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Cindy's twin teenage boys dedicate themselves to seducing their gorgeous mother, her breathtaking sister and her luciously ripe bodied cousin with randy results


Testing The Aphrodisiac Theory

A. ? Aphrodisiac Research & Field Testing:

During the few days that had passed since the twins had tricked their cousin Margie into drinking down a glass filled with both of their cum shots, for the sole purpose of making her pay for dressing so enticingly that she had given them painful hard-ons, without being considerate enough to provide them with the opportunity the use some part of her astoundingly curved, scantily clad, bombshell of a body, to get the relief they so sorely needed.

Then, a few minutes later, after they had watched the unsuspecting Margie drink all of their spunk, much to their surprise, the incestuous stack of curves had come up to their bedroom, all hot and promiscuous, and had let them get her between them, bend her over and then stick their cocks into the orifice of hers that was right in front of them. They each got to sink their shafts in her, to full depth, just one time, before their mothers return home had broken things up.

After she had left them, the astounded pair of boys had puzzled over what had happened to cause their stunning, 24 year old cousin to have gotten so turned on so quick and nearly let them have a piece of her.

After giving this event much thought, the twins had come to the conclusion that Margie?s sudden wantonness had to have been a direct result of her having swallowed their cum shots. That was the only plausible explanation for her sudden change in behavior.

And, of course, if they were correct in their conclusion, that meant that their cum was an aphrodisiac to their sensational looking cousin, and always would be.

Gratified by that thought, they immediately wondered if, by extrapolation, their cum would also have the same effect on Margie?s, curves stacked on curves, mother, their fabulously delicious Aunt Mona.

Mona was not only beautiful and stacked beyond belief; she was a pure prick teaser who just oozed sex. Just hearing her name always gave them hardons. The twins had coveted her body and dreamed about having sex with her ever since they could remember.

Further whetting their immediate interest in finding out for sure if their cum actually was an aphrodisiac, was the fact that, in a very few days, the mind-blowing Aunt Mona was going to be house sitting them for five days, while their mother and father went to their Father?s sister?s wedding.

This fortuitous near carnal cum drugging event with Margie, and its possible extension to include Aunt Mona, had their brains working overtime. It was also keeping their cocks rock hard as they thought endlessly about getting to double team Mona and fuck her day and night for five straight days, in every conceivable dirty way possible.

Their minds in stuck overdrive, and with youthful enthusiasm, they had immediately started researching the subject of female aphrodisiacs, in the internet, and had found that, in the case of all living things, some specific smells, sights, actions and tastes conveniently turn on the females of the species, thereby enabling the males of the species to easily have their way with the infatuated, sexually intoxicated females, thereby enabling the males to get everything they wanted from the helplessly cooperating females.

Heartened by the results of these studies, they became absolutely sure that they were onto something profound. With hubris, they got sidetracked into expanding their efforts to include trying to prove that their cum might actually be an aphrodisiac for all women. Pursuing that idea with vigor, they elected to put that possibility to the test on selected females that they knew.

Pursuing that path, they had invited one of their totally promiscuous high school classmates over to their bedroom, and had fed the young slut some of their cum which they had secretly mixed into an energy drink they had given her to try out. To their great disappointment they had found no measurable response in the girl?s reactions.

Next they performed their test on one of their curvaceous, hot bodied, very naughty, married teachers, this time mixing their cum into a smoothie that they had brought to her. Again they got no discernable reaction from the young hottie, cheating bitch.

While they were at it, though, they had given the nubile young instructor two more of their cum shots, in the old fashioned way; putting her on her knees and firing them directly down her throat.

After watching her glub-glub their thick fluids, they didn?t even bother to try and measure her response a second time, and just left her kneeling, licking her lips, in the school storeroom.

B. Seeking The Wisdom Of A Womanizing Grandfather:

Before they knew it time had flown by and there was only two days left before their mindboggling Aunt Mona was scheduled to house sit them, the twins felt a great sense of urgency to finish their research on the possibility that cum was a universal aphrodisiac for all women. Semi-paniced, they phoned their grandfather, Walt, to enlist his help in the performance of one last test.

