Vicky versus Timmy Part 2
Vickie licked her lips hungrily as she gazed upon Timmy’s now fully erect beast of a penis. Though Timmy came to enact some revenge, he couldn’t stop himself from admiring how hot Vickie looked in her dominatrix outfit. Her forearms were dressed with black latex sleeves, classic thigh high stilettos, a leather harness that kept her breasts lifted up in display, even her menacing spiny strap on was stirring Timmy’s arousal. “Okay Timmy, worry about that later, revenge sex first.”

She swaggered over to him and tickled the tip of his cock with one of her sharpened nail, causing Timmy to freeze up as it sent a powerful tingling sensation across his body. Before he could recover, she pulled him toward her roughly and shoved her tongue down him mouth. Stunned that he was quickly losing control of the situation, Timmy just stood there as Vickie felt up his chest and ass while her tongue forcefully mangled around his own. Though he tried to regain control, her fingernail wiggling around inside his anus, her fingers squeezing one of his nipples and the feel of a long, phallic object scrapping against his cock was really breaking his concentration. “I never knew you were packing so much down there twerp. It’s going to be amazing when that thing drills into my tight hole,” she said as she unfastened her strap on harness.

With her busy hands off of his body and her pussy unobstructed, Timmy went on the offensive. “Oh, you’ll feel something alright,” he assured her. His fingers went out to touch her cunt only to have a set of sharp metal teeth bite into his hand. “YEOUCH!”

Vickie blushed as Timmy cradled his injured hand. “Oops, forgot about my chastity trap. See, I wanted to save my virginity for my first rich boyfriend so I’ve been taking it in the ass for years and installed this little gizmo to keep my vacuum seal. But I’d gladly give up my virginity for a cock like that!”

She removed her vaginal security device, leaving her pristine, untouched cunt
wide open for violation. Timmy knew that even if she was uncontrollably horny, Vickie would try to take control if he let her. To make sure he stayed in charge, Timmy shoved Vickie to the floor and quickly pinned one of her legs under his knee. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a looong time,” Timmy confessed before swinging Vickie’s other leg over his shoulder. Eager to make it as painful as possible for the wicked red head, he slammed half his giant prick into her with a single thrust.

The shrilled shriek that Vickie wailed sent shivers down Timmy’s spine. Panic caused her eyes to bug out but the mad, wide grin on her face confused Timmy. He couldn’t tell if it was hurting her or if she was loving it or both. He decided not worry about it too much as he took a deep breath and forced himself deeper inside. The rough push dragged a growling moan out of Vickie, her tongue hanging out, panting like a starving dog. Inch by forceful inch, Timmy continued to shove his behemoth prick into her, amazed at how stretched out she was becoming and still nothing but ecstacy from her. “Oh Timmy! It hurts so fucking GOOD!”

“Well, that explains it.” Timmy now reared back, sliding out only a bit before ramming into her again. She screamed out in masochistic joy, his cock now forming a painful looking bulge under her naval. It was easier to move around inside her now but he still needed to make more wiggle room. He began to thrust his hips quickly, making short but fast humps to wear down Vickie’s once virgin, now widened, pussy. “It might take me a while but I’m going to destroy this cunt.”

As his thrusts became more fluid, he began to pound into her harder and harder. Each growing slam caused Vickie’s tits to bounce in rhythm. Timmy reached out and roughly squeezed one in his hand but even at his most malicious, Vickie continued to squeal in joy, enjoying her torment . “Oh yea! I’ve been a bad girl! Hurt me good!”

Though the sex was good, Vickie’s enthusiasm for pain for pain was demoralizing. As he continued to hammer away at Vickie’s womanhood to her delight, Timmy suddenly felt a pair of delicate hands reach around from behind and gently rub his chest. He looked over his shoulder as Tootie pleaded with her eyes to turn his attention to her. Before Timmy could brush her off, he noticed how annoyed Vickie was becoming with Tootie’s presence. Since he wasn’t having much luck getting revenge by fucking her, he might as well try jealously. Pulling Tootie close to him, they shared a deep kiss that left Vickie stunned with rage. His thrusting began to slow and soften as Timmy’s concentration was now focused on Tootie. He broke the kiss and began to smooch down her front side, delighting at Vickie’s jealous growling. Despite being her sister’s whipping toy, her skin with still soft and supple, at least in the front, and it warmed as she blushed. The tuft of hair at the end had been shaved into a V-shape, more than likely made that way against Tootie’s will.

Timmy didn’t look back but he could hear Vickie snarling as he gave all his
attention to Tootie pussy instead of her own. Eager to draw more jealousy out of her, Timmy began to eat out Vickie’s little sister while rubbing her clit vigorously as he gave the red headed bitch only half-hearted thrusts. Tooties howled out her moans, blissfully unaware her pleasure was only being used to instill jealousy upon her sister. Timmy slipped a few fingers inside her, rubbing around every inch he can reach as his lips now hungrily suckled her excited clitoris. “Oh... Timmy!” she wailed before she lost herself in her own climax. Gladly did Timmy clean off her sexual discharge, knowing that each lap of the tongue was a jab at Vickie’s sexual frustration.

