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Incest isn't something new for my sister and I. We lost our
virginity together many dates back, when I was a smooth-cheeked boy
in puberty. It was to be another year before sister Kathy began
having her monthlies.

We didn't use or really know about birth control but three years
later, when Kathy was fifteen, I got her pregnant. It didn't take,
though, and she miscarried.

After that experience, Dad got me started using condoms, and we
fucked real steady through high school and our teens. After high
school, I got a job in another town, but we got together lots of
weekends for some fine fucks.

Eighteen months ago, Kathy started bugging me to fuck her without a
condom on my penis. Kathy said she wanted to go away with me for a
weekend, pretending we were just married and, like a lot of brides,
she would get pregnant. She said she wanted to know the reality of
becoming pregnant, experience the morning sickness, and then, at the
last minute, get an abortion.

The idea sounded great, sort of like having your candy and eating it
too. Fucking without a condom would be nice, and the idea of
knocking Sis up again was exciting. I told Kathy that if she was
serious, then I wanted this sex to be something special. She should
pick a date when she could get pregnant, and we would go away for a
long weekend.

Finally, the time came. We hadn't been together for three weeks and
I was ready to fuck. We went to the coast of Mendocino, got a motel,
and got out of our clothes in a hurry.

Slowly, I pushed my penis deep into Kathy, and began thrusting. How
fantastic it felt without a condom. We were fucking missionary
style, and were really turned on.

Suddenly, I knew I was beginning
to come. I thrust one more time, pushing deep into Kathy, and
exploded in an orgasm to end all orgasms. It was as though a
powerful pump was sucking my testicles dry. I ejaculated, feeling
the surge of my sperm spurting deep into Kathy.

We lay together, watching television for I guess two hours, then we
fucked again. Our second fuck lasted longer and was as good as the
first one.

We spent two nights in Mendocino, saw the signs, ate good food, and
fucked six times. It was a very good weekend.

back home, i didn't see Kathy for several weeks, and then I got a
phone call. Kathy sounded happy and excited; she had missed her
period and was sure she was pregnant.

The following weekend we got together for a great fuck. The next
morning Kathy used a home pregnancy test kit and got a perfect brown
indicator; she was pregnant.

The morning sickness was more than Kathy expected. For quite a
while, she had nausea every morning. Some mornings she couldn't eat,
she'd just vomit.

By now I was wanting Sis to go all the way and have our baby. I
really had to do a sales job, but I talked her out of an abortion.
Before long, my beautiful sister had become a real sex kitten and the
pregnancy gave me a beautiful nine months of fucking without condoms.

Intercourse was a real trip now. Kathy was more responsive and sexy
than ever. As her tummy became bigger and bigger, we tried new ways
to fuck. The missionary position is great for making babies, but
it's not much use with an expectant mother.

Our son was born big and healthy, a son any man could be proud of.
Kathy will raise our children as a single parent; however, I am
helping and providing monetary support.

Right now, I am looking forward to another eight months of fantastic
fucks. I didn't mean to get Kathy pregnant--this time it was a
busted rubber, a real accident--but I'm glad it happened, and I love
Sis when she's pregnant

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2013-07-27 00:54:48
good story but needs a little work here are some pointers:
1. more oral sex
2. less suspence
3. details, details, details.

hope you use these tips in your next story

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2013-06-17 14:50:17
This is Diego again. The story is once again depressingly horrible. rushed, no detail, poorly developed plot. That was an utter dissappointment. Perhaps you are a man with two very small heads. Pun intended.

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2013-03-28 17:23:27
fagat! you wasted my time dumass!

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2013-03-28 17:21:00
asshole! you got NO writing skills bitch! damn, you wasted my time retard!!

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2013-03-28 17:15:18
you fucking idiot! what the hell is your problem! fuck you!

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