Their father?s father was a very rich guy who was in the auto parts business, an amazingly productive, money making venture that he had inherited from his own father that didn?t demand much of his time.

By societies standards grandfather Walt was a sexually crude, womanizing, dirty old man. He was a bull of a man, 60 years old, shaved bald head, was smart, meaner than hell and had a blunderbuss of a cock.

Except for his sainted mother, in his mind, all women were whores and were meant to be used by men for their diabolical pleasure.

The grandfather had a very great affection for his only two grandsons, and loved to spoil them as he molded them into his way of thinking and acting. Since they liked his way of thinking and its many female related perks, a whole lot, they were excellent students of his.

Because of his firmly held attitude towards women, he had insisted that the twins learn, early in life, how to use women for their own pure pleasure and to never care about whether the females they were hosing liked what was being done to them, or not.

Beginning almost a year ago, after he had secretly thrown a wild, nasty stag party for them, on their fifteenth birthday, he had taken them out on the last Saturday of every month to strip clubs, porn movie palaces and whore houses and got them laid and fully indoctrinated and trained in the joys of dirty sex.

These activities were a very closely held secret between the grandfather and the grandsons. All three knew that the twin?s mother, Cindy, did not care for her father-in-law, at all, and knew that keeping these sexual escapades a secret from her was an absolute necessity.

Of course only Cindy and Walt knew the real reason that she didn?t like him. It was because he always made crude, forceful passes at her every time they were alone. She thought that he was the grossest man she had ever known.

The trio of male partners in this ribald partnership also knew that the boy?s straight-laced father, Bill, wouldn?t approve of these Saturday gang bang orgies, either.

After almost a full year of fucking porn stars and whores, and using them for all conceivable kinds of filthy sex acts, the twins had honed their sexual skills and callous attitudes to a fine edge.

The female sex professionals that their grandfather provided the twins with were good looking and had absolutely no inhibitions about anything sexual and were more than cooperative while performing anything that Walt and the two boys wanted them to do for them.

Their grandfather maintained a private office in downtown San Diego where he usually could be found, so they called him there from Jerry?s bedroom.

Walt?s secretary passed their call through to him and Jerry told his grandfather that he and Larry had an urgent problem and that they needed to come over and see him, right this minute. The ever indulgent, Walt happily told them to come on over and he would see them.

They drove to his well-appointed office, went in and each received a back slapping hug and were then directed to sit on the couch in the sitting area. Walt took a chair directly across from them and said, ?So, boys, what is it that is so important??

Jerry blurted out the story of what had happened with Margie and what their theory was on their cum possibly being a universal female aphrodisiac. Then he went on and explained their research efforts and the tests they had performed on one of their classmates and one of their teachers, and disclosed to Walt the negative results that they had gotten.

When Jerry paused for a breath, Larry told his grandfather about Aunt Mona?s coming house sitting visit and how much they were hoping that their cum would work the same way on her as it had on her daughter because while she was house sitting them, they hoped to be able to keep her intoxicated on their cum so that they could fuck her senseless while they had her in their house for five days.

To conclude, Jerry jumped back in and told their very attentive grandfather that they were concerned that the negative test results were being caused by the fact that they were having to mix their cum with other fluids in order to keep the females from knowing that they were drinking their cum.

So they wanted to run one more test on one of his porn star playmates. In this test the female would drink their cum straight so they could see if their undiluted jism worked on her and got her hot to trot.

Jerry then pulled out of a bag a pint jar that was filled with their creamy spunk. He showed it to Walt, explaining that it was twice the dosage that they had given Margie.

At that point Walt put up his hand to stop them and said, ?I?ll say one thing about you two boys, you certainly have your priorities in the right order. Trying to prove that your cum is an aphrodisiac for all women is great. But, even better, your desire that it be an aphrodisiac for your gorgeous Aunt Mona, just so that you can fuck her for five days, now that is one hell of a worthy goal.?

?That god damned Mona is the finest package of womanhood I have ever seen, bar none, so anything that you can do to try and get her to let you fuck her is worth doing, just in case it works.?

