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new roots
Pain in my legs woke me the next morning and I tried to fight to stay asleep but they just got to be too much and I finally set up and grabbed my pain killers and the bottle of water on my bedside table. Now that I was fully awake I got to my feet and barely managed to grab the table as my legs bowed. My crutches where sitting by the dresser and I used the table then the dresser for support until I finally managed to grab them.

I walked over to my bag and pulled out some clothes and walked into the bathroom to change. I had to sit on the toilet to get my pants on and each second that passed I started getting madder and madder. He beat me and raped me for two and a half years. He took my ability to have kids and now he took this too. I’ll be damn if he gets my life as well. Using the anger I got up and walked to the stairs and that was where I faltered.

I looked at the stairs all the way to the bottom and wonder how this was going to work. Get up them had been a bitch but getting down them was stupid without help and help came just as I realized that. “Need a hand?” I smiled as Mr. Clearwater grabbed my arm and started helping me down.

I did almost fall but his quick reflexes stopped me and held me until I had my balance. I thanked him both then and at the bottom. We walked into the kitchen and I stood out back and got my morning cigarette. I could tell that he wasn’t happy about me smoking but he didn’t try to stop me either. “Ashley got her shifts changed to afternoon so she will be picking you and Sherry up and dropping you off at school. I got the time to pick you guys up and get you home before I go back to work. Also we’re looking at a few houses after school.” He nodded towards my legs and I understand as I thought back to the stairs.

He left and Sherry got up at her usually time and ate breakfast. I was going over a folder that I got from the hospital looking for the paperwork that I needed to give to the school about my injuries. Sherry walked up beside me and started making sure she had everything and I ran my finger down from her ear to her shoulder. Then I kissed her cheek before she turned and I sealed my lips on hers. “Thanks for last night.” I whispered as I leaned my forehead against hers.

About that time a knock on the door told me that Ashley was there. She hugged me then Sherry and I made my way to the car. When we got to the school I saw a lot of the kids watching as Ashley helped me out of the car and Sherry handed me my crutches. They watched me all the way until I walked into the office. Miss. Phoenix was standing at the desk and she smiled when she saw us. “I’m glad you made it back to school Miss Miller.” I laid one of my crutches against the desk and took off my back to get the folder out when I felt a sharp pain shot up my right leg and it gave out. I lost my balance and both Sherry and Miss Phoenix caught me before I could hurt myself.

“Sorry I’m still not sure how to deal with this.” I said as I looked down at my feet. “Miss. Miller never apologize for have trouble. If you need anything to make it easy for you here please let me know.” I pulled out my folder and handed it to her. “The hospital told me to give this to you.” She took it and looked it over. “Well you good for all your classes and I make sure the teacher know that you have to take you medicine at these times.” I nodded and started to head to my locker.

“Hey girl I glad you back, so how long before you get off the crutches?” James said as he leaned up against the lockers. Sherry looked away and I lowered my eyes to the ground “Never.” He gasped and started trying to apologize but I just walked away as my mood dropped. It wasn’t the last time I was asked that until the news spread so by lunch every one was staring at me.

I was sitting on the low line wall out front waiting for Sherry to show when James took a seat beside me. When he opened his mouth I shook my head. “It’s ok it just hard to deal with and I acted like a bitch.” I said to him again I couldn’t meet his eyes. “Here, take this and I hope things work out for you.” I took the large bag of weed and slipped into my bag as Sherry walked up.

Mr. Clearwater pulled up and he helped me into his car. We spent most of the afternoon looking at the houses he had found and even bought one that we all like. I was quiet on the ride home and he asked what was wrong. “Sometimes I wish I had never been born, and sometimes I wish I had never invaded your lives. I mean you just got the house we are in now and you had to buy another just so I could get around and…” His hand over my mouth stopped me from finishing.

“First off I hope to never hear you say that first part again. I know that you have you problems and I know that you feel bad about them. Second I’m very glad that you invaded our lives because I got to know a very sweet and charming young girl who my daughter seem very fond of.”

