my first attempt at a story.
My name is Dan. im 16 and still at school. I play tennis 5 times a week and im one of the best players in my town. Such is my devotion to tennis that ive never had a

real relationship with a girl. The most sexual thing i have done is just french kissing.there are a couple of girls at school i fancy of course but ive never had the

confidence to ask them out. And theres a couple of girls in the same tennis coaching lessons as me, but theyre not my type.

I would say that im better than average looking, 6 foot tall, dark hair, brown eyes and an athletic build, not to brag but ive had a six pack since i was about 11. My

penis is 3 inches when soft but 7.5 inches when im fully erect, a little above average from what ive heard on the internet.

I arrived at school on monday morning, which meant tennnis would be after school, and went to my first class of the day, double maths, and sat next to my best friend

Mark. Mark alsoplayed tennis with me and was in the same coaching class, but I always beat him, however we do make a mean doubles partnership. As the class began to

settle down the headteacher walked in with a gorgeous, nervous looking girl next to him.

"Everyone this is Amalia, she has just joined our school after moving from down south with her parents" he said.

"Please take a seat Amalia" said Mr Roberts, our maths teacher. She took a seat on the desk directly next to the one me and mark were sat at. She had long brunette

hair, brown eyes, hot long legs and c cup breasts. I immediatly had the hots for Amalia.

"Dont stare too hard dan or you'll scare her" said Mark.

"I wasnt staring, i was just..."

"You were just checking her out!" Mark interupted.

"Well yeh" I laughed.

The class went by really quickly as I concentrated more on Amalia than i did the work. I just hoped that she was in the same sports class as me after break. That way

maybe I could show off in my best subject and maybe she would be showing off her body in a more revealing outfit.

Sure enough i got my wish and as i stepped out onto the school soccer fields there she was in shorts that were about half way up her thigh, showing of her smooth

tanned legs, and a tIght vest top that highlighted her wonderful breasts. Her chosen clothes matched the weather, it was one of the hottest days of the year. she

looked so hot i was fighting against my cock getting hard. she caught me looking at her and smiled, i seemed to have got away with checking her out.

It was soon revealed to us that we would be playing softball. And as i stepped up to take my first batting action i had a quick glance to see if Amalia was watching,

she was and sure enough i hit a belter and scored a home run. That boosted my confidence a bit. As Amalias turn came round she stood slightly bent forward sticking out

her perfect bottom and unleashed an even better shot than mine. She lightly jogged round the bases confident she had enough time not to put full effort into her run to

get a home run. Her Breasts bounced up and down as she made her way back, what a sight, i was fighting the stiring in my pants once more.

"Woooow what a shot" screamed the class.

The class finished and we headed back to the changing rooms. I caught up with Amalia, she had beads of sweat dripping down her neck and down towards her cleavage. i

took a quick glimpse before plucking up enough courage to talk to her.

"Wow what a shot Amalia, where did you learn to do that?" i asked her as we walked back to the changing rooms.

"Well i play tennis so i guess i just got good hand eye!"

"Really? i play tennis too! do you have a club?" i asked

"No not yet"

"Well you should come to mine, its a great team, im sure you'll fit in well"

"sure ok, ill meet you tonight, heres my number, call me so we can meet somewhere" she said.

"Ok sure" i said. Wow thats the easiest i have ever got a girls number. i couldnt wait to see more of Amalia, and hoped that i could get her to join my tennis club. As

she headed back to the girls changing rooms i watched her swaying bum, i sware she put a little extra swing in it to grab my attention, as if she didnt have it all

ready. She took a quick look over her shoulder to smile in my direction. today was going exrtremely well. At that point Mark came jogging up to me.

"What you say to Amalia?" he asked.

"She's coming tennis tonight. i invited her" i smiled.

"Dont smile like that, its not a date she just wants to play tennis"

"i never said it was a date, but shes sexy and shes going to be playing tennis, with us tonight!"

"God youve fallen in love havent you" he laughed.

"shut up Mark, lets get changed.

We got changed and the rest of the day went by slowly, as Amalia wasnt in any of my other classes that day. I spent my time thinking about her and asking Mark for

advice. Mark had been going out with his girlfriend Gemma for almost 1 year now. She was a sexy little thing, and Mark knows i think that. But he trusts me and knows i

would never betray him. Although i have often masterbated over her facebook pictures and thoughts of her in my head. She is about 5 foot 7, long blonde hair, blue

eyes, b cup breasts, nice likes and a small peachy ass. Mark had told me about all the sexual things they had gotten up to and all the crazy places they had got up to

no good. So i knew Mark was the man to give me advice about women and sex.

After school me Mark and Gemma walked home together. We all lived close by and i often had to watch as they fooled around with each other on the way home, they often

came back to mine to have sex, as my parents work late leaving me with a free house. On this occasion how ever we all went our seperate ways back to our homes.

When i got in i was all alone. i thought about going upstairs to have a wank over my new obsession. However i decided to save it for after tennis, i didnt want to use

up all my energy. So instead i made a quick sandwich for my tea and had a shower.

As i got out of the shower i had a missed call and a text of Amalia. The text told me to meet her at starbucks in the local mall at 7 if i still wanted to meet her. I

text her back explaining i was in the shower and that i would love to meet her. She replied with a slighty flirty text about me getting all clean in the hot shower. Or

maybe i was reading too much into it.

