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Beautiful girl kisses me and I embrace the lesbianism of it all
I Kissed, She Loved

Poem for the love of my life, she's made me so happy all these months

When She Looked At Me, I Knew

Her Gaze Told Me What She Wanted, And I Wanted It Too

When She Kissed Me, I Flew

My Heart Was Beating Out Of Control, And I Felt As If I Was Lifted Above The Heavens

What Could Be Better

We Held Each Other Strong, As If We Were To Let Go, We Would Fall Apart

Her Lips Were Soft, Mine Were The Same

Her Body Was Hot, Mine Was Too

Our Clothes Dropped And Our Spirits Lifted

We Threw Ourselves On The Bed And Let Everything Happen

Nothing Was Held Back

When She Lowered Her Head, I Almost Cried

It Felt So Good, I Never Knew It Could Feel So Good

A Woman's Caress, What A Gift

She Licked, She Kissed, She Did Everything I Wanted

I Never Said A Word But She Knew What I Liked

As The Excitement Built, My Heart Beat Accelerated

She Licked, Prodded, Tickled, Kissed And Then

I Was Blown Away

Everything Came Out

I Exploded, From The Inside Out

My Insides Were Vibrating And My Stomach Melted

I Loved Her And She Loved Me

She Rose From Between My Legs

We Kissed And Hugged, Then Slept

We Awoke

Waking To See Each Other's Beauty

Our Love Was One Of A Kind

Hers, Mine, Ours,

Our Bodies, Our Hearts,

Were Together Forever

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2012-11-22 12:25:48
Felt so hopesles looking for answers to my questions...until now.

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2012-09-14 20:37:10
the very truth of love

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2011-03-08 05:43:17
bravo an exelent poem

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