Jane gets revenge on the bastard who popped her cherry.
Jane dressed herself with shaking hands as she prepared to go to school. She had been mentally prepping herself for this since Saturday, hoping to be strong enough to face the slimy boy who had raped her on Friday. How would she be able to do it? She honestly didn't know.

She ran the hair brush through her long, thick, chocolate brown hair and thought of what had happened. She closed her sage green eyes tightly, wishing that she would have never crossed through the lot. She wished that she had never ran into them, and would give anything to be able to turn back time. Now she felt worthless; worthless and hollow, dirty and empty.

She and her brother Johnny walked to school together, neither of them saying a word. It would be his first day back after missing a week due to his broken arm. He didn't know what had happened to Jane, but he could tell that something was amiss. He was going to get to the bottom of it.

"Jane," He said, "What's wrong? You've been introverted since Friday. Did something happen at school? Was it something with Billy or-"

"Goddamn it, Johnny!" She cried angrily as she shot him a glare, "Would you just leave me alone?"

He flinched, stung by her cruel words. He had no idea what had gotten into her! He scolded her sharply, "Jane, watch your mouth! If mom or dad heard you they'd tan your hide! Why are you yelling at me anyways? I'm just worried about you, is all."

She felt all at once guilty for yelling at him, and said quietly, "I'm sorry, Johnny. We just shouldn't talk about this anymore."


Jane left math class swiftly, trying to duck through the crowded hallway and avoid Billy and Luke. So far so good! She swiveled her head, trying to glimpse her locker.

"Hey," Someone said behind her.

Jane spun around to face him, and saw Billy staring at her. She frowned and turned away, ignoring him completely.

Once she reached her locker she entered her combination. It opened with a clang, and she felt Billy's eyes on her once more as he stood there and stared at her. She continued to give him the cold shoulder, not wanting even to look at his stupid face again!

"Jane," He pleaded as he finally understood that she refused to speak, "Please forgive me! What I did was wrong, completely wrong, and there is no excuse for it. I really need you to accept my apology, though-"

She slammed her locker door hard. Several of the surrounding students jumped, and she heard her magnets fall off and clang on the locker floor. She turned to glare at him and hissed, "Why would I ever forgive the likes of you?"

He hung his head, not even trying to defend himself. Her heart softened towards him, but hardened once more as she remembered that Luke wouldn't have been able to rape her if he hadn't prepared her for him!

"I just . . ." He began, "I just need you to. I haven't even been able to sleep peacefully since we tried to-"

His voice caught, and she noticed for the first time the pain in his eyes.

"You love me, don't you?" She asked in a slightly horrified voice.

He looked back up at her. She shivered as she studied his eyes; they were so dark that she could barely see his pupils! He told her, "Yes."

She gazed at him pityingly and told him, "Oh you poor fool . . ."

He tilted his head as if perplexed, but the moment didn't last long. Luke bounded up behind Billy and rested a hand on his broad shoulder as he ogled Jane.

"Hey guys," He said to Billy. He then shifted his gaze to Jane, and added in a low, dark voice, "What's up?"

Her eyes grew wide at the sight of him, and she thought that she'd be sick. She clutched her books tighter, turned from them, and nearly ran down the hallway.

"Jane," Billy said as he shook off the clingy little side-kick, "Jane, wait!"

She bolted into the girls restroom and leaned against the wall. Her heart was racing, her breathing shallow. How could she go on like this?


Jane ran the hair brush through her unruly hair as she sat in the dimly lit room that she shared with her brother. He watched her curiously, as if wondering what the hell was changing in her.

"I saw you talking to Billy today," He said bitterly, "You two seemed to be getting along."

"No," She said coldly, "We weren't."

"What ever happened while I wasn't there?" He inquired, "Something did. You've been so different lately-"

"I know, okay?" She said. She thought that she might start crying, so she blew out the lamp and climbed into bed.

She felt Johnny climb in to lay beside her, and she had her back turned to him. She hoped that he would just go to sleep!

"What made you change?" He asked suddenly.

She gritted her teeth, wishing that he would just leave well enough alone! She answered nonetheless, "Nothing made me change."

"Did they beat you up?" He asked in a comforting voice.

The memory of the whole night came rushing back to her, and she felt her lower lip start to tremble. Her shoulders heaved, and she felt her brother's strong arms come around her. She turned to face him, crying into his chest.