I got ready to meet Amalia and put extra effort into my appearence than i usually do for a coaching session. As i got to starbucks Amalia was already there waiting for

me. She looked even sexy than earlier. Her tennis skirt was so short i could almost see her panties, and if she bent over i would definatley get a glimpse of them. She

once again had a tight vest top on, but with much more cleavage this time. I could also see her black bra strap. the bra must have been quite fragile as i could see

the shape of her nipples slightly through her top. i wanted her so bad.

"hey you look nice Amalia" i said

"thanks, so do you"

"liar, lets go"

As we walked to tennis we chatted about everything and started to get on really well. We got to the tennis courts and i introduced Amalia to our coach and the rest of

the coaching group. We had 8 players in the gruop that night. Coach put us into a doubles match, it would be me and Amalia against Matt and a younger but very talented

girl called Megan.

As we warmed up it became clear that Amalia was a very good player. The match started with me serving, as Amalia stood bent over at the net i could see a glimpse of

her pint panties. this put me off somewhat and we lost my serve. To make it worse i had a semi erect cock in my pants, which i was trying to disguise by holding my

racket in front of my crotch. As we walked round the next and sat on the bench together talking tactics, Amalia said "unlucky" and put her hand on my thigh. Did she

notice my cock twitch as she touched me?

"concentrate on winning the match and maybe we can concentrate on that later on yeh?" she said in a sexy whisper.

"huh?" i said confused and embarressed at the same time.

"Its ok, ive noticed your cock, its good too see my outfits had the effect i wanted it to!

"Sorry Amalia i couldnt help it!"

"its ok Dan i want you to look, i saw you looking all the way through science and sports this morning, thats why im wearing a little less this evening for you"

"thanks" i said shyly, not being used to these situations. it was time to carry on the match but our little talk had got me more excited and my cock must have grown to

about 6 inches by now. surely Mark and Megan had noticed! But nothing was said and the match carried on. We lost the first set 6-2.

"Dan if you wantme to touch your cock we have to win this game!" she teased.

"i want you to touch it so much Amalia, but its hard to play when my cock is nearly fully hard" i whispered.

she leaned into my body, her breasts pressing against my chest, and her hand snaking further up my thigh as close to my penis as she could get without touching it.

"well it all depends how much you want me" she whispered in my ear.

"hey you to stop talking tactics lets get on with it" shouted the innocent megan"

We did get on with it. we won the next two sets 6-3 6-4 to win the match. With a massive grin on my face we shook hands at the net with our apponents. Coach came over

and told us how we all played well and that he was very impressed with Amalia. He dismissed the class and everyone went home, leaving mer and Amalia alone as the sun

began to set.

"well played Dan, i just need to do some stretching"

She bent down right in front of me, ,looking me in the eyes with sexy look. her boobs were almost falling out of her top and i admired the sight.

"like what you see?"

"more than anything ive ever seen"

she turned around facing away from me but shuffled close to me, once more she bent forward, her firm ass pressing against my hardening cock. she rocked her ass against

me cock till it was erect to its full 7.5 inches.

"mmmm it feels so big and long dan"

she stood up and inspected my cock poking against my shorts. She took off her vest revealing her tits barely covered by a small sexy black bra. her body was wet with

sweat, shinning in the sun. i pulled her close and we began to passionatly kiss. my cock pressed against her. i reached round to touch her ass, pulling down her skirt

revealing her wet pink panties.

"im wet for you and your big cock dan"

she slid down onto her knees, i removed my shirt revealing my six pack, and she slid down my shorts and underwear. it was now almost fully dark apart from the

moonlight. my cock stood tall and proud and just as she was about to wrap her lips around my throbbing rod, she stopped and stood up.


"stay there" she said

She walk around to the other side of the net and got back down on her hands and knees. i turned to her and she begged me to the net. As i got to the net she threaded

my cock through a hole in the netting and began sucking the tip of my cock. the pleasure was like one ive never felt before. my body twitched and i sensed i was about

to cum in her throat.

"stop, i dont want to cum yet"

She stopped just quick enough. i came round to her side of the net and kissed her neck, then her breasts, and removed her bra, revealing the most perfect boobs you

could wish for. more than a handfull to say the least. her nipples were fully erect and i began to suck on them and rubbed her pussy through her soaked panties.

"fuck me hard now dan"

i slid down her panties and teased the outside of her pussy with my fingers, then i entered, finger fucking her slowly picking up the pace. i did what Mark had

explained he does to Gemma, it seemed to be working by the sound of her groans. we moved down to the ground, laying in the service box, the grass courts cold on our

warm bodies. i moved my head down to her pussy and started to lick as deep as i could, her fingers came down and started to rub herself.

"rub here dan, my clit"

i obliged and soon enough her breathing quickened and she started to pant.

"im cumming" she released a squeal of pleasure as a gush of her juices came from her pussy. i tasted wonderfull and i licked as much up as i could before she pulled

her self up and lowered her self fully onto my dick. i almost came straight away. her pussy was much tighter on my cock than it was on my fingers.

"its the thickest ive ever had" she smiled. i smiled back as she began to bounce slowly on my cock. we stared deeply into my eyes, i came within about 2 minutes, but

did well did hang on that well. my cum flew into her pussy, and we lay there holding each other for a moment, before summoning the enery to pick ourselves up, get

dressed and walk home.

"see you at school Dan"

"cant wait" i replied.

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Has very good potential but horribly written

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noticed a few typos and grammar errors but those can be fixed by proof reading and spell check. also can you try to add more detail and to make the sex scenes progress slightly slower to provide better build up. all in all not bad for your first attempt. and no matter how good or bad the writer they always have room for improvement.

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