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Ukyo Kuonji tapped a spatula against the table, glancing over at the clock
on the wall for what she estimated was about the ninth time in three
minutes. Shampoo wasn't technically late. It was still five minutes before
she was set to arrive. But they'd been waiting for this particular playdate
for two weeks now, and the Amazon should have been early!
'She better not have used the stuff by herself first!' Ukyo thought,
scowling. 'She PROMISED I'd get first crack...'
Finally, she saw the purple-haired Amazon trot by the front window,
ignoring the Closed sign and walking in, shifting the wooden box she was
carrying to one hand to turn and lock the door.
"Hey, is that the stuff?" the chef said, excited, getting to her feet and
rushing over.
"What Ukyo think Shampoo bring in box? Cookies?" Shampoo sniffed with faux
haughtiness, holding the box up as if to keep it out of Ukyo's grip. Then
she grinned. "Yes, is stuff."
"Gimme!" Ukyo cried, making a grab for the box, but only winding up mooshed
against Shampoo front thoroughly.
"We go upstairs first," Shampoo replied smugly, then paused when she felt
lips working against the side of her neck. "And is no fair trying to seduce
down here... Shampoo hold to deal, you get go first. But we go upstairs! No
want voyeurs!"
"Okay, okay," Ukyo murmured, quickly grabbing one of the Amazon's wrists
and dragging them towards the stairs. Once they were safely in the chef's
room, the brown-haired girl hurried back out, hurriedly pulling off her
clothes as she headed for the bathroom to get water.
"Shampoo think you looking forward to this a little too much," the Amazon
called, seeming amused, setting the box down and beginning to undo the ties
of her own clothing at a somewhat more liesurely pace.
"Don't start with me!" Ukyo answered in a good-natured tone as she returned
with a few glasses of water. She paused for a few minutes to admire the
naked form of her lover where the Amazon sat back on her heels, then let
her enthusiasm grip her again. "C'mon, get out a packet!"
Nodding, Shampoo slid the boxtop open, then pulled out a small paper
packet, checking the Chinese writing on it to confirm it was what it should
be: Dried Spring of Drowned Boy. The Amazon shook the packet to make sure
its contents were all down towards the bottom, then ripped the top off and
pour the stuff into a glass.
"Douse me!" Ukyo pressed, brown eyes dancing delightedly.
"You ask for it." Smirking, Shampoo turned the glass upright, dumping its
contents over the other girl.
Ukyo spluttered a bit, somehow surprised despite having known the drenching
was coming, feeling a strange... tugging, accompanied by a slight tingle
throughout her entire body. Quickly, the chef looked to the side at the
full-length mirror she'd moved there the previous night. She'd had the
foresight to tie her hair into a masculine ponytail, so that looked just
fine. Ukyo had remained slender through the transformation, and in fact she
found the man staring back at her rather familiar.
'I'm more bishonen than Ranma,' Ukyo thought, a little smugly, running his
hands down his sides. His face was very little changed, just a slight shift
in the cheekbones. His shoulders were a little broader, instead of gentle
slopes, and certainly his chest was flatter, though on the whole he had
retained a rather feminine trimness. But his arms and legs were shaped more
masculinely, if still slenderly muscled.
"Mmmm, Ukyo-boy look nice," Shampoo cooed, apparently as delighted as the
Ukyo turned his head, and at the sight of the naked Amazon, experienced his
first distinctly male reaction, a sudden pressure that seemed to pull from
everywhere and concentrate in his crotch, almost as if his new male member
were being pulled upright, more than anything else. Ukyo flushed, looking
downwards, seeing that he was a little longer than some of the boys he'd
seen in locker rooms back at his other schools, but more slender.
He looked up again, and found his gaze locked on Shampoo's breasts.
Certainly, as a girl, he'd always greatly appreciated them, and had in fact
at times spent more than two hours paying attention solely to them, but he
found himself almost hypnotized by the perfect orbs now, unable to draw his
eyes from them, thinking that the throbbing in his new shaft seemed to
translate into a sensation of feeling the throb of blood through his veins.

