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Subject: Flight 247 lost boys chapter 1


This is a story about a group of boys
Those are going to attend a special
Jamboree for gifted boys, only they
didn't arrive at their destination.

Now the warning:


You are about to read a story that
will contain graphic sexual activity
between boys and you need to be 18 and
over to continue reading this story.

As you know this is all make believe, yes it's
a fictional story so it never happened and
all names and places may or may not exist.

Copyright: 2010; Boys in the hood.
do not copy change or repost without
the owner's consent.


By Boys in the hood.

Jackson was one of many boys that were
gifted in one way or another, it was hard sometimes
for the boys to hang out with other gifted kids and
today was going to be a special day as a group of
young boys were heading for Australia to attend
a special summer camp.

Something was going to happen as the boys flew to Sydney
but I will start when the boys were told they were all going on
a camp out and it was going to be for a month.

The time was 4.30pm and Jackson was getting ready to attend
the special meeting at the town hall as that is where all the boys
go to for their extended sessions for gifted boys.

"Hi Jackson, how is it hanging." Desmond asked." " Just
as it was yesterday, stiff and hard." Jackson giggled as both
boys went to the activity table and looked at some of the
folders that contained projects for the boys to try out.

"Man I always think that I am going crazy when my brain
goes in stealth mode." Desmond laughed. "Nah, you are
just going through the changes, Des, you know puberty and
it can do strange things to a boy as I saw my big brother
acting like a baboon when he went through his."
Jackson replied.

"so you know what's going on today then as there is no theme
to our activity only brochures on countries so we must be dealing
with travel and holidays." Desmond said. "Yeah, maybe we have to
make up a pretend holiday with all the trimmings."
Jackson laughed.

"Hi Boys come sit down and let's get our meeting started."
Mr Waterman said. "Hi Mr Waterman." All the boys
called out. "So today is a day that you all will remember
and for now I want you to look in your folders and open the
envelope that has your name on it." Mr Waterman asked.

The boys opened the envelope and found a ticket with their name
on it and it said you have won a trip to Australia. "Uh, Mr
Waterman is this joke or what." Nine year old Willie asked.
"No son it's not a joke, you are all heading to Australia to attend
a gifted camp and will meet boys from around the world."
Mr Waterman hooted...

"Holy crap this is so awesome." Another boy shouted out as
the news suddenly sunk in that they were going on a long trip
and will meet boys like themselves.

"Now that you know what today's lesson will be all about we will
be talking about the trip and what will happen while we are
all down under." Mr Waterman said.

Half way through the meeting the boys had a snack break
and had the chance to use the bathroom. "Gee, this will piss
my brother off as he always wanted to go to Australia as his
online pal lives there and he is 15 years old like my bro."
Jackson smiled.

"So are you just going to stand there and look at my pecker?
or are you going to pee." Desmond asked as he looked at his
best friends 10 year old cut penis, it was about 3 inches hard and he had a
tight circumcision as he was cut later on when he was 5.

"You know I love to watch you pee as you always act like you are
putting out a fire with that hose of yours." Jackson giggled as he
aimed his pee into Desmond's pee stream. "You know that Wesley
has a foreskin as I saw it last week as I was looking at his cock
when he was peeing." Desmond hooted.

"Yeah he's new here and we have not seen him at our school
so he must live nearby, maybe he goes to a private school."
Jackson told him. "Well anyway he needs to join in more as we
don't know much about him." Desmond groaned.

"He will, but he's only 8 and he needs to sort things out so how
about you and me become his friends and see what happens."
Jackson gasped as he licked his lips thinking of Wesley's cock.
"Wow, he's uncut, he must get shit from boys at his school as one
boy in my class was bullied about his cock until he left school and was taught
at home." Jackson said. "Ok, how about we try some things on him
when we go on our trip." Desmond asked.

So the boys finished peeing and washed their hands and went back
to the meeting and grabbed some snacks and a drink.
"Now we are flying out in two days and your schools have already
been told about the trip and you don't need to worry about missing
out on your home work as this trip will cover all of that." Mr Waterman
told the boys.

All the boys cheered as they heard the news and Mr waterman
continued to tell the boys that they would fly on a private jet
that was owned by a man that was well off and a member of
the gifted boy's guild of North America.

Now that the meeting was over the boys went home and talked
to their parents about the trip and what will be needed for their
summer camp. Jackson was so excited about the trip that he
went to the basement and found his suitcase and packed his
clothes ready for his holidays.

"So son are you excited about going to Australia as it will be
fun being with other boys like yourself." Jackson's dad asked.
"Man I can't wait, I have already packed my bags and I won't
be able to sleep for days now." Jackson told his dad.

