Scene 1 - Loli and Incest
"Kyon," the usually quiet, steadfast Yuki moaned as she knelt in front of me, leaning against my bed. My hands held tightly to her slight hips as I thrust into her, her tight pussy captivating me. I pushed in, moving forward so I could plant kisses on her neck.

I didn't know what came over her, but she demanded in the club room earlier that day that we return to my house, and that she needed it badly. I don't know what came over her, but ever since we started dating, she seemed a lot more forceful, more talkative. Since our first time together, she seemed more insistent we spend time together, but time had long since come to mean sex. She said it was research, that she was trying to understand people and emotions and sensations better. As I looked at her body moving in response to mine, moans escaping her lips when no sounds would before, her vagina tightening around me in what could only be a conscious effort, I seriously doubted that.

Not that I cared what her intentions were. The adorable Yuki Nagato demanding sex wasn't something any man could complain about, and I took every opportunity she presented me with to lose myself in her heaven. For her to moan, to shyly admit she wanted more of my cock, with her skirt and panties on my bed and her school top still on, was nothing short of-



I forgot to mention - My little sister was in there, too. Just sitting there, in my bedroom, sipping some juice through a straw, watching me pound Nagato. She seemed dead-set on being there, and I had sort of given up on trying to get her out. At least she stopped demanding I fuck her and asking when Yuki was going to leave--I fucked her before leaving for school, wasn't that enough? It seemed like she was fascinated with watching my cock pound in and out of the alien girl, and although her constant drink-slurping was a huge annoyance, it was actually somewhat hot being watched - Even if the observer was a little girl.

"Kyon-kun, how tight is Nagato-chan?" She asked me right as I started to speed up and really get into things. Of course, that ruined it. I ignored her, continuing to slam away at the silver-haired girl, who let out moans every few moments. "It looks like it really feels good." She crawled closer, looking directly at Yuki. "Is Kyon-kun doing good enough for you?"

"He's ... F-Fine." Nagato replied to her, her entire body being forced against the bed time and time again. "V-very good!" Her words were unusually emphatic as she moaned the praise, my hand slipping up her shirt and rubbing her small breasts as I pounded harder and faster, also moaning. She was so incredibly tight, made only better by the strange arousal I got from having my sister watch me have sex.

"Kyon-kun..." sis squealed, and it was starting to wear thin; I don't care if she watches, but stop talking already. I turned my head as I kept my grip firm on her, ready to shout at her to shut up or get out. How surprised I was to find that she wasn't actually addressing me, but that she had her skirt discarded, panties bunched around her ankles, and her fingers digging viciously into her dripping pussy. My eyes widened, and luckily her eyes were closed, so nobody but me knew that I was fucking Yuki while watching the very arousing sight of my sister masturbating to our lovemaking. I renewed my focus, driving my cock deeper and harder into Nagato, screaming her name as her pussy clenched down even harder.

"Be rougher, please." Nagato said calmly, although I could hear a hint of pleasure in her quiet voice. "Go faster, too." I smiled, nodding and doing as she asked, slamming into her still-tightening cunt while my sister's moans of my name were getting progressively louder.

I was beginning to lose myself in all of it, and the jury was out about whether it was Nagato or my sister who contributed more. "I'm cumming, Nagato!" I shouted out as I buried myself to the hilt inside her, pressing tightly against her, my hands holding onto her hips for dear life as I loosed my load inside her, groaning all the while. So strong was my orgasm that I felt weakened by it, falling back a little and lying on the floor. "Nagato..." I sighed. I came too early, all of it just setting me off. Usually, Nagato came at least once before I got mine.

I closed my eyes, figuring I'd get up in a second and finish her off with my fingers. I sighed, preparing to get up and--


This time, though, it wasn't the sound of someone being an asshole with a straw. I opened my eyes, startled to see my sister lying on her back, her legs spread open, and her head buried between Nagato's legs. She wasn't drinking her juice, but rather, Yuki's, with a healthy topping of my fresh semen.

"W-What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I asked, almost pulling her away. She looked up at me between Yuki's trembling legs.

"I want Kyon-kun's cum. It's all mine!" She said, taunting me. "Nagato-chan's had enough!"

"Sis, get out." I don't care how hot it was, how much her body moved, taunting me with her dripping wet cunt that was just as, if not a little tighter, than Nagato's. Forget that she was begging me to fuck her, and I certainly did enjoy doing that, and that my threesome fantasies may not be fulfilled with Nagato and Asahina-san, but this was certainly an acceptable alternative.


"N-no," Nagato whimpered. "Let her stay. feels good."

And with that, both girls seemed totally into this idea, so who the hell was I to argue?

Still a little weak from my orgasm, I leaned forward, kissing my sister's sopping wet cunt. She shivered a little, moaning into Nagato's pussy as she sucked my cum out of it. Another kiss, followed by a finger slipping through as my tongue licked along her slit and teased her clitoris. As I felt around inside her, I realized just how wet she was, and as stupid as it sounds, I felt like almost a failure as a sex toy of a brother. I should have paid attention to her as well.

Wait, no, screw that. Letting her watch and leaving her hanging was possibly one of the smartest decisions I've ever made, given what it's gotten me into. Watching her eat out Nagato (along with the girl's quiet moaning,) was just beginning to get me hard again - Usually only thinking about Asahina-san's huge rack did that for me this quickly. Well, she did say that she wanted me to fuck her.

I grabbed my sister's legs, and slowly moved myself closer before shoving my cock into her. She let out a scream of pleasure, stopping her attack on Nagato for only a moment before continuing, the speed of my thrusts causing her tongue to act more wild. As tight as Nagato was, my sister's cunt was just so much tighter, and that made this all the better - I couldn't stop thrusting now. Someone could rush in and say that a tornado was headed this way - I'd just tell them to come back in ten minutes.