"You is staring, Ukyo-kun," Shampoo purred softly, catching Ukyo's gaze
with a movement of her hands. The Amazon rested them on her flat stomach,
letting her fingers move in subtly exagerrated ways as the slid over the
little gentle rises and falls of her muscles. Finally, the purple-haired
girl cupped her breasts, lifting them up a little, squeezing just slightly,
letting out a soft sigh whose impact was not lessened by its obvious
"Ah..." Ukyo swallowed loudly, his slim chest rising and falling more
quickly. He could feel dampness forming on his forehead, slipping down his
nose and into his eyebrows. "Y'know... I'm starting to think... that you've
teased men... doing more than bouncin' around..."
"Maybe," Shampoo cooed, looking at Ukyo through her lashes, violet eyes
glittering brightly. Then she leaned her head back and moaned loudly as she
began kneading her breasts in earnest, using slow motions of her deft
fingers, keeping her hands to the sides so that Ukyo could still see the
firm flesh moving, and see the dark, hard nipples pressed between her
Ukyo felt a whimper building in his throat, the throbbing and pressure in
his new erection threatening to become painful. Tentatively, he raised one
hand towards the upright shaft, unsure of quite how to touch it, and
whether or not he'd cum from the slightest stimulation.
"Nuh-uuuuuh." Shampoo's breathy voice stopped Ukyo cold, and he looked up
at the Amazon almost like a puppy caught digging up the flower bed. The
Amazon shook her head, smirking sultrily, continuing to slowly knead her
large breasts. "You touch, Shampoo leave right now."
"O-okay," Ukyo agreed, realizing his voice really did sound like a whimper.
He rested his hand back down on the futon, shifting around where he rested
on his heels, starting to feel lightheaded from the swirl of sensations and
desires storming through his body and mind.
The Amazon made a low sound of approval, apparently pleased by her lover's
acquiescence. She lifted one large breast up, craning her neck down, tongue
darting out to move over the erect nub of her own dark nipple. Moving her
head to the side, she repeated the performance with her other breasts,
half-lidded violet eyes always on the quivering Ukyo.
"Please," the chef panted, fighting to keep his whole body from trembling.
"No more teasing... please..."
"You do just as Shampoo say," the Amazon commanded, voice still sultry, but
carrying an undercurrent of steel. Her hands slid back down her stomach,
Shampoo leaning back and parting her legs, making a show of stroking two
fingers up and down her slit. "You not follow orders, Shampoo take luscious
body you want so much and go home..."
"Okay," Ukyo agreed quickly. Likely Shampoo could have asked him to jump
out the window and he would have done so happily at this point.
Smirking, Shampoo slowly leaned back forward, enjoying the way Ukyo's eyes
stayed transfixed on her as her breasts jiggled and her hair fell down
around her shoulders. The Amazon moved forward on all fours, wiggling her
rear the whole time, then leaned down, enjoying as well the way Ukyo moaned
aloud at the simple touch of Shampoo's breath on his cock.
"You no cum until Shampoo say you can," the purple-haired girl murmured,
violet eyes fixed to brown ones. "You understand?"
"God yes!"
Giggling softly at the near-evangelical tone of Ukyo's voice, Shampoo moved
her head down, tongue moving out and sliding slowly along the underside of
the head of her lover's cock. Ever-mindful of the moans and whimpers she
was wringing from the chef, Shampoo kept her ministrations slow, tongue
sliding along the slender length, kissing the sides and the tip of the
head. Finally, she opened her mouth and took the head inside, suckling
'Oh God oh God oh God.' Ukyo's mind was rapidly degenerating into the
mingled NEED to orgasm and the knowledge that if he did he'd spend the rest
of the night exploring this new body of his on his lonesome. The attempt to
hold back was rapidly becoming almost painful, mingled with the pleasure of
Shampoo's hot, wet mouth on him. Her tongue... he could feel her tongue
swirling all around the head of his cock, he could feel her soft lips
brushing along his shaft as she started to take more of him in. His first
time, he was so unused to it, so hard to hold back!
