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Eritc and Ruth, the parents. Keith and Lisa, their children.
Jackrabbits -- a tale of the era when HIV has decimated the population

Our cast of characters: Lisa and Keith, sister and brother. Ruth and Eric, mother and father.

Ruth went upstairs to Lisa’s bedroom. “Kids, supper’s on—” She opened the door to the scene of a nude Lisa on top of a nude Keith, one of those 42D breasts stuffed in his mouth. “Lisa, is it okay?”
“Yeah, mom.”
“He’s been at it since you guys came home from school.”
“He needs it, mom.”
“He’s going to chew your nipple off.”
“It’s okay, mom. That breast cream takes away the soreness.”
“Soup’s on kids. Try to make it down before supper’s cold.” She left.
Lisa wanted to eat. How to speed things up? She popped her nipple out of Keith’s mouth and rolled over on her back. “Okay, tiger, get on top. Come on, Keith, stick it in.”
“If I chew some more I can get it hard.”
“Stick it in. I’ll take care of getting it hard.” She reached into the bedstand drawer and pulled out a latex glove and gel. Middle glove finger lubricated, she jammed it into Keith’s anus.
“Jeez, sis. Ooh. That’s doing it.” She could feel him filling up her vagina.
“Open your mouth, Keith.”
“Why—” He was interrupted by Lisa pulling his head down and her tongue licking the roof of his mouth. That did it. He started pumping again, and finally, blessed relief. He shuddered and shook. His fourth come. Not much cum, but this one was totally necessary. He went back to suckling on that wonderful giant breast. “Love you, sis.”
“Keith, I’m scared. I don’t want you to go. Four good years of fucking and—”
“Don’t make me feel guilty, sis. I love her. Don’t know what else to do.”

At supper, Keith ate like a sparrow. Ruth said, “Keith, you’re not getting out of exercise.” Exercise consisted of everyone in the family doing an hour of hard aerobics together. They needed it to keep them in shape.
“Mom, I’m wiped. I’m not doing it.”
“Yes you are, young man.”
“No, I’m not.”
Three voices chimed in. “Yes you are.”
“Dad, I can’t even see straight.”
“I know son. You shouldn’t have gone for number four.”
“Can’t stop thinking of Irma. I’m going to want more.”
“All the more reason for getting your exercise.” Eric was right. With Keith turning the place into jackrabbitville, they all needed hard aerobics.
Lisa looked at Ruth, who caught the glance immediately. “You’re off the hook, Lisa. I’ll do him if he needs more tonight. If you can handle it, do dad.”
“I can handle daddy just fine. He won’t chew me to death.”

Ruth asked, “Lisa, how much do you like Gary? Really?”
“He’s okay. I like him a lot. He’s just not Keith.”
“Well, we’ve talked to him, and he’s willing to live here. He likes you a lot, too.”
Lisa’s eyes filled with tears. “It’s hard to face, Keith really leaving.” She forced a grim smile through the tears. “Gary’s got a bigger cock than Keith. But you know, Keith’s Keith. Can’t replace him.” The tears flowed.
Ruth looked at Eric. “She’s right. We’ve had each other since we were 12. You’re the best brother I could ever have, and the best husband. Can’t replace you.”
Eric scrutinized Keith. “You sure Irma’s right for you?”
“I love her like crazy.”
“Absolutely no sex with her yet, right?”
“None, dad. I have to take her brother’s and dad’s word for it, how she is in bed.”

With supper done, they watched TV for awhile and then did evening exercises. Then, Keith and Lisa did homework while Eric and Ruth went shopping. Tonight they would use the big bed, all four of them.

Into the big shower. Eric and Lisa washed each other, and Ruth and Keith each other. That boy was handsome. Ruth began getting turned on. Keith looked tearfully at nipples popping. “Oh, mom, Gary’s not going to get you hot like that.”
“You don’t know what Gary’s going to do to me. I’ve liked it with him before. I’ll be okay. Mostly I’ve got the man I’ve loved forever.” She looked at Eric. Still, it was her son getting her juices going right now.

“Daddy, I’ll get on top.”
Looking at the redness of Lisa’s breasts, Eric was concerned. “How’s your vagina? The slightest bit raw?”
“No, daddy. I used mom’s cream, and Keith had lots of come juice.”
“Okay, sweets, go ahead.” His little baby courtesan really knew how to get Eric going. She practically drilled his right ear with her tongue while she bounced up and down. It didn’t take very long for him to come. “Just stay there, sweets.” He was out of breath. “Let me squirt a little more. Okay, squeeze it. Yeah. That’s good.” Did he have a second orgasm in him? Later. He got up to do Lisa. Two fingers in her vagina, thumb on her clitoris. And Eric rubbed, burying his face in her mountainous left breast, sucking gently. When that kid came, he loved it.
As for Keith and Ruth, it was straight sex after nipple sucking. That gave her two orgasms. As for the third, she had him finish her off with tongue inside her vagina. Her third orgasm finally drained her desire.

