Timmy finally gets Trixie and Veronica
After leaving his first victims of love behind, Timmy bolted over to school. He was late for his first class but he knew enough about a certain raven haired girl to know she’d be skipping a non-test day of her advanced remedial post-pre-algebra 2 class in the east wing girl’s room on the third floor. In legal terms, that would be considered stalking but to him, it was just a labor of love to know that much. Assured that no one was around, Timmy rushed into the ladies lavatory to find Trixie Tang and her always present toadie, Veronica Star, simply wasting time away from class. “Well if it isn’t your lucky day ladies; Timmy’s here to make your fantasies come true!”

After a brief pause, the two status-obsessed girls laughed hard and uncontrollably until Timmy’s lustful gaze worked it’s magic on the two. Now the two had the same burning carnal desires of a depraved teenage boy and only one name on their mind to satisfy their needs. Trixie clung to Timmy’s side, her knee raised over his waist, grinding herself on him. “Oh Timmy, I never realized how much I wanted you.”

Timmy couldn’t help but lap up what was basically his wettest dream come true. “Hail to the king, baby.” He slipped his hand down her top and clasped his hand over her perfectly round breast. She moaned longingly at first but yelped when Veronica yanked her away by the hair, leaving Timmy holding a C-cup full of air.

With her out of the way, Veronica rushed to Timmy with a hungry look in her eyes. “No, I want you MORE! I’ve always wanted you Timmy! You make me so FUCKING WET!” she proclaimed, her wild eyes locked on his.

This was beginning to be more than he bargained for and he slowly backed away. “Umm... hey, you’ll both get a shot. I just want to start with Trixie.”

“NO! FUCK ME! I’ll do anything you want and I’m sexier than she is, look!” she shrieked before ripping off her top. Timmy was befuddled at the pair of double Ds that spilled out. “I spent all my savings to get these and I’m a freak! I’ll do anything, I mean ANYTHING you want!” She was now panting heavily from all her deranged shouting.

Timmy was beginning to freak out but then he remembered something his father once told him when he was younger. “Don’t stick your dick in crazy, son!” Good advice but then he remembered there was more to it than that. “Unless it’s anal, then it’s aaaaall good!” True, hearing his father say that at the age of twelve did severely scar his fragile psyche but it was good to know now.

Trixie shoved her friend to the wall. “Back off, bitch! Timmy is going to do it with me first!”

Sadly, Trixie didn’t know enough not to piss off a psycho bitch. “DIE!” She grabbed hold of both Trixie’s wrist and a fistful of hair and twisted both cruelly. The queen of popularity was quickly on her knees, crying in pain as her best friend ripped off her clothes like a wild beast. That’s when Timmy realized it, he was smack dab in the middle of every man’s fantasy; two hot chicks girl fighting over him. Too bad the girl of his dreams was being worked over by savage beast of a sociopath. Though seeing Trixie crying out in pain and being at someone else’s mercy was extremely arousing to him, something he might have to deal with in his next psychiatric appointment. “I’m going to fucking rip your perfect little tits off!”

Now it was time for Timmy to intervene. “Veronica! Say! I.... uh, really like a chick who can get wild!”

Veronica looked up at Timmy with a sparkle of hope in her eye. “You do?! Wanna
see me carve ‘slut’ on her back with my nails!?”

“NO! I mean... you should get wild ,uh, with me. You wouldn’t happen to have any like a scarf or, I’m hoping, a pair of handcuffs handy would you?”

Veronica grabbed her backpack and showed Timmy the plethora of bondage gear and sex toys she carried around with her at all time. “Pink fuzz or regular?” Timmy grabbed the padded pink cuffs and made sure Veronica’s hands were secured around the pipe of a sink. Veronica kicked off her shoes and ran her stocking covered toes over Timmy’s big bulge. “Oh yeah, make me your love slave! I’ll take that shit anyway and all the way! I’ll-”

Timmy quickly rummaged through her bag as he interrupted her. “Say, you know what will REALLY make this wild?” he asked. Before she could answered, she shoved a ball gag into her mouth. “Perfect.” With the bitch subdued, Timmy went to claim his prize. “Now where were we?”

He offered his hand to her but she instead stayed on the floor and freed his cock from his pants. “Mmm, right about here. Wow, it’s so big,” she said admiringly before taking it into her mouth. He had daydreamed about this moment a million times, even ruined a few bed sheets, but he gravely underestimated how great it felt to have Trixie Tang to polish his knob. Her pert, pink lips wrapped around his meat, tongue longingly running across the underside, hot breath sending every nerve he had down there into a frenzy. She knew what she was doing too, sucking firm but soft, slowly rolling down his shaft so he doesn’t get too worked up too fast. Her eyes looked up into his as she took his cock to the hilt like a pro, his tip being massaged by her constrictions of her throat.

“Oh shit, that’s amazing...” he sighed. Trixie prolonged her deep throat before pulling back slowly and kissed the tip. She continued kissing lovingly down the shaft until she was kissing his balls, each kiss becoming deeper until she was sucking on them, masturbating him gently as she did. “Fuck! You’re way better at oral than my mom!” he complimented before he actually thought about what he said. “Man, I really hope I never say that again.” When Trixie laid herself back for the main event, Timmy caught a glimpsed of that trim and pampered pussy of her’s and couldn’t resist. “Well, when am I ever gonna get another chance like this?”

He dropped down to between Trixie’s legs and started by running his tongue along the smooth lips of her cunt, simply taking in the flavor that was her. Teasingly, he flicked his tongue over her clit to hear her moan. “Oh Timmy...” she breathed. Timmy then dived right in, gently pulling her open so he can wiggle his tongue inside her. She quickly became short of breath, overdoing her moaning for Veronica to hear as Timmy began to suck and gently nibble on her womanhood. “You’re so good Timmy, now fuck me. Fuck me raw!”