Shampoo squirmed about a little as she moved her head slowly up and down.
She wanted to tuck a hand between her legs to tend to her own needy sex,
but should Ukyo notice, it might be seen as a lack of control... something
Shampoo was NOT going to have tonight.
But oh, how she wanted this beautiful man that her lover had become, in so
many ways. And she could feel by the throbbing of the vein her tongue
pressed against, hear by the increasing urgency and pleading of Ukyo's
clenched-teeth cries that very soon, no matter how much he wanted to hold
back, he wouldn't be able to much longer. Her lips curled up slightly at
the ends as she smiled around Ukyo's shaft, just before she raised her head
up off of it, hand coming up to wrap around the chef's cock and stroke it.
"Ukyo can cum now," Shampoo purred, raising herself up a little.
With a loud cry that was mingled pleasure and relief, Ukyo thrust his hips
against Shampoo's pumping hand, his cock shaking hard within her grip as it
sprayed long, thick ropes of seed. The milky streamers landed on the
Amazon's face and breasts, drawing a small gasp of pleasure from her at the
sensation, as well as a little shiver of enjoyment. 'Nothing quite like
being cum on,' Shampoo thought, feeling warm and wanting Ukyo more than
"Nnnngrrm," Ukyo muttered, feeling that that summed up everything rather
well. He panted heavily, his lungs aching, the last minutes seeming to have
pushed him further than any battle he'd ever been in.
"Ukyo be ready again in few minutes, wait and see," Shampoo murmured,
seeming amused, moving up more to press herself against her lover's front,
full breasts smearing cum over his slender, muscular chest.
"I believe you," Ukyo replied, wrapping his arms around Shampoo and yanking
her up enough that he could kiss her hard and rough, but as always found
the Amazon skillfully taking control of the kiss, her tongue always seeming
a step ahead of his, as if it were a wrestling match the Chinese girl was
intent on winning. And the chef had no doubts about his ability to further
perform; his cock was still hard, and already throbbing again with desire
where it was pressed against his lover's flat belly.
"Mmm," Shampoo purred as the kiss broke, running a fingertip along Ukyo's
shoulder. "You do very good... even first time, you hold back until Shampoo
say okay. Shampoo think Ukyo deserve reward."
"Like the sound of that," Ukyo replied, for the first time noticing the
slight change in timbre of his voice. Maybe it was just because he was so
turned-on right now.
"Mmm-hmmmmm." Smiling sultrily again, Shampoo flicked her tongue along the
line of Ukyo's jaw, making him shiver. "Shampoo let you fuck her now... as
hard and fast as Ukyo want... cum whenever want, so long as keep going
until Shampoo cum too."
"I think I can do that," Ukyo replied, feeling a little shaky. He thought
he might splatter his second load all over the Amazon's stomach, if she
kept talking like that.
"Ukyo even pick position," Shampoo added after a moment's thought, as if
bestowing a great gift (which, in Ukyo's eyes, it certainly was).
"Alright," came the immediate agreement. This did require a moment's
thought itself, but not much more than that. "Lie down on your back... um,
Smirking just a little, Shampoo rolled to the side, falling onto her back
on the futon with a bounce and a jiggle. She arched her spine up, belly
stretched taut, large breasts raised prominently, long, curvaceous legs
sliding about a bit, accenting the glistening, carefully trimmed and
close-cropped delta of purple curls between her legs. "Like this...?"
"Actually..." Ukyo dared to take a bit of control himself, firmly grasping
one of Shampoo's thighs and pulling it up, turning the surprised Amazon
onto her side. He lifted her leg further, not too fast, but knowing that
Shampoo was easily limber and flexible enough to accomodate the L-shape her
legs were now in. "I was thinking like this."
"Ukyo just watch it," Shampoo warned, though not able to keep any real
firmness in her tone, the words coming out far too throaty and low to
contain much real admonishment. She moaned lowly, eyes closing to violet
slits as she felt the head of Ukyo's cock brushing against her almost
dripping folds.
'Tease me, will you, sugar?' Ukyo thought, almond eyes flashing, a rather
wicked smile curving his own lips. 'Since you said as hard as I want...'