?Shit, I have been wanting to stick my cock in her ever since I first met her back when your father was dating your mother. God damn, what an absolutely smoking bitch she is. There is absolutely no question that she is one world class fuck.?

?Now I don?t put much store in your ideas about your cum being a sex potion for all women, but I wouldn?t mind at all seeing one of my porn star lady friends drink down that pint jar full of your jism, just for the fun of it, whether it works on her or not.?

Walt got up, buzzed his secretary and told her, ?Call Low Down & Dirty Productions and have them send Holly Holsteen over here, right away.?

He returned to his chair and told the twins, ?You boys are going to love watching this over-stacked, blonde porn queen swallow your seed. You?ve seen her in some MILF gang bang movies that we have watched together, and now you are going to get to see her perform in person.?

?Now, while we?re waiting for Holly, let me make sure that I have got your story straight. Both of you boys got your dicks all the way into that fine body of Margie?s, and you think that she let you do it because she was high on your cum shots.?

?And now you are here to try and prove, by getting Holly to drink this pint jar full of your cum, whether or not you are right about your cum being an aphrodisiac for all women. And, if that turns out to be true, you are going to use it on Mona, day after tomorrow, so that you can start putting the meat to her, and keep on fucking the voluptuous slut for five straight days.?

Both of the grandsons eagerly nodded their heads, affirmatively.

?Now understand, boys, that the outcome that you are hoping for is probably just a pipe dream but, shit, it?s sure worth pursuing, just in case it turns out that you are right. Hell, wilder ideas than that have come true,? Walt said.

As he told them this, he thought about how great it would be to get to fuck Mona, Margie and his daughter-in-law, his grandson?s hot bodied mother, Cindy, and licked his lips in lewd and crude anticipation.?

?In my opinion feeding your cum to my porn star, Holly, is probably a waste of time, but I am going to let you try it anyway, even if it?s only for our entertainment.?

?But really guys, it is obvious to me that the one you really ought to be testing your cum theory on, is your mother.?

?She is one of Mona and Margie?s direct female family members so, if your theory is right as it pertains to female family members, when you slip your mother a shot of your joy juice, she ought to get as horny for you as her niece did.?

Both boys smacked themselves in the forehead for being so stupid. They had wasted all those days on irrelevant testing when they had the perfect test subject for their family member aphrodisiac theory right there at home with them the whole damned time.

?Damn, Grandpa, you are absolutely right, if mother gets all hot and bothered from swallowing our cum, that means that Aunt Mona will be putty in our hands. Holy fuckin? shit,? Jerry exclaimed in amazement.

He jumped up and shook his grandfather?s hand and said, ?Thanks for steering us in the right direction. We completely missed the boat on this one. We?ll go right home and try our cum out on mother today, and hope like hell that it works. And if it does, we owe you big time.?

?You?re more than welcome boys,? Walt said, ?and if your idea does prove out to be correct, you can pay me what you owe me by letting me have my way with your whole family of females.?

?Hell, grandpa, we will let you know the test result as soon as we know them, and if our cum works on mother, then you can have all you want of all three of them? Jerry promised.

?And, Grandpa, if it does work on mother, how about taking us shopping tomorrow morning, so we can buy some sex and fetish toys to use on Mona while we have her at our disposal.

Rubbing his hands together, evilly, Walt said, ?Shit, partners, I?ll not only do that, if your test results are positive, then I?ll give each of you a new SUV to drive, then I?ll come over to your house and help you use the tools on your Aunt Mona, all five days that you?ve got her there.?

C. Holly Takes The 100% Cum Test And Fails:

At that moment Walt?s secretary?s voice said over the intercom, ?Mrs. Holsteen is here.? ?Send her right in,? Walt told her.

They all watched the door open and saw a short blonde on five inch stilettos undulate into the office. She was built like a brick shit house and already looked like she was being fucked.

Walt said, ?Hi, baby, come over here so I can introduce you to two of your fans.?

The hardcore porn queen wiggled and jiggled over to the couch, bent forward at the waist and shook hands with the two boys as they looked her over.

