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My sister interrupts a makeout session with a friend. I originally wrote this under the Chemical Ollie penname.
“What the hell is she doing here?” my sister Jean demanded. Lupe and I jumped apart in surprise. We’d been sitting on the loveseat in the living room. I had Lupe down to just her panties. I still had my pants on. As you might have surmised Jean’s arrival was completely unexpected. She was supposed have been out all day. My parents were out of town for the weekend and I thought I’d been clear to invite Lupe over for a little heavy petting and maybe if I got lucky I’d lose my virginity too. Lupe’s a classmate of mine.

“Answer me!” Jean demanded again. “You’re in so much trouble when Mom and Dad find out about this, having the school’s biggest slut in our home.”

“Give me a break. I’m not the school’s biggest slut,” Lupe said finally. “I’m probably not even in the top 50 among school sluts.” She stared back at my sister defiantly. “As far as what we’re doing, if you’re not sure, maybe you should stick around and watch. Perhaps you’d learn something.”

Jean blushed deeply and said, “I don’t care what your slut ranking is, bitch. If you’re not dressed and out of here in the next 30 seconds I’ll pull you out of here by your hair just as you are.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

“Uh, maybe you’d better go, okay Lupe?” I said. I was already in deep enough shit without Lupe adding to it. I was already resigned to being grounded for the rest of my life and I’m only 16 years old. My name is Tim.

“You’d better listen to Timmy, Scarface. You’re now about ten seconds away from me tearing into you.” I cringed. Lupe had a thin scar along her left cheek about an inch and a half long. Scarface was her nickname but only behind her back. Rumor had it she acquired the scar in a fight with another girl over a guy but I’d never have the guts to ask her about it. Lupe’s olive complexion turned darker with anger.

“I feel sorry for you, Tim,” Lupe told me calmly, “with you having this sister who’s already acting like an old maid.” My sister cried out in rage. She grabbed hold of Lupe’s hair and yanked my friend out of the loveseat. I was really surprised. I’d never known Jean to be the violent type. She must have been having a really bad day. Lupe responded with her own cries of pain and rage. I thought it would be over pretty quickly. Jean had taken Lupe by surprise and also had a 20-pound weight advantage and a three inch height advantage on my guest. I valued my own physical safety so I didn’t try to interfere. I did, however, station myself in front of the door. I wasn’t going to allow Lupe to be thrown out half-naked.

The next thing I heard was Jean’s own cry of pain. She let go of Lupe’s hair and clasped her boobs. Lupe had obviously sunk her nails into my sister’s tits. Lupe quickly took advantage of the situation by grabbing Jean’s hair and pulled her backward and off balance. “Help me!” Jean cried.

“Keep out of this,” Lupe warned me. “This is between her and me.” She gave an extra hard yank on Jean’s hair and my sister fell flat on her back. I think the wind got knocked out of her. Lupe quickly bent over the defenseless figure and ripped open her blouse. Buttons went flying. Jean’s bra went next exposing her tits. This was amazing. I’d never before seen her tits; not that I hadn’t tried on occasion. Jean was 18 and had always been a pain in the ass to me for as long as I could remember. Now I thought I could get something on her so she’d leave me alone. I ran to my bedroom and retrieved my digital camera. I returned and started snapping pictures. I had a hell of a woody going. Lupe didn’t seem to mind. “Good idea,” she said smiling. Jean regained her breath about then.

“No, Tim!” she screamed and covered her exposed tits with her arms.

“Put your arms down or I’ll hurt you again,” Lupe warned. Jean looked at her and saw that she was serious. She looked over to me as if pleading silently. The tears coursed down her cheeks but I didn’t feel sorry for my sister at all. She’d brought this all on herself. Slowly, Jean dropped her arms and I snapped another picture. I could see red marks where Lupe’s nails had dug into my sister’s boobs. I could tell there’d be bruising soon. “I beat you fair and square, right?” asked Lupe.

“Right,” Jean admitted grudgingly. She watched Lupe retrieve her shorts and reach into the pocket for something. I couldn’t see what it was but Jean did and she yelped in fear.

“If I had my knife handy when we fought I would have cut you good for disrespecting me,” Lupe said displaying a four inch blade. “I still might do that.”

“No, Lupe!” I blurted. This was now out of control. I didn’t want my sister disfigured. Hell! I didn’t realize Lupe might be armed.

“This was for you if you tried to rape me,” Lupe said to me. “I can still use it on you if you try to interfere.” I gulped and kept my mouth shut but thanked my lucky stars for not getting pushy with this crazy girl.

“Please don’t cut me,” Jean begged. She began to sob as Lupe placed the flat of the blade against her cheek.