Soon enough the day arrived and 14 boys left L.A airport
in a sixteen seater turbo jet that would take the boys to Australia
via a few stops to refuel the jet. "Ok boys you can have a meal
in a few minutes as we are now at 25,000 ft and will climb to 28,000
Ft." The pilot annonounced.

"Mr Waterman do they speak English in Australia as I could not
understand what they were saying when I watched croc Dundee."
Wesley asked. "Hey Wesley, they do speak English but they speak
in slang you know they use words that we don't use here in the states."
Jackson said.

"Oh, well I brought a book that has all the words they use over
there." Wesley hooted. "Yeah an Aussie slang book for dummies."
Desmond said. "Now, now boys, it might be a bit different over there
like when you cross the road you have to look left and then look right
or you will be run over as they drive on the left hand side of the road."
Mr Waterman told the boys.

It was 10 hours into the flight and the jet had to take on fuel and landed
on a south pacific island near Fiji and the boys were only allowed
to go to the departure lounge as the jet refuelled.
"Gee it's sure dang hot here; I hope it's not like this in Sydney."
Desmond said.

"Naw it will be cooler as its spring time there as it won't be too hot
there just yet." Jackson told the boys.
After a quick pee break the boys went back onto the jet and buckled
up as the pilot told the boys they would be in Australia in 5 or so hours
and they need to keep their seatbelts on as they might have to fly
into a storm.

One hour into the flight the boys were woken up as the jet was being bumped
around as they hit some air pockets, the boys were a bit scared with all the
bad weather they were flying through.

"This is your captain speaking; we will be descending a few hundred feet
as we try to avoid this bad weather so please keep your seatbelt
fastened at all times until the light goes out." The pilot said.

As no sooner as the captain told the boys to keep buckled up
the jet was hit by a bolt of lightning and all the jets power was knocked
out and the jet started to fall quickly towards the ocean.
"Oh god don't let us crash, I'm scared, Jackson, I don't want to die."
Desmond cried. "Hold on Desmond, we will be ok, just hang on there."
Jackson replied.

Mr Waterman was shouting out emergency drills and told the boys not to inflate
their life vests until they were out of the plane. All the boys were
now curled into each other and hugged one another as the jet
fell further towards the rough sea.

The co pilot came out and told Mr Waterman that they will have to
try and land on the ocean and showed Mr. Waterman where the life raft
was kept in case they had problems getting to the boys. It was useless
trying to contact the nearest control tower as all the electric devices
were out of action and no mayday was sent out as the radio no
longer worked.

Ten minutes later a call went out to tell the boys to get ready for the
impact into the ocean. boys were crying as they placed their arms out in front
of them and waited for the jet to land on the ocean.
"Ok boys this is it." the captain shouted as the jet was close to
hitting the water. There was a huge bang as the jet hit the water
and the boys screamed as water began to flow into the jet.

The pilot and co pilot didn't make it as a wall of water hit them
and they were flung out of their seats hitting the dash panel in front
of them. "Ok boys let's get out of here." Mr Waterman shouted as he
found the lever that popped the life raft out onto the wing of the plane
and as the boys walked onto the wing they pulled the cord that
filled their life jacket.

"Right jump into the life raft and hang on until we are all in it."
Mr Waterman yelled out as he helped each boy into the raft,
as he did this Mr waterman felt a dull pain in his chest as he placed?
the last boy into the raft and then jumped in as he could see that
the pilots were dead and that he could not help them.

Now wet and cold the boys hugged together to keep warm as it was
still raining and it was about 4am southern pacific time, Desmond looked
like he was in a bad way but he was only in shock and looked like hell
as he held onto Jackson for warmth and comfort.

Mr Waterman looked even worse as his heart was giving him some
pain and he hoped that he was not having a heart attack as the boys
needed him. the boys were in the raft for 4 hours and day light was
only 3 hours away, the boys were in luck as the water current and a heavy
breeze was blowing the boys towards a deserted island some
where between Fiji and new Zealand.

"Oh my head hurts, is it bleeding Jackson." Desmond asked.
"No you have a large bump there as he held the flash light from
his life jacket. "Say calm boys, someone must know we are out here
and help will come.' Mr Waterman moaned as he culched onto his chest
as another spasm hit him in the chest.

The boys looked towards Mr Waterman and soon found out he had
a heart attack and passed away. All the boys looked at each
other and cried as they
held on to Mr Waterman's hands and said a prayer for him.

Sun light was just over the horizon and the boys looked out of the
flap of the life raft and spotted an island a few miles away and decided
to paddle the raft towards it. An hour went past as each boy took turns
using the paddles to steer the raft to the golden beach.

"Come on boys we don't have far to go now as we are getting closer
to the beach. "Jackson shouted to the boys, a 14 year old boy
tried to see if he could swim towards the beach and pull the raft
with him but was told not to as sharks could be swimming
around and eat him so the boys continued to steer the raft
to the deserted island.

