Dad normally would leave me with our neighbor Freddy when he needed to leave. he loved playing games and giving me dares. Fiction
My dad was always really busy but usually stayed home unless it was a rare business emergency. My mom was long gone but my dad never told me where. Dad normally would leave me with our neighbor Freddy when he needed to leave. I honestly loved it when he came we would always play games or just watch movies. Sometimes he got kinda angry for no reason but he never admitted it. I could tell he was angry when I didn’t want to wrestle, but he always got over it, until yesterday. He came to babysit me yesterday. Dad almost forgot to call Frankie so I told daddy that I’ll be 11 in a few months so I didn’t need a babysitter. Dad fell for it and let me know Freddy was nice enough to babysit me for nothing in return and that he would not be back until tomorrow night from a business trip. It was what my daddy calls a job emergency so he couldn’t wait for Freddy.

I waited for Freddy in my room alone since he knew where we had the extra key. I just sat in my room playing video games since there was nothing on TV. After a long time I finally herd someone come in and call daddy. I ran downstairs wearing just my shirt and shorts since I didn’t like to have a lot of clothes on during the summer. I came into the living room to here Freddy on the phone telling my daddy not to worry and hung up. Freddy was 17 but he looked younger to me maybe cause he wasn’t skinny. Freddy was a little chubby like me but to me he was really cool since he always liked to play games. We went to my room and started playing smash bros. It was fun beating him over and over again, he always got really crazy, but he was funny. Eventually he got bored after we kept losing back and forth the last three rounds. So he asked if I wanted to make things more interesting by the loser having to do a dare. I didn’t want to but Freddy said, he really didn’t want to play anymore. I said okay so we could keep playing. I won the first round and I told him to hit his head on the wall. It was funny, but then he got really good and beat me again and again. He said he would save his dares for later.

Finally after winning one, and losing 5 he said we should use our dares now. He told me to do pull up my shirt. I did and he started playing the drums on my tummy. It didn’t hurt but it was embarrassing. After he said I had to do pull ups in my dad’s small gym. I wanted to do my dare but he told me I should save it for at least a little bit. So we went downstairs but he took my jump rope too, he said it was for another dare. I got my hands on the pull up bar and tried to go up but it was too hard. Freddy laughed and told me too take my shorts off to make it easier, but I didn’t want him too see me naked there. soI tried harder. I gripped and pulled, Freddy just laughed at my red face. Finally I couldn’t hold on and fell off. He pulled me up and said if I can’t do it he would give me another one I said ok. He told me to put my hands back on the bar. It was hard since I was barely on my tippy toes. Freddy started helping me hold on, or I thought he was, but hen he started tying my hands with the jump rope. He was really good because as much as I struggled I couldn’t get out. Let me off Freddy! I yelled and kicked but he just laughed. Then to make things worse he started tickling me. I laughed and yelled, stop please NO it tickles! But he didn’t stop. He lifted my shirt and started to tickle my tummy with his cold hands. I yelled I was going to pee so he stopped.

Freddy then said let’s see how ticklish you are. Freddy started moving around me and he slowly untied my shoes. I told him don’t, but he said my next dare was to do my best not to move or scream. I was getting scared, but I didn’t want him mad so I stopped moving. He took my shoes and started to poke t my socks. I did my best not to laugh but I still squealed with my mouth closed. Well that doesn’t work, how about this, said Freddy. He slowly started pulling my socks off; I saw he had an evil smile. I could feel the cold floor near my toes and shook my head begging he wouldn’t do what I thought he was doing. Suddenly I felt his fingers starting to tickle my bear feet I yelled him too stop but this time he didn’t. I tried to escape but he just held my legs down. He then started to suck my feet, his cold spit was everywhere. I cried no please Freddy! but he just laughed. Finally I got lose and fell to the floor I tried running away, but he grabbed my shorts. I didn’t care anymore I was mad and started kicking him. I crawled and struggled away but my shorts didn’t come off. I finally got them off and ran to the door, but it was locked. Freddy grabbed my hair and threw me to the floor, then he held my arms down with two heavy dumbbells. I couldn’t escape it was too heavy. Freddy what are you doing? Just doing what I’ve wanted to for a long time. Then he put two more on my bear feet so I was completely trapped. Then he did what I thought would never happen, he started to touch my privates. I yelled at him, said your not suppose to, but he grabbed my underwear and started pulling it. I struggled but he pulled and pulled until I could feel my undies tear off my body. I cried and said stop, I felt my tears run down my face, but he just started ripping my shirt off. I could feel his hands on my penis as ripped and tore the rest of my shirt off. He then started to lick my tummy. It tickled but I was just crying for him to stop. Then he kissed me. I wanted him too stop but when he did he put his hand on my mouth too stop my head from moving. He grabbed my wee wee and started to squeeze it. I lied there naked and scared. He took off his underwear and saw his big dick. I yelled but nothing came out. I started to feel his penis on top and start bouncing and squeezing on mine. He was on top chuckling as I felt tears roll down my cheeks and his mouth on my feet again. I started to feel his fingers around my butt. I never thought he could do this…..

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2011-03-02 04:41:20
"bear feet"?? finally "herd" someone coming? Too short, and not enough sex..

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2011-03-01 22:45:24
Cute story. Thanks! Your efforts are appreciated. Thank you also for labeling the story correctly. Too few people use tags correctly.

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