“Why not,” Lupe replied. “You could discover the joys of being called Scarface just like I have.”

“I’m sorry I called you that,” my sister blubbered.

“It’s too late for sorry, sweetie. Now you have to pay for your disrespect. So which cheek would you like it on; right or left?”

“Please don’t do this, Lupe,” I begged. “What happened isn’t worth ruining her life and yours.”

“Well, she could be my bitch. I might consider that. Would you like to be my bitch?”

“Yes,” Jean blurted almost in a panic. “I’ll be your bitch.” I’m sure Jean didn’t know what being Lupe’s bitch meant but it had to be a lot better than being disfigured.

“Good answer,” said Lupe. She stood up and took off her panties. Jean and I both gaped at Lupe’s naked body; I’m sure for different reasons. Jean was apprehensive about Lupe’s intentions. I was just admiring the girl’s body. I’d seen plenty of girls' snatches in pictures and Lupe had the hairiest one yet. She looked like her tits were bigger than Jean’s but I think it was because of Lupe’s smaller stature overall. “You’re going to eat me out to show your devotion to me,” Lupe announced.

“I-I won’t do that,” said Jean. The horror she felt was apparent in her voice.

“You won’t do it?” Lupe asked. “Is that what you said, Scarface?” She waved her blade in front of Jean’s face.

Jean gulped and said, “Not in front of Tim...please!”

“Oh, yes in front of Tim,” Lupe replied. “He has to take more pictures. I want plenty of evidence so you don’t go thinking about getting revenge on me. These pictures would look very nice on a web site, don’t you think?”

“I won’t try to get revenge,” Jean wailed.

“I don’t think you will either but we’re going to do this anyway just because I want it.” Lupe straddled Jean’s prone body and slowly lowered herself on my sister’s horrified face. “You’d better be enthusiastic with that tongue of yours,” Lupe warned. “I’m not going to let you up until you get me off three or four times.” I heard Jean moan in despair as her face disappeared underneath Lupe’s snatch. Lupe moaned in pleasure and I could only assume my sister was carrying out her undignified task. “She’s pretty good if she’s a beginner,” Lupe added. “Why aren’t you taking pictures?”

“I uh...well, you can’t see her face so what’s the point?” I’d forgotten I still had the camera. I wished I hadn’t brought it out. What plans did Lupe have for the pictures? It couldn’t be anything good? What if I erased the pictures? Would Lupe be after me for disobeying her? I didn’t want to be known as Scarface either. I continued fretting about my dilemma until Lupe finally stood up.

“She only got me off once but I think she’ll improve with practice,” she said conversationally. The girl wasn’t self conscious about her nudity at all. Lupe was definitely a beauty even with her scar. She looked at me and then pointed imperiously at Jean. I snapped another picture. I instinctively realized this is what she wanted. Damn! She was training me too. “Get up,” she ordered Jean.

Jean was slow to get up. She appeared to be in a daze but she did her best to obey. No sooner had she risen but Lupe ordered her to finish stripping. “My bitches don’t wear men’s clothes,” Lupe declared referring to my sisters slacks. Jean’s resistance was gone along with her spirit. She gave me a look of pure misery and unsnapped the fastener at her waist. Strands of Lupe’s pubic hair were pasted to her mouth. I snapped another picture as she stepped out of her panties. Once completely naked Lupe ordered Jean back down on her knees and I snapped more pictures with my classmate posing triumphantly beside her slut.

Lupe motioned me to come nearer and I obeyed. She reached for my belt and unbuckled it. “It’s time you got comfortable too,” she said. I didn’t resist and I soon found myself completely naked like Jean and Lupe. Jean looked kind of nervous as my stiff prick popped into view. “Isn’t your brother’s prick pretty?” When Jean didn’t answer Lupe she said, “I asked you a question, bitch.”

“It’s pretty,” Jean said quickly taking note of Lupe’s menacing tone.

“Is this the first prick you’ve seen?” Lupe took hold of it and started fondling it. I felt like I was in heaven.

“No, it isn’t.”

“Then you have a boyfriend, is that right?”

“I-I just broke up with him,” my sister replied with a catch in her voice. That was news to me. I didn’t realize she had a boyfriend to break up with.

“Oh, that’s too bad. Was he anyone we know?”

“He doesn’t go to our school. He’s...older.”

“I assume you fucked for him so you’re not a virgin.” Jean blushed and nodded her head.

“It’s your turn,” Lupe said. I wondered what she meant by that but Jean seemed to know. She stood up slowly and reached for my prick. I gasped as my sister’s hands replaced Lupe’s and began gently stroking me. I was certainly surprised but very pleased.

