Two freinds find alot in common
I will start off with me, Im 16, 6" brown hair, not amazing looking. I was just an ordinary school boy. From the age of 11 i went to an all boys school so dident really see many girls. I obviously had a life out side school but what with sports and home work i dident have much time too see them. I started wanking quite late on i would say about 14 but from then on i loved it. sometimes i could get off a good 5 or 6 every night and it felt so good. I fantisised about girls and sex all the time in class, at home, at events but try my best i was never very good with girls.

This brings us very nicely onto Pete. He lived a few houses away in my small village and had known him for many years as he had went to my primary school. He was a bit of a nerdy/ Geeky boy spending alot of his time on the computer or 360. Although he went to the local state school he was a shy lad only 15 at the time with a bit of a stutter and from my talkings with the locals he never really done much with girls aswell.

This brings us quite nicely to last summer. My parents and I went away every year on holiday. It was usually 2 weeks away camping somewhere; France, spain and some times Germany. These trips really bored me. I was 30 years younger that my parents and hated the laid back walking attitude of them on holidays and had spent the past few years trying to stay at home mostly to no action. However this year was different, My parents had finally given in to my nagging and let me stay at home. The day finnaly came when it was time to leave. At 8:30 on an august morning my parents left for dover and left me at home. The possibilities were endless!!!

