Vicky versus Timmy Part 1
Wanda, nauseated by the last sliver of Timmy jizz she had to force down her throat, pushed herself away from Timmy’s mother. She knew if she didn’t undo whatever Timmy did to make him immune to the rules, the consequences would be dire to just about anyone in Timmy’s path. She tried to rise back to her feet only to have mom cling to her leg. “Oh please, I’m still so horny. How about a rousing session of fisting until Timmy gets home?”

“Don’t you have a husband to nag for sex?” Wanda spat before kicking her off. With the sudden rush of adrenaline, Wanda’s mortal sense of smell detected the faintest aroma wafting in the air that wasn’t produced by unwanted, demeaning sex. “I smell... smoof! But that could only mean one thing!” As the epiphany set in, she heard a trash can knock over outside and when she looked out the window, she could see Norm dragging his lava lamp out of a tipped over garbage can. “Norm!”

It was a great pain for Norm having to drag his lamp out with his ghostly tail. “Damn ungrateful brat and his damn ungrateful attitude and his damn ungrateful... fucking huge buckteeth. You know, I remember when a horny teenager was given three wishes, he’d blow them on cheap women and a big dick and then live the rest of his life regretting having such an unusually shaped penis stricken with gonorrhea. Maybe I’m getting old and things are just- OH DEAR LORD!” he cried out when he turned his head and found himself face to nipple covers with Wanda. “What the hell are those?!”

“Oh these? Timmy wished for them after YOU helped him break the rules!”

“He wished for those?! Those are the worst fake breasts I’ve ever seen or will ever see in my life and I live for eternity. Are those surgical scars? Your fake, wished for boobies have obvious surgical scars. What kind of porn is this kid referencing from? Did he get the idea for these from a Bulgarian porn site?”

“This is serious Norm. Because of you, Timmy is-HEY!” she shrieked after Norm quickly felt up one of her plump tits.

He yanked his hand back in disgust. “Oh my god, they even feel fake! Like a burlap sack filled with wooden nickels! Well, anyway, besides his horrible, horrible taste in breasts, I have no problem with that little brat running wild and making whatever wish his erect penis tells him to make.”

Wanda gnashed her teeth with rage. “You....!” Before she could continue, he wand started to ring and she answered with a depressed sigh. “Yes Timmy?”

“Wanda, I’m gonna go pay Vickie a visit and I wish my cock was big enough and wide enough to rip her holes wiiiiide open!”

“Timmy, please, reconsider all of this! The rules were made to prevent this kind of abuse of power because-”

“Hey, I didn’t wish for a lecture, I wished for a monster cock to leave that
bitch Vickie a bleeding, crying mess! Now do it!”

Unable to resist, Wanda granted his wish to Norm’s delight. “See, it’s funny to me so why should I stop it? I mean sure, his wishes can now effect magical creatures, making them, well, you know, you’re a scarred up stripper now so of course you know. But that’s the beauty of it; I’m a dude. As long as beaver boy doesn’t turn gay, the only people who are going to be affected by this are wo... HEEEEEY, wait a minute here. Pink hat, watches soap operas, developed horrible bucked teeth due to sucking on a phallic piece of rubber for years. OH DEAR LORD, I’m screwed! I got to stop this before my anus becomes a potential victim!”

“Not exactly selfless, are you? Alright, so how can we stop him?”

“Well, funny thing that, *we* can’t. Well, I can but not on my own, someone has to wish to stop him. Now, I know I wipe my ass with rules but there is one that really, you know, pretty much a big no-no and that’s I can only grant wishes to mortals.”

Wanda picked up Norm’s lava lamp. “Then it’s a good thing Timmy made me human. Alright how does this thing work?”

“Ok, great. Here’s what you do. First, and this is really complicated, you need to rub it.” Wanda began to rub the lamp but Norm eventually shook his head. “No, no, you’re doing it all wrong. You must have hard, splintered, callus stricken man hands or something. You need something soft to rub it with like a hanky or a, oh, I know, rub it between your hideously scarred melons.”
Wanda smacked Norm’s face in with his own lamp. “WHAT?!”

“Wanda, please! I derive no form of pleasure or enjoyment from this. Countless women and penitentially men, specifically potentially me, are counting on us. Now please, for the love of god, rub my lamp between those foam rubber balloons your godchild mistakenly identified as knockers.”

Hesitant, Wanda slowly slid the 70s conversation piece between her large, tender breasts and began to slide it up and down. “How do I know if it’s working?” she asked after nearly a minute.