Shampoo's eyes snapped open as the chef slammed home into her in one hard
slam, and she cried out in a mixture of hurt and delight, fingers clenching
against the sheets. The cries didn't stop there, coming with each of Ukyo's
thrusts, not too fast, but each one with enough force to shake the Amazon's
body slightly, purple hair shifting against the futon and over her skin,
breasts jiggling merrily.
'Oh yes,' Shampoo thought, biting her lip to keep from uttering it aloud,
not wanting to show just how much she was losing control. 'Virgin boys are
so... oh YES! so rough! So ardent!' Though the Chinese girl knew for a fact
that her lover was no virgin (and had brought that about herself), he was
as a male. Shampoo was fully aware and unashamed of her body's desires and
needs, and over the years had taken various lovers when it pleased her...
but nothing quite matched the times she'd given a young man his first time.

Ukyo leaned his head back, groaning loudly, then quickly looked back down,
eager to see Shampoo's body glistening with sweat below him, to watch her
breasts bounce and see the pleasured look on her face, the Amazon's eyes
closed, lower lip held in her teeth. He looked further down, having to
fight to hold back again as he watched his cock disappearing each time into
her dripping pink sex. The sight, combined with the wonderful hot, wet feel
of it all around his sensitive member, it was getting to be too much. He
yanked his gaze back up, watching her body again instead.
The Amazon could feel him pounding into her faster. All pain at the initial
stretching and pounding had long since faded away. It had been a long time
since she'd been with a male, and there were just some things a finger or
tongue couldn't simulate (she hadn't gotten Ukyo fully into sex toys yet...
and a strapon still lacked something anyway). There wasn't much more she
could do in this position than hold on tight to the sheets and take it...
which in itself heightened things, even though she preferred to be the one
in control.
The newly-changed young man leaned forward slightly, breathing hard. His
orgasm was suddenly upon him, and he was letting his cum flow deep inside
the body of his lover. But he never slowed for an instant, just kept
pistoning into Shampoo's eager pussy, feeling a sort of lightness
accompanying the pleasure that still came from his cock, as if the
sensation were spreading through his flesh right from the trickling flow.
Shampoo had felt the gush of extra wetness and warmth that signaled her
lover's peak, letting it bring her so close to her release. She was
pleasantly surprised when Ukyo kept going, having expected to have to get
her own orgasm some other way, as she had with the other first-timers. It
didn't take her long at all to get there, and she let go of her control
enough to throw her head back and scream as she came, her pussy clenching
and working around the cock that continued to thrust into her, despite the
fact that Ukyo almost went crosseyed from THAT sensation.
Ukyo kept on thrusting, valiantly, wanting to push both their orgasms as
far and as long as possible. But finally, he simply gave out, releasing
Shampoo's leg so she could turn onto her back again and he could fall atop
her, reflexively resting on his arms. However, Ukyo only had a few moments
to savor afterglow and a kiss, before his brain pretty much shut down, and
he was slumping atop his lover, asleep.
'Never fails,' Shampoo thought, bemused. 'I wonder if all virgins do that,
or if I'm just that good?' She thought back to her own first time, trying
to recall her own first time. She couldn't remember much after her third
orgasm, so she probably had. 'Oh well. He'll be up again in a few hours, in
various ways.' She was tempted to try some of the dried Nanniichuan by
herself, but decided not to... she had promised Ukyo that they wouldn't do
that until they'd both tried it the first time together.
'Such fun this is going to be!'

Ukyo snorted a little bit as he woke up, a little muddle-headed, moreso
because he remembered going to sleep atop Shampoo, and he now seemed to be
under her. The state of his gender didn't cause him much of a fuss... it
was just that way, and once he remembered about the dried spring water, it
made sense, too. In fact, he could feel himself hard again already, the
underside of his shaft tickled by short, curly hairs and pressed against
soft flesh.
"Awake now?" Shampoo murmured, coming out of her own doze.
"Yeah... um, lemme up," Ukyo replied quietly, feeling an identifiable, if
different, pressure low in his midriff.