"Shh shh shh . . ." He crooned to her, "It's gonna be okay. Tell me what they did to you."

"I can't," She stated honestly.

"Yes you can," He assured her, "I'm your big brother. You can tell me everything."

"No," She said, "I can't tell you this. I can't tell anyone this."


Johnny stood on the dark sidewalk and pulled his hood over his head more firmly. He couldn't believe he was here at this hour doing this! This, of all things! He shook his head; Jane needed him to do this.

Johnny snuck around back and peered in a window; he saw an oven, a refrigerator, and a dining table. Nope, this wasn't it!

He stepped carefully on the gravel and peeped through a small slit in the curtains of the next window. He saw a mop of black hair on a pillow and a large frame under the covers. He reached down to pick up a rock, felt it in his hand, and threw it gently at the window.

Billy jerked awake in bed as a light tapping noise greeted his ears. He hadn't been in a deep sleep anyways, and he pushed aside the curtain to see who was making the racket. He saw Johnny standing there, and he felt a slight shock in him as he opened the window.

"What do you want?" He sneered in a groggy voice.

"I need to talk to you," Johnny said nervously, "Can you come outside?"

"Yeah." He nodded, "Give me a sec."

Billy pulled on his jeans over his boxer shorts and put on his slippers. Mean while, Johnny waited outside and studied the yard. He silently thanked God that they didn't have a dog!

"Why are you here?" Billy asked.

Johnny jumped; he hadn't noticed him approaching. He cleared his throat and stuttered, "I-I-I-I need your help."

"With what?"

"With Jane," Johnny explained. He was shocked to see Billy's face soften, but he continued, "She's been messed up since Friday. She can't sleep, she'll hardly eat, and she won't talk. I've tried talking to her about it but she won't say a word! I was wondering if maybe you knew something about it."

Billy's face turned bright red with shame, and he turned away from Johnny. He finally told him, "I know why she's upset."

Johnny's heart leaped and he asked hopefully, "Okay, why's that?"

"I," Billy began. He could't believe that he was saying this! He could go to juvie for this . . . but he felt like he wanted someone to punish him for it. He felt so guilty for what he did, and he needed someone to rebuke him. So he continued, "I tried to rape Jane on Friday."

Johnny's eyes shot wide open, and Billy turned back to face his punishment. Johnny snatched him by the arm and led him a ways away into an alley. Before Billy knew it, Johnny's fist planted into his jaw.

"You raped my sister??" He said quietly, but with unmistakable fury. He hooked Billy in the stomach, and he fell to his knees in pain.

"Almost," He gasped, "I almost raped her."

"What?" Johnny asked in confusion, "What do you mean?"

Billy stood to his feet and explained in a tense voice, almost like he was in pain, "I have loved your sister for over a year now. I got so mad that she rejected me when I asked her out, that when you were gone Luke and I found her wondering in the alley and trapped her there. She tried to fight us but we were stronger. We took her clothes off, and I was about to rape her, but she started crying and I realized how much I was hurting her and I just couldn't do it. I apologized, put my clothes back on, and left."

Johnny punched him hard in the face once more, and Billy felt blood shoot out of his nose. He followed it up by yet another punch to the gut, and Billy fell to the ground. Johnny planted a hard kick to the chest, and Billy groaned loudly.

"Yeah, feel the pain bastard!" Johnny shouted.

Billy placed his head in his hands and cried. He told Johnny as he shook his head, "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry! I should have never have touched her."

"You're only saying that because I kicked you!"

"No," Billy looked up at him from the ground, and Johnny realized it was true, "No, I am really sorry. I hate myself for what I did to her!"

Johnny extended his hand, and Billy accepted it with shock and relief. Johnny told him, "I am a man who rarely forgives and never forgets. I know that you're sorry for what you did, and I accept your apology. If you ever harm my sister again I will kill you. But now, if you really love her, help me save her."


"Jane," Johnny shook her shoulder gently to wake her up, "Jane, wake up."

"Wha?" She asked sleepily. She sat up suddenly, staring at her brother, "What, Johnny? It's only 3 in the morning!"

"I need you to come with me," He explained to her slowly, "Now."

She nodded without asking questions and crawled out of bed. She put on her slippers and snatched her robe, slipping it on and tying it around her waist.

Johnny led her through the house without turning any of the lights on. She held his hand fearfully, and he didn't say a word. He took her outside, and she was glad that it was a warm summer night.

