Timmy uses Norm the Genie to get around the rules and unleash his puberty driven wrath of lust
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Sitting in front of his computer, sixteen-year-old Timmy Turner was jacking it to some porn when, without warning, Norm the Genie poofed over his monitor. Startled, Timmy fell back over his chair while trying to stuff his erect dick back down his pants. “Norm? What are you doing in my room?!”

“Well, I was just in the neighborhood and I thought-hey! What’s that on your monitor? Is that GAY PORN?” the floating wish granter shouted. Timmy tried to get him to stop but he just kept going. “Wow, that’s some really GAY PORN you’re looking at! I’ve never seen so much GAY PORN in my life and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of GAY PORN!”

Timmy freaked out and tried again to stop him. “Stop saying gay porn, it’s straight porn! See, woman, man, vagina intercourse, not gay!”


Timmy gnashed his teeth in fury. “God, I wish you’d stop saying that!”

Norm’s bottle appeared in Timmy’s hands and Norm laughed at his befuddlement. “Ha! That was easy. Okay beaver boy, that leaves you with two more wishes and, if I can make a suggestion there, Armstrong, maybe you should use one of these rule free wishes to, I dunno, get laid? But if you decide to do something about those horrid buck teeth of yours, I’ll throw that in for free.”

The pink hatted boy scowled at Norm but quickly grinned as an idea crept into his mind. “Rule free huh? Then I wish fairy godparent rules don’t apply to my wishes!”

Bound by his own law, Norm snapped his fingers and gave Timmy his full immunity which made fairly useless. “Hey! When did you get so smart you little brat? I thought you were pulling down a 2.1 GPA.”

“Yeah, yeah, why don’t you cry about it somewhere else,” Timmy mocked before chucking the bottle out the window. With Norm gone, Timmy decided it was time to abuse his new power. “Ohhhh Wanda!”

In a pink poof, Wanda appeared with a somewhat glum face. “What is it Timmy, I’m suppose to be in line for my licence renewal and I don’t trust Cosmo holding my place while I’m here.”

“Oh nothing, just that I wish I was the greatest sex machine that ever lived!”

Wanda rolled her eyes at his request. “Ugh, I hate it when hormones kick in. Sorry Casanova but the rules-”

“Need not apply, do it!” Wanda sighed and waved her wand, expecting it to turn flaccid but to her surprise, it granted his wish. Though not much changed physically, save the contents of his pants, Timmy could feel new sexual prowess come over his body. “Oh, fuck yea! Now this I like!”

Wanda was quick to try and rain on his parade. “That shouldn’t happen! You’ve been screwing with the rules, haven’t you? Don’t you know-”

“Shit, can you stop nagging for once? If you’re going to talk, then I wish you were my sexy stripper so at least I’ll be distracted from your yapping.”

A pink poof later, Wanda made her body less like a floating dwarf and more like the whores in Timmy’s porn collection. Forced to fulfill his wish, Wanda slowly began to take off her clothes despite how disgusted she was at the idea. “T-Timmy! Stop this right now! I’m a married woman and I will not be a part of this vile, degrading, ridiculous,” she continued to protest as her hands continued to peel off her top, revealing a pair of star covers over her nipples. “Now that’s just ridiculous!”

Timmy longingly licked his buckteeth as he stared into her heaving bosoms. “Oh, yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.” The pain and humiliation in Wanda’s eyes did not distract from Timmy’s lust as she stripped down to her leather g-string, bending over to give her godchild a view of her tight ass. “Fuuuuck, I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard before.”

Wanda smacked her ass, rousing a grunt from Timmy. “Please, Timmy, I’m a married woman and I’m a few thousand years too old for you. Do you want that, someone old enough to be your extremely great grandmother?”

“An extremely great grandmother I’d like to fuck! EGGILF, egg-ilf, say, I should use that online sometime. Now come here and give me a lap dance!”

She strolled over to him, her face showing every once of resistance she futilely used to stop herself from continuing. She straddled his lap, her expression flinched as she felt his throbbing erection through his pants rubbing against her ass. Still with no control, she grinded herself over his lap, shaking her fat tits in his face as he quickly began to pant heavily from the experience. Quickly, she thought of a loophole and grabbed his hands as he tried to reach out to her giant melons. “Sorry sport,” she said with a grin.

“Wh-what?! But-”

“Stripper rules hun; don’t touch the merchandise. Didn’t actually think this through, did ya? I guess I’ll have to play along after until your blue balls drive you crazy. Good thing I’m magic and you’re not, you’ll always have your breaking point while I can pretty much take anything you can dish out in my sleep.”