Without asking any embarrassing questions with obvious answers, the Amazon
rolled off of her lover, who lurched to his feet and staggered out into the
hall. Figuring out a few of the mechanics was something of a chore, moreso
because of his erection, but the body apparently knew what to do, and he
accomplished his task with a minimum of trouble.
Ukyo headed back towards his room, letting his thoughts dwell on the new
sensations of his male body simply being in movement. For one thing, his
cock was resting limp as he walked... it certainly hadn't been that way
that he could remember since he changed. 'Pretty poorly designed, if you
ask me...'
Of course, being that he was now a teenage boy, it didn't stay that way for
long, and as Ukyo espied his still-naked lover, his member began to rise to
life again like something out of an alien movie. He twitched a little. 'I'm
glad this isn't permanent... I may've lived as a boy, and the sex is fun,
but living in a male body is just plain weird.'
Shampoo was, at the moment, mixing up another glass of temporary
Nanniichuan. Noticing what she was doing, Ukyo pushed aside his thoughts of
grabbing her hair and forcing his cock into her mouth (which was not only
rude, but probably suicidal), and tried to sit down and talk like a
reasonable person, instead of a young male.
"So, you want me to go get some hot water?" he asked calmly. Though he
suspected she knew all too well, Ukyo had never told Shampoo she was
actually his first and only. As a female, she'd never been with a man, and
the thought of it rather scared her.
"No need to," Shampoo replied, and before Ukyo could figure out what she
meant, dumped the water over her own head.
The chef watched with interest, the change seeming to happen with the
natural flow of the water. Shampoo's hair turned a much darker color and
gained a little bit of red, becoming a sort of almost-black fuschia. Her
shoulders broadened more than Ukyo's had, the muscles marking her arms and
chest more pronounced; the chef was reminded of Ryoga, though Shampoo now
had less of a boyish look to her than the Lost Boy still retained. The
Amazon now rather looked like the powerhouse she really was, though her
male body was still sleek like that of a lion or tiger, not bulky like a
Ukyo looked at his lover's face, which now walked the line between
beautiful and handsome... and he couldn't help it, he broke out laughing!
Shampoo blinked. "What so funny?" His voice was a good deal lower, and a
rich as liquid chocolate, which only made his manner of speaking all the
more amusing.
"Th-the hair," Ukyo managed, trying desperately to stifle himself with both
hands. "It's not exactly the most masculine style..."
"Oh, you think Shampoo's hair funny?" the now male Amazon murmured darkly,
eyes flashing dangerously, but with amusement as well. Slowly, he rose to
his feet, and Ukyo's laughter died, and he couldn't help but gawk, his
mouth hanging open. His lover was now over six feet tall, maybe even six
and a half, and presented in entirety, that toned, sleek body was even more
impressive... Ryoga would look like a thirteen-year-old in comparison!
And, of course, the chef's eyes went downwards, and he STILL gawked.
Shampoo's cock, already growing erect, looked to be even longer than his
own... and it wasn't anywhere near as slender. He suddenly found every
ounce of trepidation returning in full force, and began scooting backwards
on hands and knees.
"Um, sugar, let's rethink this...!"
"Ukyo no get out of this so easy," Shampoo said with a smirk, darting
forward quickly and grabbing his prey by the shoulders, hauling him back.
"Is Shampoo's turn now... and is no hot water here, and Shampoo no going to
let you get any..."
The chef stared up with wide eyes, trembling a little. He very seriously
considered blurting his mother's name, their safeword... his lover was just
so HUGE now, and... the both of them as boys?! So strange... yet the
thought sent a shiver through his body, and his member throbbed softly at
full hardness. He didn't say the safeword.
Shampoo let his dark smile turn gentle for a moment, as if sensing that
Ukyo was intrigued, and trusted her at least a bit. Then he slipped back
into his mean act, pushing the smaller boy downwards. "Ukyo get on knees."
Obediently, Ukyo settled into position, flushing as the silky skin covering
Shampoo's shaft rubbed against his cheek. Slowly, he brought his hands up
and rested them firmly on his lover's hips, partly to support himself, and
partly to keep from touching himself, unless the Amazon said that he could.
