Koga to help you." About one hour later the gym was half done, on the stage Inuyasha and Koga were setting up the DJ system at the same time watching Ayame boss everybody around. "OK try it out." said Koga. Inuyasha started messing with his system.

"Works like a charm." he said. After Inuyasha cut it off Koga confronted him. "So what are you gonna do about Sango?" he asked.

"Not much I can do." he said. "She really believes that Miroku is this great guy."

"Miroku is most likely gonna hit on some other girl tomorrow night." he said. "We'll just have to keep an eye out on her."

"Yeah, that's all we can do at this point." said Inuyasha.

"Hey what are you guys doing!?" yelled Ayame. "Get back to work!"

"Y-yes ma'am!" they both said.

[The next night]

It was now the night of the prom everyone was with their dates all dressed up except for Inuyasha who had on his DJ outfit. He was looking for Sango and Miroku ever since he got there. Finally he saw them walk in; Miroku was wearing a white tuxedo with his hair braided, and Sango was wearing the pink dress Inuyasha told her to wear with her hair up in a pony tail. Inuyasha couldn't help but stare at her the whole time. She was beautiful.

"Hey Inuyasha." said Ayame.

"Yeah." he answered.

"Everybody's asking if you could play something we could all dance to." she said.

"Sure thing." he answered. Inuyasha began playing dance music with his own little remixes to it. On the dance floor Sango tried to get Miroku to dance with her. "Come on it'll be fun." she said.

"Well..." he said. Sango grabbed his arm and brought him to the dance floor. The two began dancing along with everybody else. Inuyasha couldn't help but feel a little jealous as he watched them. He switched the song to a slow dance song. Everyone was in the arms of their dates slow dancing to the music. For some reason Inuyasha envision in his mine dancing with Sango in his arms but quickly snapped out of it.

"Whoa, where the hell did that come from?" he thought. "She my best friend." Inuyasha fought with himself that whole time but he couldn't help it. "God , she's so beautiful." he thought.

Just then Inuyasha was smacked in the back of his head. He turned to see who it was. "Oh, it's you Sesshomaru." he said. "Where the hell did you come from?"

"Well let's see." he said. "When a mom and a dad want to have a baby..."

"Shutup." he cut in. "You know what I mean."

"I call mom yesterday and told that I was coming home for the weekend." he said.

"How come no on told me?" Inuyasha asked.

"You were over at Sango's house when I called." he answered. "Speaking of which, where is she?" Inuyasha pointed to Sango dancing in the arms of Miroku.

"And how come you're not dancing with her?" he asked.

"Because, she's going out with Miroku." he answered. Sesshomaru's eyes widen. He couldn't believe what his little brother just told him. Just then the slow dance song ended and Inuyasha put on an up beat dance song. Some of the kids took a break from dancing while the rest continued on. Ayame ran up on the stage and handed Inuyasha a a piece of paper. He looked at it. "What the hell is this?" he asked.

"Song requests." she answered. "Thoes are the songs everybody wants you to play."

"Sure thing but let me get some food first." he said. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru left the stage and went to the food table. Once there Inuyasha saw Miroku just leaving. As they passed each other the just glared at one another not saying anything. After Miroku was gone Inuyasha focused all his energy on getting some food.

"I wander where he's going?" asked Sesshomaru.

"Don't know, don't care." Said Inuyasha stuffing his face.

"Is food all you ever think about?" he asked. Inuyasha replied by putting more food in his mouth. Soon after Sango walked up behind Sesshomaru. "Shessy?" she said.

Sesshomaru turned around and saw her with a big smile on her face. "Oh my god, it is you!" she shrieked. Sango jumped into Sesshomaru's arms and gave him a big hug. "When did you get back?" she asked.

"Today." he answered. Sango began pulling on his arm. "Come on, you have to tell me everything you went through since you went to collage." she said. And within moments Sesshomaru and Sango were gone. "Poor bastard." Inuyasha thought.

[One hour later]

Inuyasha was once again on the stage playing the list of song request that Ayame gave him. On the dance floor Sango was looking around for Miroku but couldn't seem to find him anywhere. Inuyasha noticed that Sango was looking for Miroku. "That bastard he couldn't have." he thought. He want to get of the stage and go to her but he was still in the middle of playing some slow dance music for everyone, so in other words...he was stuck.