"Oh man I am thirsty and I need to pee." Simon an 11 year old
boy called out. "Pee outside the flap as we don't need to be pissed on."
Ron the 14 year old teen said. Simon pulled out his penis and
peed for a few minutes until he was empty and soon enough the
rest of the boys unloaded their bladders peeing into the sea.

"Look we are getting closer guys it must be a hundred feet to the
beach so paddle faster as we are starting to leak water here."
Jackson yelled out. 15 minutes later the boys were beached
and most of the boys jumped out of the raft and pulled the leaking
life raft to the beach.

"Ok, get everything out of the raft, that red box is a survival
kit and will have
things we might need." Ron said. `What do we do
with Mr Waterman As? we can't leave him in here."
Desmond asked. "Ok, let's see what we have
in the box as we need to bury him somewhere and see if there is
any water and food for us to survive. "Ron ordered.

The boys lifted Mr Waterman out of the life raft and placed him
on the white sand and found a fold up shovel in the red box.
"Right some of you go and look around for food and water as the of us
deal with Mr waterman. "Ron asked. "I'll go and look for water and
Desmond and Wesley will come as well as we were in boy scouts and
we know a few things about survival skills." Jackson said.

"Ok, don't go too far as we need to keep contact as we don't know
What's on this island, dangerous animals and cannibals that sort?
of stuff." Ron replied. So the boys took off and looked around
to see what's there. "Hey guys I need to you know take a dump
as I am about to shit myself." Wesley called out.

"Go over there behind that log and dig a hole and do your stuff,
make sure you cover it up as we don't need any problems with
us getting sick." Jackson told him. A few coconuts were lying
on the sand and the boys picked them up and smashed them
onto rocks and soon had something to eat and drink.

"Look there behind that big rock, it looks like water flowing from it."
Desmond hooted. As quick as Desmond shouted water by the rocks
the boys went up and looked to see if it was drinkable.

"We will have to try it as we don't have our kits to test it, so who will
go and try it." Jackson asked. "I will." Desmond said and moved his
hands into the cooling water and cupped his hands and drank
the water. "Wow this is so cool and it tastes great." Desmond
grinned. Jackson and Wesley also tried it and found the water refreshing
and cool.

"We need to tell the rest we found water and that there is some
Banana and some coconut trees so that will have to do us for
now." Jackson smiled. the boys returned and soon found that the other
boys had laid Mr Waterman in a deep hole and had covered him up
and laid some stones around the site.

"So you found some water and some fruit so let's go there and
set up a camp site and we will bring the raft and use it as a tent."
Ron told the boys. !0 minutes later the boys found a place for the raft and tied
it to some trees and decided that they would need fire wood and somewhere to
light it. Inside to red box was some flares and flint to start fires as well as a compass
and some rations' but they would not last long.

"You boys go find all the coconuts that are on the beach and bring them here
and see if the bananas are ripe enough to eat." Ron yelled out.
Some boys found large rocks to make a camp fire and then returned with
branches and twigs to get the fire going.

"Shit I'm worn out and hungry." Simon groaned as he patted his tummy.
"Hang in there Simon as Ron is opening up some coconuts and filling the
water bottle that was in the red box." Jackson told him.

"You know this is like being on survivor programme or like when
those kids went nuts killing piggy and going crazy." Desmond
laughed as he now was settling down to living on an island.

"You and your T.V shows, man we better not turn like those boys as they
looked queer running around in their undies and doing strange things with
each other." Wesley giggled."

"You know we don't know how long we will be
here and it's not gay to be running around in your undies or even nude as
we are all boys and we all have dicks and balls so I will for one will be
walking in the nude as we have no clothes and these shorts and t-shirt
won't last for long." Jackson whooped as he dropped his shorts and boxers
and went for a swim.

`Hang on Jackson I'll join you." Desmond yelled out as he dropped his shorts
and dove into the cooling water and swam into Jacksons arms. "Come on
Wesley drop your shorts and come and join us." Desmond giggled as he
felt Jackson brush his hand over his cut cock.

"Oops sorry Desmond I accidently brushed my hand there." Jackson
said. "Hey no problem dude it's ok as it was only a quick feel."
Desmond giggled. Wesley was slowly pulling his shorts down and his 8 year old
penis came into view as Desmond and Jackson watched on. "That's
it Wesley just let it be free and you will enjoy it." Jackson called out
as Wesley walked into the water and joined the other boys having fun
in the water.

"Wow it sure is nice in here as last night I was nearly shitting myself
as the waves hit the life raft." Wesley remarked. "You need to relax
as we can't do much more for now so enjoy your holiday where ever we are."
Jackson laughed as he swam under water and pinched Desmond's butt.

"oh you naughty boy, feeling my butt will yah, how about I squeeze your nuts
and see if you like those apples." Desmond screamed as he lunged for
Jacksons nuts and made contact with his dick instead.