He gasped a little at the feel of a hand on his head, fingers clenching in
his hair, and flushed again.
Ukyo was fully aware that Shampoo could be quite rough, at times... but
since the Amazon had never actually damaged her, or hurt her more than
could be immediately forgiven, he had quickly grown to enjoy the
roughness... a lot. And she knew Shampoo was only playing when she acted
somewhat mean in bed, the Amazon had explained as much and asked if it was
okay, to which Ukyo had given approval so heartfelt she'd startled herself.
But this would be a whole new type of roughness.
Shampoo yanked the smaller boy's head back. "Ukyo open mouth," he ordered
curtly, tensing his fingers, feeling the silken brown strands twisted
between them. Inwardly, he was practically trembling with delight. His
strength was much more prominent in this form, the member he would use to
dominate his lover so much more obvious. It was as if all the subtlety of
her commanding nature in the bedroom had been transformed into overtness.
He watched Ukyo part his lips, looked into almond eyes glistening with
fear, anticipation, excitement. Trusting the chef to control himself not to
reflexively bite, Shampoo immediately thrust the head of his cock into
Ukyo's waiting mouth. He leaned his head back and groaned, unable to
repress a shudder at the sensation of hot wetness, at the tremors the other
boy's 'MMPH!' of surprise sent through the sensitive flesh.
"Suck," the male Amazon growled, tensing his fingers again. "Shampoo fuck
Ukyo's mouth, not be so rough if Ukyo cooperate." 'Dammit, I REALLY need to
buckle down on my Japanese lessons... it's so hard to dominate with an
imperfect command of the language.'
Eagerly, for whatever reason, Ukyo started suckling at the hard, throbbing
flesh filling his mouth. Remembering what Shampoo had done for him, he
swirled his tongue around the head, tasting the light saltiness, feeling
the slight sponginess of it. He quickly got into his duty, spurred on by
the pleasured sounds coming from above him. It wasn't long before the hand
on his head was shoving him lower, forcing him to take more in.
Shampoo seemed to know what he was doing, however, and Ukyo had plenty of
time to adjust, even though he knew the larger boy must be aching to just
grab on and thrust like mad... he knew that ache all too well himself. But
this was Shampoo, after all... faithful secret lover, and he couldn't do
any less for him than the Amazon had done the night before, certainly.
Shampoo panted a bit as he finally pushed all the way home, looking down to
see the bulge in the front of Ukyo's throat, the smaller boy squirming
somewhat uncomfortably. The Amazon pulled back, not too quickly, but making
sure it was fast enough... he certainly didn't want his lover to suffocate.
But the chef seemed to quickly pick up the knack of deep-throating, and was
soon taking the entire length in every time Shampoo pushed his head back
down. "Ukyo suck cock good," he grunted, momentarily dismayed at the loss
of the sultry purr of his female form. 'Oh, who CARES?' he thought, a rush
of pleasure going through him as Ukyo worked his tongue along the underside
of Shampoo's shaft, at the same time swallowing, letting his rippling
throat carress the head.
Holding himself back, Shampoo continued to guide Ukyo in giving him head,
murmuring instructions the whole time. But soon, it was too much, and with
little but a moaned warning, Shampoo pulled back, leaving only the head of
his cock in Ukyo's mouth. The flood of hot, salty cum still caught the chef
by surprised, and some of it gushed out around his lips. Quickly, he
tightened the seal of his lips, closing his eyes as he swallowed
repeatedly. The taste was... strange, neither pleasant or unpleasant.
Shampoo almost chuckled through his pleasure as he watched the look on
Ukyo's face. 'Don't worry... it's just an acquired taste.' Thrusting in a
few more times, the Amazon finally pulled out of the chef's mouth, sighing
contentedly. Then, his smirk returned, all business, and he gave Ukyo a
light shove down onto the futon.
