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he finally gets the girl of his dreams
this story is based on a true relationship that is still currently going but the story itself is pure fiction

its been 3 years now of email chats txts phone calls and webcams. Brandon has fallen head over heels in love with denise and can't get her out of his mind. Seperated by states and many miles he never sees her or gets to feel the wonderful touch she offers. He recently bought a car and came up with the idea to drive to her to tell her his feelings but he doesnt want to scare her finally he gets the courage to do so.

he hops in his car with the mapquest directions to her house in the passenger seat. after a day and a half of driving hes withing 5 miles of her house and calls her to make sure shes home.
hey baby, are you home???

Yes, but why u ask???

It's a surprise i got for you i love you talk to you later

i love you too bye.

five minutes later he pulls into what he thinks is her driveway not for sure and walks to the door and calls her back, hey baby do me a favor and open your front door.

Why hun??

Just do it for me and don't ask

ok fine hangs up the phone

2 minutes later the door opens with a beautiful young woman standing there in rainbow panties with a matching bra and a bathrobe reading denise. her eyes light up as she sees who standing there and jumps into him almost knocking him to the ground. he mages to squeeze out "hey baby surpise" before being showered with a bunch of hugs and kisses. he then manages to get her back inside and sits her on the couch and hugs her. this is no ordinary wowan this was the girl of his dreams sitting beside him for the first time. after fantasies and dreams of this day he finally has the courage to push it beyond everything else and take what hes been longing for from this beautiful woman.
he grabs her by the hand and starts walking through the house looking for her room he finally finds her room and spins around to look at and realizes she isnt just a woman. standing at 5'5 with beautiful brown eyes and the body of a goddess with an amazing bust he now knows that this beautiful goddess of a woman is his for the taking.

he starts kissing her eagerly pulling off her bathrobe and dropping it to the floor as he pushes her towards the bed and gets ontop of her shoving his tongue between her lips and searching her mouth for hers as he strips his shirt off throwing it the floor and removes her bra unleashing her amazing boobs as he starts biting and nibbling at her neck and tweaking her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers. she lets out a small moan as me sucks a nipple into his mouth and slides her panties off revealing her clean shaven snatch. he goes right to work rubbing her clit and sucking her other nipple and she starts to squirm and moan underneath him. he pulls his pants and boxers off and starts licking and sucking at her clit ferociously and slides a wet finger into her waiting hole as she lets out another loud moan followed by a gasp from the pleasure hes giving her he slowly gets up and straddles her legs and settles his rock hard 8" cock at her opening and rubs his puffy pink head against her clit teasing her a lil bit. she begs for him to fuck her and he slides it deep inside her all the way to the hilt and grabs her nipples with one in his mouth.
she starts moaning like crazy as he build up a steady rythm sliding his dick deep inside her repeatedly and massaging her nipples with his tongue. he feels the tingling start in his balls as his picks up speed and hammers away at her soaking wet pussy with his loaded cannon about to blow his load

"i'm bout to cum baby"
i want u to cum inside me

unnnggghhh that was all it took as he shot load after load of his sperm into her as she screamed his name and begged for more
as he finished she rolled him off her and climbed ontop taking control and sliding his dick back inside her as both their juices rushed out of her hole.
she started off slowly grinding down on him little at a time building up a pace to which she was able to control. as she got faster and faster she started moaning as he met her thrusts with equal thrusts of his own throwing both of them into a sea of ecstacy and pleasure. suddenly she started to shake and her pussy started to constrict on his his as he felt her pulling him deeper into her like something had a hold of him and thats all it took to send him over the edge again and shot another hot load of sperm deep inside her as she erupted and screamed as she came shooting her load all over his dick and balls.

wore out they layed there not able to move with his dick still inside her holding her against her chest not wanting her to move so this momnet this fantasy of his would last forever

"i love you denise"
"i love you too brandon" she wispered in his ear as they both slowly started fading into the darkness not able to hold on to reality anymore as they fell into a deep sleep in eachothers arms in a poo of their own sweat and juices after what seemed like the best day of their lives

the end
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