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A continuing work of fiction
I awoke early the next morning groggy and still entangled with my two playmates, Ellen on one side of me and Pilar on the other. Both girls were sound asleep and as I allowed my eyes to wander over their bodies I was amazed at how much dried cum and goo was smeared over their soft skin. Showers were definitely in order but for the moment I thought I should let them sleep. They had enjoyed a full day of sex and given that they had started without me I was sure they needed the rest and besides, I had a great idea about finding a “shower buddy.”

I slipped carefully out of bed and made my way down the hall to Jennifer’s room. I quietly slipped into her room and moved to her bed where I quietly sat down on the edge of the mattress my heart already racing as I took in her innocent beauty. Jennifer was sprawled out on her back…one leg under her sheet the other on top exposing her golden haired pussy to my lustful eyes. Her upper body was fully revealed with her very firm tits standing proudly, capped by the most beautiful pink nipples I have ever seen. Her nipples are conically shaped and they are so thick they appear to be swollen, aching to be suckled upon.

With only a few seconds hesitation I leaned down and took one of her turgid nipples between my lips and sucked it softly. At the same time my hand moved to her mound where I ran my finger tips gently through her golden fleece. As I nursed on her nipple Jennifer moaned softly and shifted her hips so that her pussy was more accessible to my gently exploring fingers. I moved my mouth to her other nipple licking it with the broad part of my tongue then capturing it between my lips and sucking it softly as my fingers began to lightly caress her puffy labia.

Jennifer awoke and pulled my lips from her nipple and moving them to her lips. We kissed tenderly for a few seconds and then the kiss became incredibly sensual as she wrapped her slender arms fully around my chest.

“Ummmm good morning Daddy, I love the way you wake me up!” Reaching down with one hand to grasp and begin slowly stroking my rigid cock she continued “did Daddy bring his little girl her breakfast in bed this morning?”

“Ooooohhh baby, Daddy was thinking about eating you alive for breakfast this morning, but first I think we both need a shower!”

“Oh Daddy don’t make me wait” she whined pleading with her big blue eyes “I want to suck your cock and make you cum in my mouth like I did the first time….pleeeasseeee?”

Do you have any idea how hard it is to refuse a gorgeous 14 year old girl that wants to suck the cum out of you to start your day? No way could I do it, so I climbed into bed beside her and lay on my back.

Jennifer slowly kissed her way down my body as I played with her titties. Arriving at my cock, which already had a shiny glob of precum standing on the tip, she looked me squarely in the eye as she licked the crown of my cock, carefully capturing the glob of jizz and spreading on her lips with the little pink tongue. I almost blew my wad right then, god she was such a hot little slut, Lolita’s soul mate for sure!

I moaned as she took the head of my cock into her mouth and began running her tongue along the sensitive ridge as her small hand began to stroke my cock in rhythm with her sucking. I lay back and just enjoyed watching Jennifer delight me with her mouth, staring at me the whole time with her adoring blue eyes.

I was in heaven.

Jennifer got up on her hands and knees and began seriously sucking my thick rod and progressively taking the head further and further into her mouth to the point that I could feel my spongy cockhead pressing into the top of her throat. Then she slowly let all but the head slip out of her mouth, still watching me, and then she began to hum.

Jesus fucking Christ! I went crazy as the shock of and the vibrations from her humming on my cock combined with the visual image of this beautiful teen doing her very best to suck the cum out of her Daddy. I lost it totally and reached down to hold her head between my big hands as I pumped huge gushes of cum into Jennifer’s hungry mouth. My whole body was shaking as my cock jerked in her small mouth as it belched out my seed.

“Oh fuck baby, suck Daddy’s cock! So good, so good, such a good little slut for your Daddy!”

I fell back on the mattress totally brain fried after having my balls drained by my 14 year old lover. Jennifer continued mewing happily as she nursed on my cock until she had gotten every drop of cum and allowed my soft cock to slip from between her pouty lips. She then crawled up my body and kissed me passionately slipping me her tongue coated with my salty cum.

“Daddy, have I told you how much I love the way your cum tastes” giggling “I hope you like it too!” Then she kissed me again and shared more of my cum that she had been holding back, and I kissed her just as passionately while thinking that the taste wasn’t that great, but I really loved how it was delivered!

After I caught my breath we got out of bed and headed for the shower where I planned to do my best to drive Jennifer crazy, before I seriously fucked her!

