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Katie leaned over and took a cock in each hand, she squeezed each one Gently. “Now gentlemen here are the rules, I’ll buy the beer and provide the Venue for the game, you can each bring one friend to the next game. Katie started gently stroking each cock “if your friend behaves then he can come back and bring his friend. But I want this on my terms I say when I fuck and who I fuck and I don’t care about anything else I don’t want any boyfriends or girlfriends or any complications. These football gatherings are about two things you guys getting off, and me getting off. Understand Max?” she leaned over and licked around the tip of his cock like it was an ice cream cone.
“Uhh yes I understand”

“How about you Jared” she asked as she lifted his balls with her fingertips and sucked them into her mouth.

Jared Gasped as the warm mouth enveloped his testicles, “I.. I am oh god” he groaned “Yes..” she swallowed Jared’s cock with a wet slurping noise. After a few long strokes with her lips she looked back at Max and wiggled her hips.

“Well max how about you stuff me while I stuff my face?” she lowered her mouth back onto Jared’s cock and she moaned when Max’s cock filled her hungry sex. She slurped and sucked while Max pounded her from behind she moaned around Jared’s cock when she felt Max spurting his hot cum inside her, which set off Jared’s cock which exploded into a juicy flood that she eagerly swallowed. She drew the last drops free and then turned and proceeded to clean Max’s dripping cock. She looked over at the television,

“Game is back on” she grinned. She got up and went into the kitchen; she could feel the man slime accumulating on the lips of her sex. She slipped her fingers down and scooped it up and sucked her fingers clean. She got some fresh beers and a plate of Nachos and brought it back to the two men who were now back watching the game.

Katie settled herself between the two men and snaked a hand into each of their laps, caressing and coaxing their cocks with her fingertips. Both men were finding it difficult to drink while Katie amused herself with them, she slowly jacked each man’s cock until it was near to bursting. She leaned over at the one minute warning and finished Max off. Letting his hot seed squirt onto her breasts and neck the last of it she milked out onto her hand. She then turned and did the same to Jared’s cock coating her breasts with the white creamy sauce. She loved the feeling. She immediately went down on Jared’s cock as the game ended, it took a little bit of coaxing but he finally got back to and erection that he could be proud of. Fuck me she whispered as she moved to minister Max’s neglected piece of meat.

Her mouth swirled around his limp cock and she worked him with her lips. She slowly sucked and slavered his cock coaxing it back to life as she felt Jared’s cock spear her already sloppy snatch. She felt her whole body contract in orgasm when Max’s hot cum flooded her mouth. Katie whimpered when Jared pulled his cock out of her pussy but then she felt the hot spray of his cum squirting in thick ropes across the small of her back.

“Okay boys” she said as she got up on trembling legs, “next Friday don’t forget”

“Its unlikely that we will ever forget” Jared said.

“Right” Max agreed “next Friday we will be here”

She let the men collect their clothes and dress she stood there watching she shivered at the feeling of the slimy cream running down her breasts and down her legs. She walked them to the door and waved goodbye.

Katie took a deep breath and ran her hands down her cum covered body. She couldn’t help herself and started to finger her cream filled cunt. She rubbed her hands over her cum covered breasts. She closed her eyes and almost collapsed on the floor as her orgasm washed over her…

Katie got up the next morning she could smell the dried cum on her skin, she smelled like dirty sex and she loved it. She walked into her bathroom and took a shower the lips of her pussy were a little swollen and sore from her activities the day before. Her fingers lingered there remembering the hot sex that she had had. She let her fingers lightly scrub the crusty cum off her skin. Soon she was all clean and wrapped in a towel. She started cleaning up from the party, she went naked because it was too much trouble to get dressed and she found that keeping the towel on was not conducive to cleaning up. So she laid it on the arm of the couch.

She finished and was relaxing on the couch when there was a knock at her door. She picked up the towel and wrapped it around her as she wondered who it could be at her door. She opened it and a young man stood there, “Mow your grass mam?” she watched him for a moment as his eyes slowly worked their way up her towel wrapped body. “Um I’m sorry is this a bad time?”
“No? Katie said as she assayed the bulge in the front of his pants. “No how much do you charge?”
“Your yard?” he asked and then surveyed the property. “Ten dollars?”
“I’ll give you twenty if you do the back as well?”
The young man turned and started to work on the lawn and soon after the door was closed she could hear the low hum of a lawn mower.

Ya'll want part 3?

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We just had a discussion about this last night. I have also been thniking a lot about Phoebe. And I would say that in the last year or so, I've read about 4 or 5 kids who have done the same thing because of bullies. Some were boys. I think the youngest was 11. Can you imagine how hurt and hopeless a child must be to take their own life? It certainly is making me aware of every little problem the girls have each day. I don't want to create mountains out of molehills. But I also don't want my girls to ever feel such pain and desperation. My girls are so small, they are the smallest kids in their grades. My oldest is probably smaller than all of the kids in the grade below hers. She is also kind and quiet. My younger daughter is a wild child, and can usually hold her own. But the damage to her self esteem still happens.What brought this up last night, was a fight with another girl in our neighborhood. She is in the third grade. She is a trouble maker and often has my girls at odds with ea

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