"Johnny," She said quietly, "Where on earth are we going?"

"Somewhere," He said vaguely, "Just trust me."

Jane nodded and they walked a few blocks down the street to an abandoned warehouse. She felt herself trembling slightly, but she tried to shake off the feeling because she trusted her brother.

"Johnny," She asked, "What are we doing he-"

Johnny opened the door to the warehouse and shoved her inside. He closed the door behind her, leaving her trapped in the dark building.

"Johnny!" She whispered loudly as she banged on the door, "Johnny if this is a joke I am not laughing!"

"Jane," Billy said behind her, "It's not a joke."

Jane felt a massive wave of fear run down her spine. Images of Billy tearing her clothes off of her, his huge erection, and the lust in his eyes flashed through her mind.

She backed away from him until her back was pressed firmly against the door. He stepped forward until he was nearly pressed against her, and she crumbled at his feet.

Jane tucked her knees up near her chest and covered her face with her hands. She had started to cry already, remembering what had happened last time.

"Please let me go," She whispered hoarsely, "Please don't hurt me again!"

"Jane," He said as he pulled her to him. He held her hard, and she let herself be wrapped up in his arms, "Jane, I never meant to hurt you. I'm so, so sorry."

"No," She said as she shook, "You didn't hurt me."

"Who did, then?"

She wanted more than anything to tell him, but she was so scared that somehow Luke would find her and fuck her and make a baby inside of her.

"I can't tell you," She wept, "He said if I told anyone he'd hurt me again."

"Jane," He held her shoulders and looked in her eyes, "Jane, I will not let anyone hurt you. Tell me who did what! I won't let anyone hurt you ever again, you hear me?"

She nodded, and barely whispered, "Luke."

Billy's jaw locked, and he asked, "What did he do?"

She stood up and turned away from him, pacing in the darkness as she did so. She just couldn't look Billy in the eye right now! She stood to study a spot on the wall, and she felt his strong arms come around her. His firm, warm body was against hers, and she felt his mouth by her neck. He nuzzled her gently and folded her hands in his on her waist.

Billy whispered huskily, "Tell me what he did."

She finally choked, "He raped me."

Billy held her more tightly and rested his chin on her shoulder. He said in a strained voice, "This is my fault."

Jane nodded and told him, "Yeah, it is."


Luke came home from school on his own. He grumbled to himself; neither Billy nor Jane had been in school today. Where were they? He was already planning to rape her again. He remembered the way her tight, wet pussy had felt around his cock. The way she had cried and wept from fear and hatred. He grinned to himself; it just wasn't fun if they were willing.

"Luke!" Billy yelled behind him. He wore a smile on his face and waved, and Luke waved back.

"Hey, Billy," Luke said, "Where were you?"

"I had to stay home and help my dad," He shrugged, "We had a tree limb go down in the yard and mom wanted it cleaned up."

"Oh, okay," Luke nodded.

"So," Billy said as he rubbed his hands together, "I've been thinking about the night we almost raped Jane. I wish I hadn't left! That bitch had it coming. The person who popped that cunt's cherry would be the greatest man alive."

Luke puffed himself up and told Billy furtively, "Billy, after you left I did rape her. I thought you'd be mad if you found out that I took her cherry, so I didn't tell you."

"Oh yeah?" He asked with a grin. Then his face turned red, and he said, "Goddamn you fucking son of a bitch!"

He hooked Luke right under the chin, and he flew through the air before landing on his backside. He yelled angrily, "Billy, what the hell?"

Billy straddled Luke, pinning him to the ground. He yelled, "Jane, come on!"

Jane darted out of the shadows, carrying a rod. and some rope. They bound Luke's hands, and Jane tore off his pants and boxers.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" He shouted.

"This is payback!" She shouted at him before slamming the rod up his ass.

"Ow!" He screamed.

Billy watched the horrifying scene, wondering if that's what he had done to Jane. She sure did seem to get pleasure out of revenge!

"How do you like it?" She sneered in his face as she pumped it in and out of him a few times.

"Stop, bitch!" He roared.

Jane was lost in fury, torturing the hell out of Luke. Billy stood behind her and rested a strong hand on her shoulder, and she nodded. They untied the rope around his hands. and Jane gave the rod one final shove into his ass before leaving him.

Luke laid there in the lot pantless, with the smooth steel rod in him. He panted and watched Billy and Jane leave, hand in hand.

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