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So not as much sexual content as the others, but good stuff none the less, next one will be chocked full of sex i promise!
“What do you think of Will?” Lisa asked Brook as the three girls sat on the couch watching a movie, each curled around a pillow and wearing pajama bottoms with t-shirts on.
“Well, what do you mean by that” Brook asked.
“Do you think he’s cute?” Anna giggled.
Brook thought for a minute about Will’s appearance. He was defiantly attractive, and had an athletic body. His face was blemish free, rare for a teenager, and his dark hair complemented his tanned face. As she thought about Will she knew that as he aged, he would become more and more attractive, which said a lot, as for right now, he was very, very attractive.
“Well...I think he’s kinda cute” Brook said, quietly.
“Ohhhh, look, Anna! Brook is blushing!” Lisa said mockingly.
“Shut up, Lisa!” Brook yelled back at her friend. But Lisa was right. Brook couldn’t help but blush as she thought about her crush.
“Tell us, Brook” Anna said, “Do you like Will?”
“Well....Yes, yes I do” Brook said. Hearing herself say those word felt left her feeling tingly. She suddenly thought about Will naked. His cute little face blushing from embarrassment.
“So, Anna, Lisa...what did you think of him when he was-you know-naked?” The two girls paused before responding, but then both giggled.
“Well?” Brook demanded.
“I though he was so hot! He has such a great body!” Lisa blurted out.
“I know! We need to see it again! This morning’s incident wasn’t enough!” Anna said, laughing as loud as she could.
As the three girls laughed and gossiped, Brook kept thinking about Will. She couldn’t get him out of her head. Though she would never tell her friends, she had been thinking about him since the minute they met.
“Will” she thought to herself, “I’m in love with Will”...

As the girls giggled and gossiped, Will sat down to dinner with his mom, who had just got back from Reno. Will’s mother was similar in appearance to her son. She had black hair, a tan, and was quite attractive, especially for a mother and a teacher in her forties. Will and his mom were close, and the two had talked about the fact that Will was the only male in town, with the exception of Rev. Greene. Will had also told his mother about how other boys were arrested, though not going into detail about ‘why’ they were arrested. His mother agreed not to allow the installation of the alarm system, and had even told the town’s government that she would sue the city if they tried to insert the system in their house without her consent. Yet after the conversation about the alarms, Will’s mother began to shift gears.
“So what about those three girls that seem to like you? Aren’t they cute?”
“Oh, Will, relax! I’m just giving you some grief! What else are mothers for?’ve been hanging out with them a lot. Am I a grandma?”
“MOM!” Will yelled. His mom laughed and took the plates to the sink.
“Just saying, that’s why your here!” She laughed as she walked back to the table form the kitchen.
After dinner Will’s mother went to bed, obviously exhausted from her long day. Will went upstair to watch TV, and contemplate the events of today. As Will thought about Darby, he wondered why she had done what she had done. In all honesty, Will didn’t view himself as an attractive guy. Yet, he viewed Darby as goddess, her beach-blond hair and blue eyes, her perfect round breasts, her soft and subtle nipples, her shapely and slender feminine form. Will closed his eyes and reminisced about his first blow job today. He loved that feeling. Will rummaged through his pocket and pulled out Darby’s number. He began to get hard just thinking about how easily accessible sex was now that he had moved.
“Maybe with her around I won’t need to masturbate anyway!” He thought to himself. Nevertheless, Will reached for his cell phone with lay on the coffee table in front of the couch. He texted Darby, saying “What’s up”. Immediately Darby responded.
“Hey, Will, u lked my work im guessing”
“Well, how bout tomorrow, i make another visit same time same place?”
“See ya tomorrow!” She texted back, leaving Will in a state of joy as he suddenly realized he was going to be given another blow job from Darby, the beautiful blond, who he had met only hours ago. As he thought about his future plans with Darby, he reached into his shorts and began stroking his erect dic. After another minute of casually rubbing his cock, Will moved to his room to continue. He stripped down, and began stroking his cock quickly, all the while imagining Darby giving him another blow job in his living room.
Will imagined her completely naked, crouching down between his legs and bobbing up and down on his dic. He imagined her licking the front and back of his shaft and head, and sucking on the gland. Will imagined himself moaning, and grabbing the back of Darby’s head like how he had seen done in the multiple porn videos he had watched. But as Will began to enjoy his masturbation session more and more, he suddenly shifted fantasies to the one of him reluctantly stripping and jacking off in-front of Brook.
“Take off your cloths, NOW!”
“Now, Will!”
As he imagined himself being humiliated at the hands of Brook, he suddenly felt the jolt of a pre-orgasm, rushing up his body. From the base of his erect dic to his head, the rush of an orgasm traveled quickly, yet slowly, up his teenaged penis.
“OH! Brook...OH!” Will moaned as he climaxed, clenching his ass cheeks together and humping forward to get the most out of his third cum of the day.
He was left panting naked in his room, covered in his own semen, which he cleaned up with a white wash cloth under his bed.
“Brook” he thought to himself as he tucked in under the covers of his bed, and quietly drifted off to sleep.