I was laying in bed thinking while Sherry was in the shower about what happened today. The door to the bathroom opened and Sherry walked over and got in bed with me. When she went to curl up with me I pressed her until I had her on her back. “I think it my turn to make you feel something.” She smiled and I shifter to a position that allowed me to get at her.

I trailed my finger along her face and down her neck until I came to the valley between her breasts. I lightly rubbed my way over her shirt until I felt her harden nipples under it. I move down until I could work my hand under her shirt and returned to her soft breast. When I pinched her nipple she let out a soft moan and I smiled. As I played with her breasts her breathing pickup.

Then I worked my way down until I had my hand in her panties and laughed at how wet she was. She looked at me with a frown then I lightly twitted her clit and she shake. I keep working my hand and she started to trashed a little and moaning until I finally felt her climax and then she was rocking back and forth. When she finally calmed down I pulled my hand from her panties and with my eyes on her licked them clean. It was the first time every tasting a girl cum and it was sweet.

She smiled and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. Do to how I was sitting I lose my balance but managed to shift so I landed alongside her laughing. I looked up at her and saw something in her eyes. I wasn’t sure what it was but it made me happy and I kissed her before laying my head on her shoulder and laying my arm across her stomach. She wrapped her arm around my shoulder and soon we were asleep.

I was run in the woods then it hit me that I didn’t have my crutches and I was run, but here I was run and from the noises there was someone following me. Fearing it was Mike I took off as fast as I could and then he was in front of me holding a bat. I screamed but the bat smacked me in the face and I fell to the ground. I felt him push me over then I saw that he was naked and I tried to get away but the bat smacked me again and again. Then I felt him on top of me and I begged for him not to. He shoved his cock all the way into me and I screamed as he pumped over and over. He cum inside of me and got to his feet he pulled the bat back and right as it smacked my face I set up in bed in a cold sweat.

I felt sick and I got up to go to the bathroom but forgot about my legs and fall landing hard on my stomach. I almost threw up then but I managed to hold it but I was running out of time. I crawled across the floor and was about half-way there when I felt hands on my back and my over worked mind freaked thinking it was Mike. I screamed and fought trying to get away until I heard Mr. Clearwater’s voice.

“Becky it’s just me.” He must have seen that I was sick because he helped me to my feet as Sherry set up. He helped me to the toilet and I threw up over and over. When my last gag finished I leaned back against the bathtub and cried. He rubbed my shoulder tell me over and over it was ok. “I dream about him.” He pulled me until I was in his lap and he rocked me until I calmed down then he pushed me back until he could see my watery eyes. “He will never hurt you again.” His eyes where powerful and I nodded.

He pulled me to my feet and helped me back to bed. Sherry was watching me and I could see that her eyes were watery too so I know she heard what I had said. Once I was back in bed he left and Sherry rubbed my stomach. It felt nice but I was upset and ashamed. “I can’t even walk to the damn bathroom on my own.” I said loudly and I hoped Mr. Clearwater didn’t hear me. I was glad that he found me and helped me but it was just so damn embarrassing not to do it myself.

Sherry just rubbed my stomach and it wasn’t long before I was just tired and as if she could tell she curled up against me and was soon asleep. I laid there for a few more minutes and finally I fall asleep too. I didn’t have any more nightmares and I was glad it was Saturday. I got up early and once again staring at the stairs trying to decide if I could make it. “Nope” I said just as Mr. Clearwater came out of his room. Again he offered me himself for support and I made to the bottom without trouble.

While I got my morning cigarette the phone ringed and Mr. Clearwater answered it. He came out and I looked up at him. “My father wants to know if you and Sherry would like to go to his ranch for the weekend.” I thought about it and shook my head. “But Sherry should go she been such a good friend to me and I don’t want to causer her to miss out on some fun. Besides with the police outside I feel safer here then out in the world.” He held my eyes for a moment and I laughed. “I never told you how I prayed to survive when Mike showed up here. Trust me I don’t want to kill myself and give that bastard what he wants.” He nodded and went up stairs. He left shortly after that and Sherry came down stairs.