“What’s that? I’m sorry I was too busy trying out my new phone’s hi-def video capture feature,” he said before putting his cell phone away. “Put that on the internet later. No, you can make your wishes, I was just dicking with ya.” Wanda glared at him at first, which filled him with amusement but then a smirk stretched across his face and that made him nervous. “What... what are you smiling about?”

Timmy grinned evilly as he stood at the stoop of Vickie’s home, his half erect monster penis bulging uncomfortably in his pants. His knuckles knocked once against the door and it pushed open. Looking inside, the living room was empty but the lights and TV were still on. “Huh, that’s weird. I wonder where everybody is?” Timmy asked himself. After looking around, Timmy could hear noises coming from the basement. Quietly, he snuck down the stairs to investigate and what he found was Vickie’s dungeon from hell and she was using it on Tootie and her mother.

Her meek mother was shackled to the wall, her chest covered with crop welts, live electrodes clamped to her nipples and forced to straddle herseld over a sybian. Even from the stairs, Timmy could hear the trembling hum of the sybian motor, causing the trapped and beaten mother to groan and cry out in discomfort. Obviously, Vickie modified the device more for torment than for pleasure. She was trembling from head to toe, her thighs were caked with dried out fluids layered underneath her more recent forced ejaculations.

A few feet away, Vickie was giving her attention to her dear sister Tootie, tied face down on a small table with her older sister raping her with a strap on. That, however, wasn’t the worst of it. The worst of it was the giant wheel of imprisoned boys, striped down and strapped to a giant metal wheel that spun at the command of a controller in Vickie’s hand. What Timmy didn’t know was that these poor young men were force fed sexual enhancement pills to maintain their erections for hours and those strange attachment protruding out from the wheel were spraying their sore, aching manhoods with aerosol hot sauce. The entire purpose of that devilish device was to make Tootie suck each of their cocks, one by one, again and again, forced to swallow mouthful after mouthful of jizz and volcano hot sauce while her sister savagely ravaged her pussy.

Hot tears were endlessly streaming down Tootie’s face as her tongue blistered from the hot sauce and her stomach ached from the growing pool of semen slushing around. While the giant wheel rotated to bring another teen boy in agony around for another forced blow job, Tootie looked over her shoulder and tried once more to plead her sister for mercy. “Vickie... I can’t take it anymore... My mouth is on fire and I can’t eat anymore sperm, can’t we take a break?”

Vickie dropped her remote and grabbed her sister by her pigtails. As Tootie screamed in pain, Vickie slammed her forward to shove her mouth down the base of another ragged but still hard cock. “You can take a break when I get too tired of turning your cunt into a fucking tunnel! Now shut up and eat some cock, I can’t hear mom’s groaning!”

The display of incestuous savagery was more than Timmy was willing to stand. Though it would be heroic to save the two dark haired damsels in distress, Timmy still was really going to split Vickie in half for his own sick pleasure. “Fun’s over, Vickie!” he shouted out. “Well, at least for you anyway.”

Vickie pulled her spiny strap on out of her sister’s pussy and growled at Timmy. “Twerp?! What are you doing in my house? In my special dungeon?!” Her fury quickly melted away as Timmy’s gaze made her wet for him. “It’s like a dream come true,” she cooed.

Timmy unzipped his pants and pulled out his half erect hunk of meat. “I thought you’d say something like that but now it’s time to turn that dream into-”

His overused cliche was interrupted when Vickie untied Tootie from her torture table. “Before we start, might as well make her useful for something.” She pushed her battered sister to the floor and kicked her over toward Timmy. “Get him hard, you little shit.”

Dehydrated and exhausted, Tootie crawled toward Timmy, fueled by nothing more than the already burning obsession she had for him. The spell didn’t work on her as it did the others since she’s been wanting to jump his bones for years and now she had an opportunity to do so. As she reached out and grabbed hold of his cock with both her hands, Timmy couldn’t help but notice for the first time how hot the little stalker had actually become over the years. “Oh... Timmy... you’re enormous...” she sighed before taking the tip into her mouth.

She licked and suckled his overgrown head gently and lovingly. Timmy wasn’t expecting this to happen and he didn’t know what else to do but moan as Tootie’s damaged mouth passionately serviced his magically enhanced dick. When her slender fingers began to gently massage his thick shaft, the cock quickly became rock hard. Even with her stomach loaded to the brim with semen, Tootie graciously lapped up the precum beading on Timmy’s tip. With his manhood fully aroused, Vickie harshly pulled his sister away from Timmy and licked her lips hungrily. “Time for the main course!” she declared.

With Tootie out of the way, Timmy grinned evilly as his plans were now becoming closer to fruition. “Oh you have no idea.”

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