“Oh, gosh,” I gasped. If I this kept up much longer I was going cum hard in someone’s hand. Jean looked at me without resentment and I was glad for that.

“It looks and sounds like Tim is enjoying himself. Are you enjoying yourself, Tim?”

“Yes,” I said only. I couldn’t lie.

“Why don’t you let Tim fuck you?” My prick lurched in excitement. Jean and I both stared at Lupe in amazement.

“I can’t do that,” Jean protested. “He’s my brother.” Whether purposely or not my sister began to stroke me more vigorously.

“Brothers and sisters fuck all the time,” Lupe replied. “I know that for a fact.” I didn’t ask Lupe how she knew this but it made sense to me. I’d fantasized about fucking Jean in the past and she was now butt naked and stroking my prick. I knew I’d do it if Jean was agreeable but I didn’t want to force her. I wanted a willing partner.

“I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Most of the thrill of fucking for a girl is knowing she’s taking the risk of getting knocked up,” said Lupe. “I can’t get off without it. I guess your boyfriend wore a condom, huh?”

“That’s right.”

“Well, your brother wants to fuck you and he wants to do it bareback. Am I right, Tim?” I didn’t answer verbally. Instead, I responded by shooting a stream of my load. Jean shrieked in alarm and jumped back when it landed on her belly. The second and third streams went wild. Most of it landed on the floor but some of it landed on Lupe’s thigh. “I guess you have your answer,” Lupe added with a giggle. “Don’t wipe it off!” My classmate scooped up the scum she had on her thigh and looked at it with a frown. “I hate to see good sperm go to waste, don’t you? Spread your legs!” Jean started to protest and then thought better of it. Lupe still had that blade. My sister moaned in fear as Lupe began working my cum into her snatch. “Who’s your new boyfriend, bitch?”


“You’re right on the first guess.” Lupe moved behind Jean and pushed her into my arms. My prick responded by slowly standing to attention once more. My sister had to feel it stiffening between us. She looked frightened but didn’t pull away. I was kind of frightened too but that didn’t seem to affect Mr. Stiffy. “Go ahead and fuck her,” Lupe said. “You wanted to get laid today, right? Now’s your chance.”

“I, uh, better not,” I replied. Yeah, I wanted to get laid but with Lupe, not my sister. My parents were going to kill me for just what happened so far if they found out.

“Well, how do like that, bitch? Your brother just turned down a chance to fuck you. If I didn’t know better I’d think he was gay for turning down free pussy, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” Jean replied. I knew she just agreed with Lupe just because she was afraid of her. She caressed my back gently as if to apologize to me.

“Well, don’t worry. If Tim doesn’t want you I know a dozen or more guys that do.”

“What do you mean?” Jean hugged me closer as if fearing the answer. My prick leapt in joy when it brushed against her bush but she didn’t seem to pay any attention.

“You know what I mean,” said Lupe. “If Tim doesn’t want you I know a dozen or more guys who do. It’s you who’s going to be known as the school’s biggest slut before the month is out. How do you like that?”

“Don’t let her, Tim.” Jean seemed about to panic.

“I’m not going to give you the pictures, Lupe,” I declared with all the determination I could muster, “so you can forget about blackmailing Jean. And I’m not going to rape her so you might as well get dressed and get out of here.”

“Isn’t that sweet?” Lupe replied with a giggle. “Your little brother is trying to protect you, bitch. But you and I know I don’t really need those pictures any more. I don’t need this either.” Lupe was referring to the knife which she folded up and dropped on her discarded shorts. “That’s because I own you now...body and soul. That means you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do even if it’s to fuck half the guys at school and suck off the other half. You can tell me if I’m wrong. If you do I’ll just get dressed right now and leave. But starting Monday at school we’ll just see if I’m wrong.”

I expected Jean to tell Lupe she was wrong in no uncertain terms. Needless to say I was shocked when she said, “Then you’ll leave me alone if I’m Tim’s girlfriend?”

“I’m not saying you’re not still going to be my personal bitch but I will promise to keep thing just between the three of us as long as you know your place. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Jean replied.

“I’m sure you won’t lie to me when I ask you if you’ve been good to your little brother but if I even think you’re fibbing to me the deal is off. Then we’ll see what happens to your reputation.” Lupe looked at me and snickered. “Of course, Tim will have to cooperate. What do you say, Tim?”

“I think she’s bluffing, Jean,” I said even though I had no evidence that Lupe was bluffing. “I’m going to erase the pictures and she doesn’t really have anything else on you.” Well, family loyalty has to mean something even if my sister was mostly a bitch with me.