She was dressed in a strapless, extremely tight, green flowered dress that was designed by the porn movie company she worked for to show absolutely everything she had, and she had it all. Big tits, slim waist, broad hips , delicious thighs and a gorgeous ass.

Her lovely face had a just right look of hardness; the look a woman gets who has had many dicks rammed into her orifices, several times a day, for money. You could tell by just looking at her, that she had performed every sex act that was known to man.

Walt told her, ?Come here and stand by me, baby doll.? She did and their grandfather draped his big arm around her plush hips.

?Now, Holly, these two handsome grandsons of mine have the wild idea that their cum is an aphrodisiac to all women and they want to try an experiment out on you.?

?Now, on the face of it, I know that this idea of theirs sounds absurd, but I want you to indulge them their fantasy and perform the experiment for them so we can prove, once and for all, whether or not their cum works as an aphrodisiac on all females. So are you game to take the test, baby??

?Of course I am, Big Daddy,? she cooed like the consummate gross sex pro that she was.

?Okay, Jerry, get one of those over-sized martini glasses from over at the bar, then give her your pint jar and let her pour herself a full-sized drink of your cum,? Walt instructed.

Jerry did as he was told, first unscrewing the lid of the jar and then putting the large martini glass in one of her hands and the open cum jar in the other.

Holly held the glass up at nipple level and carefully poured the twins thick creamy spunk into the glass, filling it all the way to the brim.

Looking at the large and very full glass, Holly asked, ?Damn, how many cum shots is this.? ?Just two loads each,? Larry responded.

?Wow,? she exclaimed, ?You guys would be great in a bukkake contest. You could make a lot of money at our porn movie company giving the girls jumbo sized cum facials.?

Walt interjected, ?That?s even more gook than your husband can shoot, isn?t it baby??

?A whole lot more,? she whistled, ?this is going to be some test.?

?Well you?re just the girl for the job, honey, so give us a cum drinking show and then let?s see if their spunk can turn you into a helpless slut,? Walt laughed.

The spectacularly stacked blonde porn star held the glass up and saluted them, then put it to her lips and took a small sip, coating her lips with their cream.

Then she put the fluid heavy glass back up to her lips and took a full mouthful, savored it, then dutifully swallowed it down.

The eyes of the three observers were glued on her face as they watched the hot oral action. Walt called out, ?okay, you hot assed honey, drink all the rest down without stopping.?

The very experienced porn star followed his orders, tilted her head back and filled her mouth then started chug-a-lugging the semen down her throat until the pint full of their cum was all deposited in her perfectly rounded belly.

When she took the empty glass away from her cummy red lips, Walt said, ?Okay, baby, now sit on my lap and let?s see if these guys jism turns you on.?

Holly put down the empty glass and sat on Walt?s knee, licking her lips, as they all waited to see if anything was going to happen.

It was a wait in vain. Absolutely nothing happened. She didn?t feel a thing.

Finally Walt said, ?Sorry, boys, I think that the test proves that your cum just doesn?t work on non-family members like it did on Margie.?

?But this experiment has at least accomplished one thing. I sure do want to see your mouth watering, statuesque, sexy cousin Margie do a little girl on girl sex with Holly.?

?So, in a few days, you guys bring Margie over here and give her a shot of your joy juice and we?ll watch she and Holly make-out and eat some pussy, then we?ll join them and have us a nice little, fill all holes, orgy.?

?Does that sound good to you boys,? their grandfather asked? ?Damn, does it ever, grandpa. We?ll have our cousin dressed for the occasion and in the mood to match Holly?s performance,? Jerry promised.

?Okay, we?re on, but right now I don?t want you boys to waste another minute. Get your asses home, and try to prove your family member aphrodisiac theory is correct, by using your mother as the ultimate test subject,? Walt instructed.

?Meanwhile I am going to let this blonde slut suck my cock. Your cum may not have turned her on, but watching her drink your seed damn sure turned me on.?

The boys rushed out of the office leaving their grandfather having his wicked fun making Holly use her mouth to prove what a total slut she was.

