This story is purely fiction.
There is a knock at my door. I put down my glass of water and go to the door. I look through the peek-hole in the door and see a woman standing outside. She has long blonde hair, pale white skin and is wearing a large brown coat. She knocks again and I ask her “Who is it?” She replies “I’m Anna and I’m here about the advertisement you posted in the news paper.” I open the door and motion for her to come in. She walks into the living room and looks at my anxiously. The advertisement that I posted in the news paper was in the personals section. It asked for any submissive sluts to come to my address and Anna is the first submissive slut to show up. I ask for her coat and she slips if off. She’s wearing nothing underneath. I take the coat and hang it up on the coat-hook beside the door. I take a good look at her body; she has long blonde hair which goes to just above her nipples, large breasts and lovely pink nipples, a cute pink pussy, and all hair shaved off except for her eyebrows and the hair on her head, she looks barely 18 years old.

I say to her “Well you’ve proved that you’re a slut, now you need to prove how submissive you are.” She blushes and replies “Tell me what to do and I will do it.” I tell her “Take those handcuffs from the table and cuff your hands behind your back.” She picks them up and after a second’s hesitation; she puts her hands behind her back and puts the handcuffs on. I check them and tighten them a little bit more, so she can’t escape from them. I pinch her left nipple. Then I pull her by her left nipple and take her over to my sofa-chair. I sit down and make her get on her knees in front of me. I take my cock out of my pants and tell her “Suck my cock and suck it well, or you will get punished.”

Her eyes go wide and she pokes out her tongue. She moves her tongue up and down the length of my cock. She looks innocently into my eyes as she licks my hard cock. I say to her with a little anger in my voice “I told you to suck my cock, not lick it.” Her lips immediately go to the head of my cock and she sucks it into her mouth. I put both of my hands on her head and she begs me with her eyes. I pull her head closer to my body, so that more of my cock goes onto her mouth. I can feel her tongue along the bottom of my cock. I pull her head even closer and she gags on it. I move her head back and pull it forward again, gagging her again. I hold her head in place and feel her gag around my cock. I move her head back so that she can get some air and then pull it forward, onto my cock, making her gag again. Her innocent eyes look into mine, and I laugh evilly at her. I pull her head back and forth faster and faster, fucking her throat harder and harder, making her gag more and more. She gives me another innocent look and it pushes me over the edge. I pull her head in as close as I can get it, she swallows all of my cock and she’s gagging on it. My cock throbs and my come blasts down her throat. She continues gagging on my cock as the last of my come flows from my cock.

Getting gagged is too much for her. I can see that she is going to puke. I grab the empty cereal bowl from beside the sofa-chair and put it under her nose. My cock is still in her mouth and it’s still hard, so the only place the puke is going to come out is her nose. I wrap my legs around her so that she can’t get away. The puke rises up her throat and I feel it pass the end of my cock and go out her nose. The come and puke blasts out of her nose and into the bowl. It’s all liquid. Once the last of it dribbles out, she looks at me with fear. I tell her “You threw up on my cock. You will be punished severely for that, you stupid fucking slut!” I pull my cock out of her mouth and wipe it on her face.

I light a candle that’s sitting on the table next to the sofa-chair. I get up and take her with me to my box of torture toys. I take some small leather belts, a nine-tails whip, a spreader-bar and a ring-gag from the box. I take them and the slut back to the sofa-chair. She stayed silent, hoping not to anger me more. I put the ring-gag in her mouth and attach her feet to the spreader-bar. I take one of the small leather belts and put it around her wrists tightly, like the handcuffs. I take another one and do the same, but this time just below her elbows, making them come painfully together and touch. I use the third one just above her elbows, so that she can’t get out of them. It makes her push her lovely, large breasts out and on display.

I sit back down on the sofa-chair and pull her onto me, so that she’s sitting on my lap. I spread her ass-cheeks and line my cock up with her lovely pink asshole. I pull her down on me and impale her on my cock, making her scream from the pain. I didn’t use any lubricant; her ass must feel like it’s on fire. I probably should have given her an enema because I can feel her shit on the end of my cock. I lift her up and slam her back onto my cock. She screams again. I move her up, but not off of my cock this time. I slam her back down and she moans loudly this time. She’s enjoying it. I lift her up and slam her down again and again and again, she moans again and again and again. I feel close to coming, so I stop slamming her ass onto my cock but I keep my cock in her ass.

I take the candle that I left burning beside the sofa-chair. I put the flame on it just under her pink nipples. She moans at the heat. I switch to the other nipple. She moans again. I move the candle up above her breasts and tip it, dripping candle wax on her sensitive, pink, right nipple. She moans very loudly. I drip some more on her nipple and then switch to the other. She moans just as loudly for her left nipple as she did for her right. She likes it. Her pussy is so very wet. I put the candle over her pussy and one drop of wax falls onto her clit. She almost screams. I blow the candle out and put it on the ground.