“Maybe I’m nailing the wrong sister. Guess it’s time to trade up.”

Playing right into his hands, Vickie reached out to Timmy in hysteria. “No! Timmy, please! I’ll do anything you want, I’ll give you anything! Please, just fuck me! I need you!”

Just the tear drenched pleading he wanted to hear. “Too bad I couldn’t get that on tape. Oh well, I’ll just make you say it next time.” He once again turned his attention to Vickie and proceeded to ram his cock into her like a pile driver. Since the psychological damage had already been inflicted, Timmy was content simply to pound away for his own pleasure while she squirmed and squealed underneath him. It wasn’t long until that familiar feeling in his loins came about and in his final deep thrust, he emptied himself into the deepest regions of her womb. “Oh yes! Fill me up! Fill me... huh?”

Timmy wasn’t sure what was happening when the ecstatic look in Vickie’s eyes was replaced with confusion but it became all too clear when he suddenly lost his enhanced manhood. “Ah! Shrinkage!” He tried to pull away but couldn’t get far once those fingers were wrapped around his throat. “Ack!”

Throughout Dimmsdale, those who had been swayed by Timmy’s enchantment were regaining their senses. On the floor of the girl’s restroom, Trixie and Veronica were at a lost for words when they awoke to find themselves inserting sex toys into one another. Trixie pulled out whatever she had shoved into Veronica and didn’t know what to make of the horse-sized phallic object flopping around in her hand. “What is this?!”

Veronica snatched it away and shoved it into her backpack. “STOP JUDGING ME!”

Not too far there, a dazed Waxelplax wasn’t sure why she was in the teacher’s lounge stripped down to only her bra but she screeched when she saw who she was mounting. Barely able to lift his head, Crocker pleaded to her. “Please, Geraldine, I don’t think a crushed pelvis is covered in my medical plan....”

Finally, all the way back home, Timmy’s mom caught herself in mid-orgasm, wondering why she was using one of her son’s old toys as a dildo. “Now what on Earth made me think that was a good idea?” Pushing a button on the back, it began to vibrate while spouting a prerecorded action phrase. “Oh! Well in that case.” She shoved the shaking toy back inside her to finish the job.

Through her gurgling, venomous growl, Vickie berated the terrified Timmy. “What the fuck are you doing in my basement?!” Before Timmy could attempt to grovel for mercy, she discovered the used up cavern that was her pussy overflowing with cum. “You popped my cherry?! You’re not rich! You’re not even cute and YOU broke my seal?!”

She slamed him down to the floor and pulled out a power drill with a swizzle stick screwed on at the end. “Ah! I’m sorry, just please, don’t use that thing on my ass!”

“Oh no,” she assured him before pulling back his foreskin. “NOT your ass!”

The next day, after hours of screaming and blinding pain, Timmy could only lay on his bed as Wanda, now back to normal, rubbed his misfortune in his face. “Well Timmy, I hope you learned a lesson from all of this.”

Timmy tried to shift his weight only to cringe as a the pain of his loins shot up his spine. “Ugh... yeah. Next time I have revenge sex on a sadistic bitch, tie her down first.”

“Close enough,” she sighed.

“Hey... Wanda, how did you undo my rule free wish anyway?”

“Oh, that was easy. I just had Norm take back your wish when I made my second wish.”

“Second, what was your first wish?”

In her mind, she thought back on how satisfying it was when Norm limped out of the city limits of ancient Sodom. “You fellas have a lot of growing up to do, I'll tell you that. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. Can you believe these characters? Way out of line. Way out of line. You know what hurts the most is the... the lack of respect. You know? That's what hurts the most. Except for the... except for the other thing. That hurts the most. But the lack of respect hurts the second most.”

“Oh, just a quick trip. Now don’t think this is over, I’ll dull out plenty of more punishment once you recover and ESPECIALLY if I find out anyone had gotten pregnant during your little sex-capade. But, here, try and relax big guy,” she told him, poofing him a glass of warm milk.

“Thanks Wanda. Wow, I really thought you’d be more vindictive about me turning you into an overly developed stripper and forcing you into a three-way with my own mother. Oh well, bottoms up then.” He slammed back the milk and a few seconds later, he was racked with pain as his sore cock began to harden. “Ow-Ow-Ow! What the fuck!”

“Well, looks like that kicked in pretty quickly and just in time for your visitor.”

“My what?!” Wanda popped out of the room just as his door was slammed wide open. “Tootie!?”

“Timmy!” she squealed out in joy. “So that wasn’t a prank call, you really are here waiting to give yourself to me! Oh, I knew you’d finally come around!” She tore her clothes off and yanked the blanket off of Timmy. He tried to escape but it felt as if tiny hands were holding down his wrists and ankles. “Oh Timmy, I am going to DESTROY your cock!”



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