“You’re wrong, Tim,” Jean replied, “and Lupe is right. I’ll do anything she wants me to do. I’m that afraid of her even without the pictures. The only thing I’ve got going for me is the knowledge that you love me and you were willing to protect me. That counts for a lot. If you really want to protect me you’ll take me as your lover. In return I’ll do everything I can to make you happy. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Jean smiled seductively and began to caress my hardened prick. “Please?”

“Are...are you sure?” Of course, I wanted to protect my sister. If taking her for a fuck toy would save her from the worst of Lupe’s clutches I was willing to do it. Not that it would have been too much of a hardship. Jean’s hand caressing my prick was quickly clearing any qualms I had about the whole deal.

“I’m as sure as I can be.”

“Stop wasting time and fuck the bitch,” snapped Lupe. Surprising, at least to me, I felt no pangs of conscience as I bent Jean over the loveseat and drilled my prick into her snatch from behind. Jean had given me the go ahead, right? I was fulfilling one of my pubescent fantasies and losing my cherry at the same time. Lupe was whispering things in Jean’s ear while I continued to fuck her. I couldn’t hear what she was whispering and I didn’t much care. I was much too busy savoring the sweet sensations of having my first piece of ass. It wasn’t going to be any quickie either since I’d already cum just a few minutes before. At least that’s what I thought. It didn’t seem too long at all before Jean’s cunt muscles clamped down on my prick and forced another stream of cum into her snatch.

“Oh no!” Jean gasped and seemed to collapse the rest of the way over the loveseat.

“Did you cum?” Lupe asked. I nodded and the girl giggled. “So did the bitch. You could be pregnant now. Did you know that, bitch?” Jean just groaned and seemed to shake her head. She got up and scurried for the bathroom but Lupe shouted after her, “Remember what I told you.”

Jean stopped short and said, “I’ll remember,” without turning around. She walked toward her bedroom instead of the bathroom and I heard the door close.

“What did you say to her?”

“Nothing that you haven’t already heard,” Lupe replied. She gave me a hug. “Congratulations, stud. Your sister’s feeling guilty right now and you might be feeling the same way but don’t let her talk you into going back on any promises she just made. You won’t be doing her any favors if you do. If you do and I find out...well, let’s just say I’ll keep my promises.”

“I won’t let her talk me out of anything,” I promised. Lupe was right. I did feel a little guilty about what happened but at the same time I knew I didn’t want it to end.

“Good boy,” Lupe replied. She kissed me and gave my prick a playful grope.

“He’s too tired,” I said with a grin.

“Maybe next time.” My classmate and I dressed and she left a few minutes later. After seeing Lupe out I went to see Jean in her room. She appeared startled when I entered without knocking. Normally that would have put my sister in a rage but all she did was look at me apprehensively. She was dressed in a robe and lying on her bed.

“Is she gone?”


“Thank god!” Jean jumped off the bed, brushed past me and scurried into the bathroom. It was a good ten minutes before she returned.

“What was that all about?”

“That bitch wouldn’t let me wash out your slime. I’d, uh, like to be left alone if you don’t mind.”

“What if I do mind?”

Jean gave me another startled look. “Look, if you think I’m going to go along with what that little wetback wanted me to do you’re crazy and if you think I enjoyed what I let do to me you’re wrong. Anything I said or did out there was under duress. I’m glad you did try to defend me but at the same time you were obligated as we’re family.”

“Lupe isn’t going to be very happy when she finds out you’re disobeying her.”

“I’ll deal with her. She...she just took me by surprise. I’ll be prepared next time.”

“Ha! Who took who by surprise?”

“Just get out of here!” Jean pushed me and I responded by pushing her back. She then slapped me and I returned the slap. I grabbed my sister and pinned her arms so she couldn’t try anything else. Jean glared at me angrily but started to look scared too. I think she began to understand that she wouldn’t easily go back on her word once Lupe was no longer there threatening her.

“I don’t care how you deal with Lupe but I kind of enjoyed what we did and I want it to continue.” It’s weird how attitudes can change in a matter of moments. Before Jean barged in on Lupe and me I would never have thought about sexually dominating my sister but now it obsessed me.

“You’re crazy! I’ll tell Mom and Dad.”

“If you do you better tell them everything,” I replied. I figured she was bluffing. My sister struggled a bit to get out of my grasp and then tried to knee me in the groin. I twisted away just in time and her knee caught me in the thigh. “That hurt, bitch!” I pushed Jean onto the bed and held her down while pulling the robe above her waist. She was on her stomach and Jean’s bare butt was exposed.