“I don’t want to go…” I put a finger to her lips and smiled. “Absents makes the heart grow fonder.” She smiled and I kissed her. “And don’t worry about me.” About an hour later Sherry grandfather arrived and he came in and talked with me for a few moments. When he saw my crutches he asked when I would be back on my own two feet so he could teach me to ride. “While that does sound fun there was too much damage to my back for me to ever walk without these again.” I said patting my crutches.

He frown and apologized and I nodded not sure why everyone want to apologize to me. Then they left and I had the house to myself. I got on the couch and pulled my legs up next to me. Even though I couldn’t pick them up like normal I really wasn’t that upset about it. I pulled the bag of weed James had given me and rolled a fatty and while I was puffing it I flipped on the TV. I must have fall asleep because my cell phone woke me. “Hello.” I said sleepily into it.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten about me bitch.” I laughed and I heard him groaning. It was the one sure fire way to get him mad. “Well let’s see I can’t have children because of you and now I can’t walk without crutches so no I don’t think I will ever forget you. Also with the police sitting right outside I don’t think I will see you anytime soon also.” I snapped the lid down and wait a second before opening it again and call my service provider. “Yes I just got a call from so one that is trying to scare me and wants to kill me is there any chance that I can get it so only numbers that are listed can call.”

They lady on the other end told me that it would take a few hours for the phone to get an update and then I wouldn’t have to worry anymore. “After him taking away my ability to have kids and making me need crutches for the rest of my life I not worried, I just hate him.” I hung up and threw my phone on the table only to grab it again as it started to ringing. “Hello.”

“Hi Becky I was wondering if you want to go shopping or something.” Ashley’s voice said. “Well I’m not in the mood to leave why don’t you grab some DVDs and a pizza and then we can have a girl’s night in. Mr. Clearwater at work and he don’t mind you coming over and I sure Sherry called you because I’m home alone.” I heard her mumble and know I was right. “And I would really like it anyway I need to talk to a woman about something.” There was a pause then her voice asked “why don’t you just ask Sherry, not that I mind talking with you.” I laughed and I was shocked at how much easier it was to do that. “I know you don’t and it about her so I can’t talk to her now can I.” She laughed too. “No I guess you can’t see you in about half an hour.”

When the doorbell ringed I walked over and opened and Ashley threw her arms around me and held me tight. Then she walked me over to the couch and she frowned as I pulled my legs alongside of me. “So do you want to watch a DVD first or do you want to talk.” I shifted until I was looking at her and took a moment to collect my thoughts. “I’m not sure if you know but Sherry and I are getting close, closer then friend. While we both got each other off with our hands I have been thinking of taking the next step with her. While I don’t feel like I am ready for that I think she is and I want to give that to her…and I not sure how to do that. I know the basics but I was wonder if you know more.”

She smiled and grabbed my hand. “First I’m glad that you are living a life again. I know how hard it was when I was young and I was afraid for you. While I have never been with a girl I am a girl so I guess the only thing you need to know is to watch and see if she likes it. While it is different than using your hand the basic areas are still the same. I guess what I am saying is while you do it watch her and when she likes what you doing continue and if she doesn’t then change it up until you find what she likes.”

I stared at her “what, no do this, then do that.” She laughed and patted my hand. “Well like guys girls like different things. While doing the same thing will mostly work it nice to find what you partner likes and do it.” I shook my head and smiled then a sharp pain shot up my leg and I grabbed it to stretch it out but the pain wouldn’t leave. “Shit my pills are in my room.” She jumped up and went up stairs and before long she was back with them. “You share a bed with Sherry.” She said with a playful smile. “Hey don’t knock it if you never tried it.” I said as I took my medicine and wait for the pain to ease up.

We spent most of the day watching movies until it was time for her to head to work. I had just managed to seat down with my legs alongside me when my phone went off. “Hello.”
“Hey Becky I’m just calling to let you know that I have to take on a few more hours so it will be late before I get home.” Mr. Clearwater said before asking me how I was and I told him that Ashley came over and then he hung up. I watched a few more shows on TV while I enjoy the time alone. I did miss Sherry but I was glad she was having fun.