Timmy groaned as his cock throbbed painfully for release and he pushed Wanda off. “Well then, I guess I need to fix that! I wish you had a human body but can still grant any more wishes I might wish to... wish... wishing... do it!” She did so and a dread washed over her as Timmy whipped out his new, big, fat cock. “Alright, round one!”

Timmy quickly threw himself atop Wanda and held her down, getting off on her faint struggles to break free. “Timmy... maybe you should think this through. You’re a good kid and I’m telling you no! This is rape!”

“Hey, you said you could take anything I can dish out. You said you’ll play along. Well Wanda, let the games begin!” He thrust his thick cock into her dry, fresh cunt, a sensation Wanda wasn’t expecting. With her mint condition slut form now stricken with the human condition, the force of Timmy’s penetration threw her into torment of pain and pleasure. Timmy groaned deeply as Wanda’s tight pussy clamped down around his hard meat. Instinctively following his new sex drive, he pounding away at full force, hitting Wanda in all the right spots to leave her a screaming, moaning mess at his mercy. “Fuck, I never knew it be this good!”

“T-Timmy! Ah! Stop, it hurts!” she pleaded as Timmy continued slamming his cock deep into her, jabbing his head on every sensitive spot she had with unerring accuracy. Her body betrayed her mind as she wailed out in orgasm, her juices overflowing around Timmy’s still thrusting rod. She wept in it’s aftermath but Timmy continued his relentless pounding. “Timmy, enough!”

“No! I’m sick of not getting laid, I’m sick of filling up my waste basket with wadded up tissues! I wish every woman I want to fuck wants to fuck me too! I wish every woman I see is as horny as I am!” he wished.

Though mortal, Wanda still fulfilled his wish just as Timmy’s mom entered his room. “Timmy, what is going on here? What’s all this shouting about Jay Corn and GASP!” she gasped as she caught sight of her son going to town on a pink haired stripper. “What on earth are you doing?!”

With one lustful gaze, Timmy made her mother as sexually ravenous as he was. “Gee mom, why don’t you strip down and find out?” Without another word, she did just that to Timmy’s unsuspecting disgust. It seems the last few years hasn’t been kind to her. “O... kay, not limp but pretty close. Wanda, tighten the woman up if you please.”

“But that’s your mother!”

Timmy grabbed her clit and twisted it quickly and cruelly, “Less bitching more sexing!” he demanded as she screamed in pain. His mother suddenly looked more like she did when he was younger and it got his motor running again. “Better,” he commented as he continued to jack hammer Wanda’s now sore love box. “So how about giving my balls a nice tongue bath while I break my beyatch in!”

Wanda, mustering all her will, spat “Oh that’s just lame!”

“Will you just shuddap already!?” Jimmy bit his lip as her felt his mother’s warm tongue dragging across his balls as he continued pumping into Wanda’s womanhood. During her obidient ball lapping, she also slipped a finger inside Timmy’s ass and massaged his prostate lovingly. The sudden finger pegging sped up Timmy’s libido. “Oh fuck! I think I’m getting ready to bust a nut here!”

Wanda quickly became terrified and tried once more to reason with him. “Please Timmy, the least you can do is not jizz in me! I already have a baby and I don’t think I can explain another to Cosmo!”

With an annoyed growl, Timmy pulled himself free of Wanda’s pounded pussy. “Oh fine! Not like I need some baby mama drama anyway!”

Before he even realized it, Timmy’s mom slipped in between his legs and started jacking him off. “Well I’ll be more than happy to finish off my big stud son,” she chirped before wrapping her lips around the wet head of his cock.

“Now that’s more like it!” As she sucked the head like vacuum pump, she stroked the shaft with one hand while firmly squeezing his balls in the other, giving her son’s genitals her undivided attention. In no time at all, Timmy blew his load inside his momma’s mouth but pulled out so he can give her the money shot he always wanted to do. Even on his best wanking day, Timmy never unloaded as much cum as he was spilling on his mom just then. “Wow, magic sperm for the win!”

Mom hungrily swallowed what was left in her mouth and began to lick her son’s glistening cock clean of any errant semen. “Oh what a good boy my son is and such tasty jizz! I can sallow it down all day!”

Wanda rolled her eyes. “Oh brother.”

Timmy grinned as he zipped himself back up, to his mother disappointment. “That was a good first run but I got a lot of sexual repression to unload and a lot of lovely ladies to unload on! Wanda, I wish I have never ending sperm and I wish you lick my mother clean!”

As he swaggered out the room, pink cap resting on his crown, Wanda began her unpleasant task of licking the warm, thick sperm off his mother’s face and breasts. “Ugh, I don’t know *SLURP* how this happened *SLURP* but I will *SLURP* get to the bottom of this!... *SLURP*”

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