* * *

What else could people do? With most of the world’s population decimated by HIV and 438 separate strains identified to date, who could you trust other than your own family? You just didn’t have sex with strangers, even with protection. Incest was legalized.
Doctors could block a woman’s tubes reversibly, so she could have children when she wanted to. When mom and dad (most likely brother and sister) wanted a baby, they donated sperm and egg for in vitro fertilization. Inbreeding was fine. The lab took out the bad genetic traits, and you could make genetic changes. As a matter of fact, Ruth ordered up those big 42D knockers for Lisa as a surprise for Eric. He loved Ruth’s 40C’s, but she’d catch him eying every big boob at the mall.
Your job as parent was to keep your kids having sex in the home. How? You trained them from the day they were born. There were school courses on arousing babies and children, sexual stimulant creams, kissing and licking, sensual masturbation, and so on. You showered with them. You handled them a lot. When they were ready for sex, you paired up brother with sister, or dad and daughter, or mom and son.
Sex was always on people’s minds. They had been taught to love it from the day they were born.

* * *

“Dr. Evans, I don’t understand. None of our family or Irma’s has ever had any symptoms.”
“Ruth, most of those HIV strains are so weak that a whole family can harbor a strain for their entire lives without any symptoms. Yet, pass it on to another family, different immune system, and every one of them can die. Lisa can have sex with Gary because he’s your sister’s and brother’s boy. But Keith and Irma need blood tests. Total strangers.”
“How much are the blood tests?”
“$30,000 per person. The kids must get them.”

“So Ray, why’s Keith fallen for Irma?”
“My daughter loves her sex and your kid knows it. But I’ll tell you, Eric, she’s stubborn as a mule when she’s stubborn. I think that’s what’s turning Keith on.”
“God, Irma sounds like a copy of Keith, only twice as stubborn.” And Eric thought, Keith, where’s your head?

“Eric, Alice and I are in. We’ll shell out $30,000 for Irma’s blood test.”
“Great, Ray. Ruth and I pay for Keith. Half the reason you’re in is the chance to get into Ruth’s pants.”
“Look who’s talking. I’ve been watching you, Eric. Peeking at Alice’s tits every time you can.”
“We’re b-a-a-a-d, aren’t we?”

300 cc of blood from each child. All tests ordered and paid for. This would take weeks. And then reality hit Keith. His brain finally overtook his genitals.
“What?” Ruth was at her wits end. “So Irma wants a honeymoon in the mountains. What’s so bad about that?”
Keith said, “We’ve talked it to death for weeks. It was going to be a lake resort.”
“Big deal.”
“Mom, it’s going to be her way all the time. Never any compromise. Always her way.”
“And all the hots you had for her?”
“She turns me off.”
“Keith, we put out $30,000.”
“I’ll work all my life to pay you back.”
“Keith, if those blood tests come back negative, you’re marrying her. That’s almost a 100 percent chance. Your dad and I gave up a chunk of security in our old age to fund the tests.”
“Mom, she’s a bitch.”
“You’re marrying.”

“Yes, Dr. Evans, we’re dying to know.”
“Well, guess what. Your family has HIV strain 294. It’s a very weak strain. It won’t harm anyone in your family, but it would definitely kill Irma. Different immune system. Keith can’t marry her. Do you want to be in our private database of HIV 294 families? Your family can have sex with any of them.”
Ruth said, “We’ll talk it over and let you know.”

Never did the big bed feel so good. Never did four people feel so relieved. Lisa on top of Keith, legs spread apart, humping away, with mom and dad a few feet away, fucking like crazy. Keith kissed Lisa as if it were the last kiss they would ever have, while, jerking around, they both came together. And when he could catch his breath, he asked her, “Sis, will you marry me? I’ve been blind as a bat. I love you, sis.”
And Lisa said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

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2013-05-22 12:11:10
I am sitting here waicnthg Love Me Or Leave Me on Turner Movie Classics. Then I decided to go look up Ruth Etting on the net and read her bio. The movie seems like a nice version of her life however tragic it was. Why do great artists always screw up their lives? There must be a link between greatness and dispair. What a sad story and I am sure there's more to it. I can't understand or get from the movie if she was as nice as she was or was calculating it all along. I guess I'll or anyone else will ever know what drives a person to do what they do. But in the end, was it worth it? Was she ever happy?

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2012-02-12 09:43:59
ERzuis However, the author created a cool thing..!

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2011-03-08 07:34:09
It felt way too rushed. Let a story develop...don't just go straight into sex...and un-described sex at that...every five seconds

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2011-03-03 07:42:12
Horrible story. Not because the premise is bad. Its actually unique. But the execution of anything significant completely lacks substance. In other words, the story is completely predictable.

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