Sango soon left the gym and went into the hallway, then a few minutes later she came running back into the gym with her hand over her mouth. She ran all the way to the exit of the gym and ran out the door. After seeing all that, Inuyasha got off stage and went after her. Once outside he saw her up against the school building crying her heart out. "Sango." he said.

She slowly looked up at him and then started crying harder. Inuyasha sat down right next to her and held her in his arms. Sango buried her face in his chest as she let it all out. Ayame, Koga, and Sesshomaru came out of the gym and went to Inuyasha and Sango.

"What happened?" asked Ayame.

"Was it Miroku?" asked Koga. With her face still buried in Inuyasha chest she managed to shake her head up and down. Inuyasha growled and was about to get it up but Sango clung to him. She didn't want him to fight Miroku, not on school property anyways. The last thing she wanted was for Inuyasha to get expelled on the count of her. "T-t-take m-me home." she said. Inuyasha took off his school jacket and put it around Sango then he picked her up bridal style and she buried her face in his neck and gave out small sniffles.

"Sesshomaru can you take over for me?" he asked.

"Sure thing." he answered. Inuyasha walked with Sango to his car and drove off. At that point Koga got on his cell phone and called up his friends, they were gonna get Miroku back for what he did.

[Later on]

They soon made it to Sango's house. Inuyasha helped her out of his car and walked with her all the way up to her room. "So where is everybody?" he asked.

"Mom and dad left for the weekend after Miroku picked me up and Kohaku went camping with his friends." she answered. Sango sat on her bed and stared at the floor. AS Inuyasha slowly turned away Sango lifted up her head. "I-Inuyasha." she said. He looked back at her. "P-please d-don't leave m-me a-alone." Inuyasha slowly walked to the bed, sat down next to her and put his arm around her. "Inuyasha?" she said. "P-please don't say it."

"Say what?" he asked.

"P-please don't say I told you so." she said and then started crying again. Inuyasha held her in his arm and gently rocked her back and fourth. "This night was gonna be a spacial night." she said. "I w-was g-gonna give him my...m-my...v-virginity."

"OK...too much information." Inuyasha joked which made Sango laugh a bit. She wiped her eyes and showed him a small smile. "Can you unzip me?" she asked softly. "I wanna take a shower."

Inuyasha nodded and slowly unzip the back of her gown. She stood up and went to her dresser and got a long white t-shirt and a new pair of panties. She looked back and Inuyasha and gave him one last smile before she left. Inuyasha kicked off his shoes, grabbed her remote, cut on her TV and laid back.

Sango walked in the bathroom and cut on the shower. She took off her gown and threw in the hamper next to her then came off her underwear and then her bra. Her huge breast jiggled a bit after she removed them. She grabbed her towel and stepped into the shower as the warm water hit her naked form. As she washed herself she began thinking about Miroku and how everything they went through their entire senior year was a lie. Just thinking about it made her wanna cry. When she finished up she got out of the tub and dried off. She put on her new pair of black panties and since she doesn't wear a bra to to bed she put on her long white t-shirt, threw everything else in the basket and left.

Sango walked back to her room and saw Inuyasha lying on her bed watching TV. "Hey there." he said. Inuyasha took a good look at Sango's "You OK?"

"A little." she said.

Inuyasha watched Sango as she slowly walked towards the bed and sat down. He sat up and got behind her. "I shouldn't asked but you wanna talk about what happened?" he asked. He slowly put both arms around her waist and she grabbed hold of them.

"H-he was with some girl I didn't know." she said. "He said that he was only with me b-because he pitied me."

"What?" he asked.

"He told me that he didn't like big breasted girls." she said. After that she was about to cry but Inuyasha was going to see that she didn't. He began rocking her gently calming her down some. Sango grabbed Inuyasha's arms as they both laid down with her back facing him. Inuyasha laid his head over hers.

"Inuyasha?" she said.

"Sup?" he answered.

"Why are my so breast big?" she asked.