A hand pressed over my mouth and I screamed but it wasn’t auditable. Mike cold eyes stared into mine and then I felt his fist bite into my side and I grunt in pain. He shoved me to the floor and I tried to crawl away while he laughed and stepped on my hand. “Remember what I said bitch.” I screamed for help but it never came. He kicked me until I rolled over then I felt him again on top of me. I slapped and spit but he pinned my arm above my head and then I felt it as he shoved hard into me. I cried as he was moving so fast in and out of me.

“Becky wake up, wake up” My eyes flew open and it was dark I felt hands on me and I shoved whoever it was away and fell to the floor. “Becky it just me, it just me.” I heard the words but I couldn’t understand them as I covered my head and scream for him to leave me alone. The lights come on and Mr. Clearwater pulled my hands from my face until I saw his face.

Tears ran down my face and he helped me up and to the couch. “I hate him I hate him I HATE HIMMMM!!!” He wrapped his arms around me just as the door open and two officer ran in. “It’s ok, it was just a nightmare your safe your safe.” He held me and the officer nodded and head back outside. “No it not, not with him still out there it will never be safe.” He held me until I finally stop crying. “Maybe we need to take you to a therapist again at least they may be able to help you sleep without nightmares”

“Maybe you’re right. I just hate that he can get to me even when he not here.” He rubbed my back. “You want me to help you up stairs?” I shook my head. “If it’s ok with you I think I just sleep down her tonight. That bed will be lonely without her and I hate those damn stairs.” He nodded then got up and left the room. When he came back he had a few pillows, blanket, and a quilt. He helped me to my feet and then he made a bed for me. “Oh while it on my mind the deal on the house just closed so we will be moving in a few days. That way you won’t be so embarrassed about need help even though we don’t mind helping you.” I nodded but didn’t say anything. “Also you have a Physical Therapist appointment at two on Monday and I got the time to take you. I going to pull Sherry out as well and drop her off here unless you don’t mind if she comes with us.”

“I don’t mind, it would be nice if they said I was getting better but I guess I going to have to accept this and find a way for it not to limit me much.” He helped me to lay back and even put my legs on the couch for me. “Sleep tight and I hope you don’t have any more dreams.” He kissed my forehead and I was shock. In all my life I could only remember my mom doing that.

I laid there for a few more minutes thinking about her. Wonder if she liked Sherry and how she felt about my legs and that fact I can’t have children. I could also easily hear her right now “don’t give in and never stop living.” That made me feel so stupid for trying to kill myself in the first place. I fall asleep and dream of my mom which I would take over Mike any day.

Sunday passed by and it was nice. Sherry got home just before dinner and we held each other on the couch long into the night. We both sleep on the couch and when morning came I was so happy not to have had another nightmare. When I got to school and was in my sit in first period class I was called to the office. When I got there the school counselor Mr. Thomas was waiting for me. He led me his office and told me to have a seat.

“Miss Miller I was hope we can talked about how you have been holding together lately.” I nodded. “How have you been handling you injuries to you back and legs?” I took a moment thinking then said “Well most of the time I alright but I do have my moment where I ashamed for need to have so much help or embarrassed because I can’t do some things.” He asked me like what. “Well the hardest thing I can think of is…” I looked down before finishing. “Need help get out of the tub. Most of the time Sherry there to help me but I just feel like I’m a burden to her and Mr. Clearwater.”

“How about with not being able to have kids, how does that make you feel?” I again took a moment before answering. “In the beginning I had trouble.” I held up one of my wrist for him to understand. “But now I know life not just about creating life for me. I had believed that because it was what my mother believed but after all this life is why I here.” He smiled then asked when I started believing that. “Right about the time the bat hit me the first time in the woods. So many things ran through my head but one thing stuck out to me and that was I want to live through this. Also it was when I realized if I took my own life I was giving Mike what he wanted and I’ll be damn before I do that.”