About 4 days into the home holiday things started to get boaring. I had run out of movies, games and music and was idle at home when i heard a knocking at the door, i quickly grabbed a T-shirt put it on and went to the front door, to my suprise pete was at the door, he very rarely came past but i was happy to see him. At this stage any one was good comany. I invited him into my room and we got chatting. after 10-15 mins catch up i sugested we watch a few youtube vids and he said he knew a few funny ones. After a while it was getting a bit dull. we had watched about every game trailer in existance and every funny film of people failing to park. I put one more trailer on which had caught my eye in the recomended. It was the new harry potter film. Half way through Pete asked abit nervously "Ollie, do you think emma watson is fit?"
I dident have to think too hard about that and quickly replied "Of course i wouldent say no to a quick shag"
He started to blush abit at that, i don't think he knew how to react to the situation. but what was to come next suprised me. He grabbed the mouse off me and typed in a web address. a few seconds latter a website poped up with a mock up off emma flashing her pussy and her titts at the camera. You could tell the shots were fake but it dident matter it was still seriously turning me on.
"do you watch porn?" i asked a bit nerviously. i looked at him and his first reaction was to blush abit but then a few seconds later he nodded his head slowly, i asked if he knew any good sites. "yea hang on". A few seconds later was an amature porn site. Im abit ashed to say i already had a hard on but was hiding it underneath my waist band. "put on a film then". He clicked on a video entitled "Hardcore anal". The video started running and soon some big black guy was hammering a small white girl in the arse. I felt a bit awekward, not quite sure what to do.
In my room i have a large teddy bear simply known as "teddy" he is probably 60cm tall. He was from ikea and i have had him a few years. I grabbed him and thew him at pete. "why don't you cuddle teddy, He might cuddle back" Pete wrapped his arm round the bear. At this moment i was horney and very curious. I could see pete was abit hot and flushed too. I was curious to see his cock and touch it. i playfully punched his groin area through the teddy and felt something hard. Pete let out a gasp. i joked "I told teddy might cuddle back" he regained his breath and spurted "please let teddy cuddle more!" at this moment i could back out. just tell him no and turn the prono off but i just felt i had to cary on, i lent over put the hand on the tedy and started pumping it into pete. He definetly was likeing this. after a few seconds i could feel this hard lump through the bear. I dident need two guesses to what it was. i made my movements more up and down. after a minuite he gasp "stop it's your turn". i was nerous he lowed the bear onto me and started to toss me off through the bear. i felt magical my cock was throbbing badely and my heart was racing and i wanted to cum badely, i was getting so clocse when he pulled the bear away. i gasped a clutched at it . I wanted it soooo badly. He turn to me "teddy needs to sleep" let me cary on. without any warining he pulled down my joggers and boxers and my cock sprang out. It wassent massive, about 6 inches but it was board.he wrapped his hand slowly round the shaft of my cock and pulled back all the was so my foreskin was back and my head was pulsing he then slowly moved his hand up and down very slowly to started to pump my cock into action. it felt so good but at the same time i was doing this with a guy. I felt a familiar feeling in my stomach. I had a quick thought, should i be doing this, is it wrong... i wasent sure but it felt sooo good. "no mate im going to cum" he carreid on. getting faster if anything "No, please pete dont, i cant take much more" he dident listen and sure enough a few seonds later it happend i felt the surge and streams of cum shot out into his hand, the floor, the desk and wherever else it could find to land. i took in a deap breath thinking about what had just happend.i shut my eyes for a few seconds and opened them to see pete pulling down his trousers and sitting back in the chair. i raced over to touach his broad cock. it was slightly bigger than mine i think i couldnet really tell. i think he had been circumsised it looked diferent to mine.
As i was just about to touch it he stoped me "ah ah ah, you can suck mister, i want to try". thoughts started rushing through my mind. What was i going to do, should i suck his cock. i was heeling very horney, and it looked like abit of fun in the porno's. so slowly i edged to wards it and put my lips around his throbing head. i felt very wied. something i cant quite describe. I could state comething sweet on my tounge. I started moving my head up and down slowly not quite sure what to do. He seemed to be enjoying what every i was doing. he was flushed and gasping for air. I started to get a bit adventouvous moving slowly further dwon. It wasent to bad really my mouth just felt full up. to be honest i was quite enjoying myself. it turned me on to have someone forcing me into this. i didnet want to go too deep as i had seen on pornos people gaging and coughing so i thought i would play safe and pete dident mind one bit. i rolled my tounge round he cock exploring all the little details. His breaths were getting shorter and more rushed. he was getting sweaty and looked flustered. I pulled my right hand up and started to pump his cock while sucking(another tip from the porno's)
I sudedly felt his body tighten and a split seond later i warm liquid surged into my mouth. It tasted horrible i was just about to open my mouth when another load came in followed by another and i soon realized there was only one way to go. I satrted to swollow the liqued. I got it out of my mouth quicly and a few seconds he pulled away. i gasped fresh air and he shut his eyes and moaned abit. after a few minuites of this we grabbed some tisues and cleaned up. a phone call came through saying pete had to go. i was devostated my cock was rock hard again. I wanted it to be my turn to fill up petes mouth. but he had to go. as he walked out the door he turned back quiclkly

"Don't worry Oll, i'll be back to finish what i started....

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2014-12-15 05:13:26
Wonderful story, could use more proof reading but otherwise a great story. Bravo



2011-03-01 11:17:38
Could have had potential.
The numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes killed it.

anonymous readerReport

2011-02-28 21:55:21
First, let me respond to the reader on 2011-02-28, 17:36:24.

This is a FREE and (until I refreshed the page today) completely uncensored sex story page. You must truly be retarded to expect some sort of ludicrous grammar Nazi quality control. This is a fucking website where sick fucks (such as yourself) go to beat off to poorly written filth. If this does not describe you (which I am all but certain it does) then please leave this website. If you would like, I can recommend a few decent romance novels that you may enjoy. They generally have editors that fix their typos.

About the story, now: I like it. It really seems to be true, with how you described what happened. The best thing about this story is that it does seem true, which redeems most of the typos and unprofessional style of your writing.

If you were attempting to write fantasy, poor grammar and spelling could not be excused. However, I find the somewhat poor grammar and spelling more arousing than otherwise.

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2011-02-28 21:47:39
Please write more great story!!!

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2011-02-28 21:13:54
Come on, it wasn't that bad. Sure, there were a few mistakes, but overall,
It was an ok story

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