“Get off of me!” she demanded. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Goddamn you!” That was in reaction to four sharp slaps; two each to her rear cheeks. They must have hurt her because the palm of my hand sure hurt. Jean started cursing, crying and threatening me so I just continued slapping her ass although not as hard this time, just at a constant pace. I was aiming to humiliate the little bitch and break her spirit like Lupe had done, not hurt her. I guess it worked. The crying continued but soon after I started the cursing and threatening stopped and the begging and pleading started. I finally stopped.

“Have you had enough?”

“Yes!” I got up and got undressed. Jean looked back at me warily with her tear-stained eyes but didn’t object. I guess she was afraid I’d start beating on her ass again.

“Move over.” I pushed my way onto her bed. This time Jean started to protest but I ignored her and she didn’t struggle. In a moment we were lying face to face on my sister’s bed.

“This is wrong, Tim,” Jean whispered. “I can’t let you have sex with me again.”

“You shouldn’t have let me have sex with you the first time. I’m hooked now.”

“I just told her what I thought she wanted to hear. I didn’t expect that bitch to want to see us having sex. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have cooperated.” That wasn’t how I remembered it but I didn’t challenge her.

“So, Lupe took you by surprise twice, huh? Well, I don’t care.” I pushed back the lapel of her robe, exposing one of her tits and thumbed her nipple. It perked right up.

“Stop it...please! What...what if I’m pregnant?”

“Then you’re pregnant. There’s nothing we can do about that now.”

“But if I’m not pregnant I could be...if we continue.” She certainly figured out my intentions. That was for sure. I didn’t have an answer for her. All I knew was that I wanted to fuck my sister again. My prick was stiff but I knew it would be a leisurely fuck this time because of my two recent cums.

“Tell me about this ex-boyfriend of yours,” I prompted in an effort to distract her.

“There’s not much to tell,” she replied with a shrug. “I met him at a party. He said he was 22 years old and a college senior. We dated some and…we slept together. I thought it was love. It wasn’t until today that I found out he’s married with two children and 28 years old.” Jean blushed suddenly. “Don’t tell Mom or Dad.” It was nice of Jean to give me more ammunition to use against her.

“I’m not going to say anything as long as you don’t say anything about this,” I said as if this equaled things out. I tried to push my hand between her legs but when she clamped them shut I said, “Would you prefer going back to being spanked?” My sister relaxed the muscles in her legs and took the opportunity to spread them wide and crawl between them.

“I won’t go back on my word, Tim but...I need a little get used to things. Please wait.”

“I’ve heard repetition is an excellent way to get used to things.” With that witty observation I penetrated her cunt and we were fucking once again.

“I’m your sister,” Jean protested but I was past caring. In truth, that was part of the thrill of fucking her. No more than a couple of minutes into our session Jean started kissing me. “Oh, Tim! Tell me you love me even if you don’t mean it. I’ll believe you. If I’m going to be your fuck toy I want to think that at least you care about me.”

“I don’t have to lie about something like that. I do love you.” I started kissing Jean back. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and began to meet my thrusts with her own. When I finally came the third time that afternoon we lay together several minutes catching our breaths.

“She was right,” said Jean.

“Who was right and about what?”

“Your friend was right. I really got off with the fear of pregnancy hanging over me. It’s weird.”

“Weird,” I agreed. We spent virtually the rest of the weekend fucking or sleeping in bed with each other until shortly before our folks returned and then whenever we could be alone. My sister isn’t pregnant yet and I’ve never used protection. I don’t think she’s on the pill so it’s just a matter of time.

I never did get back together with Lupe after that although we saw each other at school and talked some. Jean told me she never had anything to do with her at all but I know that was a lie because she took to wearing skirts exclusively. Also, she came home one evening with a butterfly tattoo on her butt. I’ve had an opportunity to study that butterfly quite closely. Hidden in the design of the wings the words Lupe’s Bitch appear. So whenever Jean starts getting snippy with me now I just call her Scarface and she settles right down.

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If I were Tim, Lupe would be the girl for me. I'd charm her and treat her like a queen but not be a wimp. After she would fall in love and trust me. I'd marry her in a big catholic church wedding. Have 2 or 3 pretty babys with her then teach her how to shoot without sighting in. A girl with a hard life is the one you can rely on and she'd always cover you 6 out of love for you and your family. Wouldn't have the worry of some wimpy wife that's a born victom and not protect your kids when your working or not with her in NeoViolentAmerica!

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Sorry but she forced them to fuck using a knife? I'm pretty sure most brothers would sock that bitch in the face the second they saw the knife. Not realistic at all.

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It sucked it was really bad

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