"Because the day I met you I wished that when you grow up you'd have big breast and a nice round butt so that I can touch and play with them for as long as I want." he said. "And it looks like I got my wish." Sango laughed at his joke. Inuyasha pulled Sango closer and kissed her cheek over and over again. He moved his hand close to her chin and moved her head to face him. Sango stared into his ember eyes as his face came closer to hers. Her eyes widen as he began kissing her full on the lips. She tried to protest against it but wound up kissing him back.

He pulled away from to give her time to breathe. "W-what are you doing?" she asked.

"Shhhh, I'm trying to give you your spacial night." he said softly. Her eyes widen again as Inuyasha went back to kissing her. He moved his hand down and lifted up her long shirt revealing her black panties. He continued lifting her shirt until his hand touched the bottom part of her breast.

Sango pushed Inuyasha away. He slowly turned Sango on her back and then took off his shirt. Sango's face turned bright red when she saw his chest. Inuyasha took sango's shirt and pulled it over her jiggling breast. She quickly took her hands and put them over her breast. Inuyasha grabbed her hands and moved them from her chest and then he got on top of her. He put his hand to the side of her face and then kissed her again. Sango wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. Inuyasha kissed Sango down to her neck which made her take a deep breath.

While kissing her neck Inuyasha softly grabbed both her breast and squeezed them. Sango responded by moaning and then taking off her shirt completely. Inuyasha move his face down to her breast and then began to suck on her nipples which made them grow hard. When he was done he moved back up to her face and kissed her again. Sango move her hands down to Inuyasha's pants and unbutton them. "W-what am I doing?" she asked herself. "He's my best friend we can't be doing this." Inuyasha slowly moved his left hand down her body until it was between her legs. He began rubbing her there making her move her hips upward. Inuyasha grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them off. Sango quickly used both her hand to cover up that part of her.

Inuyasha chuckled once he saw Sango's cute embarrest look on her face. "N-no, I'm fully naked in front of him." she thought. He began kissing her down her neck, over her huge breast, and on her stomach. Once she realized where he was going she grabbed his face and lifted it up so he was looking at her. She shook her head. "N-no." she said softly and pulled him close to kiss him. With her eyes closed Inuyasha took this time to remove his pants and kick them onto the floor. As Sango was kissing she felt something hard touching her down there. She slowly opened her eyes, looked down and saw his shaft going into her. "NO!" she yelled. The second that word left her mouth, Inuyasha was already deep inside her. Sango's inner walls were squeezing so tight he loved every moment of it. Sango was feeling a small bit of pain but not a lot.

She looked Inuyasha in the eye with tears in her eyes. "Sango, I didn't hurt you did I?" he asked with concern. Sango smiled and shook her head. Inuyasha began thrusting in and out of Sango's pussy. Sango's body began moving up and down making her huge round tits bounce. Sango was making high pitched moaning noises which was really turning Inuyasha on even more caused him to thrust deeper in her. Inuyasha began to pump Sango a little faster making her body move and her tits bounce even more. Inuyasha couldn't help but stare at them at they bounced all over. Sango slowly grabbed his face and made him look at her face. Inuyasha and Sango looked into each others eyes for a while until Inuyasha grabbed Sango and rolled over on his back with her on top. Sango let out a high pitch "EEK" noise as he did that. "D-don't do that so suddenly." she said. She slowly placed her hand on his chest and began moving her hips back and fourth moaning softly.

Inuyasha ran his hand up and down her arms and shoulders then grabbed her breasts. He gave them such a hard squeeze which made Sango grind her hips into Inuyasha harder. Inuyasha grabbed Sango's arms and pulled her down to lie on top of him. Her huge soft breast were mashed on his chest and Sango began bouncing her hips up and down.

"Oooooh." she moaned.

Sango managed to wrap her arms around Inuyasha's neck as he grabbed her nice round butt. To his surprise, Sango's butt was just as soft as her breast. Sango moaned a bit louder when as Inuyasha squeezed and rubbed her butt as her hips bounced up and down. Sango slowly lifted up her head and looked Inuyasha in the face as she bounced her hips harder and faster. As they stared into each others eyes Inuyasha saw tears flow down Sango's face.

"P-please be gentle." she whispered.