“Will, I’m sorry. I have to go back to San Diego just for a couple of days. Maggie is coming up from Tucson to watch the house. She’ll be here around six tonight.”
“Alright mom” Will said. He was fine with his cousin coming to watch him, ever since childhood he and Maggie had been like brother and sister, though she was the illegitimate daughter of an unknown Mexican man and Will’s aunt, their lack of a father figure allowed them to grow close in the first place. Will’s grandparents, of course, were verily disappointed in their two daughters, but their W.A.S.P. roots made them more upset that Maggie had Mexican blood in her, than they were that Will’s conception was a one-night-stand at a college party at UCSD.
“By, honey. See ya when I see ya” She said, kissing Will on the forehead before getting into her green toyota and driving away.

Later that day Will hung out with the girls. They watched a movie and then walked around the neighborhood, talking about various topics. Everyone seemed to be relaxed, until Will brought up Darby.
“Oh yeah, yesterday, after you guys went home, that Darby girl came to my house”
“What!” Lisa yelled.
“Stay away from Darby Slazenger, she’s nothing but the Rev.’s watchdog!”
“What?” Will responded in a confused manner. “She seemed nice to me?”
“She would. That’s how she works. First she sucks you in, then next she earns your trust. Then she tricks you into confessing to any ‘sinful’ act you’ve done in the past.”
“Well...she didn’t act like that towards me” Will said, not wanting to tell the girls what had really happened.
“Well, all I know is that she is the Rev.’s bottom bitch, if you know what I mean. Stay the hell away from her, Will” Brook said, nervously.
Will thought about what had happened yesterday. He knew he couldn’t tell the girls, especially Brook. If anything, he wanted Brook to never know about what happened between him and Darby. The girls decided to have dinner at Will’s house, but first went home to get supplies to cook and get another movie for that night. Will had told them about his cousin Maggie, and the three were anxious to meet her.
However, once the girls had left, Will texted Darby to come over. She rang the door bell and walked into the house. She smiled at Will.
“Well, why don’t we get started?” She said, starting to remove her spaghetti-string tank-top. Immediately Will was ready to get into position and get head from this beautiful teenaged girl, but as he felt his hormones bubbling, he suddenly remembered the role in which she played in the community. Taking note of Brook’s comment, he forced himself to restrain his urges.
“That’s nice, Darby but I-was well, I think that maybe we should-you know-be friends for right now?”
“What?” Darby said in a confused manner.
“Well, I mean I loved what you did for me yesterday, but I-I uh...just thought we should be friends first, and get to know each-other before we-well you know-do anything”
“I-you-Will...”Darby stuttered. She had never encountered a boy who wanted to be friends before they had sex. She giggled slightly to herself, “Alright, Will. Let’s be friends first.”
“okay, Darby” Will said, as he leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek. Darby blushed, and touched the spot where Will had kissed her. She giggled, then said she had to leave. Will waved good by to her as she walked down the street, smiling.
“He’s the first boy who ever-ever, cared about what I wanted” She thought to herself. And just like that, Will got another girl to have a crush on him.
Meanwhile, Will was at home, kicking himself mentally.
“Dammit!” he yelled to himself. He knew what he was doing was the right thing to do, and the safe thing to do, but he had just passed up the only opportunity he had for sex in the entire region. He sat on the couch and rubbed the side off his head.
“I know being friends with the neighborhood watchdog is good” he thought, “But I just blew my chance at sex!” Will remained on his couch, weighing the negatives and the positive of what he had just done...TO BE CONTINUED :)
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