As I talked he wrote it all down in my file then his next question got to me. “How have you been sleeping?” When I didn’t say anything he looked at me. “Nightmares” I nodded and he leaned back in his chair. “Tell me about them.” So I told him about the dreams and how I would wake in a cold sweat and how I couldn’t get my mind to focus and how I was just so scared.

“Nightmares have a way of show us what really in our hearts. You act fine on the outside and you even convinced yourself of this but deep down I think you’re hiding how you really feel I would like for you to see someone about this.” I looked away knowing he was right but hated it none the less. We talked for a bit longer then I was allowed to head back to class.

At one both Sherry and I were called to the office for the day and Mr. Clearwater was talking with Mr. Thomas about getting me help and then we drove to my Physical Therapist office. There they had me do different things to help relieve some of the pain I was feeling. It left me in more pain but they said it would stop after awhile. Then a few days later we had the house pack up, well they had the house packed up while I set around watching feeling useless.

Then we were in the new house. Even though we had three rooms Sherry and I still shared a room. Sherry was talking to her father while I got ready for bed. I was sitting on the bed when she came in to get her things to change but I grabbed her hand pulling her to the bed and kissed her. Playful at first then slowly the kissing got more intense and I worked until I had her shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I kissed down her chin to her neck until I kissed over her right nipple. She moaned and placed a hand on the back of my head holding me there.

I lightly bite down and flicked my tongue over it and she shivered. While I kissed, twirled, and sucked her nipple I ran my hands down her sides until I came to her pants and unbutton them and pulled the zipper down then slowly I slid my hand down her legs until the pants fall to the ground. I switched to her other nipple and lightly pressed my finger against her panties feeling how wet she was. I smiled and pulled back just enough “I guess you like this.” Then I went back to her nipple and I slid her panties down until they joined her pants.

I pulled back at this point and just stared at her gorgeous body. Her body was athletic with long auburn hair flowed down just above her c-cup breast, her stomach was flat and slightly muscularly and her pussy was shaved and even though it was my first time seeing another girl’s private area I felt drawn to her. I looked up in her eyes and could almost see the worry in them. I smiled and pulled her until she was lying on top of me and kiss her then slowly kissed my way to her ear. “Beautiful and elegant” I rolled until I was on my side and pushed until she was on her back and gave her a few more kiss before returning to her breasts.

I smiled inside know that Mr. Clearwater could easily hear in the next room as her moans got louder after I started trailing my way south. I kissed down her stomach until I was just there and I could see how much she wanted this, hell by this point I want to give it to her so badly that it was a battle to take it slow almost tormenting her. “Please I can’t wait anymore.” She whined and I chuckled and ran my tongue down her slit. She grabbed my hair and pushed me it her pussy and I got a moment when I remember Mike doing something similar. I closed my eyes and pushed the thought from my mind not letting him fuck this up for her.

I pulled back and I heard her groan in frustration but I smiled as my moved until I was lying between her legs. I looked up at her and saw the plea in her eyes. Then I lick her slit and twirled my tongue on her clit and she squealed and I thought she was cumming but she calm down and I did it again and got the same reaction. I worked my way down until I got my tongue between her lips and slowly started digging in and out of her hole. She was going mad and I know she was close. I then sucked her clit into my mouth and lightly bite down and then my face was cover in her juices as she exploded. I cleaned her juices up until she pushed my face away. “St…op…plea…se.” I laughed I pushed up until my mouth was on hers.

“I hope that was enjoyable for you.” I said as I rolled onto my back next to her. She was shaking and I smiled know I did that to her. She rolled over and was trying to get my shirt off when I grabbed her hand. “No I not ready for that yet but I want to do something really special for you. I know I haven’t known you long and all that but I really really like you. I love you in fact. You gave me something I never thought I would have and that was love and I am so happy that I found you when I did.” She smiled and kissed me then went to get up. “Where are you going?”

“I need to get dress for bed.” I smiled again and pulled her back. “You are.” Then I pulled my shirt and pants off. “And now I am too.” We wrapped our hands around each other and then fall into the best sleep I have ever gotten.

To Be Continued

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