I don’t think she has had quite enough punishment yet, so I lift her ass up and drop it back down on my cock. She moans. I lift her up and drop her back on my cock again. She moans again. I fuck her ass faster and faster, making her moans more and more. She loves it. After a couple minutes of fucking her tight ass, I come. My come blasts deep into her ass and some of it dribbles out as I rest, with my cock still in her ass. I pull my cock out, sit her on the sofa-chair and then wipe my cock on her face.

I pick up the nine-tails whip off the ground and stand in front of her. She begs me with her eyes, she begs for the whip to hurt her soft flesh. I give her what she wants. I tell her “That wax has to come off and this whip is going to take it off.” Her eyes tell me “Yes!” I flick her right breast with the whip. Its tails bit into her soft skin, leaving red marks and breaking off some of the wax. She moans at the pain. She loves it. I whip her again and get the same reaction; red marks, wax removed, moans of painful pleasure. I whip her again and again and again, until all of the wax has come off of her right breast and it has turned red. I give her left breast the same treatment. She moans just as much, she loves it.

I drop the whip and get out two lengths of rope. I tie up each of her breasts tightly, she’s moaning as I do. Once I’m satisfied with how tight they are, I take out a razor blade. She looks at me with fear. She knows that she can’t escape it; she has to do whatever I want her to do. I cut just below her the points of her nipples. She moans in pain. Blood pours out of her nipple, down her breast, down her body and starts to pool at her pussy. I do the same with the other nipple. The blood flows down her soft, white flesh staining it a pinkish-red. The blood pools at her pussy. I take a pair of weighted nipple-clamps and attach them to her nipples. They stop the flow of blood. Her nipples are pulled painfully downwards.

I lift her off of the sofa-chair and turn her to face it. Blood drips off of her pussy. I take a rope and throw one end over a support beam, holding up the ceiling. I tie one end of the rope around the slut’s wrists. I pull the rope so that her arms are twisted upwards painfully and tie the other end onto a heavy table. I get a large hook and some thin rope. I go back over to her and put the hook in her ass. She moans as I push it in. I pull her hair back painfully and tie one end of the rope around it. She squeals. I tie the other end of the rope around the hook. When she pulls her head forward so that it’s comfortable; she pulls the hook further into her ass and pulls her hair. I tell her “Lick up that blood. I don’t want it staining my sofa-chair.” She pokes her tongue out through her ring-gag and starts licking up the blood. She licks back and forth but can’t reach all of it. She stretches her neck which pulls the hook even further and pulls her hair as well. It hurts her but she loves the pain. She licks until I tell her that it’s clean enough.

I stare at her pink, blood-soaked pussy and I have to have it. I kneel behind her and line up my cock with her pussy. I ram it in deeply. She moans loudly, not expecting it. I pull my cock almost all the way out and slam it back in again. She moans again, but not as loudly this time. I thrust into her again, faster this time. I continue thrusting into her faster and faster. She moans as I do. Her moaning makes me want to loose it. I thrust harder and faster, almost about to come. She’s moving with me. It’s too much. I let out a growl as I speed up my thrusting and come in her blood-stained pussy. This pushes her over the edge and she orgasms too. I lay against her, resting.

When I pull out, I can tell she wants more. I take a large ball-gag, a vibrator, two large dildos and some duct-tape over to her. I put one dildo in her soaking wet pussy and one in her tight ass. She moans as I do. I put the vibrator on her clit. I take the duct-tape and tape the vibrator to her clit. I tape the dildos to her so that they don’t fall out. I remove her ring-gag and replace it with the large ball-gag. She can barely fit it in her mouth, but I get it in and strap it on. I turn the vibrator on and watch as she convulses in another orgasm. I turn the vibrator up to maximum and can hear her moaning through the gag. I leave her there until she has had many orgasms forced out of her. She loves it.

I untie her and remove everything. She smiles at me. I tell her “It’s time for you to go. Come back in a couple of days and we’ll have more fun.” She replies “Ok, master.” I smile at her and take her to the door. I open it and push her out. I quickly shut it and lock the door. She yells “But wait! My coat! I need my coat!” I reply “You’re not getting it back. From now on, you arrive naked or I will take whatever clothing you have. Now go home.” She moans in frustration. She soon realizes that I won’t give it back, so she gets in her car and drives home, naked. She loves it. She’ll be back.


2015-03-21 10:34:50
big problem here there is a difference between being a masochist and being a submissive granted some are both but not every submissive will let you abuse them that hard

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2012-11-07 15:55:35
Jessica how old r u txt me at 843 814 1505


2011-07-03 20:24:40
good story it reminds me of how i found my first master lol ;)

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2011-03-01 08:56:26
My name is Jessica. I am here about your add :). I am 5'6" I have shoulder length wavy red hair, hazel eyes, fare skin , with a few freckles around my nose, I am a 34B. Can I be in your next story ?

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2011-03-01 08:56:00
My name is Jessica. I am here about your add :). I am 5'6" I have shoulder length wavy red hair, hazel eyes, fare skin , with a few freckles around my nose, I am a 34B. Can I be in your next story ?

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