As the porn star kneelt between his parted thighs, inhaling his big hose and gave him one of her world famous blow jobs. As Walt watched her at work and thought of how much he hoped that the test on his grandson?s mother proved that the boy?s family member aphrodisiac theory was correct so that, in a couple of days, he would be sticking his oar in Mona?s orifices and pumping the super stacked slut full of his cum.

D. Putting Their Mother To The Cum Test:

The twins raced home at breakneck speed and slid their Tahoe to a halt in front of their house.

As they ran up the driveway the garage door started going up, gradually revealing the bountiful body of their opulently curved mother, inch by inch.

She was wearing a pair of white cotton pants that looked like she had been poured into them. They were so tight that the boys wondered how she would ever be able to sit down.

The pure white material bunched tightly around her pubic mound and crotch, in the vulgarest way possible, and the pants seemed to be designed primarily to advertise her pussy to anyone she happened to pass on the street.

She had on a pair of almost knee high red leather boots, with three inch dangling, fringe leather strips hanging down from the tops. The hot looking boots had five inch stiletto heels and very pointed toes.

She had on a midriff length red top that had only two buttons keeping it from flying open. Her arms and shoulders were bare and the exposed cleavage went on forever. Also bare was the skin between her waist and her very firm, jutting tits.

Her mane of thick black hair framed her boldly sensuous face whose expression made her look like she wanted a cock stuck in her mouth, real bad. Her lips glistened with flaming red lipstick.

She was carrying a big red, strap over her shoulder, purse and, dressed like she was, it looked like she was on her way somewhere to turn tricks.

When the garage door was all the way up Jerry asked, ?Mom, where are you going.?

?I?m on my way to get my nails done and to get a pedicure for the wedding trip. I should be back in about an hour or so,? she replied, cheerily, ?see you later.

They watched her get into her car and prove that she could sit down in those sinfully tight pants.

As they had driven home the boys had made their plans for giving their mother the cum test.

They knew how much she liked to eat yogurt every afternoon and knew that she kept a lot of it on hand. They had, therefore, concluded that they would use the yogurt to camouflage their cum and to use the strawberry flavored kind to disguise the strong taste of their jism.

Once inside the house, Larry rushed down into the unfinished basement and got a pint of their cum out of the small refrigerator they had recently hidden down there, and then brought the jar up to the kitchen and placed it on the counter.

Meanwhile Jerry had gotten a cereal bowl out and put it on the counter. He walked over and got a teaspoon while Larry opened the kitchen refrigerator and got out a new container of strawberry flavored yogurt.

Jerry asked, ?How much cum do we want to give mother for this test??

Larry responded, ?Well, we want to make sure that it is enough to prove our theory, so I guess we should give her a double shot just like we gave Margie.?

?Yeah, you?re right, we should duplicate the conditions, exactly, so that this is a true test,? Jerry agreed.

He opened the container of yogurt and dumped its contents into the cereal bowl. Then Larry poured a double shot of their cum all over the top of it and Jerry began using the spoon to stir the two products up.

While his brother stirred, Larry picked out six large strawberries? and put them into a separate bowl.

He then joined Jerry in taking turns trying to whip the combined product to the point that it was completely blended and smooth. Try as they might, when they were through they could still see streaks of their jism in the sexual and, hopefully, toxic brew.

They set the primed and ready test bowl of cum spiked yogurt in the refrigerator along with the bowl of strawberries and then waited for their mother?s return.

Cindy?s one hour trip stretched to two and the twins became very anxious as they awaited the return of their vulgarly dressed, statuesque, test subject.

Finally they heard the garage door open and soon saw their street walker dressed mother prance into the kitchen and, seeing them, say, ?Hi, boys, are you going to miss me while your father and I are in Santa Barbara??

?We sure will, mother, and to prove it we have gotten a bowl of yogurt ready for you, along with a bowl of strawberries,? Jerry informed her.

?Well, aren?t you boys something,? she said, as she watched Larry get the two bowls out of the refrigerator and set them on the round kitchen table.

They invited her over to the table, then watched the glorious body in the tight white pants sit down. They quickly sat down in the chairs on each side of her.

