Adventurous day at the beach
I lived near a busy tourist beach when growing up. My favourite beach was close and I would catch the bus there with friends on sunny weekends whenever I could get a chance. There was a luxurious restuarant right on the beach, the place was upstairs whilst downstairs a gym and private swimming pool. Though what I recall best was the large public toilets at the end in the same building.

They were narrow, probably a 30 metre room, lined with private cubicles in single file. The last 6 cubicles were showers, with full length doors that extended to the ground. Whilst I noticed alot were riddled with spy holes, one of the first I discovered had a small 15cm hole low down at the door end. This was something I was very curious about because it was obvious to me at the time that it had been carved out like that, yet I wasn't sure why.

I set out alone to the beach this day. Normal bus to the beach. The waves were flat but I made my way to the beach because I had acquired something new to try out. Being avidly involved in athletics I became very fit not to mention lots of bicycle riding and surfing. I had my hair longish and when exposed to the sun alot it turned snowy blond. Whilst I was tall and fit, I was still catching up in development, I guess I was very skinny for my age but the muscle I did have was well defined as a result.

Jacking off was a new discovery and I had very little cum at this age. Barely any trace of pubic hair was even evident around my cock, i hadn't grown any hair on my balls and certainly none on my underarms at all. All the blonde hair on my arms and legs was barely visible, making my bod look soft and smooth. Even when I got older at 21 I still looked like a skinny 16 year and it was something that made me self conscious about. My cock was averager than others my age, at the time, and even my nipples were disproportionately tiny to my chest.

So I was slow in development in some vital areas. This made me a great swimmer but swimming at school was bothersome as the school speedos swimwear was mandatory and were so stretchy that my pair stuck embarrassingly to the contours of my boyhood. Instead of a round full package, my balls and cock were very clearly defined. Everyone knew exactly who had what in swim class. The school speedos were scary to wear,especially because I was so conscious of having my skinny cut dick practically bare - and my tender balls didn't exactly hang heavy like most of the others did. But the swimming class stirred my sexual lust, having this wide aray of boys to admire.

Anyway, as I approached the sand this day, I threw my hair back and breathed in the ocean air and head for the public toilets. I had brought a new pair of speedos with me and was extremely keen to try them out. The only pair I previously had were the emerald green school speedos, and as I didn't want to wear them at the beach to tan myself, I searched for a pair that I had seen on another kid that looked really sexy. Aqua blue and skimpy around the sides, I found a pair just like them and they were so shiny and bright I had a slight burst of adrenaline in anticipation of trying them on and feeling them on my soft skin.

I didn't often use the showers here, so I wandered down to the very last cubicle and shut the door firmly locking the latch. I hurriedly shuffled in my bag and pulled them out and ripped off my t-shirt. I held up the swim briefs and admired the light shimmery blue colour. Enough mucking around. I slid off my boardshorts and tugged at my underpants until they dropped to the floor. My cock sprung out at bit being so excited. I stepped forward out and over the shorts, and my cock bounced around as I flicked the shorts away, and slid the blue pair on. They looked so different to my usual speedos and I just stood and peered down at myself. They also hugged a bit like my other swimteam pair but I loved the look against my skin and how the lines of my pubic mound protruded out from them to my slender waist.

Time to find a secluded spot up the beach all to myself and soak up some sun, I hopped forward and leant over grabbing my shorts off the ground. That's when I noticed the wall. The cubicle beside mine shared a gaping hole at waist height near the shower end. I froze. I leant down again and noticed movement. My excitement went to nerves combined with wild arousal. Was I being watched? I loved it when I noticed other guys and men check me out, but here and having been naked a few seconds I was scared and aroused at the same time. The rooms were very private and this hightened my desire to play around. I stepped to the shower and switched on the cold tap. Discretely I tried to check out the hole, awhile slowly allowing the water to run over the front of my legs. The hole was huge and had been hacked away and the edges filed down. It was slightly dark in there but I almost knew for sure someone was back there and watching!

My cock pressed out firmer with a little throb on the speedos, catching the light and casting a defining imprint of my boyhood. I began a tease show parading myself to the anonymous viewer. I swivelled around slowly as water began to run down my shoulders and back. The effect of the water darkened the fabric of my speedos and gradually transformed my swimming outfit into a sculpture of my still hardening cock, slightly transparent on the light fabric. I turned from side to side as I draped my head back and under the fresh cool water. I snuck another peek down towards the hole and as if a bolt of electricity had struck through my body I now fixated to a finger poking through and bent over the hole. This was a huge validation that my innocent game was for real. The finger was pacing back and forth along the edge of the hole before disappearing.