Needing no further encouragement, Timmy pulled his face away and climbed over her. He flung one of her slender, smooth legs over his shoulder, kissed her soft, supple skin and then plunged his still glistening cock into her now moistened pussy. Timmy rolled his hips back and forth fluidly, sliding his cock deep into Trixie. They kissed hungrily, tongues intertwined, her sharp moans echoing down his throat as he teased and pinched her clit as he fucked her. As Timmy sped up his thrusts, he could feel Trixie tightening herself around his cock, milking him vigorously. “Oh shit...”

Timmy grabbed on tightly to Trixie’s waist and drilled into her at full force. He shifted her into an angle to make his cock slam against her g-spot. He was afraid that someone would walk in with all the screaming she was doing but he didn’t dare stop. It was empowering to watch her bounce and jerk with each thrust as he gained more speed. He could feel her humping into his cock, trying to squeeze herself around him like before. Time slipped away as he pounded into her like a jackhammer and when he was ready to finish, she wrapped her legs around his waist, locking him in. “Oh fuck! Cum in me Timmy! Fill me up with your hot seed!”

“Why not, what could possibly go wrong with that?” With one final deep thrust, he emptied his spunk into her as he felt her body quiver from the force of her own climax. With Trixie a panting mess and her pussy forming a puddle on the floor, Timmy turned to Veronica who was crying hysterically, still trying to break free from her restraints. Her wrist were beginning to bruise from pulling into the cuffs. “Oh, why not, I’m a nice guy.” When he walked over to her, she immediately offered up her cunt to him with hopeful eyes. Timmy reached out to give her a quick fingering but freaked when he felt how malleable it was. “Holy shit that’s loose! The hell did you do to it?” Though she was ball gagged, Veronica did remember that time she went through a ghetto phase and blacked out after drinking a free soda at a rap concert. Not to be discouraged, Timmy felt around to check her asshole. “Ooh, that’s better.”

Timmy grabbed wrapped his hands around her knees, lifted her up and slammed his cock into her ass in one push. The crazy blonde’s eyes nearly popped out and her wailing scream, though muffled under the rubber gag, caused spit to fly out into the air as Timmy forced his tube steak hard into her brown eye. As that was going on, Trixie wobbly walked over, straddled herself over Veronica and slapped her across the face. “So you thought you could get Timmy first? If you want to stay my best friend you better eat me out!” She then ripped the ball gag off Veronica’s mouth before thrusting her messy pussy right over her face. She was now sucking and slurping the juices out of Trixie’s cunt while Timmy blasted her ass at full force.

That was when Timmy couldn’t help but notice Veronica’s huge fake tits flopping around and he just had to have a taste. Leaning forward, he wrapped his lips around her nipple and sucked on it like a baby on a bottle. The feeling was extremely nostalgic for him, like coming home but it was natural since sucking on a nub was what caused him to have buck teeth. Maybe if he wished Veronica to calm the fuck down and tighten up that cave of a pussy, she might be worth keeping around for later. Timmy then began to bite down and gnaw on her utter, her pert nipple tickling the roof of his mouth. Veronica must’ve gotten into a rhythm just then because Timmy could hear Trixie moaning with great pleasure just as the bound girl’s anus started clenching around his cock, like it was holding it down each time Timmy pushed it in to the base. “Fuck! She’s sucking me in!”

Trixie furiously fingered herself while Veronica munched away like there was no tomorrow. Soon, both Timmy and Trixie were screaming out as they both erupted onto Veronica, leaving an overflow of jizz in her ass and a mess on her face. Finally free of Veronica’s vice-like ass, Timmy fell back exhausted while the girls went face to face. “Oh Veronica, I’m sorry I snapped at you like that. You’re my bestest best friend I currently have on rotation this month.”

“And I sorry I nearly fucked you up to get first dibs on Timmy.” Since they were
under the influence of Timmy’s spell of lust, they both started to make out, swapping around the fluids still in Veronica’s mouth. Timmy didn’t know what to make of it at first but he soon realized he was witnessing another of every man’s fantasy; two chicks lezzing out.

“I guess I’ll just watch before I jump in,” Timmy thought aloud with a grin. When the door open, he accidently shot his lecherous expression to, unfortunately, Principle Waxelplax. Due to the conditions of his wish, she was now stricken with the same Timmy lust that Trixie and Veronica were experiencing and he knew it from the sudden gleam in her eye. He threw himself at the door and slammed it shut, barely able to hold it closed as he could feel her massive girth slam against it to break in. “Umm... ocupado!”

“Timmy! I need your cock! I have years of experience with salami logs, let me show you!”

That was a disturbing mental image for him. “Umm... say! You know who has Timmy cock? Denzel Crocker! He has Timmy cock, go fuck Mr. Crocker!” It seemed his ruse worked as he could hear the portly principle running away shouting ‘Timmy cock!’ He knew he had to get out of school before things got out of hand which was unfortunate because Trixie and Veronica were just starting to 69. “Wait, I have rule free wishes. Unlimited rule free wishes. I can just wish for them later. But if I’m going to make the best of THIS wish, there’s just one more girl I’ve got to visit.” Timmy then left the school with only one thought on his mind; fuck the babysitter.

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2014-08-22 11:48:24
Good lead to the principal coming in but banging Vicky now if you would make it tootie it would be as funny as the Mr. Crocker bit but I wouldn't touch Vicky with a 10 foot pole

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