"Mmf!" Ukyo blinked, wiping a forearm across his mouth as he watched the
towering figure of his lover kneeling down, then moving to lay down behind
him. The Japanese boy's eyes widened as one of his thighs was taken in one
large hand and lifted, a cock slick with a mixture of saliva and cum
pressing between his buttocks. "H-hey! Wait!"
"Ukyo want get off too?" Shampoo murmured in his ear, still smirking. He
moved his hips back and forth, until he felt the indention of the smaller
boy's pucker. "We go like before, suck and get fucked..."
"I...!" The chef cut off with a low cry, biting his lip as he felt his
virgin hole being slowly pushed open. A light touch, maybe a lick or two
there before... certainly nothing like this slow, unyielding penetration.
Ukyo felt like every muscle in his body was taut and shaking, strong arms
holding him, muscular chest against his back. His cock throbbed maddeningly
at each millimeter that slid inside him.
Shampoo nipped at Ukyo's ear, shuddering a little himself at the
unbelievable sensation of that amazing hot, tight hole gripping him like a
vise. It was almost painful... almost but not quite. Finally, he felt his
hips press up against the firmness of Ukyo's buttocks. "Ah... how it
"Hurts," the Japanese boy whimpered quietly, a few tears escaping from his
eyes. Shampoo kissed at his neck gently, giving him some time to adjust...
he knew his lover wanted to continue, even if it hurt, since his lips
hadn't so much as formed the safeword.
The Amazon slid a hand down, wrapping it around Ukyo's slender cock and
stroking gently. The chef almost jumped a little, then moaned loudly at the
resulting movement of the shaft filling him. The moan turned into a cry as
Shampoo slowly pulled out, then smoothly stroked back in, not giving Ukyo
time to tighten back up.
As Shampoo began slowly, but smoothly thrusting into Ukyo, drawing cries
each time from the smaller boy, he groped blindly with his free hand near
the edge of the futon, superior coordination meaning he never faltered in
pumping his lover's shaft with his other hand. After a few moments of
searching, he found the tube he was looking for and pulled it back, pausing
with his cock almost completely out of the other boy.
Ukyo moaned, forcing his eyes open a little, squirming at the cessation of
thrusting and stroking, having begun to lose himself in it. He started to
turn his head to look, only to be kissed on the cheek, then feel Shampoo's
cock thrust back into him with a burst of cool wetness. He cried out again
softly, the lube changing the sensation entirely. The Amazon began
thrusting into him even faster, harder now, shaking his body as he'd shaken
hers hours before.
"You no cum until Shampoo say," Shampoo breathed in Ukyo's ear, hand moving
back down, resuming its fast, hard pumping of the chef's member, matching
strokes to the thrusts. "Understand?"
"Uh-huh," Ukyo managed, nodding his head a few times, eyes clenched shut.
It was already getting hard to hold back, though! Being taken this way, as
a male, by a male, it was something that had never consciously registered
in his mind! But the pain had faded to something in the background of the
pleasure, pleasure that seemed to spear right through him, move through the
cock thrusting into him and into his own.
Shampoo knew he wasn't really going to last that much longer, either... it
was too new, too good. Slippery now, but still so tight, cool rapidly
changing back to burning hot. He thrust in harder, faster, pistoning his
cock into his lover's body unmercifully. His breath was coming hard, fast,
the air seeming hot as it filled his lungs.
"Soon... Shampoo cum soon... then you cum..."
Shampoo swallowed, gritting his teeth to hold off... just a few moments
more of this exquisite pleasure, before that final rush. And then the
moments were gone, and he threw his head back, almost roaring as his cock
swelled and gushed long torrents of seed into his lover's tight ass. Ukyo
cried out as well, taking that as his permission to let go, cock shuddering
in Shampoo's hand and spraying its load across the Japanese boy's stomach
and chest.
They both lay panting, minds too awhirl to even consider doing much more.
After a few minutes, Shampoo slid out of Ukyo, the chef mewling softly in a
mixture of disappointment and relief. Any hint of disappointment
disappeared as those strong arms wrapped around him again, pulling him
upright for a rough, tender kiss. He simply relaxed against his Goliath of
a lover dueled tongues with him, Ukyo much too tired to put up much of a
fight in the constant wrestling match.