She picked up the spoon and dipped it into the multi-flavored yogurt mixture, then opened her mouth and shoved the spoon in, chewed a couple of times then swallowed the blended concoction down, leaving a thin coating of jism streaked goo on her lips.

?Ummm,? she said, ?this really does taste good. I want to thank you guys for giving this to me.?

Larry said, ?We were more than happy to do it for you, mother, and now we just want to sit here and watch you enjoy it all.?

She patted him on the cheek then put four more dripping spoon loads into her mouth, and swallowed them down.

Her sons soon began to sense a small change in their spectacular mother?s demeanor, so Jerry reached over and picked up a strawberry, grasped it by the green leaves at the top, dipped it into the yogurt/cum mixture, covering the red berry with the dripping gunk.

He then took his other hand and put it on the back of his mother?s neck, held her head steady, then said, ?Here, mother, have a strawberry.?

She opened her mouth and let him stick it in. He said, ?Now bite it.? She did, leaving only the green leaves and a little bit of the big strawberry between his index finger and thumb, as she chewed up the coated fruit flesh and swallowed it down, sensuously.

Larry did the same thing with a second strawberry. Between spoonfuls of the yogurt/cum mixture, the boys fed her two more of the cum dripping strawberries.

Their mother was beginning to act almost tipsy and was definitely getting very hot so, for the last two big berries, the boys grabbed fistfuls of the back of her thick mane of hair and used it to firmly hold her head in place while they rubbed the cum drenched berries all over her lips then shoved them between her teeth and told her to eat them.

Cindy now had a very sultry look and her eyes as they began clouding over with sex, so Jerry grabbed the mostly empty bowl, placed his index and middle fingers together and scrapped the edge of the inside of the bowl, gathering some of the remaining yogurt based mix on the fingers, then said, ?Open up mother.?

The hotter by the minute Cindy opened her mouth and let him shove his coated fingers into it as he said, ?Suck them clean, mother, and run your tongue between my two fingers so that you get everything.?

Now acting just like she was dressed, Cindy did exactly as she was told, with erotic enthusiasm, and sucked them thoroughly clean.

He then told Larry to do the same and watched the very turned on woman suck and lick his brother?s fingers, sluttily, drooling as she slurped.

While she was working on Larry?s fingers, Jerry got up and went behind her chair. He nodded for Larry to pull his fingers out of her mouth, then ran his hand down and grasped her throat and pulled her head back until it was pressed against the huge bulge in his pants.

As she groaned with unadulterated sexual pleasure, he reached down and stuck the thumb of his other hand into her mouth and she started sucking on it, greedily. Larry quickly stood up and stuck his own thumb into his mother?s mouth, alongside his brothers.

As they were watching her lewdly suck and drool, the twins heard the garage door start going up again. Soon they heard the inside door open and heard their father?s voice yell out, ?Surprise, honey, I?m home early.?

The two boys reluctantly withdrew their thumbs from their cum drunk mother?s mouth, released her, then jumped back just as their father came into the kitchen.

They saw their sex intoxicated mother get to her feet, throw her arms around her husband and kiss him, then grab him by the crotch and begin leading him up the stairs.

The boys watched the slutty vision in tight white pants strut up the stairs then disappear from sight, knowing that she would soon to be giving their lucky father the fantastic fucking she had been just about ready to give to them.

When she and their dad had disappeared from view, the twins looked at each other and said, simultantiously, in triumph, ?Our test worked and Aunt Mona is ours.?

Jerry grabbed the kitchen phone and called their grandfather and told him the good news, as he and Larry listened to the bedsprings begin to squeak in the master bedroom, and heard their mother?s gratified moans of raw pleasure.

Walt hung up the phone, put Holly down on her hands and knees, pulled the crotch of her panties aside and shoved his tool up her ass and started viciously pounding her, hard.

As his big weapon plundered the porn star?s anal passage, he thought about getting Mona?s prime body under his complete control, just two days from now, then further smiled, knowing that he was also soon going to be getting a piece of his daughter-in-law?s spectacular ass, after all these years of trying.

Gratified by these wonderfully sordid thoughts, he dumped his load deep inside of Holly?s anal receptacle.

All was right with the world.

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