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this is gonna be an actual story with sex scenes in it. i know for some of you want the fucking to commence right away but hold on and enjoy the teasing :) hope you enjoy. This is my first time so go easy people pleez :)
Chapter 1: dirty dreams and fantasies

I groaned softly arching in my bed as a beautiful brunette bounced ontop of my pulsing cock. Her hair was in my face so i couldn't really make out her face but i didn't care. Her creamy white skin was enough for me. We had been fucking for atleast 20 minutes straight and i was starting to feel the tightening in my balls, but just as i was about to cum, the brunette slowed her bouncing till she was only gliding her hips over me. Her pussy gyrating my hardness deep within her. I moaned gripping onto her hips and trying to get her to finish me off. She giggled coming to a full stop, her hips resting over mine, my throbbing cock still pulsing inside of her.

"W-why d-did you stop?" i panted blinking from the sweat that was beginning to burn my eyes. the woman looked up, her hazelnut eyes making me gasp. I was looking into the face of Mrs. Grey, my gr. 11 english teacher. My mouth was hanging open in surprise. "M-Mrs. G-Grey!" i half shouted looking around my surroundings wondering if what was happening was even real. I have been in love with my English teacher since 9th grade. Trust me, more than half the guys at our school talk about what they want to do with her in their car or even in one of the classrooms.

I agree with them completely. With Long curly brown hair, creamy pale skin, long legs, an ass to die for and breasts that all you want to do is squeeze, its amazing she hasn't caught me with a boner i have everytime i'm sitting in her class. Mrs. Grey giggled again, a perfectly manicured nail trailing along my lower jaw. "Billy you've been a very bad boy." she whispered, her lips pressing into mine. i forced a smile, my mind still in shock. "r-really? what ever for?" She smiles wickedly, her hips beginning to shift over me and my cock slipping in and out of her, as she starts up a rythm again.

"For not fucking me like you mean it." she moaned, throwing her head back and riding me like never before. I groaned gripping her hips so hard i swear i was going to leave bruises on her as she flew over my cock, my balls making a smacking noise against her ass when she dropped herself down onto me.

Suddenly my little pocket of euphoria burst like a huge water balloon. I bolted up from the bed, coughing and sputtering from the ice cold water that soaked my hair and t-shirt.

When I managed to open my eyes Mrs. Grey was gone and was replaced by my 13 year old sister who was turning red in the face from her contained laughter.
“Sady!” I hissed, glaring at my little sister who was clutching her stomach.
“y-you sh-should have s-seen your face!” she cried out, tears slipping from her eyes.

“you are so DEAD!” I yelled bolting up from my bed. Sady screamed in fear as she turned and ran out of my room, her hands reaching out in front of her, one still clutching the small cup she had used to fill up with cold water to throw on me.

I didn’t follow her out my door, mostly because of a very noticeable erection.
“stay out of my room!” I bellowed after her retreating form. I slammed my door closed making sure to lock it before I dropped my pillow back onto my small twin sized bed. I sighed heavily my eyes still stinging from the water before they returned to my twitching cock.

“What are you waiting for?” a sweet voice whispered from in front of me. I looked up to see Mrs. Grey sitting on the edge of my bed, her legs wide open. I groaned as I took in the sight of her beautiful swollen pussy and her cream colored thighs.

“I don’t know.” I murmured. “you think you can take all of me?” I questioned, gripping my 8" dick and massaging the swollen tip. She giggled seductively. “I think I can.” She reached down in between her legs and spread her pussy lips wide for me. Oh how I wished my fantasies would come true.

But I knew they never would, after all I’m just an average teenage boy, nothing special. At least that’s what I thought.


I grumbled grudgingly as i stared into the depths of my cereal. I had another wet dream about my teacher and this one was the most vivid so far. For the past year and a half i have been dreaming of Mrs. Grey late at night and its driving me insane. It actually feels like shes there with me. Like she was actually fucking me like she does her husband. Ah yes, she is very much married to a prick the size of kentucky state. Unfortunaetly for all the male population at Carrington high that is.

"hurry up sweetie, your going to be late." my mom chided from her seat across from me in the kitchen. I rolled my eyes feeling my mood dampen even more. I hated school the guys there were jerks and so were some of the girls. They all thought that they were god's gift to humanity.

I wasn't a loner or an outcast but neither was i popular. I was just an average joe. With black hair that i liked to leave messy and deep bluish green eyes that i was frequently complimented on. I wasn't fit and i was definitly not fat but like i said i was average. I'm 6' 2" and weigh almost 215. My names Billy O'Riley and this is my story about how i became my high school english teacher's secret lover.

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Nice work

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goos job..for your first itme....
1. make it longer if possible
2. always end it off with a twist
3.good development of character

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