At this point I was overwhelmed, but remained cautious about getting anywhere near the hole. In the ecstacy of knowing for sure I had someone staring I opened my speedos and pulled the cord ties loose. I tried my best to erotically play and poked my finger inside the swimmers shifting my finger along inside of the tie cord, whilst turning to alternate from the front to the sweet aspect of my bubble bum. Doing this multiple times, I proceeded to stretch out the fabric allowing my thin long cock to flip up towards the ceiling, then hastity I released them snap shut outlining in my new blue race swimsuit the full outline of my cock pressing up and perfectly presenting my erection. The sight gave a exact impression of the round head and stiff shaft of my cock. I stood back, the water ran down my firm chest and tickled a glistening boner.

At this point I was conflicted as to what to do next. Being young and inexperienced in any sexual acts I had not planned what was to come, nor was there any precident to base it on. So I just did what I felt was the limit of my anonymous sex play. As the water rushed down I decided to show myself for real. It took a bit to overcome my hesitation, however I gave in to my raw desire and willed my fingers to the sides of the speedos and pulled down until the top of them slid over the head of my cock. My cock must
have been the hardest it ever had been to this point. It bobbed with the rush of excitement I had, having exposed my young teen cock to some random person I didn't even know and could not even see. I stayed under the water but turned to the side toward the hole. My tight wet speedos half off, they sat around my legs, above my knees. I struggled a bit to pull apart my legs against the strain of the fabric, giving a superb vision of my toned tan legs.

So I released my legs, the sodden swimmers falling down, then I spaced my legs back apart further. Vaster gaps ensued between my balls and my meager upper legs allowing the outline of
the lower part of my butt to be visable through my arched legs. The voyeur in the next cubicle has a sudden shift around and let out an unexpected moan of appreciation. It was obvious that the sight of my naked bod was becoming too much. I did not realise it at the time. I was naive not to think that a man would be furiously jacking off to me. So it was a shock to see him poke his enormous (beyond my wildest amazement) man cock through the hole. It had to be three times longer than mine, a relatively thick cut cock. Very long, very hard, and I immediately got apprehensive.

I quickly raced to gather my clothes and moved up the cubicle away from the hole. The cock disappeared and I noticed this wall too was full of previously unnoticed tiny spy holes. In my haste I threw my swimsuit back on and opened the door where I thought I may be able to change out in the openness of the hallway bench. My neighbouring cubicle door swung open and out the man with the monster cock stepped. He must have been about early to mid twenties and he stood up into my space and stroked at his cock with a determined look straight into my eyes. Behind his door I noticed, to my shock, another man his age with a camera filming the whole thing. The supposed safety outside the cubicle was obviously a mistake, and he seemed close to cumming and continued feverishly wanked away pointing mercilessly at me (suprisingly with no worry as to if anyone would walk in and notice, albeit 30metres away). I worried he may come and spurt all on me or something so I jumped back in my cubicle.

I quickly realised he was going to get what I had so cheekily teased with after all. So having taken in my voyeur's response I submiited myself to finishing what I recklessly started. He too had rushed back into his cubicle and shut the door. I knew now that I was being filmed too and this heightened my erection back to its former state of rock hard. So what was I to do? I turned on the shower, got undressed and tossed the base of my stiff cock to the video camera. Here goes I thought. As soon as the finger appeared back I stepped forward to the hole. The finger went crazy trying to touch me and I allowed it to brush up to my submitting cock. I pushed my raging erect boy cock forward right into the hole to the domain of the next
cubicle. It was a big hole too, I again stood legs arched apart to give unrestricted access, and rested my head into my arms on the petition wall. My hairless balls dangled in front of my smooth bum

Holding my breath I braced as I was coerced by the film maker and his buddy, now close to having their way with me. Again in my innocent ignorance, I expected to feel a hand grasp my dick but was met by
a something far more pleasurable. A warm tongue quickly gorged over the head of my dick and steadily taken in and out repetedly over his sensational lips. The pleasure intense, I rocked to the feeling of bliss.
A hand began to caress my balls and explore my butt. It met my wet hole. It was tight, way too tight to enter but he probed eagerly. Each sucking motion of my cock brought me closer to cumming (I gasped, whimpered quietly and prepared for climax). Although, he knew when to pull out just before I would tense to cum, maybe it was for the benefit of the camera too. Numerous times I attempted to cum- orgasm was becoming elusive. This man knew how to suck cock and I was a young benefactor to his relentless mouth.

Then suddenly he focussed right on my head, sucking my boner with his tongue going crazy on my head, and I let the first little pre-cum burst into my cocksucker's mouth. He pulled me out of his mouth and tugged. I rocketed what felt like masses of cum. On the other side of the wall out of view to me i knew I had yet to develop lots of cum yet, and the initial blow was inevitably followed by mostly dry heaving, not the spray that I wished I could muster.

This time I made a dash for it before things could get heavier, but the
memory of my first ever sex encounter forever lingers on the mind, when I think back to that hot day and with the knowledge that it's all recorded somewhere.

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2011-03-15 19:59:40
i cummmmed sooo hardddd......


2011-03-02 23:23:05
That was pretty hot! I love the idea of exhibitionism and voyeurism! I have often taken chances by walking in front of an open window while nude and sometimes even hard! Don't have much opportunity to be a voyeur though...

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