"Kyon-kun! Kyon-kun!" My sister had stopped eating Nagato (who was busy teasing her clit with her index finger) and was now too distracted by fucking me to do anything else. This was usually how she acted whenever we did it alone, so I knew that I was doing good enough.

I groaned, pulling her legs up and pressing them against my shoulders before leaning forward, her knees drawn closer to her chest, putting her at an angle we'd never experienced before, and instantly I knew she liked it as her screams became louder. I thrusted harder into her as Nagato fell back a little, apparently just a touch upset that sis stopped eating her out, because she sat on her face, staring me as she forced her pussy against my sister's mouth, silencing her moans.

"Nagato?" I was surprised she'd do such a forceful thing, albeit one that made the scene much hotter; my sister shut up and forced to eat pussy.

"It felt good. I didn't want it to end." She spoke so matter-of-factly about forcing a girl to eat her out that it seemed sort of unsettling, but fucking my sister so roughly while she resigned herself to licking Nagato made it alright.

I was the luckiest man in the damn world.

I reached out and pulled Nagato's shirt up, playing with her small breasts as I pounded my little sister, making the alien girl moan a little louder. I would have kissed her, but I couldn't lean forward any more without hurting my sister in her current position. Although Nagato and I have had sex many times in the past, this seemed to be one of the best - Hell, if not the best - Time we've ever had. Staring at Nagato's bare chest and seeing her pleasured face only made me go faster into my sister until I finally reached that point, thanking God that she couldn't get pregnant yet.

I groaned, feeling her tighten around me as I shot quite a bit of cum into her small hole, most of it dripping onto the floor. She screamed my name throughout the entire experience, which made me cum even harder. I slowly pulled away, a trail of cum leading from the head of my dick to the inside of her small pussy. Nagato had just hit that point as well - She moaned quietly, and I saw her juices spill onto my sister's tongue, who quickly lapped up what she could.

Again, I pulled out, but this time, my penis remained rock-hard. I guess all of this excitement sort of rejuvenated me, because I was ready to go again. The girls seemed ready, too, because as I stood, they both dove for my cock at the same time. I stood, dripping with cum from all three of us, as Yuki got there first, followed by sis from the other side, both immediately going at it, licking up and down my cock, seeming to fight over who got the most of our combined fluids. They both licked at me, causing it to throb hard with every lap of their tongues. I know I wasn't going to last long, and the girls' long licks were going to drive me crazy any second now.

"I'm cumming ..."

I groaned as I spoke those words, seeing that Nagato had won and had wrapped her lips around my cock, my sister still licking along my shaft as Yuki took in everything that I gave. She didn't swallow, though - Instead, she and my sister began to make-out, obviously swapping it with their tongues so they could both get a taste. This had to have been one of the hottest things I have ever seen in my life. Ever. Oh, fuck it, I'm going again.


I groaned, sitting down on the floor as their make-out session, sadly, came to an end, and I had to to acknowledge Haruhi again, along with Koizumi, who had camcorders recording it the whole time.

"That was great, Kyon, but we didn't get as much footage as we needed, and you'll have to do some more."

"But I already came three times!"

"Too bad, this scene is too short."

Sis wrapped her hands around my limp cock and began jerking it back to life, and with her touch, it didn't take long.

"Why is my sister involved in this, anyway?"

"Aside from the fact you already fuck her? She's young, flat-chested, and your sister. Incest and loli are just two more fetishes we can add to this, and we've got to appeal to all tastes!" Haruhi exclaimed as if this was something I should've already known. "Let's get Mikuru-chan in this too! Big boobs are a huge moé factor!"

Asahina-san, topless? I'm not complaining. But still, this was an incredibly stupid idea. Haruhi had already come up with a title, even.

The SOS Brigade Presents: SOS XXX!

I don't know why in the world she thought a porno would be a good idea. How could we sell it? Who would be the target audience? Of course there would be plenty of guys who would jump at the chance to get a DVD of high school girls (and in our case a younger girl as well,) having sex, but still ... This is one of her more risky ideas.

"Haruhi, you know that this won't end right, don't you?" I asked her. She looked way too happy to argue with me - She was also too busy trying to strip Asahina-san for the next scene, something about "S&M and bondage is total moé." What the hell did she define "moé" as, again?

Well, nothing I can do now except try my best to enjoy it. With Nagato already wrapping her lips around my dick, I knew that wouldn't be too difficult.

Please, Haruhi, don't get us arrested.

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This is a good example of how pelope use their words to bring blessings or condemnation to themselves. I am reminded of the story of Ms.California, and how her words may seem to have brought her ridicule in this world system, yet blessings and favor with God. She was given the question, by design, in her own mind, so that she would have to choose between her Christian beliefs and winning a worldy contest. She chose to stick with her beliefs. It may seem that she has lost a prize, but, in reality, she has won prize. We do not know what good will come of this, however, all of her own words have been about how blessed she was to have the chance to share her faith. She has only talked about the incidence with words of Life and I am sure she will be rewarded.

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It's spooky how cevler some ppl are. Thanks!

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damn what I wouldnt give 2 fuck a nice tight loli n make her scream in pleasure and pain at the same time ripping that super young tight pussy open with my cock again and again damn I wish I had the chance even if it was just once then would want more but would take only once if I had 2

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ive watch the episodes and i would like a continuation of this series

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Awesome, haven't read yet but haruhi is awesome. I hope there's some play with nagato.

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