"Wow, your fingers are so soft and it feels nice to have you wrap them around
my pecker." Jackson giggled. "Wesley come here and join in on the action."
Desmond said. "Well you know that it's wrong for someone to touch
your penis, like a stranger or someone that's not a doctor" Wesley
explained. "Yeah we know that but we are friends and friends are
allowed to feel your peckers as we know each other." Jackson
grinned as he moved his fingers around Desmond's cut cock and
gave him a squeeze on his bell end.

"My dad said to me not to play with my penis as that is a bad thing
to do." Wesley told the boys. "So is your dad here to see you
feel yourself, well no he is not and my dad said that all boys
like to feel their cocks and it's called masturbating and you get
a great feeling when you jerk it off." Jackson replied.

Wesley didn't understand what jerking off was or even masturbating
but watched the two boys having fun in the water and wanted to have some
fun as well as he was board just swimming in the water.

"so do you always play with other boy's doodles?" Wesley asked.
"I do but this is the first time I have played with Desmond's pecker
and he likes it, don't you Desmond." Jackson asked. "It feels nice
Wesley and you have something special there as you are uncut."
Desmond said. "Uh, what's un cut." Wesley asked. "Your pecker
you know your dinky has skin on the end of it, we don't and you
can pull your skin back and look like us down there." Desmond
giggled as the boys looked at Wesley checking out his uncut cock.

"My daddy has the same like me and he always washes my penis as
he said he was the only one to pull it back and I have never done
it just my dad and he smiles when he sees it pop out."
Wesley explained. "Your dad was the only one allowed to skin
you back, man he has the hots for your cock Wesley, he only
wants himself to feel and wash your penis and he said you could
not wash it well I have news for you, your dad loves your penis
and well he is not here to play and wash it so you have to do it
or let one of us wash YOUR DINKY." Jackson giggled.

"Oh god, my dad was always washing my dinky, he said I had to
keep it clean and he would smell me and see if it smelled bad there and if it did
he would make me have a shower with him and he would always wash it
and when I tried he said just dad was allowed to wash me there."
Wesley cried and ran out of the water and quickly dressed before sitting down
on some rocks crying in his hands.

`I'm sorry Wesley but it sounds that your daddy loved you more than
he should have and he loves to play with your dinky and that's why
he said it was dirty to have another boy to touch you there."
Jackson explained to Wesley

"So you are saying he wanted to do this to me as he got me to wash his
dinky and he got big down there as I washed him." Wesley groaned.
"He wanted you to play with his cock and make it stiff, did ever see
white stuff comes out of his pecker." Desmond asked.
`Uh well he said not to tell anyone but I did see this stuff come out
and it was not pee but white stuff and it was thick too."
Wesley told the boys. "Man you dad loves little boys and he was having sex with
you and you didn't know, he was squirting out sperm not pee and he was
getting you to masturbate him and he loved you doing it to him." Jackson
tried to explain to Wesley.

"So it's ok for you to touch Desmond's dinky and for him to touch yours."
Wesley said. "Yeah as long as we both want to do it and we are happy
to feel our cocks then it's ok to do it." Jackson replied. Wesley was in
two worlds as he thought that his dad was the only one to touch him
there and now he was told his dad loved to touch his dinky and get him
to feel his dads, well his dad is not here and he loves it when some one
washed his dinky so he would let Jackson and Desmond do it to him.

"Ok if you want to wash me there you can, as you are my friends
and I want to wash yours." Wesley grinned as he saw the two boys
bone up before him and heard the boys giggle as they dressed
before heading back to the camp site.

Ron had made some kind of dinner and the boys ate what was put in front
of them and said tomorrow we had to try and catch some fish and look
for shell fish to eat. It was getting darker now and the boys went into
the life raft cuddling next to their friends for warmth and for company.

End of chapter one

This will get better as the story


Boys in the hood.



2015-12-20 10:34:08
luvit i award it penrith library story of the year.
Maby use a grammer checker b4 publishing ok

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2011-08-11 10:37:48
The forum is a birhgter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

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2011-04-01 01:25:11
Good story but the language is just weird. Write like how u would talk , don't say "Desmond was going to the beach as he was hot" saw "because he was hot, Desmond wanted to go swim". Passive tense sounds smart but takes a lot from the story

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2011-03-26 01:54:45
I really don't see why you would copyright it. It wasn't that good. A bit babyish with the language too

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2011-03-02 08:02:11
hoots man I cannie see why you dinnae like the word" hooted" is it a wee bad thing to use. you come to scotland and you will hear us hooting all day long.
Take a wee meenit to find a better way to say "Said" all the time as some here have the baws to write stuff for us to read. Some do post wee shite here as they are
dunder hieds but at least they try. Shite man.

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