Inuyasha responded by rolling over so that he was on top of Sango. He put his hands on her breasts and played with them and he began thrusting. Looking up at him Sango slowly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Inuyasha moved his hands from her jiggling tits and laid down to kiss her. Sango wrapped her arms around Inuyasha holding him closer to her body. He could feel her large breasts pressed up against his chest as he thrust making her body move up and down along with him. Inuyasha broke away from kissing Sango and began to thrust faster. Sango was breathing harder and making more high pitched noises. Sango moved her hands from around Inuyasha and grabbed her breast to keep them from bouncing all over.

"Play with them." Inuyasha said. Sango looked up at him and nodded. She squeezed her tits just as much as Inuyasha did. Inuyasha responded by pulling on her nipples with his teeth.

"OH GOD!" she yelled.

Sango's pussy got even tighter the more Inuyasha pulled on her nipples. So tight that he was about to reach his limit, but not before her. He grabbed her hands and pulled them away from her bouncing breast and thrust harder making them bounce faster. Sango's eyes were shut tight and she screaming Inuyasha's name over and over. Inuyasha himself was staring right at her tits bouncing all over.

"I-I can't h-h-h-hold it." Sango panted. "I'm gonna c-c-cum."

"G-good." Inuyasha panted. While her body was being jerked and feeling untold pleasure she managed to open her eyes to see Inuyasha looking right at her bouncing titties. "P-p-pervert." she panted. Sango slowly put her hands back on her breast to cover them but the second she touched them another wave of pleasure hit her making her pussy squeeze Inuyasha's manhood even tighter making him go even faster.

"I-I-I-I'M C-CUMMING!" Sango screamed.

"SANGO!" Inuyasha screamed.

Both Inuyasha and Sango's orgasms hit them hard. Inuyasha slowly pulled out of Sango and collapsed on top of her burying his face between her tits and she wrapped her arms around him. Both lovers were panting and sweating as the aftermath slowly faded away.

"I-Inuyasha?" she said in a soft voice. "I'm I going to become pregnant?"

Inuyasha chuckled and moves from the valley of her breasts and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. "No, when you left to take a shower I looked through your purse and found a condom pack." he answered as he moved his right hand up to play with Sango's right breast. She closed her eyes and moan softly as Inuyasha slowly made his way down to her pussy. She was getting wet again down there and Inuyasha couldn't take it anymore. Still using his right hand to play with her breast, Inuyasha used his left hand to open her legs. He push his face close to her pussy and began licking it.

Sango's eyes shot wide open. she lifted up her head and saw what Inuyasha was doing to her. "NO!" she screamed and grabbed his head. The feeling of getting her pussy licked was too much for her, she held on to Inuyasha's head and thrust her hips into his face while her huge tits jiggled.

"I-Inuyasha, please." she begged. She didn't like oral sex but her body was begging for it. Inuyasha stuck his tongue as deep as he could in Sango's pussy, moving it all around in circles.

"I-Inuyasha p-please stop." she begged. "I-I can't."

He didn't stop, her pussy was just so good. Just then Sango screamed his as loud as she could as she squirted in his face. Inuyasha's face was covered in Sango's cum, he licked off most of it and moved to kiss her. Sango covered her face with her hands and cried. She was so embarrass at what just happened. Inuyasha said her name softly and she responded by pushing him away as hard as she could and rolling over so that her back was facing him. Inuyasha crawled back to her and slowly put his arm around her, he could hear her soft crying.

"W-w-why did you do that?" she said crying. "E-even a-after I t-t-told y-you to s-stop?"

"I'm sorry Sango, I just wanted you so bad I couldn't help it." he said. "I wanted to taste you."

"I-I hate oral." she said softly.

"I'm sorry." he said. "I won't do it again."

"Promise?" she said like a preschool kid.

"Yeah." he answered. Sango got out of the bed and Inuyasha stared at her big round butt. Believing that he was staring at her butt, Sango turned to face him covering her breasts and her pussy with her hands.

"I'm gonna take another shower." she said.