"Shampoo," he murmured as the kiss trailed off into shorter kisses. Many
things came to mind to say after that. 'I can't believe we just did that.'
'Let's try for one more.' 'Gentler next time.' 'Rougher next time.' 'Keep
holding me like this.' Those, others, and one that was too scary to truly
think about saying, yet one that became more persistent every time
Shampoo's hand brushed hers in the midst of a battle, every time she looked
into Shampoo's eyes in the middle of one of the arguments they put on for
the others and saw a smile there, every time Shampoo readily and happily
acquiesced to a request to simply be held close.
"Ssshhh," the Amazon murmured back, with a yawn. "Time for rest now."
In moments, the both of them were fast asleep, Ukyo clasped tightly to
Shampoo's chest... and both of them snoring loudly.

The steaming water fell from the shower heads, washing away the male bodies
as if they were nothing more than a layer of sweat left over from
lovemaking. Shampoo and Ukyo remained quiet as they soaped up, partly
because Ukyo took a little time to get started in the mornings, partly
because Shampoo was still a little fuzzy-headed about the contradictions of
being a dominatrix from a matriarchal society who had just reveled in being
quite male. So for a good while, nothing was heard save for the hiss of the
shower heads.
Eventually, though, Ukyo slid her arms around Shampoo's middle, soapy hands
sliding over equally slick belly and breasts. "Hey, you," she murmured, a
mixture of sleepiness and affection tinging her tone. She snuggled up from
behind, rubbing her head against the other girl's, receiving a similar
headrub in return.
"Nihao," Shampoo replied, amused. They had woken up together, come into the
bathroom together, and had been in the shower for almost ten minutes, like
many other mornings, but without fail, it was not until about this time
that Ukyo actually greeted her each time.
"Hey, why don't you call the old woman, tell her you're working on some
plot to get Ranchan, sugar...?" Ukyo suggested tentatively, obviously not
expecting a positive answer. "I can keep the shop closed today, we can just
hang around... play with the stuff some more, or whatever..."
Shampoo didn't reply for several moments. It was a tempting offer, to have
more fun with their recently-discovered toy. Ukyo's hands were also
stroking her breasts, which was helping the Amazon lean towards the answer
that meant more sex. And something about the way her lover was asking... it
said that Shampoo staying would mean more than a day spent in the bedroom.
Perhaps that was what made her shake her head.
"Shampoo have to work in Nekohanten today... is big reservation party. Can
no get out of it." The Chinese girl turned around, laying her hands on
Ukyo's cheeks and kissing her briefly. "Shampoo sorry."
"It's okay," Ukyo replied, fighting down the sigh that would have given
away that it really wasn't.
"Shampoo come back tonight," the Amazon promised, sliding a finger along
the line of her lover's jaw. "Ukyo leave window open...?"
"Of course." The chef smiled, pushing down her disappointment. It was
silly. They both wanted Ranma, for whatever reasons, and they were lovers
on the side. Silly to worry herself about how deep the feeling went. She
had a good friend, a wonderful lover, and a secret confidante. And that was
more than anyone she knew could claim.
"Is many nights ahead to try new thing in," Shampoo murmured, violet eyes
sparkling. "And Shampoo promise, she spend many many nights with Ukyo."
Ukyo grinned. Who could resist a promise like THAT?

~ Fin... for now ^_^v

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2011-03-16 01:15:13
wow! i can honestly say i did not expect that, excellent job!


2011-03-10 23:33:28
Piquantly imagined & beautifully written. With a story this realized ratings mean nothing. It is not for everybody = "caviar to the general."

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2011-03-10 23:28:02
Piquantly imagined & beautifully written. Girls will be... boys! The domination theme touches me where I live. Not to worry about ratings = it is, as Hamlet says, "caviar to the general."

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2011-03-07 01:53:56
i absolutely loved it. thats bull that this has such a low rating, these readers are out of their minds. the next one you should change them back and make them have sex like that

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a little weird for my taste, but it was ok

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