I regulated the water temperature and we entered the shower. It was pretty close quarters but we really didn’t need a lot of room as most of the time her smaller body was plastered to mine. We stood under the water kissing and caressing, whispering to each other how much we loved one another. Jennifer quickly took my semi hard cock in hand and in a matter of a few minutes had me hard as rock again. As a reward I let her soap my cock and balls and wash them thoroughly which she really enjoyed, although when I wouldn’t let her suck me off again she got a little “pouty.”

At least until I took soap in hand and began to wash her body by soaping every square inch of her skin and then rubbing her upper body against mine letting the soap act as a very effective and stimulating lubricant. Her nipples were like marble as I rubbed them against my soapy chest. Jennifer was so turned on that she was actually shaking as I massaged her ass cheeks with my big soapy hands.

When I slowly descended to my knees in front of her and washed her feet slowly and sensuously, then proceeded to wash up each toned leg, soaping and massaging, until I almost touched her pussy, I thought she was going to scream when I didn’t wash her pussy, too. Then I turned her around and washed the back of her legs all the way up to her ass cheeks, which I spent a good deal of time washing and kneading eventually parting and washing her little puckered hole. Once it was nice and clean, I licked it several times then pushed the tip of my tongue into her anus and rimmed her until her legs were shaking so hard I was afraid she would collapse. I knew she was very close to cumming and I decided to let her have a big cum before I filled her with my cock.

As she moaned steadily I withdrew my tongue from her asshole and replaced it with a thick finger. I pushed it in quickly with the help of soapy lubrication and at the same time reached under her and began flicking her clit with my other hand!

“Dddddaaaaddddddeeeeeeeeeeee” she screamed as her legs buckled and she came harder than I think she ever had! By now I had two fingers buried in her pussy and one in her ass finger fucking her as she flooded my hand beneath her pussy. “Ffffuuuuccckkkk Ddddaaaddddeeee…Ooooohhhhh ffffuuuckkkk I Love you Dddaaadddeeee!!!”

“Ohhh baby Daddy loves you too!” “Cum for me baby girl, cum for your Daddy my sweet baby slut!”

At this point I could not hold back any longer so I stood, leaned Jennifer against the shower wall and sunk my raging hard on into her wide open cunt from behind. She screeched with joy as I began to pound into her little bottom, ramming my thick rod in and out of her velvet like cunt and mauling her breasts with my big hands. Jennifer was almost chanting “fuck me Daddy fuck me, fuck me Daddy fuck me hard” as I pounded into her eager cunt. Every thrust was met either by her pushing her hot little ass back or holding herself rigid to receive the force of my throbbing cock boring into her pussy.

I felt it beginning at the depths of my gut. My balls retracted tight against my body and my cock began to swell even more as I felt the liquid fire of my cum race up from my balls and down my shaft ejecting the first gush of my seed into my little girl’s eager pussy, the head of my cock pressing against the entrance to her womb and I squirted my seed into her as she wailed her delight!

“Ohhhhh Daddy I feel it, I feel your cum in my pussy, so hot, god I want it all in me, I want to have your babies Ddddaadddeeeee” She moaned. At that moment, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than to watch her flat little belly swell from having my baby inside her!

Fucking insane! But in my heart of hearts I knew we both wanted it…one day.

When we recovered we got out of the shower and dried each other off. We caressed and held each other talking about our love and babies and when would be the right time. Jennifer is a very smart young lady and she swore to me she had no intention of getting pregnant unless I allowed it, even though she really wanted to every time she felt my seed spilling into her womb. I told her I wanted it too, but it was just too soon and she was still too young.

We agreed to wait and hand in hand left the bathroom just in time to allow Ellen to enter and use the toilet. As we passed in hallway Ellen kissed us both and said “it sounded like you two were having a great time in the shower.”

“We did” I replied, kissing her back, “I’m afraid we may have drained all the hot water.”

“I bet that’s not all that’s drained” she said laughing as she lightly caressed my soft cock, “I just hope it recovers faster than the water heater.”

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Pleas keep writing my dick is so hard

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2011-05-04 14:29:39
This is an excellent story series. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all five parts. I look forward to reading more in this series. Please do not let us wait too long. Maybe have Ellen get pregnant and then Jennifer (with Jennifer's pill not working). Mom and daughter could be pregnant together!!

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i'm so fucking wet. please let jennifer have a baby right now. and let daddy still fuck her.


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I read all five of the stories they where fucking hot I can't wate to see if there is a part 6 or more please keep them coming.

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