"Didn't you just take one?"he asked. Sango giggled and left the room allowing Inuyasha to take one last look at her big round butt. Inuyasha quickly got out of bed and searched Sango's purse for another condom, to his luck he found one. This was the last one she had. After putting it on, he made his way to the bathroom where Sango was. He could here humming a happy tune as he slowly walked in. He slowly got into the shower behind her and couldn't help but to stare at her now wet round butt. He wanted to cum just by looking at it. Sango jumped when she felt his arm wrap around her. He brought both hands to her breast and played with them. He grabbed the body wash and sprayed it all over Sango's breast and rubbed them making them soapy. He poured more in his hands and rubbed more on her breast and began to move down to her stomach. She grabbed both his hands just as he was about to touch her pussy.

Inuyasha responded by grinding his erect member against her butt. "Inuyasha." she said moaning. Inuyasha saw that water washed away all the soap suds that was on Sango's breast, he grabbed the body wash and poured some more back on them. Sango began rubbing her own breast as the body wash and water hit her. Inuyasha couldn't taker it anymore, he pulled away from Sango, pushed her against the wall, grabbed her leg and put it over his shoulder, and then pushed into her.

"W-wait." she said. Inuyasha began thrusting in and out of her hard making her huge round tits bounce all over. "Oh god!" she yelled. While thrusting, Inuyasha grabbed her soapy tits and rubbed them making her moan even louder. He them moved his hand from her breast and grabbed her soft butt, his eyes staring at her breast bouncing. Sango grabbed Inuyasha's face and forced him to look up.

"P-pervert...s-stop them." she moaned. ""

"I'll...t-try." he moaned.

Sango pulled Inuyasha in for a deep kiss which made him thrust faster. Sango's eyes rolled in the of her head as she knew she was almost there. "N-no, not yet." she thought. "I have to hold it." She tried with all her strength to keep from cumming but Inuyasha wasn't making it any easier. She looked up facing the ceiling leaving Inuyasha to go back and watch her tits bouncing.

" Mmmmm.... Inuyasha..... so close." moaned Sango

" too." he moaned.

Still looking up at the ceiling, Sango shut her eyes tight and gritted her teeth as Inuyasha pounded her even harder. Sango put both her hand on her wet soapy bouncing breast playing with them as Inuyasha continued pounding deep into her. "Inuyasha...I-I-I love you!" she yelled. "I love you...I love you so much...oh no it's happening!"

Both Inuyasha and Sango were seconds away from a powerful orgasm. "OH, INUYASHA... I'M RIGHT THERE!" Sango moaned feeling something getting ready to come crashing out of her. "I'M GONNA CUM... I'M GONNA CUM... I...I'M... INUYASHA...OOOHH I'M...I'm GOING TO...TO...AAAAHHH!" Sango's orgasm hit her extremely hard and Inuyasha came a few seconds after. This after feeling was way too much for Sango and she passed out.

[That morning]

Sango slowly awoke after feeling something squeezing her breast. She let out a very soft moan and grabbed the hand that was touching her. "I see you're finally awake." said Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha." she said softly. "Thank you."

"For what?" he asked.

"For always being there for me, for giving me a night I'll always remember." she said blushing. "And for making me...a woman." Inuyasha gave her a soft kiss on the cheek while playing with both her breast. "Not just any woman." he whispered in her ear. "My woman."

Sango's eyes widen and she turned over to face him. "A-am I really good enough for you?" she asked shyly. Inuyasha responded by rolling her on her back and giving her a soft kiss on her lips then moved to her neck while squeezing breast.

"N-no." she moaned. "I-if you....mmmm....squeeze them they'll get....ah....b-bigger."

"Good." he whispered. "And there's something else I want bigger too." He pulled Sango on top of himself the grabbed her sexy round ass and began squeezing it. Sango began moving her body up and down grinding against Inuyasha's now rock hard member. He wanted nothing more than to be inside her again but realized that without a condom there's no way in hell she would allow him to have sex with her again. Sango moved in and gave him a small peck on the cheek. "Let me make you breakfast." she said.

"Okay, but do it topless." he said.

"Pervert." she said giggling. The two got out of bed. Inuyasha put his pair of pants he wore last night and Sango only put on a pair of white panties that showed off her butt while remaining topless with no bra leaving her breast exposed. She grabbed Inuyasha's hand and led him downstairs where she made his breakfast. Sango was given the perfect prom night that she would never forget.


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